100 Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

Nepali Cute Nicknames for the boyfriend: – To fall for someone is normal. But falling in love is special. Boys and girls especially the young ones often confuse with the liking and loving. Liking means you like to spend time with that person.

Loving is to commit oneself to spend a lifetime with one special person. When you fall in love with someone you do different things. To make that someone special know your feelings.


To make that someone know how much you love him. Boys or men have a different approach. Girls or women have a different approach. Here we will be talking about girls. Girls like to give nicknames to their man. They like to call them in a special cute kind of way.

Nepali cute nicknames to call your boyfriend
Nepali cute nicknames to call your boyfriend

So that they can know they are being truly loved by the girl. She has already committed to the relationship. Some of the names are listed below in Nepali with their meaning.

100 Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

1)जान/Life: Jaan means obviously life. The girl is saying that he is the life of hers. She can not live without him. He is as important to her as her life is.

2) जानु/Life: In English, it may seem the same. But the significance is different. Jaanu means life but here the girl has already regarded him as her husband. The only thing remaining is the formality of marriage. She can’t imagine the life without him. In short, it is the extreme lovable form of the word Jaan.

3) काले/kale: If a girl has her boyfriend who is slightly blackish in color. She likes to call him kale. It’s nothing related to racial or color discrimination. It is the simple form of expressing a girl’s love for her boyfriend.

4) कालु/Kaalu: Again this is another extreme form of the word kale. Kaalu is also meant to be black in color. But when the girl really loves her boyfriend. She shows him saying Kalu.

5) मेरो हिरा/ Mero Hira: It means you are my diamond. We all know that diamonds are girls best friend and lover whatever you can call. But girls love diamond. For her, the materialistic diamonds doesn’t matter. Her boyfriend is her real diamond.

Nepali Romantic Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend – Tips for Girlfriend

6)मेरो राजा/Mero raja: This means my king. When a girl really loves her boyfriend. For her, her boyfriend is not less than a king. Besides he is the ruler of her heart. He is the king for her. It doesn’t mean that he is the real king.

7)मेरो मुटु/ Mero Mutu: This means you are my heart. The heart is the vital organ of our body. Without it’s functioning there will be no life. So her boyfriend is her heart without whom she will die.

8)मेरो मुटु को टुक्रा/ Mero Mutu Ko Tukra: this means you are the part of my heart. She is not saying you’re my whole heart. She is just saying him that he is also the part of her heart. Why? Because her parents her family and friends are also the part of the same heart. She is signifying that for her, her family and friends are also important to him.

9)मेरो सँसार/Mero Sansar: This means for her he is her world her universe. Nobody exists for her except for him. She can live without anybody but she can’t live without him.

10) मेरो बच्चा/ Mero Bacha: This is a bit hard to understand. This means you are my child. A woman loves her child more than anything else in this world. So she calls her boyfriend her baby. She wants to tell him that she loves him like she would love her baby when she had one.

Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

11) मोटे/More: More means fat. Well not in a cruel way but in a loving way. If her boyfriend is slightly or not slightly fat. She calls him Mote.

12) मोटु/Motu: This is again the extreme form of her showing love. She loves him either he is fat or not. The physical beauty doesn’t matter to her.

13) गोलुमोलु/Golomolu: This means fat round and chubby. If her boyfriend has all these qualities then she calls him this.

14) भुन्टे/Bhunte: This means short. If her boyfriend is short in height as well as a little bit fat then she calls him Bhunte with love.

15) बुढा/Budha: This used to be applicable for a married couple. But nowadays girls like to use this name for her boyfriend even though they are not married. This means the husband. Indirectly she may be telling her boyfriend enough with dating. Now time to get married.

Nepali Romantic Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

16) बेबी/Baby: This again means a small child. Thus has the same meaning as Mero Bacha. But this term is more commonly used by the boyfriend for his girlfriend. But girls also prefer to call her boyfriend my baby.

17) बाबा/Baba: This is quite difficult to understand. Baba means father. For every girl, her first love is always her father. She wants a boyfriend who had the traits like her father. She wants to see the maturity level of her boyfriend just like that of her father. So she calls him baba.

18) कान्छा/Kanchha: This means the young one. When a girl is elder than her boyfriend she likes to call him by the name of Kanchha.

19) कान्छु/Kanchhu: This is also the extreme form of the word Kancha which means she loves her boyfriend no matter what age he is.

20) फुच्चे/Fuche: The meaning of this word is shorter in height or it can be again the young ones. If her boyfriend is smaller than her either in height or in age she calls her fuche.

Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend – Tips for Girlfriend

21) फुच्चे/Fuchu: This is the most lovable form of the word Fuche.

22)राजकुमार/ Rajkumar: The meaning of this word is Prince. Girlfriend calls her boyfriend her Prince Charming.

23) मेरो धड्कन/Mero Dhadkan: The meaning of this one is my heartbeat. Without beating of the heart, a person cannot live. So she calls her boyfriend by this name to signify that he is her heartbeat. She can’t live without him.

24)डार्लिङ/Darling: Now everyone can know the meaning of darling. It means the lovable one and the cute one.

25) डल्ले/Dalle: The word means shorter in height compared to his weight. This doesn’t exactly means fat.

Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

26) डल्लु/ Dallu: This is the lovable form of the word Dalle.

27) गोरे/Gore: The boy who has fair skin color. This is the antonym of kale. The synonym is they are both the names called in a loving manner.

28) शहन्शाह/ Shahansha: This means the Royal Highness. Boyfriends are a kind of ruler of a girl’s heart.

29) स्विटु/ Sweetu: It means very sweet and sugary. Her boyfriend is sweet as sugar in nature in his language so Sweetu.

30) स्विटहार्ट/Sweetheart: Although it’s an English word. But the girls use it a lot to call her boyfriend. Girl shows that she wants the world to know that he is her boyfriend. So sweetheart.

Romantic Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend in Nepali Language with English Meaning

31)हनी/Honey: This also an English word. Metamorphically this is used by a girl to call her boyfriend. Because he is sweet as honey.

32) पातले/Patale: The girl who has a boyfriend very thin. He doesn’t have the weight and the body according to his height calls her boyfriend Patale.

33) पातलु/Patalu: This is the more lovable form ofPatale.

34) कोहिनुर/Kohinoor: It’s the world’s most expensive diamond. She is Cali her boyfriend very precious.

35) रसबरी/Rasbari: This is a sweet desert found in India and Nepal. Basically, she is referring him as her desert. That means sweet as hell.

Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend in Nepali Language with English Meaning

36) प्यार/Pyar: It means love. She is saying that he is the love of her life.

37)हिरो/Hero: Girl obviously feels her boyfriend is not less than any hero for her. So she calls her hero.

38) बादशाह/Badshah: Since we are influenced by the Bollywood a lot. So the girl calls her boyfriend Badshah which means king or the ruler.

39) मेरो हजुर/Mero Hjur: Hjur is actually not a name. Hajur is the word you say when someone is calling you. Basically, hjur means hello. Hajur means giving respect as well. Mero hajur means the girl is showing respect to her dear one.

40)  मेरो जीन्दगी/Mero Jindagi: It means my life. The girl is saying that he is her life.

Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend in the Nepali Language – Tips for Girlfriend

41) मेरो आँखा को तारा/Mero ankha ko Tara: It means an apple of my eyes. It also means a star of my eyes. You never are sore to my eyes. That’s what the girl meant when she says this.

42) बाबु/Babu: It simply means a young or small boy. This also refers to the name usually used by mothers to call their son. This is the same as Mero Bacha.

43)दिल्दार/ Dildar: The word means not greedy. A person with a big heart. A person who spends a lot on his girlfriend.

44) हमसफर/Humsafar: It means the companion for life.

45)जीवनसाथी/Jiwansathi: It means again a life partner. The girl only says this to a guy whom she really wants to marry. It’s a hint too to a guy. Marriage should be now.

Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend in Nepali Language with English Meaning

46)लड्डु/Laddu: It’s around sweet dessert. It is used by a girl who has a bit bound fat boyfriend. But who is sweet as any dessert could be.

47) मक्खन/Makhhan: It’s a Nepali name for butter. It can either means that her boyfriend is as smooth as butter. It can also mean that her boyfriend buttered her a lot so that she doesn’t get angry. Or he wants something from her so he buttered her up.

48) प्रिय/Priya: It refers to the one who is near and dear to the heart. In simple terms it means Lovable.

49) साजन/Sajan: It means true love. The boy who is her true love and soulmate is only called by this name.


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