100 Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning


Nepali Cute Nicknames for boyfriend with English meaning: – To fall for someone is normal. But falling in love is special. Boys and girls especially the young ones often confuse with liking and loving. Liking means you like to spend time with that person.

Loving is to commit oneself to spend a lifetime with one special person. When you fall in love with someone you do different things. To make that someone special know your feelings.

To make that someone know how much you love him. Boys or men have a different approach. Girls or women have a different approach. Here we will be talking about girls. Girls like to give nicknames to their men. They like to call them in a special cute kind of way.

Nepali cute nicknames to call your boyfriend
Nepali cute nicknames to call your boyfriend

Are you trying to come up with a nickname for your boyfriend? It may be a little tricky at first because, in the end, you are not going to want to give him any old nickname. You can consider several things when picking out a nickname for your boyfriend, and these things will help you come up with something that he will like to use.

First of all, make sure that it fits in with your relationship with him. If he is very outgoing, make sure that he will be comfortable using the nickname you give him.

For instance, if you are both very shy, you may want to find something that will let him know that you are not that outgoing. This can work out well for you since this will make him feel more comfortable around you and better.

Another factor that you have to keep in mind is the fact that there are some nicknames that you do not like. If you dislike the name that you pick out for your boyfriend, you will have to find another nickname that will fit him in the long run.


You do not want to have to replace your boyfriend’s nicknames with other ones continually. You want to make sure that you are doing what is best for you in the long run.

It is also a good idea to pick a nickname for your boyfriend to help you stay in touch with him and get to know him a little better. This will help you to be able to talk to him about his interests, and it will also make it easier for you to keep in touch with him as the years go by.

You can also get your boyfriend to pick out a nickname for you if he is not comfortable with the nickname you will give him. In the end, it is up to you whether you want to try and convince him to use the nickname that you have chosen, or you want to select another one that you would prefer him to use.

These are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when trying to decide on a nickname for your boyfriend. If you are looking for a nickname that you can be comfortable with for your boyfriend, then make sure that it will fit in well with the way you two interact with each other.

If you are not satisfied with the nickname that you choose, then make sure that you do not have to change the nickname that you choose to get along with your boyfriend better.

So that they can know they are being truly loved by the girl. She has already committed to the relationship. Some of the names are listed below in Nepali with their meaning.

List of Nepali cute nicknames for  boyfriend

  1. जान Life
  2. जानु Life
  3. काले Black
  4. कालु Kaalu
  5. मेरो हिरा Mero Hira
  6. मेरो राजा Mero raja
  7. मेरो मुटु Mero Mutu
  8. मेरो मुटुको टुक्रा Mero Mutu Ko Tukra
  9. मेरो सँसार Mero Sansar
  10. मेरो बच्चा Mero Bacha
  11. मोटे Mote
  12. मोटु Motu
  13. गोलुमोलु Golomolu
  14. भुन्टे Bhunte
  15. बुढा Budha
  16. बेबी Baby
  17. बाबा Baba
  18. कान्छा Kanchha
  19. कान्छु Kanchhu
  20. फुच्चे Fuche
  21. फुच्चे Fuchu
  22. राजकुमार Rajkumar
  23. मेरो धड्कन Mero Dhadkan
  24. डार्लिङ Darling
  25. डल्ले Dalle
  26. डल्लु Dallu
  27. गोरे Gore
  28. शहन्शाह Shahansha
  29. स्विटु Sweetu
  30. स्विटहार्ट Sweetheart
  31. हनी Honey
  32. पातले Patale
  33. पातलु Patalu
  34. कोहिनुर Kohinoor
  35. रसबरी Rasbari
  36. प्यार Pyar
  37. हिरो Hero
  38. बादशाह Badshah
  39. मेरो हजुर Mero Hajur
  40. मेरो जीन्दगी Mero Jindagi I
  41. मेरो आँखा को तारा Mero ankha ko Tara
  42. बाबु Babu
  43. दिल्दार Dildar
  44. हमसफर Humsafar
  45. जीवनसाथी Jiwansathi
  46. लड्डु Laddu
  47. मक्खन Makhhan
  48. प्रिय Priya
  49. साजन Sajan
  50. अनमोल Anmol
  51. चन्द्रमा Chandrama
  52. गुड्डु Guddu
  53. प्रेमी Premi
  54. कुकुर Kukur
  55. मेरो सुन Meri Sun
  56. तारा Tara
  57. सिन्के Sinke
  58. लम्बु Lambu
  59. ताल्चा Talcha
  60. अग्ले Agle
  61. होचे Hoche
  62. माचिस Machis
  63. जिरे खुर्सानी Heere Khursani
  64. टमाटर Tamatar
  65. छिप्पिएको मुला Chhipeko Mula
  66. टुथपिक Toothpick
  67. साँचो Sancho
  68. खैरे Khaireni
  69. बाँदर Bandar
  70. गधा Gadha
  71. सरकार Sarkar
  72. लगुँर Langur
  73. भद्र Bhadra
  74. बदमास Badmash
  75. भोलानाथ Bholanath
  76. शिब Shiva
  77. राछेस Rachhas
  78. प्रियतम Priyatam
  79. प्रियसी Priyasi
  80. किम्बु Kimbu
  81. बिरालो Biralo
  82. कुखुरा Kukhura
  83. हड्डी Haddi
  84. किताबी किरो Kitabi Kiro
  85. मालिक Malik
  86. चङ्खे Chankhe
  87. बहादुर Bahadur
  88. बेसोमती Besomati
  89. मिस्री Mishri
  90. वीर Veer
  91. मोहक Mohak
  92. कन्जुस Kanjus
  93. लोभी Lovi
  94. भान्से Bhanse
  95. बाटुलो Batulo
  96. नक्कले
  97. डरछेरुवा Darchheruwa
  98. कुप्रे Kupre
  99. हिस्सी Hissi
  100. हुस्सु Hissu
  101. छुच्छाे Chhuchchho

How to Find the Perfect Nickname For Your Boyfriend

You’ve already picked out the perfect nickname for your boyfriend, but now it’s time to think about what he’ll call you. You can do many things to make him feel special, and you can’t go wrong by finding a cute nickname for him.

While some of these ideas are more appropriate than others, there is a nickname that every girl needs in their life, so why not use it? Here are some easy ways to find the perfect nickname for your boyfriend:

The first and most important part is to think about who the nickname is for. If you’re going with your friends’ nicknames, make sure you’re comfortable with your choices. You don’t want your girlfriend’s nickname to come out too soon and hurt her feelings.

However, if you’re trying to pick up the phone one day and your girlfriend has taken the phone number and asked to be called by something different, there’s no need to worry. You can give her a cute nickname without any pressure, and it’ll show your care. Just remember, be careful with the nickname so as not to offend her.

Once you’ve decided on a good nickname for your boyfriend, the next step is to find it. Luckily, online sources for information are beneficial. Browse the internet and check out sites like Facebook and Instagram to see which nicknames are already popular among other girls.

There are some popular ones, but you’ll have plenty of choices as well. Make sure you take some time to research the subject and find out how popular the nickname is.

There may be some people who dislike the idea of having a nickname for their boyfriend; if so, then try something else. Don’t let others know your thoughts; if you decide to change the nickname, please tell him beforehand.

When it comes to choosing a nickname for your boyfriend, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than what you’d dreamed of. Think of all the ways that a nickname can be a reminder of your love for each other, or a way to say that you’re sorry for a mistake you made in the past.

While you may be tempted to choose something silly, keep in mind that there are plenty of guys out there who would appreciate the thoughtfulness. Of picking something more romantic. For example, choosing a nickname that starts with “The”He” is a great way to show that you care about him.

If you feel that a nickname isn’t right, try asking your friends for advice. They’ll be able to tell you whether a nickname for your boyfriend is suitable for you or not, and they’ll likely be happy to help you choose.

Keep in mind that not every girl has a cute nickname for her boyfriend, but the internet can offer plenty of great ideas for you to consider. You can even check out pictures of some of the top-rated nicknames for your boyfriend and decide which ones you think will work best.

Once you have chosen a good nickname for your boyfriend, all you have to do is put in the time and work to ensure it doesn’t sound corny. If the nickname isn’t exactly right, don’t worry. It’s perfectly fine to change it once or twice, to make sure that it sounds as impressive as you want it to.


100 Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

1) जान/Life: Jaan means obviously life. The girl is saying that he is the life of hers. She can not live without him. He is as important to her as her life is.

2) जानु/Life: In English, it may seem the same. But the significance is different. Jaanu means life but here the girl has already regarded him as her husband. The only thing remaining is the formality of marriage. She can’t imagine life without him. In short, it is the extremely lovable form of the word Jaan.

3) काले/kale: If a girl has her boyfriend who is slightly blackish in color. She likes to call him kale. It’s nothing related to racial or color discrimination. It is a simple form of expressing a girl’s love for her boyfriend.

4) कालु/Kaalu: Again this is another extreme form of the word kale. Kaalu is also meant to be black in color. But when the girl really loves her boyfriend. She shows him saying Kalu

5) मेरो हिरा/ Mero Hira: It means you are my diamond. We all know that diamonds are girls’ best friends and lovers whatever you can call. But girls love diamonds. For her, the materialistic diamonds don’t matter. Her boyfriend is her real diamond.

6)मेरो राजा/Mero raja: This means my king. When a girl really loves her boyfriend. For her, her boyfriend is not less than a king. Besides he is the ruler of her heart. He is the king for her. It doesn’t mean that he is the real king.

7)मेरो मुटु/ Mero Mutu: This nickname is one of the romantic nicknames for boyfriend. This means you are my heart. The heart is the vital organ of our body. Without its functioning, there will be no life. So her boyfriend is her heart without whom she will die.

8)मेरो मुटु को टुक्रा/ Mero Mutu Ko Tukra: this means you are the part of my heart. She is not saying you’re my whole heart. She is just saying to him that he is also part of her heart. Why? Because her parents her family and friends are also part of the same heart. She is signifying that for her, her family and friends are also important to him.

9)मेरो सँसार/Mero Sansar: This means for her he is her world her universe. Nobody exists for her except for him. She can live without anybody but she can’t live without him. It is another romantic nickname for a boyfriend.

10) मेरो बच्चा/ Mero Bacha: This is a bit hard to understand. This means you are my child. A woman loves her child more than anything else in this world. So she calls her boyfriend her baby. She wants to tell him that she loves him like she would love her baby when she had one.

Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

11) मोटे/More: More means fat. Well not in a cruel way but in a loving way. If her boyfriend is slightly or not slightly fat. She calls him Mote.

12) मोटु/Motu: This is again the extreme form of her showing love. She loves him either he is fat or not. The physical beauty doesn’t matter to her.

13) गोलुमोलु/Golomolu: This means fat round and chubby. If her boyfriend has all these qualities then she calls him this.

14) भुन्टे/Bhunte: This means short. If her boyfriend is short in height as well as a little bit fat then she calls him Bhunte with love.

15) बुढा/Budha: This used to be applicable for a married couple. But nowadays girls like to use this name for their boyfriend even though they are not married. This means the husband. Indirectly she may be telling her boyfriend enough with dating. Now time to get married.

16) बेबी/Baby: This again means a small child. Thus has the same meaning as Mero Bacha. But this term is more commonly used by the boyfriend for his girlfriend. But girls also prefer to call their boyfriend my baby.

17) बाबा/Baba: This is quite difficult to understand. Baba means father. For every girl, her first love is always her father. She wants a boyfriend who had the traits like her father. She wants to see the maturity level of her boyfriend just like that of her father. So she calls him baba.

18) कान्छा/Kanchha: This means the young one. When a girl is elder than her boyfriend she likes to call him by the name of Kanchha.

19) कान्छु/Kanchhu: This is also the extreme form of the word Kancha which means she loves her boyfriend no matter what age he is.


20) फुच्चे/Fuche: The meaning of this word is shorter in height or it can be again the young ones. If her boyfriend is smaller than her either in height or in age she calls her fuche.

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21) फुच्चे/Fuchu: This is the most lovable form of the word Fuche.

22)राजकुमार/ Rajkumar: The meaning of this word is Prince. Girlfriend calls her boyfriend her Prince Charming.

23) मेरो धड्कन/Mero Dhadkan: The meaning of this one is my heartbeat. Without beating the heart, a person cannot live. So she calls her boyfriend by this name to signify that he is her heartbeat. She can’t live without him.

24)डार्लिङ/Darling: Now everyone can know the meaning of darling. It means the lovable one and the cute one.

25) डल्ले/Dalle: The word means shorter in height compared to his weight. This doesn’t exactly mean fat.

Nepali Cute Nicknames To Call Your Boyfriend With English Meaning

26) डल्लु/ Dallu: This is the lovable form of the word Dalle.

27) गोरे/Gore: The boy who has a fair skin color. This is the antonym of kale. The synonym is they are both the names called lovingly.

28) शहन्शाह/ Shahansha: This means the Royal Highness. Boyfriends are a kind of ruler of a girl’s heart.

29) स्विटु/ Sweetu: It means very sweet and sugary. Her boyfriend is sweet as sugar in nature in his language so Sweetu.

30) स्विटहार्ट/Sweetheart: Although it’s an English word. But the girls use it a lot to call her boyfriend. The girl shows that she wants the world to know that he is her boyfriend. So sweetheart.

31)हनी/Honey: This is also an English word. Metamorphically this is used by a girl to call her boyfriend. Because he is sweet as honey.

32) पातले/Patale: The girl who has a boyfriend very thin. He doesn’t have the weight and the body according to his height calls her boyfriend Patale.

33) पातलु/Patalu: This is the more lovable form of Patale.

34) कोहिनुर/Kohinoor: It’s the world’s most expensive diamond. She is Cali her boyfriend very precious. Yes, it is another romantic nickname for a boyfriend.

35) रसबरी/Rasbari: This is a sweet dessert found in India and Nepal. Basically, she is referring to him as her desert. That means sweet as hell.

36) प्यार/Pyar: It means love. She is saying that he is the love of her life.

37)हिरो/Hero: Girl obviously feels her boyfriend is not less than any hero for her. So she calls her hero.

38) बादशाह/Badshah: Since we are influenced by Bollywood a lot. So the girl calls her boyfriend Badshah which means king or the ruler.

39) मेरो हजुर/Mero Hjur: Hjur is actually not a name. Hajur is the word you say when someone is calling you. Basically, hjur means hello. Hajur means giving respect as well. Mero hajur means the girl is showing respect to her dear one.

40)  मेरो जीन्दगी/Mero Jindagi: It means my life. The girl is saying that he is her life.

41) मेरो आँखा को तारा/Mero ankha ko Tara: It means an apple of my eyes. It also means a star of my eyes. You never are sore to my eyes. That’s what the girl meant when she says this.

42) बाबु/Babu: It simply means a young or small boy. This also refers to the name usually used by mothers to call their son. This is the same as Mero Bacha.

43)दिल्दार/ Dildar: The word means not greedy. A person with a big heart. A person who spends a lot on his girlfriend.

44) हमसफर/Humsafar: It means the life companion.

45)जीवनसाथी/Jiwansathi: It means again a life partner. The girl only says this to a guy whom she really wants to marry. It’s a hint too to a guy. Marriage should be now.

Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend in the Nepali Language with English Meaning

46)लड्डु/Laddu: It’s an around sweet dessert. It is used by a girl who has a bit bound fat boyfriend. But who is sweet as any dessert could be.

47) मक्खन/Makhhan: It’s a Nepali name for butter. It can either means that her boyfriend is as smooth as butter. It can also mean that her boyfriend buttered her a lot so that she doesn’t get angry. Or he wants something from her so he buttered her up.

48) प्रिय/Priya: It refers to the one who is near and dear to the heart. In simple terms it means Lovable.

49) साजन/Sajan: It means true love. The boy who is her true love and soulmate is only called by this name.

50) अनमोल/Anmol: It means precious it valuable. Her boyfriend is much valuable to her than her own life.

51) चन्द्रमा/Chandrama: It means moon. The girl is telling her boyfriend that he has lighted her life just like the moon.

52) गुड्डु/Guddu: It means doll. If her boyfriend is cute and sweet as a doll. She calls him by this name.

53)प्रेमी/Premi: It means lover. It’s a Nepali word for a lover or a boyfriend.

54) कुकुर/Kukur: It means dog. Usually, girls like to use this word calling her boyfriend when she is angry but not so much. It’s scolding lovingly.

55) मेरो सुन/Meri Sun: It means may hold. Her boyfriend is precious to her like gold.

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend in Nepali Language

56) तारा/Tara: It means star. For a girl, her boyfriend is the star of her life.

57) सिन्के/Sinke: It means a thin stick. When a girl finds her boyfriend very thin. She calls her Sinke.

58) लम्बु/Lambu: It means tall. When a boyfriend is very tall than her she calls by this name.

59) ताल्चा/Talcha: It means to lick. A boyfriend who is very secretive about his feelings towards his girlfriend is called by this name.

60) अग्ले/Agle: It means tall. It is the same as Lambu.

61) होचे/ Hoche: It means short. A boyfriend who is shorter than his girlfriend is called by this name.

62) माचिस/Machis: It means a match stick. A boyfriend who likes to trigger his girlfriend all the time is called by this name.

63) जिरे खुर्सानी/Heere Khursani: It means a very hot chili. A boyfriend who is very hot or whose tongue is very rough is called by this name.

64) टमाटर/Tamatar: It means tomato. A boyfriend who always blushes even in the small matter is called by this name.

65) छिप्पिएको मुला/Chhipeko Mula: It means a very aged radish. A boyfriend who is quite elder than his girlfriend is called by this name. Not to hurt but just to tease a little bit.

66) टुथपिक/Toothpick: It is also the same as Sinke.

67) साँचो/Sancho: It means key. A boyfriend who has a solution to every problem is called by this name.

68) खैरे/Khaireni: It means the one who is brownish in color. A boyfriend who resembles a foreigner is called by this name.

69) बाँदर/Bandar: It means a monkey. A boyfriend who is naughty like a monkey is called by this name.

70) गधा/Gadha: It is a Nepali name for a donkey. When a boyfriend behaves like an assor stupidly then he is called Gadha. It is called with a hint of humor.

Cute Nicknames For Boyfriend in the Nepali Language

71) सरकार/Sarkar: This means the one who governs or rule. Boyfriend is obviously the ruler of his girlfriend’s heart.

72) लगुँर/Langur: It means the anchor. A boyfriend is always the anchor of his girlfriend’s life.

73) भद्र/Bhadra: It means angel. A boyfriend who is a gentleman to his girlfriend is called an angel.

74) बदमास/Badmash: A bad boy. A boyfriend who is bad for the ones who insult his girlfriend is called by this name.

75) भोलानाथ/Bholanath: It means an innocent and simple person. A girl who has a very innocent boyfriend calls him by this name.

76) शिब/ Shiva: This is the name of God Shiva is Mahadev who is known for his innocence as well. It is the same as Bholanath.

77) राछेस/ Rachhas: Basically this means a beast. A boyfriend who is daring in nature is called by this nickname. One who is brave and strong is also called by this name.

78) प्रियतम/Priyatam: It means a beloved person. A very dear boyfriend and near to the heart of a girl is called by this name.

79) प्रियसी/Priyasi: This name means the same as Priyatam. It means you are my lover and sweetheart.

80) किम्बु/Kimbu: It is a juicy fruit. A boyfriend who is as sweet and juicy as this fruit is called by this name.

81) बिरालो/Biralo: It simply means cat. A boyfriend who is shrewd like a cat is called by this name. Or if he has eyes like that of a cat is also called biralo.

82) कुखुरा/Kukhura: The word means chicken. If a boyfriend is as afraid as a chicken he is teased by this name by his girlfriend. Usually, if a boy is afraid of small things like insects, and who is acting like girls are called by this name.

83) हड्डी/Haddi: This word simply means bones. A boyfriend is called by this name sweetly when he is skinny. When he has no muscles in his body at all is also called by this name.

84) किताबी किरो/Kitabi Kiro: It simply means bookworm. If a girl has a boyfriend who only wants to read. She calls him by this name.

85) मालिक/Malik: This word in simple terms means the boss. A boyfriend who likes to take a charge in any situation is called a boss by his girlfriend. Similarly, a boyfriend who doesn’tallow his girlfriend to have a say on anything and does everything in his own way is also called by this name.

Sweet Nicknames For Boyfriend in Nepali Language

86) चङ्खे/Chankhe: The word means brainy in English. A girl who has a very intelligent boyfriend calls him Chankhe. Also when he is very shrewd then he is called by this name.

87) बहादुर/Bahadur: This name is a Nepali word for brave. A girl calls her boyfriend Bahadur when he is brave enough to defend his girl if she is insulted by anyone. If he is not afraid of anything then also he is called Bahadur.

88) बेसोमती/Besomati: This is a Nepali word for a boyfriend who behaves badly or naughtily while he is with his girlfriend.

89) मिस्री/Mishri: This is an alternative word for sugar. If a boyfriend is as sweet as sugar in nature he is called Mishri.

90) वीर/Veer: This is the same as Bahadur. But it is slightly extreme than the word Bahadur. If a boyfriend is too much brave he is called Veer.

91) मोहक/Mohak: It simply means attractive or charming. A boyfriend who has an attractive personality and is smart is called Mohak by his girlfriend. She says she is very much attracted by him and his personality.

92) कन्जुस/Kanjus: The word simply means greedy. If a boyfriend is very greedy to spend even a penny on his girlfriend then he is called Kanjus.

93) लोभी/Lovi: This word is synonymous with Kanjus. This is another name to signify that her boyfriend is very very greedy to spend on anything.

94) भान्से/ Bhanse: It means to cook or chef. If a boyfriend cooks a lot better than his girlfriend. He is called Bhanse in a teasing way by his girlfriend. It’s a compliment actually to a boyfriend.

95) बाटुलो/Batulo: It means the guy with a round face and chubby cheeks. A girlfriend who has her boyfriend with a cuddly face calls him by this name.

96) नक्कले/Nakkale: This word can have two meanings. One is to imitate others on everything when is also called a copycat. The other one is the person who does lots of fashion and make-up. Any boyfriend who has one or both of the above qualities is called by his girlfriend by this name.

97) डरछेरुवा/Darchheruwa: This is the Nepali word for calling the person who is coward and not brave. A boyfriend who is afraid of everything or everybody is called by this name teasingly by his girlfriend. Usually, a girl is afraid of most things like roaches or flies. But if the boyfriend acts in that way he is teased by this name.

98) कुप्रे/Kupre: A person who crouch while walking is called Kupre. A girl calls her boyfriend by this name just to tease him but in a loving way. It may seem a little bit rough but the girl doesn’t mean in a bad way. She calls him just to show her love.

99) हिस्सी/Hissi: This is the Nepali word for cuteness and sweetness. A boyfriend who is cute and loving is called Hissi by his girlfriend.

100) हुस्सु/Hissu: This is the most lovable form of the word hissi. A girl calls her boyfriend by this nickname to show she loves her the most in the world.

101.) Chhuchchhu : Chhuchchhu means naughty. This is the most popular nickname for boys. A girl can call her boyfriend by this unique nickname to show her love if he is the naughty man.

Nepali Cute Nickname for Boyfriend

Choose the Perfect Nickname For Your Boyfriend

If you’re asking yourself, “What is a nickname for your boyfriend?” chances are that you want him to know that you’re his number one fan. But where do you get started when it comes to coming up with a name for him?

Traditionally, nicknames for men are usually given as gifts. A man will give a woman an expression of affection, such as a kiss or a hug. It’s more common now than ever to have a boyfriend give a girl a nickname. The most popular nicknames are the ones that you give him. This is because you can’t expect your boyfriend to provide you with a nickname unless he feels strongly about it.

Many men feel awkward about their nickname for their boyfriend. In some cases, they’ll hesitate to use it altogether. The fact is, nicknames are only meant to show appreciation and care. Don’t be afraid to tell your boyfriend exactly what you think of his nickname; he’ll probably appreciate your opinion.

Another option for you is to tell your boyfriend that he doesn’t choose but to be called by his nickname. However, it would help if you still kept the name a surprise. He may not know precisely what nickname to use. If he doesn’t have a nickname yet, you could try to call him a different nickname.

It’s OK if you don’t know what a nickname is for your boyfriend at first, but if you don’t think he’ll enjoy it, you don’t have to use it. You can even make it up later on. Just make sure that you remember his name, his nickname, and what he is. This way, when you do decide to share, you won’t be having to use a nickname for him all the time.

When it comes to choosing a nickname for your boyfriend, keep it short, sweet, and to the point. If you want to call him by his nickname all the time, try not to use anything longer than a couple of words.

Short nicknames are usually the easiest to remember, especially when you’re with a few people. So the next time your boyfriend says, “I love you,” repeat back to him and give him a kiss, hug, or a hug. It’s something that he’ll remember and appreciate.

Don’t go overboard with nicknames. If you’re giving your boyfriend a nickname for the wrong reason, it could become a bigger problem.

For instance, if he doesn’t get along with his co-workers or bosses, it would be a bad idea to call him by his nickname during office hours. Even if he’s always happy and cheerful, it’s still embarrassing. That’s why you need to consider the situation carefully.

To ensure that your boyfriend does like being called by his nickname, make him understand. Don’t just randomly call him by his nickname. If he says it bothers him, tell him that you won’t use it anymore and ask him why he likes it so much. If he wants it, ask him to change it. He may end up using the nickname that he likes better.

So in whatever name a girl calls her boyfriend it is called with love and dedication. Some of the words may seem harsh but a girl calls her man not to humiliate him but just to tease him and show him her affection.

So, Boys! What is a nickname that your girlfriend calls you?

And Girls! How do you call your boyfriend?

Author: Ankur Pradhan


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