Childhood Rare Photos of 21 Nepali Celebrities (Actors, Actresses)

16. Neeta Dhungana

She made her debut in the film industry from the movie Kishan and she had worked as a child artist in the movie Mitini. It is quite a bit of surprise that she got a huge success at the age of 22. She has been dynamic for late five years in Nepali film industry. She is known for her magnificence, hard work, and amazing acting ability. She began her acting career as a TV serial titled ‘Chetana’ when she was in her early age. Before entering the Nepali motion picture industry, Neeta has assumed the different driving part in Bhojpuri films. Afterward, she initially showed up with her presentation motion picture ‘Kishan’ which was discharged on April 5, 2013.


Neeta Dhungana

Neeta Dhungana is an on-screen character of potential in Nepali motion picture industry. She began off her vocation by going about as a kid craftsman when she was in Hetauda. She appeared in the Nepali film industry from the Nepali motion picture ‘Kisaan’. Aside from acting in motion pictures, she is likewise an effective model. Neeta Dhungana (Nepali: नीता ढुंगाना) is a performing artist and a model of Nepali film industry. Neeta has been working in Nepali film industry since s young person. She has played as a senior sister in Ajambari Nata which was discharged in 2008. Because of her acting and move alongside Nepali on-screen character Jiwan Luitel in her mainstream Nepali film Notebook, she is prevalently known “Function Ratai Girl which was shot in Ilam. Neeta Dhungana Filmography Dabbab Cha Ekan Cha (2013) Notebook (2013 film) Masaan (2011) Hamro Maya Juni Lai (2011).

17. Paramita RL Shah

Paramita Rana is show turned performer who appeared to the film line through Chapali Height 2 inverse to Ayushman Joshi and Mariska Pokharel. Before appearing as the on-screen actor, Paramita was at that point referred to and considered the best model of Nepal. She is the first sprinter up in Face of Classic Diamond Jewels where Asmee Shrestha was the victor and Samagree RL Shah was the second sprinter up.


Paramita Rana Nepali Model Hot

She has strolled entrance ramp in the different form including Himalayan Times Nepal Fashion Week, one of the most renowned designs of Nepal.Paramita appeared to film line through Chapali Height. She was offered the part after Ayushman was settled for the film. They say the makers were stalking them and when they saw Paramita fit the part, they offered her the part. She got designated as Best Debut Actress for it in NFDC grants. Paramita was included in Rodit Bhandari’s Timi Nai MV. Likewise, she was additionally highlighted in Because I am cheerful MV. She is enthusiastic about singing and has secured a few tunes like Titanium, Cups tune, I am not the just a single and Valerie.Not just sound cover, She has additionally moved front of SAX-fleur East.

18. Priyanka Karki

She was the winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2005. She started her career in the film industry from the movie 3 Lovers. Before that, she had appeared as a child artist in the movie Mahadevi. At that time she was just 7 years old. She is very beautiful and popular for her singing, dancing and acting in the Nepali film industry, Kollywood.


Nepali actress model Priyanka Karki beautiful wonderful cute kathmandu kollywood smiling pictures images photos

Well, Priyanka Karki is a fine example of the multi talented person as she is a Nepalese performing artist, previous Miss Teen Nepal, VJ, vocalist, choreographer, a model and an artist. Born on 27 February 1987 the father Bhupendra Karki and the mother Raksha Malhotra Karki had absolutely no idea that their beloved daughter would be an actress in the future. She completed her A-levels from Rato Bangala School. In 2005, at 18 she was awarded various subtitles like Miss Intelligent, Miss Talent, Miss Bikini and on top of that the principle title of Miss Teen Nepal.  By the time she had been awarded different subtitles she was just 18 years old. After winning Miss Teen Nepal 2005, she showed up on the front of Wave Magazine. She was also showed up on the front pages of Nari, Vivacity Magazine, ECS Living, Folio, WOW, Healthy living and Yuwa Manch. She joined Kantipur Television and appeared as VJ from a TV show named “Celluloid”. After having experience on TV reality show she started her own TV program called “The Glam Factor”. Nowadays she’s appearing as a model/dancer in lots of music videos, not to mention her movies but she was found on YouTube doing covers of the original songs.

19. Ragini Khadgi

Ragini Khadgi is the little girl of action executive Rajendra Khadgi. She had functioned as a tyke craftsman in the motion picture Sagun and others. She influenced her introduction in the film To design.


ragini kadgi

Ragini came into movie industry with her presentation as driving part in Shovit Basnet and Krishna Karki’s film ‘Yubaraj’. For Ragini, acting isn’t new as she has recently acted in different films including Ishwor, Devdoot, Sagun, and Gorkhali. She is in transit of transforming into the best entertainer. Nothing Impossible’ is its home creation performer Ragini Khadgi. Ragini’s dad, the prominent action executive, Rajendra khadgi has coordinated the motion picture. Ragini has additionally presented her 9-years of age child Aryan Khadgi in the motion picture. The young man is highlighted in terrifying tricks including horse riding, cycling, and other action scenes. Aside from being highlighted as the on-screen character in the motion picture, Ragini had likewise done a thing move in the motion picture. She was likewise associated with creation and helping her dad in bearing of the motion picture.

20. Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal, also known as Mahanayak,  born on June 9, 1964, is from Palpa, Nepal. He began his acting vocation from the film “Yug Dheki Yug Samma” which was discharged in the year 1994.  He is considered as a prevailing figure in acquiring polished methodology the Nepalese film industry. He finished his tutoring from Moscow, advanced education (MA in English) from Punjab University, India. He considered in Nepal for a year at St Xavier’s School in review eight. He had filled in as the model for Fashion Net, an Indian form magazine in 1985 and had additionally strolled the incline in Kathmandu and New Delhi in the year 1986. On a normal scale, he chips away at 10 to 12 films in a time of one year. The most extreme number achieved 16 films per year in 1994. Among every one of the motion pictures that he played, Devata and Basanti are his top pick. He was connected with Kristi Mainali in his prior acting vocation and both the couple shared the colossal science on screen. Later on, individuals began talking Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar on screen as the best couple in the Nepali film industry.


rajesh hamal

He has acted in more than 230 Nepali Movies. He concedes that because of his to a great degree occupied calendar he doesn’t motivate time to see his own motion pictures nowadays.Similar to the best performing artist of Nepali film industry, Rajesh Hamal is a rabbit’s foot for each maker since his motion pictures ordinarily bound to shake the movies. In the setting of the Nepalese movie industry, which has showcase imperatives, each chief contends to take Rajesh Hamal into their task. He has been additionally condemned for not changing his looks to the need of the characters in the film. His long hair, which has since a long time ago stayed as his one of a kind trademark, has been disregarded by the maker saying the Nepalese gathering of people like him in long hair, to such an extent that he has been portrayed as a cop with long hair.

21. Sarita Lamichanne

Nepali Actress who was born on 25 November 1975 in Jhapa. She belongs to Kathmandu.The performing artist Sarita Lamichane appeared in Tulsi Ghimire’s TV serial ‘Mukti’. Sarita credits her success Rishi for his assistance in her acting profession. In the year 2056 BS Rishi advised Sarita to meet Tulsi Ghimire as he was searching for another craftsman in his TV serial. That’s when she began acting on her presentation serial ‘Mukti’. Before Tulsi met Sarita, the name of the character in the serial was also Sarita. The 20-sections in length serial built up Sarita as the main figure in the TV serials.

sarika lmichanne
sarita omnichannel

cLDmBSH8Sarita debuted her career in the large screen from the movie ‘Santan ko Maya’ under the direction of  Kishor Jha’s bearing in the year 2058 BS. After that, she didn’t work in any films until the year 2068 BS motion picture ‘Shreeman Shreemati’, under her significant other Rishi’s course. After that, she worked as the visitor part in ‘Hawaldar Suntali’.

The recollections of childhood frequent a person all through his or her life and they wish that those days loaded with joy return notwithstanding realizing that youth is a thing of past. Time is continually passing quick and it is unthinkable for anybody to appreciate the days which will never return. Childhood is the period which has frequently been lauded by artists and authors. As one develops in age, he or she feels awesome connection and fascination for the days spent in adolescence. Everybody somewhere inside their souls needs to be kids again yet the reality remains; those days can’t return however hard we attempt. Kids are really God’s blessing to planet earth and it is additionally said that in the event that one keeps a tyke cheerful, they are keeping the god-like glad. Childhood is in actuality God’s best blessing to any individual and we as a whole know about the way that cash can purchase anything other than even all the cash on the planet is inadequate to bring back the past in anybody’s life.

Childhood Rare Photos of 21 Nepali Celebrities (Actors, Actresses)


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