Childhood Rare Photos of 21 Nepali Celebrities (Actors, Actresses)

Childhood Rare Photos of Nepali Celebrities (Actors, Actresses)

Childhood rare photos of famous Nepali celebrities, actors, actress, singers: – Childhood is the primary phase of life. A family is where the tyke is first conceived. So guardians and other relatives are really mindful of forming a kid’s future and furthermore in making the childhood of a tyke essential. The most imperative thing which makes youth noteworthy is love and care of the family and relatives. A tyke has the purest heart any person can have and all that heart wants is love; regardless of what the conditions are.

Any individual who guarantees that he or she had an astonishing youth has seen an adequate measure of adoration, care, and love from their relatives. The recollections of children have their own place in any person’s heart. As one grows up, one feels increasingly joined with his youth, the best time frame in a person’s life. Having no nerves, stresses or work, a tyke is free from the messy and foul clamor of the common life. At the point when people recall the recollections of youth, they feel enchanted as it is the most wonderful period which is free from any sort of stress or nervousness.

Childhood Rare Photos of 21 Nepali Celebrities (Actors, Actresses)

1. Dayahang Rai

Dayahang Rai is a Nepalese on-screen character, executive, and play author. He is as of now viewed as a standout amongst the most famous on-screen characters in Nepal.

Dayahang Rai's childhood pic
Dayahang Rai’s childhood pic

dayahang rai


He has gotten three National Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2009 for Dasdhunga, Best Actor in 2015 for Sambodhan, and Best Actor in 2016 for Kabaddi. Dayahang rose to unmistakable quality from the TV arrangement Yuva, Dalanand Hamro Team. His initially driving part in a film was in Anagarik (2006). He discovered achievement in the movies Dasdhunga (2009), Loot (2012), Chhadke (2013), Badhshala(2013), Karkash (2013), Jholey (2014), Kabaddi (2013) and its continuation Kabaddi (2015), Talakjung vs Tulke (2014), and Sambodhan (2014). He has worked together in four movies with executive and companion Ram Babu Gurung.he needs to be a saint yet was stressed over on his no legend confront. He was exceptionally timid at youth.

2. Namrata Shrestha:

Namrata Shrestha was born in Dharan. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She looks shocking with her hazel darker eyes and hair. She at the youth life love to move and sing a lot at her recreation time. After finishing her +2 life as formal instruction from kist school as science, she has obtained a four-year college education in media studies. She was an extremely picky individual from the past. She is exceptionally particular person.she since adolescence was an extremely outgoing individual.

Namrata Shrestha
Namrata Shrestha


She is one of the wonderful and gifted performing artists from Nepali Movie Industry with an enormous number of fans. Before proceeding onward to the silver screen, she was associated with theater acts and demonstrating (since 1997). Namrata Shrestha began her profession with displaying, following a couple of years she began demonstrating in Music Videos. In brief timeframe, she wound up noticeably a standout amongst the most mainstream confronts behind Music Videos. She has likewise shown up on the front of Wave Magazine, VOW Magazine, and different magazines. Namrata Shrestha has acted in a few Music Videos. She was at one time the most looked for after face for music recordings. Her prevalent music.A standout amongst the most sentimental Nepali performing artist, Namrata Shrestha appeared in the film industry in 2008 through Sano Sansar. The chief Alok Nembang urged her to give tries out for the movie.


3. Ashish Rana AKA Laure:

Ashish Rana AKA Laure
Ashish Rana AKA Laure

Ashish Rana (born June 25, 1989) is a Nepalese rapper and performing artist mainstream by his stage name – Laure. He introduced his rapping by means of a rap fight on YouTube which picked up his fame. He was the most scanned for Nepalese big name on Google in the year 2013. From his tyke he was engaged with rapper field .he has the style of making raps.he is exceptionally strong in nature.he additionally a decent football player.from the youth, he is enamored with acting as well.

4. Anmol kc

Anmol kc
Anmol kcNepali film actor Anmol KC Picture

Anmol kc is the child of bhuwan kc and Susmita kc.he is one of the most generously compensated on-screen character of Nepali film industry.he has moved toward becoming hotshot inside a brief timeframe .he is the person with six feet tall.he is thin and thin. He has the craziness among the young ladies. As to his adolescence, he was exceptionally partial to voyaging .he was extremely enamored with lively bicycles in general. He gets a kick out of the chance to keep guardian to a substantial degree as a whole. At the youngster age, young ladies need to be his gf and some of them get oblivious in the wake of seeing him.

5. Anna Sharma

Nepali popular actress of today’s generation Anna Sharma (who is age 21 years now) was born on 24th May 1995. She is also known by her name as Annapurna Sharma. Beautiful Anna is the daughter of Rachana Gurung who is the choreographer of Miss Nepal. Anna Sharma has one brother and one sister named Amilia Sharma in her family.

Anna Sharma Nepali beautiful actresss
Anna Sharma Nepali actress

Cute Anna Sharma has normal and natural ability for acting. She found her enthusiasm for moving into dancing and acting when she was in her childhood. Moreover, she used to take part in several dancing shows and competition that was sorted out and held in the school. She got her initially soften up Kollywood from Jerry in which she was featured inverse to Anmol KC in the character of Akanshya. The two were new faces to Nepali film group of onlookers. People, in general, adored their onscreen science of chemistry. Talking more on Anna, Anna had a significant basic character. We can likewise observe her sister Amilia in a supporting part in Jerry depicting the character of Pugi. Perceiving the exertion she made in Jerry, Anna was given NEFTA Award for Best Debut Actress. Akanshya appears as a basic young lady with affection for books and photography. In any case, in a meeting, Anna has uncovered that she has no specific enthusiasm for photography and she enjoys hanging out with companions.

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