12 Kollywood Nepali Celebrities Actors | Singers Who Died Too Young

9. Surya Kumar Chettri (Born in 2040 B.S., Died in 2073 B.S., Cause of Death: Brain Tumor)

Surya Kumar Chhetri was born on 2040 B.S. in Phidikhola village. His father’s name was Padam Bahadur Chhetri and his mother’s name was Basandhari Chhetri. He was married and had a son. He used to live with his family along with his parents. Surya Kumar Chhetri was a famous folk song writer in Nepal. 

As like another child he was naughty when he was a child. Even though being naughty he was good in his studies and also was very much interested in music. He did his primary schooling in the local village school. After that, he went to Sylbas to study from grade six to eight. Later on, he went to parbat to complete his School Leaving Certificate Examinations.

After completing his schooling from parbat he went to palpa. In 2057 B.S. in palpa he enrolled in Intermediate in Arts program in Tribhuvan Bahumukhi Campus. From this particular college, he completed his Bachelor in Nepali as well as Bachelor of Political Science.After completing Bachelor he joined Masters in Art with Major Nepali at Ratna Rajya Campus in Kathmandu.

Since his childhood days, he was highly influenced by music.On Radio Nepal he used to listen to the folk songs in the evening and used to sing those songs next morning. During his Childhood, he was very fond of playing volleyball in the local field and also used to swim in Kali Gandaki River.

Besides music, he was highly interested in journalism and often dreamt about being a journalist. He had also worked as a journalist and he started his career in journalism with Samachar Patra. During his career in music, he released sixteen albums and wrote around four hundred songs. He not only used to write for himself rather he used to write for others as well.

His first album Authi chino cha was released on Mangshir, 2062. 40000 copies of CDs were sold and that album generated NRS 3 lakhs. After 4 years on 2066B.S., he came up with another album names susan. He came to Kathmandu to record songs. His most famous song was “timi hasa BHO mai basaula roi”, “Lalupate Nugyo Bhui Tira”, “Yespali Ni Auna Paina Ama Authi Chino Chha”, “Dhanko Siraula”.

Surya Kumar Chhetri had suffered from a disease named brain tumor. He was also taken to India for treatment. On Mangshir 2071 he also did the operation of his brain tumor. He used to take medicine and used to visit the doctor on regular basis. Sometime after this thing happened his health deteriorated. He was taken to Annapurna  Neuro Hospital situated at Maitighar, Kathmandu,  Nepal for treatment of brain tumor on the day of Thursday.


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He was declared dead by doctors immediately after he was taken to the hospital on 9:15 in the evening.  He was 33 years old when he died. All Nepali people were out of their mind when they heard this news. His funeral was held in Nepal Pragya Pratisthan, Kathmandu, Nepal. Many political leaders also came to his funeral and said condolence shown sympathy. Many journalists also came at his funeral. Even though he is not with us today he will be remembered by his songs and music.

10. Jeshika Khadka ( Died in 2012 A.D., Cause of Death: Suicide)

Jeshika Khadka used to live in Jhonchhe. She used to live there in a rented room. She started her career when she was 14 years old. For the first time, she did a small role in television comedy show named “Tite Kareli”. She had played the lead role in several movies. Those movies included Jungle Queen, Mero Maya Timilai, Jungle Love, Gahirahi and Lucky Seven.

 According to the news obtained in Jana Aastha Weekly Newspaper, she was involved in a sex scandal along with the reputed comedy singer Prakash Ojha. Prakash Ojha was arrested by police for further investigation. After an investigation, he had to serve 2 years in Sunsari Jail for sexual exploitation of girls. Before this thing happened Jeshika Khadka was known as Jyoti Khadka. After this incident, she changed her name to Jeshika Khadka. She was trying to cope with this hard situation so she changed her name as Jeshika Khadka. In Spite of her hard effort for coping with this hard situation, she was been followed by her past incident. She started drinking alcohol to forget her past incidents which not only her life but changed her name.

Jyoti khadka jeshika khadka1

According to the words of police, she had a phone conversation to filmmaker Baldeep rai at 2 O’clock in the morning Baldeep Rai was 43 years old. She was being blackmailed by someone for her same past incident. According to her one of a close friend she was being tortured by the person who was blackmailing him saying that he will ruin his career and even hamper her family. She said him to be her boy friend the night just before she died. According to investigators she was over drunk and involved in a heated argument with her boy friend. Baldeep Rai and Jeshika Khadka were about to marry. It seems to be like Baldeep Rai came to know about her past sex scandal issues. Because of this reason, their relationship got damaged.

May be Jeshika Khadka could not take all this so she killed herself in her own home situated at New Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. Also, according to Kathmandu Police Chief Senior Super Intendant of Police (SSP) Jaya Bahadur Chand had declared that there was no foul play or no one killed her. Instead, her death was a pure suicide case. Her dead body was found hanging from a shawl tied to the ceiling of her room when a team of police investigators reached to the scene at around 7:30 in the morning on June 12, 2012. Later, her dead body was sent to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital for post-mortem. Her one mistake cost her life. The untimely demise of such talented actress whatever the reason may be is the huge loss to Nepali Movie Industry. Her death became the way for Nepali movie sector to look at the open secret- sex exploitation.      

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