12 Kollywood Nepali Celebrities Actors | Singers Who Died Too Young

6. Khem Raj Gurung (Born in 1975 A.D, Died in 2016 A.D., Cause of Death: Jaundice and other liver related ailment)

khem raj gurung

Khem Raj Gurung was born on 14 January 1975.He was interested in music and literature since his childhood.  He was married and had two sons. In Nepali Film Industry he was famous musician and singer. He used to write and compose songs since his school days. He was also a writer and a composer. He was originally from Khadbari of Sankhuwasabha district. He is considered the one and only National level singer of Sankhawasabha district. He used to live in Sukedhara, Kathmandu.

Some of his famous songs are “Wari Jamuna Pari Jamuna”, “Bhanchan Budapake”, “Tamang Selo Naachu Vanthey”. At the initial days of his music career, he was associated with All Nepal National Federation of Students Union and used to sing politically motivated songs. Since traditional and cultural songs have moral values he was well known for these kinds of songs. During the decade of the 1990s and 2000s, he was one of the top singers. He won several awards.

His voice is found in a number of folk songs and nine music albums. The name of his albums is Jeevan, Jeevan-2, Aanamol, Dharan-Pokhara, Solti, Aalutama, Dhakre, Dhakre(Lokgeet) and Ghumphir.

Khem Raj Gurung was suffering from severe Jaundice. He has admitted to the hospital ten days ago after the symptom of jaundice appeared in his body. After his health condition deteriorated he was admitted at Intensive Care Unit (ICU). In Thursday, August 2016 he died at MediCare Hospital and Research Centre situated in Chabahil Kathmandu at the age of 42. Since his mother and sisters were to arrive from the UK his body was stored in Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. His funeral was conducted as per Buddhist Tradition. His untimely demise is a huge loss for Nepali music industry.

7. Shrisha Karki (Born in 1978 A.D., Died in 2002 A.D., Cause of Death: Suicide)

Shrisha Karki was born on 1978.Shrisha Karki was considered an actress with potential in Nepali Film Industry. She acted in many movies.Some of them are Maya Garchhu Ma, Bacha Bandhan, Sur Besur, Sukha Dukha, Anshabanda, Gham Chhaya, Maya Baiguni, Aawara, Mohani Lagla Hai, Maitee, Dharti, Beimani, Allare, Malai Maaf Garideu, Aafno Birano, Atankabadi, and Soltini. Among these films, Sur Besur was a Maha Comedy.

A newspaper ‘Jana Astha’ published a nude photo of Shrisha Karki and also accused her of prostitution. She was devastated by the photograph appeared in Jana Astha. Her fiancé was upset because of that published photograph. He doubted on Shrisha Karki. Even she tried to explain her side of the story the matter hampered their relationship leading it to a severe point. 


People started to see her as a naked lady for forever and that made difficult for her to go through on a day to day life. She could not take this news so three days after publishment of this news she committed suicide by hanging herself in October 2002 at the age of 24. This issue created a huge protest on street of capital Kathmandu.

Shrisha Karki

 After this incident, Kishor Shrestha, who was the editor of weekly newspaper ‘Jana Astha’ went into hiding. Many Film artists and Shrisha’s relative had accused the journalist of blackmailing the actress for no reason or say the reason they created themselves. More than 1000s of film artists had marched in Kathmandu in the protest of the journalist who reported the news and entirely the weekly newspaper that printed the rubbish news. This incident received a wide media attention. Even British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) paid attention to this news.

8. Lok Bahadur Chhetri (Born in 1960 A.D., Died in 1992 A.D., Cause of Death: Road Accident)

Lok Bahadur Chhetri was born on 1960. He was born in Gulmi, Tamghas. Name of his wife was Laxmi Chhetri.He was a famous folk Singer who sang many songs which became popular among people.


Lok Bahadur Chhetri has recorded more than 90 folk traditional songs. He used to sing motivational songs which motivated people either to do good, stop doing bad or change the bad way and start to do good. The name of his albums is Aadhi Khola, Karke Ankhale, Aajako Saita Kasto, Aama Rundai Gaunbesi, Nabhani Bhayena Maile, Aaundai Gara, Gham Jhulkida, Lamjung Jilla, etc. One of his most popular songs is “Aama Rundai Gaunbesi”. This song is considered to be one of the evergreen songs. 

Actually, this song was first written by Prachanda Bahadur Budathoki. Lok Bahadur Chhetri adopted this song but unfortunately did not give any credit to the original writer of this very song. He gave credit to Laxmi Chhetri for this song who was his wife. “Siri Ma Siri Batasai Chalyo”, “Chham Chham Nachideu Niurera”  are some of his popular songs. He died in a road accident a few years back. After his death, his statue is made at Bardhaghat, Nawal Parasi, Nepal. It is said that legends never die. Lok Bahadur Chhetri was also a legend and will always be remembered by his famous songs and albums. Even after his death, Smriti Program keeps on holding in his name in many parts of the nation.

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