12 Kollywood Nepali Celebrities Actors | Singers Who Died Too Young

3. Manju Mahat (Born in 1991 A.D., Died in 2014 A.D., Cause of Death: Road Accident)

Manju Mahat was born on 1991. She was a singer who started singing at her young age. She also used to sing in her school days. But she started to sing professionally when she started university. Firstly she started singing in Lok Dohori Sanjh and after that, she started improving her singing skills by doing her best. Her colleagues heartily appreciated her easy going nature. Manju was married and had a child. She had also won various awards in folk song competitions.


The first formal song she recorded was a Teej song “Teej aayo cham chami…”.Hira Moti Jhai, Padhyo Padhyo Paath Hajur sohra duna aath, and Nabhana Hai Kasailai are the well-known songs of Manju. Padhyo Padhyo Paath Hajur shora duna aath was her song with famous singer Pashupati Sharma.

She was out for recording studio saying her one and only son that she will bring chocolate for him. When Manju was traveling to a recording studio in her own scooter in one of the busiest parts of the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu. While going to recording studio two microbuses crashed on her. She was squeezed in between those two microbuses. She got injured on her left leg, head, and chest.

This accident happened in Galkopakha, Thamel. Soon after the accident, she was taken to Manmohan Memorial Hospital in an emergency. Doctors over there could not treat her so they referred her to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. Doctors from Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital also could not treat her well so they referred her Grande Hospital. During treatment on Grande Hospital, she died on Saturday, March 29,2014. Manju was 23 years old at the time of her death.Her body was kept at Academy Hall for the last farewell. Her funeral was held at Pashupati Aryaghat near Gaushala, Kathmandu. Manju’s death was the loss of a talented singer and a good person.

4. Alok Nemwang (Born in 1973 A.D., Died in 2014 A.D., Cause of Death: Suicide)

Alok Nemwang was born in 1973. He was from Kirat Family. He was a Nepali Film director, Well known  Music video director, VJ, Actor for more than a decade. He went to the United States to gain knowledge about theater and film-making. After returning to Nepal from the United States he directed over 500 music videos in Nepali music industry. He began his career as VJ in 1998 in Image Channel. Nabin k. Bhattarai’s Lakhau Patak was his debut music video.

Alok Nemwang acted in a Limbu language film Numafung in 2004. A film named Sano Sansar made on 2008 fulfilled his passion for making films. His second directorial venture Kohi Mero made on 2010 made him popular among the Nepalese cinema audience. Ex- Miss Nepal Jharana Bajracharya after her long absence from the film industry was re-introduced by Alok Nemwang in movie “Kohi Mero.”


alok nemwang

After his death, his third film Ajhai Pani was released on 2015. On November 6, 2014, he was found dead at his home situated in Dhapasi, Kathmandu, Nepal. His death seemed to be a suicide.  He committed suicide at around 8 PM. According to Maharajgunj police confirmed he was found hanging in his house. The reason behind his suicide is still unknown. His body was cremated at Pashupati Aryaghat situated near Gaushala according to Kirat tradition on the same day’s evening of his death. He was 41 years old at his death.

5. Sunil Bardewa (Born in 1972 A.D., Died in 2016 A.D., Cause of Death: Liver Aliment)

Sunil Bardewa was born on 1972. He was married to Shova Bardewa. He was a Nepalese pop singer, song writer, arranger, and guitarist.He worked as music arranger at Black Piped Studio. He was very popular in the 1990s. He arranged music of the popular artists like Nima Rumba, Nabin K Bhattarai, etc. He was very fast in arranging music. He mainly did work on guitar above his all other works. His songs made him popular not only as a singer but as one of the well-known guitarists among local youths and teenagers in early 2000s.

Sunil Bardewa was firstly involved in musical Band named The Matrix. In this band, he was joined by another Nepali singer named Saroj Dutta. This band has won Sajan Smriti Pop Song Contest in 1995. He arranged more than 1000 Nepali songs.

sunil bardewa

Among the popular songs of Sunil Bardewa, one is “Goreto Ani Ustai Chha Galli”. Sunil Bardewa had also written lyrics of some songs with Naresh Dev Pant. One of his Pop Ballad was “Bihani Ma”.

At the age of 44 years old he suffered from jaundice also called the disease liver ailments. He used to drink a lot. He started drinking after his wife’s death.  As his children were living in their maternal home in Chitwan after his wife’s death he became alone in the home. He had been showing signs of jaundice since two months ago he was diagnosed. He did not stop to drink despite his worse medical condition.

Sunil Bardewa was also placed in rehabilitation to control his drinking habits but no positive reports were gained. His treatment was ongoing at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Maharajganj.At September 13, 2016, he died during his treatment of liver aliments on Tuesday evening at the age of 44. It is sad that this very talented singer could not live to his full. The main reason behind his death is said to be his excessive Drinking habits.

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