12 Kollywood Nepali Celebrities Actors | Singers Who Died Too Young


12 Kollywood Nepali Celebrities Actors | Singers Who Died Too Young

Since it’s not long Nepali Cinema started. Although, it has its own place in the cultural heritage of the country. Most commonly Nepali Cinema industry is known by the name Kollywood and Kollywood. It includes movies in various languages spoken in Nepal. Most Nepali Films are more or less inspired by Indian Movie Industry and use Bollywood style songs and narrative. When it comes to Kollywood we most of the people are unaware of what is happening. In most of the parts of Nepal, we hear either Bollywood songs and see Bollywood movies or Hollywood songs and movies. 

We are sometimes so unaware about the Nepali market in the film industry or music industry that we even don’t know how much talent was available and what happened to those talented persons. Like, do they even exist now or not or have they stopped their career. Due to various reasons either actors or actresses or singer or other talented persons do not exist either in the industry or entirely in the earth.

The first film produced in Nepal was Aama which was released on October 7, 1964. After the success of first Nepali movie under a private banner was Maitighar which was released at the end of 1996 by Sumonanjali Films Pvt. Ltd the craze of Nepali cinema is somewhat increasing. Knowing about actors, actresses or singers who died young the people who love artists their heart will be filled with pain and eyes with tears. Do you also think so? Sometimes knowing the reason behind the stars who died makes us a little bit comfortable. Sometimes respect towards them increases. Some of the unusual things happening in Film Industry will make you even furious.

This time we have collected a report on 10 stars including actors, actress or singer along with some of the rising stars. Our heart cries knowing that some of these people were a victim of a road accident in high traffic area in the capital city of Nepal named Kathmandu. Some were severely sick which led them to the mouth of death. And knowing some were a victim of Scandals we make ourself furious towards Nepali Film Industry.

         12 Kollywood Nepali Celebrities Actors | Singers Who Died Too Young

1. Shree Krishna Shrestha (Born in 1967 A.D., Died in 2014 A.D., Cause of Death: Pneumonia)

Shree Krishna Shrestha was born on April 19, 1967. He was a Nepali Actor, producer as well as an entrepreneur. His Father’s name was Radha Krishna Shrestha and his mother’s name was Jagat Kumari Shrestha.He was youngest among his 6 brothers. His elder sister died whom he loved so much when he was very young. He was born on Bagbazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. He was a stubborn child who always fought to get what he liked or wanted to get. He was from Newar Background. He used to dance in different kinds of festivals. 

Shree Krishna Shrestha was fabulous in dancing since his childhood. His parents wanted him to take Mathematics tuition but he refused and went to learn dance. Because of his mind-blowing dancing skills, he got Dance scholarship. He also did a show in Nepal Pragya Pratisthan. He was married to Sweta Khadka. He did not have any children. He started his acting career with movie Bhumari. He was mostly known for his best dancing skills. He achieved nationwide recognition with roles in movies like Maiti and Afno Manche. Nepal Government provided him a national honor. In his death, many honored persons including the prime minister of Nepal expressed their deep condolence to him.

Shree Krishna Shrestha had roles in many movies like Nirmaya, Bhumari, Prem Yudha, Maiti, Afanta, Ae Mero Hajur, Bar pipal, Gorkhali, Guru chela, Jhajhalko, Hami tin bhai, pahuna, Afno Manche, Ajambari Nata, Hamro Maya Juni Juni lai, Jali Rumal, “Subhakamana”, Yestai Huncha pirati, Garib, Nata Ragatko, Bharosa, Jeevan Rekha, Unko Samjhanama, Sukha Dukha, Ram Balaram, Shriman Shrimatee, Kaha Bhetiyela, Khoinoor.


shreekrishna shrestha
Shreekrishna Shrestha

His some roles in movies he acted is as Abishek in Ae Mero Hajur, as Aakash in Ajambari Nata, as Dev in Hamro Maya Juni Juni Lai, as Pritam thakur in Nata Ragatko, as Abishek in Sukha Dukha, as Ram in Ram Balaram, as Rajesh in Shriman Shrimatee, as Abhisekh in Kaha Bhetiyela. He acted in Nirmaya in 1996, in Guru Chela in 1997, in Hami tin Bhai in 2004, in pahuna in 2005, in Nata Ragatko in 2007, in Ram Balaram in 2010. Among the movies, he acted his last movie was Kohinoor. He acted in this movie in 2014. This movie was his last home production film. In this movie, he had a role of Abhisekh Kharel(Babu). He has acted in more than hundreds of Nepali Movie.


Shree Krishna Shrestha produced a Nepali movie Kaha Vetiyela. Sweta Khadka had a lead role in this Nepali movie. They met each other in this particular movie. Actually, they had been in a relationship with each other for a long time. But finally, they were married to each other on July 7, 2014.

 Just after they got married the couple went to India. Before some time he was diagnosed with an ulcer. In India Shree Krishna Shrestha was diagnosed with pneumonia and bone cancer. He was suffering from severe throat pain. He died in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi on4Sunday, 10 August 2014 at the age of 47. He died early morning at a 5 AM local time. Since Kohinoor was his last movie this movie got best ratings and all his fans, as well as well wishers, loved this movie. This movie is seen even now by the people who loved him deep with their entire hearts.

2. Kul Prasad Pokhrel (Born in 1981 A.D., Died in 2004 A.D., Cause of Death: Suicide)

Kul Prasad Pokhrel was born on September 21, 1981, in Nawalparasi District, Butwal, Nepal. He was a Nepali singer as well as songwriter. Cool pokhrel was the name he was popularly known for which was his stage name. He was well known among the people also as a pop and folk music singer.

Kul Prasad Pokhrel was raised by his family. But he preferred to live with his relatives. He studied in Gyanu Babu Boarding School, Pokhara. His favorite place was Pokhara. He moved to London to get diploma graduation in Business Administration. When he was thinking of moving to the USA to get the Higher education he came back to Nepal to start a music career. The singers he adores the most were Bob Dylan, Kurt Kobain, and Jhalak Man Gandarba. His most favorite hobby was to watch Nepali films. He started singing since his childhood when he was at the age of 11 years. When he sang in front of his relatives they used to think that he will be one of the biggest stars of Nepal.

Cool Pokhrel
Cool Pokhrel

After that, he recorded a song called “Sun Meri Mayalu” in 1999. This song became blockbuster. This song led him to join a popular hip-hop group named The Unity band. In this band, he made his strong career in Nepalese Music industry. Later he made and released an album on the title of the song he sang for the first “Sun Meri Mayalu”. After achieving huge success for this album he made and released another album called ama on 2000 and  Hunna Ra on 2002. His last albums recording was finished in 2004 but it has not been released yet because of his untimely death.

Kul Prasad Pokhrel released many songs and albums in his life many of which were blockbuster. Some of his Super hit songs are Meri Mayalu, Bolauda kheri boldinou, yespali Dashain ma, mritu ko chyan, kina Udas. These songs were blockbuster songs in Nepal. He was known as the king of Pop.

Kul Prasad Pokhrel was known as King of Nepalese Pop by many Nepali audiences. All audience, including the International audience, could not stop their tears after hearing about his death. He is still remembered by people for being King of Nepalese pop. He is also remembered in other Nepalese pop songs some by other popular singers such as Unity Band, Jhilkey Badal, Sugam Pokharel, Girish Khatiwada and many others. Girish Khatiwada was the founder of rap music in Nepal. His occupation was Rapper Lyricist DJ RJ. Kul Prasad Khatiwada is also recognized as the revolutionary singer of the history of pop music. Kul mostly sang songs for an issue that were happening or happened in his lifetime. He also used to sing for his family to describe how they became a role model for him. He was active in the music industry for 9 years from 1995 to 2004.

Kul Prasad Pokhrel died at the age of 23 on October 4, 2004, at Patan Hospital. Doctor after his death concluded that he died due to a drug overdose. The death of Cool Pokhrel left hundreds and hundreds of people with tears in their eyes. Till this day he is remembered by his audience. Sunn ko Bala was his last song project which later on Avinash Ghising performed.

After Cool’s death Unity Band sang a song for cool titled Tribute. Jhilkey Badal sang Yespali Dashain and another song for him was Miss You Cool.


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