8 Nepali Actresses Breakups That Will Leave You SHOCKED

8 Nepali Actresses Breakups That Will Leave You SHOCKED

Nepali Actresses Breakups: – We can hear much news on the relation of celebrities either they are actors or actresses. We can hear most probably the breakups of actresses. However, they seem like easy to them from outside. Every celebrity used to be in relation with some one but especially the relation that was made by actresses use to come out in the whole world through different sorts of media like social, news, radio, newspaper etc.

In Nepal, also we can hear many of such actress and some of them had marries but some are not married till today. Most probably we can listen the relation of more famous actresses like Nisha Adhikari, Rekha Thapa, Richa, and many other actresses. Most of them had done breakup for more than 10 times or 10 times. I am going to talk about those actresses who had done breakup for 10 timesor more than it.

10 Nepali Actresses Breakups That Will Leave You SHOCKED

  1. Nisha Adhikari

Nisha Adhikari is very famous now a day. She had played many Nepali movies such as How Funny, Padmini, Mission Paisa, Lootera and so on. She is also the first Nepali actress to climb on the Mt. Everest. Also, she has climbed the Mt. Kilimanjaro of  South Africa.We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc. It has also come in view that she was in relationship with Sarad Bheswakar though that relationship have come to end in very time.

Nepali Actress Nisha Adhikari Model Kollywood Heroine Pictures Images Photos Pics Wallpapers
Nisha Adhikari Bathing Picture in Natural Sea Water

She was in relationship with film director or actor or producer anything we can say who is Niraj Poudel. Niraj is the son of Uddhav Poudel who is the owner of Gopi Krishna Movies. After some time Niraj and Nisha both feel incomfortablewith that relation and after that Niraj married Anisha Thapa and broke the relation. She is very renown now a days and playing movies in very large number. She was also relationship with someone and recently she broke up and it was also come in news that they both broke.

  1. Reema Bishowkarma

Reema Bishowkarma is a model, actress, and singer. She is a multi-talented actress. Now she is hosting a show called Nepal Idol at present time.She has movies like Bato Muni Ko Phool 2, Ritu, and she play on songs we can find many songs of her playing like Deurali, Ma ta manche bindas, Udharo Maya Ko and so on.We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc.

reema bishwokarma - Nepali Girl Lady Image
Reema Bishwokarma – Nepali Actress Image

We can find that at present she married Britain NRN Robert B.K. (Bishowkarma). At the past she was on the relation with actor Amir Sekh. She married Robert after living in the relation for short time period with Amir. The affair of Amirand Reema last for some years and cannot reach to marriage.

  1. Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma is also another actress as well as model in Nepali cinemas. She had role in many movies like Talakjung vs. Tulke, and many other and she had role in many songs too now a day.We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc.  She is also becoming more famous.

Nepali actress richa sharma
Richa sharma

In near past we could hear news about her and Binaya Shrestha who is also the actor that they both were in the relationship. They have very deep and true love. And nobody has assumed that their relation will ever break i.e. the relation will long last. Their relation started very long ago from the first movie that they have made which is known as Visa Girl their relation was broke. She is also one of the semifinalist of Miss Nepal 2007.

  1. Susma Karki

Susma Karki is also one of the famous actresses, model whatever we can say. She had done many movies and songs in past and also doing in present. We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc. Let’s talk about her relation; she was in the very long relation with the director of Nepali film industries Sudarsan Thapa.

Nepali Actress Model Sushma karki Susma Pictures Photos Images Photoshoot Wallpapers
Glamour Smile of Nepali Actress Sushma Karki

But their relation does not last and and after some time they both broke. And after that Susma have a relationship with Naren Shrestha. And she was in rlation with her for some period of time however they both breakup and some time. She was not able to long her relation with both of them. But now days we can’t hear about her relation. It is also said that she was in relation with Niran Shahi after the break up with Sudarsan Thapa.

  1. Malina Joshi

Malina Joshi is also the actress as well as model and we can find her movies as well as the song that she played.She was from Dharan. Also, she is the Miss Nepal of the year 2011. She was in the relation with Anup Bikram Shahi. Anup is one of the talented actor of Nepal. We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc.

malina joshi - Nepali Girl Lady Image
Malina Joshi Image

Their relation was very good but now a day we can hear that they both are not in the relation any more it might be true or not anybody is sure about them. However, they both have talk to marry in the year 2014. And Anup have a tattoo in the name of Malina. In present after she return from America thwy have not meet so it was assumed. Before they use to share photos in Facebook as well. She was very exicted when she won the contest Miss Nepal 2011.

  1. Namrata Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha is one of the most beautiful and talented actress of Nepal. She is a natural actor she done many movies like, November Rain, Home Work, Classic, Maun, etc. she is the most gorgeous actress than anyone else. We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc. We can find her in much relation with actor or director her name would come to attach to them. At first with actor Ramon Das Shrestha was the person with whom Namrata wasin relation.

namrata shrestha - Nepali Girl Lady Image
Namrata Shrestha

They stay in relation for some period of time with the news came out her sex video with DJ Tantrik was released out. By that video, it was said that she was in relation for long time with him with sex. After that she was in relation with Prem Ghale for some period of timeand that relation was also broke up. After that now a day it is came us to know that she is in relation with Dawa Sherpa. It present they were both seen in the premier show of Nepali movie Adhakatti. Now a day I do not know about what is going on with their relation at present context. I hope he may be the love of her life forever.

  1. Poozana Pradhan

Poozana Pradhan is one of the actresses who is in nepali film industry for many long period of time. We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc. We can listen many affair related to her love life. I can’t say truly with who she is in relation. Many of guys claim that she has many boyfriends. In this march she writesa status about appendicitis which is dedicated to her love life. Which give us to know that her love with someone was brokeup. She has told that she was in relation with somebody but did not open his name. And claim that she is no single. Due to that also we cannot say anything about her love life.

Beautiful Young Glamour Girl Nepali Model actress Poojana Pradhan Stri Puja(53)

  1. Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa is the actress who is in Nepali Film Industry for very long period of time. She has played many more films like Hami Teen Bhai, Dhadkan, Tathastu, Hifajat, Mero Euta Sathi Chha etc. and like so on. Now a day she is in new scene that is action. She is now producing movies and directing movies. She has married with Producer of many nepali movies Chabi Raj Ojha. She was with him for about 10 years. And at that time she loves Sudarshan Gautam who was the actor of her movies Himmatwali and it was his debut movie.

Nepali actress model rekha thapa images pictures wallpapers photoshoot
Hot and Glamour Picture of Nepali popular actress Rekha Thapa

We can also find many rumor about her relation in many network media like facebook, news, social etc. And after when the movie was released then their relation was also ended. Many people talk that she was acting to be with him to promote the movie that she has produced and directed.She is now a day single and no thing has come in related with her love life. It is believed that she divorced with Chabi Raj Ojha. However, I do not know much about their relation.

These are the break ups of the most talented actresses of Nepal with actor or director or producer or any other people that are special to them in their life.

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