All About Nepali Calendar 2076 Bhadra – Nepali Patro 2076 Bhadra Month


This is Nepali Calendar 2076 B.S. at the Bhadra भाद्र Month. Here in Nepal, the local national calendar is running that is called Bikram Sambat (B.S.). So, Nepali Calendar is known as Bikram Sambat. Nepali Calendar is also locally called Nepali Patro.

This is a collection of Nepali calendar 2076 B.S. with English dates (A.D) also called Gregorian calendar with Nepali calendar. This Nepali calendar 2076 includes all the events and festivals of Nepal with detail accuracy.

Nepali Calendar 2076 Bhadra – Nepali Patro 2076 Bhadra


Bhadra: The Fifth Month of Nepali Bikram Samvat Calendar

The fifth month of Nepali calendar which makes the year more enjoyable and entertainment. According to the English calendar, it falls from half last month of August and the half start a month of September. This month makes the day of people happier. But this month also makes people expend more. Because the occurrence of a festival is increasing the lights of the day.


The birth of  God Vishnu as the form of human lord Krishna has taken birth. The day is called Krishnan Janmashtami. Krishnajanmasthmi is celebrated all over the country because of the killing of Naraksura by the Krishna. Krishna is the eighth son of Basuki and Devki. So Krishna is also called by Devki Nandan and Makhan Chor as he used to steal Makhan at an early age, child age.

Krishna is also the forms of pure Vishnu as he is also the Chakradhari. He has killed the great demon Naraksura. His great figures are presented and shown in the battle of Mahabharat. He shows his full figures and says all the truth about the earth, nature, and human beings, are now survived by his powers. The war of Mahabharat has already resulted because Lord Krishna knows everything.


Rishi Panchami or Chauthi Chand or Teej.

The great festival of Nepalese women i.e Haritaleeka Teej is celebrated. This is the festival of women who prays for their husband life and care. This festival also marks the relations of husband and wife. Another one is Rishi Panchami which is celebrated by the Terai regions of people most. This festival is also called by Chauthi Chand as it is worshiped the God Ganesha.


The start of any and any activities of a god known as Ganesha. Everything is started by taking the names of Ganesha as ‘’Om Ganeshya Namah’’. This festival is celebrated by the people in the home not outside as Chhath.  The small place in the Aangan is cleaned and there keeps two steel jug and leaves of mango in it. The festival is celebrated by taking fast.

And people make the oily bread called Puri, rice pudding, and vegetables and worship the moon which occurs in the evening. The worshipping of Ganesha provides the power and knowledge to the devotees. This festival is celebrated only once the year. The doing and keeping the god Ganesha makes your destination path clean.

Ganesha is the son of Parvati who has made him with their own power of collecting soil. If we worship God Ganesha, it is also the belief that the greediness under our will ends. God Ganesha likes sweet much if and even everything if you give him a pure and lovely heart. But if you give him with greedy and proudly, then you can’t fill the hunger of Ganesha. This festival mostly teachers to earn and spend life without being selfish, showy and Discriminating nature.

29th Bhadra Children’s Day

On 29th Bhadra or on 14th September children’s day is celebrated all over the country.  The students take participate and raise their voice. This day is celebrated for the rights of children against children labor, a right to education, a right to freedom, right to live in good environment., a right to peace, right to play, right to entertain and many children rights.

These days play the various day for raising the voice of children. As we know that the children are the future of the country. They are the base of the country. If the children of the country become educated and raise strength on themselves, then the country will automatically speed their development. Children are also known as the father of the nation.

Because the richest man or the king’s borns with a baby not becoming adults directly. They had also wept in the children age. The life of children should be comfortable and must have to grow them in a peaceful environment so that he or she can build their career according to their choice. The first phase of life, child age labors makes the man full life successful.

To make a better identity and impression, there must be the start of doing hard work from child age. To fulfill the rights of children and to grew then in a peaceful environment, this day is celebrated as children’s day by raising voice about children rights and duties.


This is the festival which is only celebrated in Kathmandu valley. This festival is the symbol of worshipping the unmarried girl. The Rath Yatra is done in Kathmandu valley. The government holidays are given in only for Kathmandu valley. This festival shows the reception of a girl.


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