Nepali Calendar 2076 Asar – Nepali patro 2076 Ashad Month


This is Nepali Calendar 2076 B.S. at the Ashad आषाढ Month. Here in Nepal, the local national calendar is running that is called Bikram Sambat (B.S.). So, Nepali Calendar is known as Bikram Sambat.

Nepali Calendar is also locally called Nepali Patro. This is a collection of Nepali calendar 2076 B.S. with English dates (A.D) also called Gregorian calendar with Nepali calendar. This Nepali calendar 2076 includes all the events and festivals of Nepal with detail accuracy.

Nepali Calendar 2076 Asar – Nepali Patro 2076 Ashar

Ashadh – 3rd month of Bikram Samvat calendar


This is the third month of the year which starts after the end of Jestha. This month is also known as the planting the crops and blowing the seeds. Due to a start of rainy seasons, farmers start to plot the fields and bow the new crops. This month also doesn’t have more holidays. In Nepal, Saturday is given the national holiday every week. The only great occasion falls in this month is Bhumipuja.

 The worship of land is called bhumipuja in Nepali. People worship their living motherland and living the house land as the gifts of the god. Hindus are only the people who worship the natures the gifts of God and is the reality too.

Mostly the people also start something constructing works like as establish of school, or construction of homes much more. It is said that if the work is started from this day, there will not occur any disturbances and difficulties.


A person wants to start any work with great zeal and happiness and he doesn’t want to face any problems occurring while construction. The worship of land makes the purity of land where there will be the place of goddess Lakshmi. And if the Goddess Lakshmi will see you, you will be millionaire and billionaire in one night.


The grace of goddess Lakshmi will make you the great person with the greater identity. The man will not recognize you in the empty pocket and hunger stomach. So starting good is also the symbol of the good ending.

The person used to show the dates to Pandit for the good day for doing the mark work. If the work starts at the black spotted days, there will occur the great chance of greater losses and damages of goods and products.

The Muslims do marriage in this month if the days is for good marriage day. The great thing can be achieved by only greater heart and by greater works. If you start running fast, you will complete the race fast. The worship of land makes your land and houses free and preventing from any wrong matters and events that may occur in future.

Asar/Ashar/Ashad 2076June-July 2019








Events and festivals in Asar 2076

6 :- Viswa Yog Diwas (Wolrd Yoga day 2019)

15 :- Dahi Chiura Khane Din, Rastriya Dhan Diwas

21 :- Sahakari Diwas (Co-operative Day, 2019)

26 :- Viswa Janashankhya Diwas (World Population Day 2019)

29 :- Bhanu Jayanti

31 :- Guru Purnima


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