1)            Aakash- sky

2)            Aahlad- delight

3)            Aagat- future

4)            Aadarsh- principles

5)            Aadesh- instruction or command

6)            Abhigya- aware

7)            Adhikaar- right


8)            Aakar- Shape

9)            Ananta- having no end

10)          Aadi- beginning

11)          Antya- end

12)          Anish- supreme

13)          Aarush- first ray of sun

14)          Aabishkar- invention

15)          Amar- immortal

16)          Anuj- younger brother

17)          Anukul- good (often used with circumstances)

18)          Anupam- incomparable

19)          Aadhar- base

20)          Aakarshan- attraction

21)          Aman- peace

22)          Anubhav- experience

23)          Aashish- blessings

24)          Avaya- fearless

25)          Avhyudaya- rising sun

26)          Ajit- unconquerable

27)          Anurag- love

28)          Agam- unique

29)          Adit- peak

30)          Aakarshan-attraction

31)          Aabhas- feeling

32)          Aabheer- cowherd

33)          Atharva- lord ganesh

34)          Avi- sun

35)          Abhi fearless

36)          Aatish- fire

37)          Aarnav- ocean

38)          Arush- sun

39)          Amay- not cunning

40)          Aarsh- bright

41)          Badri- lord Vishnu

42)          Bikram- prowess

43)          Bishal- big

44)          Bhaskar- sun

45)          Birat- big

46)          Bhupendra- king of kings

47)          Bikash- development

48)          Bibhas- a raga

49)          Bimal- pure

50)          Binod- cheerful

51)          Bisham- contrary circumstances

52)          Bibhakar- moon

53)          Bigyan- science, knowledge

54)          Bipul- abundant

55)          Badal- cloud

56)          Bhav- sentiment

57)          Bhanu- sun

58)          Bhavya- grand

59)          Bhawan- palace

60)          Barun- God

61)          Bishwo- world

62)          Bishwas- trust

63)          Bhusan- ornament

64)          Bibek- knowledge

65)          Binay- stubborn

66)          Bhaskar- sun

67)          Bheem- huge

68)          Buddha- god

69)          Basanta- spring

70)          Bisaj- lotus

71)          Bilva- a sacred leaf

72)          Bhupati- lord of earth

73)          Bipin- forest

74)          Bir- brave

75)          Bijal- lightening

76)          Biren- lord of warriors

77)          Bhagesh- lord of richness

78)          Bandhu- friend

79)          Bhavyam- forever

80)          Bibin- like to think

81)          Chakshu- eye

82)          Chaitya- religious place

83)          Chitra- picture

84)          Chiranjibi- long-living

85)          Chirayu- long-living

86)          Chetan- intelligence

87)          Chintan- meditation

88)          Chintak- thinker

89)          Chintav- lamp

90)          Chaitanya- life

91)          Chirag- brilliance

92)          Chetak- thoughtful

93)          Chittesh- ruler of mind

94)          Chirush- god

95)          Chahan- super

96)          Charish- grace

97)          Chitta- mind

98)          Charit- history

99)          Chandresh- lord of moon

100)       Chitrank- moon


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11 Responses

  1. Greetings,
    I am an author of educational children’s books that carry characters to different and fascinating countries around the globe.
    My next story is based in Nepal (Where the Earth Meets the Sky) and one of the supporting characters is a young Gurung boy. His father was a member of the Gurkhas and retired back to Nepal after his competing his service.
    I endeavor to correctly identify the names of the character and his elder sister and younger brother.
    From my research, I named the the character Dil Bahadur, which I believe translates into ‘brave of heart’.
    Additionally, I am aware that the Gurung people use “nicknames” based on the child’s order of birth. This is where I seek your assistance.
    I have found the meaning of second born male child as either Mainlo or Maila.
    Additionally the character has an older sister. Would it be Jetho or Nani?
    As well as a third child male as Saila?
    It is my goal to correctly reflect your culture and naming of children and my characters. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Moldenhauer
    Author – Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

      1. hello…how can i find my boyfriend address named Manish Bhatta? please, ,i really wanted to know bcoz i want to visit him surprising in Nepal.Thank you..

    1. to be correct, sir “mailo’ means the second son born in the family. ‘saila’ means the third son that has been born in the family. nland if u want to give name to the first born daughter u should name her “Jethi”

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