1000 Unique Nepali Boys’ Names With English Meaning


Here are Nepali Boy’s names from 501 to 600

  1. Roshan
  2. Pramod
  3. Satyanarayan
  4. Satyendra
  5. Saubhagya
  6. Saurav/ Saurabh
  7. Ravindra/ Rabindra
  8. Subhas/ Subhash
  9. Rudra
  10. Rupak
  11. Shaan
  12. Shahid
  13. Shailendra/ Shailen
  14. Shailesh
  15. Punit/Puneet
  16. Purna/Poorna
  17. Rohan
  18. Rohit
  19. Roopak
  20. Prasad
  21. Pratap
  22. Sachin/ Sachindra
  23. Sagar
  24. Sahadev
  25. Sameer/ Samir
  26. Samrat
  27. Purushottam
  28. Pushkar
  29. Sudeep/ Sudip
  30. Sudhakar
  31. Sudhir/ Sudheer
  32. Sundar
  33. Raghav /Raghab
  34. Raghu
  35. Santosh
  36. Sarbagya
  37. Satindra/ Satyendra
  38. Satish
  39. Satyajit
  40. Shakti
  41. Sohan
  42. Swagat
  43. Swarup
  44. Swayambhu
  45. Tej
  46. Surya
  47. Sushil
  48. Tilak
  49. Shrikanta
  50. Shrikrishna
  51. Shyamal
  52. Tirtha
  53. Tribhuvan
  54. Trilochan
  55. Trilok
  56. Tushar
  57. Udit
  58. Ujwal,
  59. Sridhar
  60. Subas
  61. Suren
  62. Suresh
  63. Surya
  64. Sushil
  65. Umesh
  66. Yagya
  67. Shambhu
  68. Shankar
  69. Shashank
  70. Shashi
  71. Shekhar
  72. Siddhartha
  73. Yogendra
  74. Yogesh
  75. Shridhar
  76. Shyamsundar
  77. Siddhanta
  78. Yuvaraj
  79. Divaj
  80. Om

There are more Nepali boy’s names besides above mentioned which are rarely used.


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11 thoughts on “1000 Unique Nepali Boys’ Names With English Meaning

  1. Greetings,
    I am an author of educational children’s books that carry characters to different and fascinating countries around the globe.
    My next story is based in Nepal (Where the Earth Meets the Sky) and one of the supporting characters is a young Gurung boy. His father was a member of the Gurkhas and retired back to Nepal after his competing his service.
    I endeavor to correctly identify the names of the character and his elder sister and younger brother.
    From my research, I named the the character Dil Bahadur, which I believe translates into ‘brave of heart’.
    Additionally, I am aware that the Gurung people use “nicknames” based on the child’s order of birth. This is where I seek your assistance.
    I have found the meaning of second born male child as either Mainlo or Maila.
    Additionally the character has an older sister. Would it be Jetho or Nani?
    As well as a third child male as Saila?
    It is my goal to correctly reflect your culture and naming of children and my characters. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Moldenhauer
    Author – Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

      1. hello…how can i find my boyfriend address named Manish Bhatta? please, ,i really wanted to know bcoz i want to visit him surprising in Nepal.Thank you..

    1. to be correct, sir “mailo’ means the second son born in the family. ‘saila’ means the third son that has been born in the family. nland if u want to give name to the first born daughter u should name her “Jethi”

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