301)       Lok- world

302)       Lakshman- brother of lord Ram

303)       Laabh- profit

304)       Laayak- fit, clever

305)       Laasak- dancer

306)       Lahar- wave

307)       Lakit- beautiful


308)       Lakshya- aim

309)       Lakshit- distinguished

310)       Lalam- jewel

311)       Lalip- prophet

312)       Lalit- beautiful, gentle

313)       Lavanay- handsome

314)       Lavam- clove

315)       Layam- rhythm

316)       Lekhak- author

317)       Maahir- expert

318)       Madan- god of love

319)       Manab- person

320)       Mahaan- great

321)       Maadhav- name of Lord Krishna

322)       Madhur- melodious

323)       Madhu- honey

324)       Madesh- Lord shiva

325)       Madhuk- honey bee

326)       Maan- respect

327)       Maanik- ruby, valued

328)       Maanvir- brave heart

329)       Maansik- psychic

330)       Maarmik- perceptive

331)       Maathar- voyager

332)       Madin- delightful

333)       Madvan- intoxicating

334)       Magan- immersed

335)       Mahakaya- gigantic

336)       Naakesh- moon

337)       Naagendra- king of serpents

338)       Naabhi- centre of the body

339)       Naarad- sage

340)       Nirmal- soft

341)       Nabhya- lord shiva

342)       Niketan- house

343)       Nabhoj- born in sky

344)       Navin- new

345)       Nabhanyu- eternal

346)       Nadal- fortunate

347)       Nayan- eye

348)       Navil- noble

349)       Navtej- new light

350)       Neeham- comfort

351)       Orion- son of fire

352)       Oorjit- powerful

353)       Ohas- praise

354)       Oisin- divine

355)       Ojayit- courageous

356)       Om- sacred syllable

357)       Oshin- ocean, sea

358)       Onnesha- honesty

359)       Oviyan- artist

360)       Ovin- handsome

361)       Paak- pure

362)       Prem- love

363)       Padam- lotus

364)       Prasun- flower

365)       Paavak- purifying

366)       Paarthiv- earthly

367)       Paatav- agile

368)       Pakshin- winged bird

369)       Pallav- new leaves

370)       Palkesh- joyous

371)       Pankit- line

372)       Path- way

373)       Paras- touchstone

374)       Pradeep- good

375)       Paresh- lord of lords

376)       Rajan- king

377)       Raj- rule

378)       Raja- king

379)       Raghav- lord Ram

380)       Raahi- traveller

381)       Rachit- invention

382)       Rahasya- secret

383)       Rahan- big

384)       Rajeev- blue lotus

385)       Raivath- wealthy

386)       Rajat- courage

387)       Rajul- brilliant

388)       Rakshak- protector

389)       Rambh- support

390)       Ranhit- quick

391)       Sulav-easy

392)       Suman- flower

393)       Saaras- swan

394)       Shakti- power

395)       Sachit- joyful

396)       Sabrang- rainbow

397)       Sachet- consciousness

398)       Saathi- friend

399)       Stuti- prayer

400)       Sabhya- civilized


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  1. Greetings,
    I am an author of educational children’s books that carry characters to different and fascinating countries around the globe.
    My next story is based in Nepal (Where the Earth Meets the Sky) and one of the supporting characters is a young Gurung boy. His father was a member of the Gurkhas and retired back to Nepal after his competing his service.
    I endeavor to correctly identify the names of the character and his elder sister and younger brother.
    From my research, I named the the character Dil Bahadur, which I believe translates into ‘brave of heart’.
    Additionally, I am aware that the Gurung people use “nicknames” based on the child’s order of birth. This is where I seek your assistance.
    I have found the meaning of second born male child as either Mainlo or Maila.
    Additionally the character has an older sister. Would it be Jetho or Nani?
    As well as a third child male as Saila?
    It is my goal to correctly reflect your culture and naming of children and my characters. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Moldenhauer
    Author – Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

      1. hello…how can i find my boyfriend address named Manish Bhatta? please, ,i really wanted to know bcoz i want to visit him surprising in Nepal.Thank you..

    1. to be correct, sir “mailo’ means the second son born in the family. ‘saila’ means the third son that has been born in the family. nland if u want to give name to the first born daughter u should name her “Jethi”

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