201)       Gatik- fast

202)       Garva- pride

203)       Garvin- rugged

204)       Garishit- heaviest

205)       Garjan- thunder

206)       Hari- sun

207)       Harsh- happiness


208)       Hridaya- heart

209)       Heera- diamond

210)       Harshit- happy

211)       Hem- snow

212)       Haksh- eye

213)       Halik- ploughman

214)       Hamesh- forever

215)       Harin- pure

216)       Harit- greenery

217)       Harithik- from the heart

218)       Harshak- delightful

219)       Harshnil- scared

220)       Harshu- deer

221)       Hasan- prayer, famous

222)       Hashwin- happiest

223)       Hasmith- ever smiling

224)       Hasta- hand

225)       Hasik- gregarious

226)       Hasmukh- full of cheer

227)       Hayaan- life

228)       Himal- mountain

229)       Hemank- diamond

230)       Hetash- energy

231)       Indra- lord

232)       Ishwor- god

233)       Idenya- praiseworthy

234)       Iham- expected

235)       Ihit- prize

236)       Ikansh- whole universe

237)       Idum- red

238)       Ikrut- one season

239)       Ikshan- sight

240)       Imon- priority

241)       Indraneel- emerald

242)       Iniavelan- sweetest boy

243)       Iniyavan- pleasant natured

244)       Ipil- stars

245)       Ikshit- desired

246)       Irya- agile, vigorous

247)       Ishuk- arrow

248)       Ishwa- spiritual teacher

249)       Isyutha- loveable

250)       Islunin- fast, spontaneous

251)       Ivaan- ruler

252)       Iti- new beginning

253)       Ishik- desirable

254)       Isaivalan- skilled musician

255)       Ibhanan- elephant faced

256)       Jeewan- life

257)       Jeet- victory

258)       Janak- king

259)       Jagat- world

260)       Jaboah- light

261)       Jagjeevan- worldly life

262)       Jagrav- alert

263)       Jaian- victor

264)       Jaimesh- good man

265)       Jainam- victorious

266)       Jain- good character

267)       Jal- water

268)       Jalad- ocean

269)       Jaiwant- victorious

270)       Jaldhar- clouds

271)       Jalp- discussion

272)       Janadev- king

273)       Janma- birth

274)       Januj- son

275)       Janit- born

276)       Jasbir- powerful

277)       Jashi- protector

278)       Jasal- devotee

279)       Jashank- cupid

280)       Jasjit- glorious victory

281)       Kamal- lotus

282)       Kapil- sage

283)       Kabi- poet

284)       Ketan- home

285)       Kishor- young

286)       Krishna- lord

287)       Kumar- prince

288)       Kaamat- free

289)       Kabilash- always good

290)       Kaditula- sword

291)       Kaishik- passion

292)       Kaivalya- bliss

293)       Kalap- intelligence

294)       Kalapin- peacock

295)       Kalash- sacred pot

296)       Kalit- known

297)       Kalyan- welfare

298)       Kaushal- clever

299)       Kautik- joy

300)       Kauthuk- curiosity


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  1. Greetings,
    I am an author of educational children’s books that carry characters to different and fascinating countries around the globe.
    My next story is based in Nepal (Where the Earth Meets the Sky) and one of the supporting characters is a young Gurung boy. His father was a member of the Gurkhas and retired back to Nepal after his competing his service.
    I endeavor to correctly identify the names of the character and his elder sister and younger brother.
    From my research, I named the the character Dil Bahadur, which I believe translates into ‘brave of heart’.
    Additionally, I am aware that the Gurung people use “nicknames” based on the child’s order of birth. This is where I seek your assistance.
    I have found the meaning of second born male child as either Mainlo or Maila.
    Additionally the character has an older sister. Would it be Jetho or Nani?
    As well as a third child male as Saila?
    It is my goal to correctly reflect your culture and naming of children and my characters. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Moldenhauer
    Author – Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

      1. hello…how can i find my boyfriend address named Manish Bhatta? please, ,i really wanted to know bcoz i want to visit him surprising in Nepal.Thank you..

    1. to be correct, sir “mailo’ means the second son born in the family. ‘saila’ means the third son that has been born in the family. nland if u want to give name to the first born daughter u should name her “Jethi”

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