1000 Unique Nepali Boys’ Names With English Meaning


Nepali boys’ names are unique and typical. Boys’ names used in Nepal are not commonly used in other countries. Here are listed more than 1000 Nepali boys’ names. Let’s check it all. list of Nepali baby boy names.

1000 Nepali Boys’ Names

Names definitely are one of the interesting choices one has to make. Especially, having a unique name that sounds fascinating is what people have in their minds. Nepalese names fall under unique names when we see globally. So, here are the top 1000 Nepalese names for boys along with their meanings:


  1. Raju – King/ Prosperity
  2. Ram – Elevated/ Sublime/ God/ Supreme spirit/ One who Pleases/The Eldest Son of King Dasharatha/  Charming/ The central character of epic Ramayana/ Lord Vishnu/ Delightful
  3. Hari – Yellowish-brown, tawny/ Monkey/ Gentle/ Another name of Lord Vishnu/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ Resembling a lion/
  4. Jitendra – The one who has won Indra/ One who has conquered the senses/ Lord of conquerors/ Conqueror/ Victory
  5. Rajendra – Lord of kings/ Emperor/ King of Kings/ God/ Lord Indra/ Royalty/ Supreme sovereign/ Supreme King
  6. Dharmendra – King of religion/ God of Religion
  7. Dharmalal –
  8. Sikendra – Sovereign/ The Great
  9. Rijendra – The Emperor/ King of kings
  10. Kasindra –
  11. Ganesh – Lord of hordes/ God of wisdom/ God of  good luck/ Stout man with the head of an elephant/ Lord of the multitude/ Lord of the dwarves
  12. Gopal – Protector of Cows/ An epithet of the god Krishna/ Cowherd
  13. Prem – Love/ Affection/ An affectionate man
  14. Ram kumar – Lord Rama/ Adventure
  15. Narayan – Lord Vishnu/ Moving water/ Path of man/ God of the universe
  16. Balram – Lord Krishna’s brother
  17. Anjay – Unconquerable/ Unbeatable
  18. Rajesh – Ruler of kings/ Emperor/ Lord/ King of God
  19. Hari Shankar – Lord Shiva/ Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar
  20. Shankar – One who achieves bliss/One of the name of the Lord Shiva/Causing satisfaction/Bestowing favorable luck/Auspicious/Name of a commended instructor of Vedanta reasoning Shankaracharya; Name of a Raaga
  21. Santosh – Satisfaction/ Gratification/ Happiness/ Contentment/ Very calm
  22. Sitaram – Lord Rama and Goddess Sita/ Beloved of Rama/ Lord Rama
  23. Nandlal – Lord Krishna/ Beloved of Nanda
  24. Shiva Shankar – Lord Shiva/ Lucky/ Auspicious/ Son of Lord
  25. Shankar- One who brings about happiness/ Lord Shiva/ Causing happiness/ Bestowing  good fortune/ Auspicious/ Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy Shankar Acharya/ Name of a Raaga
  26. Govinda – Protector of Cows/ An epithet of the god Krishna/ Cowherd/ Name of God Vishnu/ One who has knowledge of sense and is the illuminator of senses/ Finder of Veda/ Cow keeper/ Master of Mountain
  27. Bindeshwor – Godly
  28. Chandeshwor –
  29. Kamal – Beauty/ Perfection/ Excellence/ Completion/ Utmost level/ Lotus flower/ Name of a God/ Rose-colored/ Another name for brahma
  30. Lila bahadur –
  31. Jay prakash – Light/ A victorious person who gives light to everyone/ Ray of victory
  32. Prakash – Bright light/ Sun light/ Moon light/ Light/ Luminous/ Shining forth/ Bright/ Brilliance/ Enlightened
  33. Dilaram – A Kind person
  34. Rajaram – King of Rama/ Lord Rama
  35. Mukesh – Name of Hindu God Shiva/ Conqueror of the Muka demon/ God of 3 worlds: heaven, hell & earth/ Lord of/ Cupid/ Lord of joy/ Kamdev/ Lord Shiva
  36. Ramesh – The Preserver/ the One who saves from Danger/ happiness/ Lord Vishnu/ God of Rama/ Lord of Lakshmi/ Cheerfulness
  37. Dhan bahadur – Wealthy/ Rich
  38. Ram bahadur – King of Rama/ Lord Rama
  39. Suresh – Ruler of the Gods/ An epithet for the Hindu gods Indra, Vishnu/ Sun/ Loving/ Gift of God
  40. Naresh – Powerful/ An epithet for divinities/ Lord of man/ A King/ King of Kings
  41. Anil – Air/ Wind/ God of wind/ Brilliant/ Shining/ Fair/ Another name for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva/ To be remembered/ Puriest
  42. Maila – Child who loves the water/ Ruler of heaven and earth/ Beautiful Sea/ One who is admired
  43. Kaila – Crown/ Laurel/ Keeper of the keys/ Pure/ Little dragon
  44. Thaila – Blooming/ Blossoming/ To flourish/ One of the three sister goddesses
  45. Kanchha – Younger ones
  46. Kumar- Prince/ Son/ Chaste/ Youthful
  47. Baburam- Bright/ Shining/ Analytical/ Bold/ Unpredictable/ Respectable/ Amusing/ Moderate/ King/ Two kind of names for Hindu
  48. Pradip – Light/ Lantern/ Lamp/ Truth/ Shine/ Lightning
  49. Sanjay- Triumphant/ Victory/ Lord Shiva/ Dhritarashtra’s Charioteer/ Caring/ Victorious overall/ Protector/ Lord Shiva
  50. Gyanedra – Knowledge/ God of Knowledge
  51. Mahesh – Great ruler/ Another name of Lord Shiva/ Supreme God/ Great among the Gods/
  52. Dhirendra – Lord of braves/ God of courage
  53. Birendra – King of warriors/ Kings of Brave Men’s
  54. Mahendra- Great combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra/ Lord Vishnu/ Lord of the Sky
  55. Upendra – Younger brother of Indra/  An element/ Lord Vishnu
  56. Uttam – Best
  57. Ved – Sacred knowledge/ A sacred message/ Well known/ Riches/ Precious/ Four philosophical scriptures underlying Hinduism/ Understanding/ Wisdom and Knowledge/ Truth
  58. Vikram/Bikram – Bravery/ Prowess/ fierce/ Power/ Best/ Intensity/ Another name of Hindu God Vishnu
  59. Yadab/Yadav – Descendant of Yadu/ An ancestor of the god Krishna/ Lord Krishna
  60. Yadunath – Lord Krishna
  61. Chandan – Sandalwood/ Auspicious/ Perfumed
  62. Kundan – Gold/ Pure/ Brilliant
  63. Madhav Prasad – Another name of Lord Krishna/ Sweet like Honey/  Dearest/ Beloved/ Blessing/ Devotional offering/ A gift from God/ Offering to God during Pooja
  64. Kamlesh- Lord of lotus/ The preserver/ Lord Vishnu/ The goddess of wealth/ The protector
  65. Bijay- Victory/ Triumph/ Win
  66. Pramod- Joy/ Happiness/ Another names of the Hindu god Ganesh/ Delightful/ Lord of all abodes/ Pleasure
  67. Bal kumar- Young ones
  68. Suman- Well-disposed/ Good mind/ Good natured/ Flower/ A wise men/ Very charming/ Pleasant/ Considerate/ Cheerful/ Beautiful/ Handsome/ Kind/ Fame
  69. Raman- Pleasing/ Kamdev/ Beloved/ Cupid/ Hindu God/ Attractive/ Enchanting/ Another name for the love
  70. Lalan- One Who Nurtures/ Nurturing
  71. Rijan – Knowledge/ Fairness/ Leadership
  72. Gopi – Milkmaid friends of lord Krishna/A Cowherd/ Protector of cows/ Woman who Loves Cows/ Cow-herd Woman
  73. Shekhar- Crest/ One of the name of the Hindu God Shiva/Ultimate/Mountain top/Diadem/A pinnacle/The boss or head of anything
  74. Chandra Prakash – One who light up the moon/ Lord Shiva/ Moon light
  75. Ajay – Unconquered/ Unsurpassed/ Invincible/ Victorious/ Undefeated/ An epithet of the gods Shiva and Vishnu
  76. Pawan / Pavan – Wind/ Air/ Breeze
  77. Jung bahadur –
  78. Raghav / Raghab – Name of lord Rama, the Hindu god/ Born in Raghu clan/ A descendant of Raghu/ A surname of Ramachandra
  79. Rahul – Conqueror of all miseries/ Traveler/ Relation/ Offspring of lightning/ Son of Gautam Buddha/ Capable/ Bond/ Able/ Efficient/ Bond in Affection/ The Son of Durga/ Most Mysterious Vastu Grah ‘Rahu’
  80. Manohar- Beautiful / Breathtaking/ One who wins over the mind/ Loveable/ Charming/ Another name for Lord Krishna/ Captivating/ Beautiful Lord/ A delightful and captivating man/ Attractive
  81. Yam- The Sea/ Sweet/ Cute
  82. Ramkrishna- Mythical gods Rama and Krishna/ Combination of both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna
  83. Harikrishna- Another name of Lord Krishna/ Combination of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
  84. Sumesh- Flower leader/ Knowledgeable/ Lord of flowers/ Success
  85. Sudhir / Sudheer- Symbol of smile/ Resolute/ Brave/ Bright/ Determined/ Thoughtful/ Wise/ Considerate/ Good/ Very intelligent/ Very firm/ Essence/ Great scholar/ Calm
  86. Raju – King/ Rock/ Prosperity/ King of Hearts
  87. Bhuwan – Palace/ One of the three worlds/ Home/ Human/ World/ Universe
  88. Manoj – Born of intellect/ Born from Mind/ Cupid/ Love/ Originating in the mind/ Mental love
  89. Santosh – Satisfaction/ Happiness/ Very calm/ Contentment
  90. Manjit – The one who controls the mind/ Light Of The Mind/ Conqueror of the knowledge/ Conqueror of the mind/ Winner of the Mind/ Having great knowledge
  91. Aananda – Joy/ Bliss/ Happiness/ Delight/ Ectasy/ Pleasure
  92. Himal – Cool/ Ice/ Snow Mountain/ Mountain
  93. Prabhat – Morning/ Dawn/ Shining forth/ Born during the morning
  94. Nischal – Calm/ Unmovable/ Unshakable/ Steady/ Pure/ Clean/ A Decree
  95. Gagan – Sky/ Heaven/ Heavenly Sky
  96. Bibek – Conscience/ Wisdom/ Knowledge/Judgment/Discernment/ Reason
  97. Sabin – Genius/ From the sabines
  98. Nabin – New
  99. Rabin – Bold/ King of All
  100. Dipendra – Lord of lights/ Lord of lamp
  101. Sohan – Charming/ Handsome/ Good looking/ Smart
  102. sauhadra – Good heartedness
  103. Vishnu – Lord Vishnu/ To pervade/ The preserver of the Hindu holy Trinity/ Has ten incarnations including Ram, Krishna and Buddha/ All-pervasive/ Socialist/ Love/ The protector/ An important Hindu God
  104. Kris – Form of Kristen/ Follower of Christ/ Christ bearer/ Annoited
  105. Poonyeah –
  106. Aakash – The sky/ Open space/ Open mindedness
  107. Laxmi Prasad – Goddess of wealth/ Aim/ Goal/ Mark/ Consort of the god Vishnu
  108. Roshan – Bright/ Dawn/ Light/ Born during the daylight/ Illumination/ Shining/ Brilliant/ Splendid
  109. Buddha – The founder of Buddhism/ Enlightened one
  110. Vishal – Great/ Grandeur/ Magnificence/ Prominence/ Illustriousness/ Eminence/ Huge/ Broad/ Immense/ Wide/ Spacious/ Majestic/ Massive/ Giant/ Substantial
  111. ashish – Blessing/ Benediction
  112. Suraj – The Sun/ Born of the Gods/ Illuminating/ Good King
  113. Niraj – Lotus flower/ To illuminate/ Pearl/ Born in water
  114. sujit – Great conqueror/ Victory/ Winner/ Victorious
  115. Sameer – Jovial/ Loyal/ Charming companion/ Wind breeze/ Entertaining companion/ Early morning fragrance
  116. Umesh – Lord of Uma/ Lord Shiva/
  117. Kailash – Name of Hindu God Shiva/ A Himalayan peak/ Abode of Lord Shiva/ God of destruction/ Precious jewel of snows/ One who bestows peace
  118. Rushav – Decoration/ Best/ Most excellent/ Superior/ A musical note/ Morality
  119. Arjun – White/ Clear/ Bright/ Shining/ The central character of the Hindu epic Mahabharata/ Peacock/ Milk colored/ Confidence and Power/ Pandava Prince/ Son of Lord Indra/ One of the Pandava Brothers/ Pandav/ A God/ Fair/ Open minded
  120. Aadarsh – Ideal/ One who is perfect/ The Sun/ One who has principles/ Belief/ Excellence
  121. Aadesh – Command/ Message/ Counsel/ Order/ To make a statement
  122. sudip – Light/ Simple but different/ Bright/ Happiness/ Very bright
  123. Ramchandra –Lord Rama/Moon-like Ram/Name of Ram/The legend of Ramayana/Moon
  124. Sussan- White Lily/ Graceful Lily/
  125. Ankit – Conquered/ Signet/ Symbol/ Valued/ Distinguished/ Marked out/ Noted
  126. Rohit – Red color/ The first rays of the sun/ Sun/ Red flower/  The sun’s red light/ The rising sun/ One of the names of Vishnu
  127. Rishav – Sweet/ Caring/ Superior/ Morality/ A musical note/ Second note of octave/ Worship of god/ Excellent/ An Avatar of Lord Vishnu
  128. Aadi – Beginning/ First/ Most important/ Child of the beginning/ Adornment/ Perfect/ Most significant/ Ornament/ Unequalled
  129. Aaditey/Aaditya – The sun/ Sun God/ The first/ Lord of the sun
  130. Aakarshan – Attraction/ Charming/ Appeal
  131. Sarbodaya – Universal uplift/ Progress of all
  132. Aayush – Age/ Man/ Long lived/ One with long life/ Duration of life/ The first ray of sunshine/ Lineage/ Long life/ Blessing
  133. Jay – To rejoice/ Victorious/ The name of a bird
  134. Ashok – One without sorrow/ Without grief/ Without sorrow/ Name of King/ Without sadness/ Happy/ A king of the Mauryan dynasty;
  135. Sudeep – Bright/ Very bright/ Illumined/ Light of goodness/ Good light/ Happiness
  136. Mukti – Salvation/ Freedom from life and death/ Final release/ Ultimate freedom/ Liberation
  137. Madan – Cupid/ God of love/ Man filled with love/Exhilarating/ Pleasing/ Another name for the love God Kaama/ Passion/ Delightful
  138. Rajan – Rule/ King/ Royal
  139. Nuraj – Treasure of Noor/ Courageous/ Logical/ Compassion
  140. Avhi – Fearless
  141. Himal – Cool/ Snow mountain
  142. Chandra – Moon/ Shining/ Goddess of the moon/ Dignified/ Of the moon/ Hindu Goddess of Moon and Stars
  143. Siddhant – Principle/ Theory/ Rule/ Principle for Life/ Moral Belief Name of Lord Ganesha
  144. Sudhir – Symbol of smile/ Resolute/ Brave/ Bright/ Determined/ Thoughtful/ Wise/ Considerate/ Good/ Very intelligent/ Very firm/ Essence/ Great scholar
  145. Sirjan – Creation
  146. Sager – Spirit of battle/ Sea/ Wise one/ Ocean
  147. Alaap- Indian vocal music/ Musical notes in order/ Conversation
  148. Aalok/Alok – Invisible/ Cry of triumph/ Light/ Light/ Brilliance/ Vision/ A man with lovely hair/ Victory/ Brightness/ Enlightenment
  149. Aamod/Amod – Pleasure/ Happiness
  150. Aastik – The one who believes in God/ One who has faith in God
  151. Abhay/Abhaya – Has no fear/ Fearless/ Goddess Durga
  152. Abhijit/Abhijeet – Lord Krishna/ One who is victorious/ Conqueror
  153. Abhiman – Self-respect/ Proud/ Self- importance/ Pride
  154. Aakash – Open space/ The Sky/ Open mindedness/ Upper sky
  155. Parvesh – Enter/ Admission/ Access route / Good in look
  156. Rajendra – Lord of kings/ Emperor/ King of kings/ King of Gods/ Lord Indra/ Royalty/A mighty king/ Supreme sovereign
  157. Bishal – Great/  Grandeur/ Magnificence/ Prominence/ Illustriousness/ Eminence/ Huge/ Broad/ Immense/ Substantial/ Giant/ Massive
  158. Bikash – Development/ Prosper
  159. Hriteek – From the heart
  160. Prakash – Bright light/ Sun light/ Moon light/ Simply Light/ Enlightened/ Shine
  161. Siddhartha – one who has accomplished a goal/ One who is enlightened/ One who has achieved nirvana/ Successful/  Achieved all wishes/ A name of Lord Buddha/ The blessed one
  162. Aash – Expectation/ Hope
  163. dipesh – Lord of light
  164. lok – Happy/ Sweet and beautiful
  165. Subhash – Soft Spoken/ Eloquent/ Shining/ One who speaks good words/ Well spoken
  166. Babu – A Hindu Gentleman/ A native clerk who writes English
  167. Susan – Lotus/ Graceful lily
  168. Ratna – A Jewel/ Treasure/ Gem/ Precious jewel
  169. Akshay/ Akshaya – One not have end/ Undefeatable/ Everlasting/ Eternal/ Immortal/ Indestructable/ Forever/  Always/ Name of a god/ Unlimited
  170. Alok – Invisible/ Light/ Brilliance/ Vision/ Cry of triumph/ Brightness/ Cry of victory/ A man with lovely hair
  171. Amalesh – Clean/ The Pure One
  172. Amar – Love/ Forever/ The Immortal one / Long Life
  173. Ambar/Amber – The sky/ Jewel/ Treasure/ Cloth cover
  174. Amir – Prince/ Treetop/ Commander/ Rich/Cultivated/ The title given to some Muslim rulers/ King
  175. Amitabh – One with immeasurable splendor/ One with endless splendor/  Incomparable/ Glorious/ Limitless lustre/ Name of Lord Buddha/
  176. Amod – Pleasure/ Happiness/ Delight/ Joy/ Triumph
  177. Puran – Complete/ Successors/ Momento/ Abundant
  178. Sulabh – Easy to Get/ Natural/ Easy
  179. Tenzin – The holder of Buddha Dharma/ Upholder of teachings/ Protector of Dharma
  180. Abhimanyu – Self-respect/ Passionate/ Heroic/ The son of Arjun/ Proud/ Person killed by Lakshmana
  181. Abhinabhas – Famous/ Renowned/ Popular
  182. Abhinav/Abhinava – Very young/ Quite new/ Unique/ Clever/ Bright/ Innovative/ Adventurous/ Novel/ Fresh/ Modern
  183. Raja – Hope/ King/ One who is filled with hope/ Ruler
  184. Anjani – Mother of Lord Hanuman/ Illusion/ Hotness/  Son of Anjana
  185. Jibachh – Human
  186. Subhodha – Sound advice/ Easily understood
  187. Janak – Father of Sita/ Creator/ Good Man/ Melody
  188. Hanuman – Lord of Celibacy/ One of the central characters of the Indian epic Ramayana/ Assertive excellence/ Monkey
  189. Bir bahadur – Brave/ Heroic/ Courageous/ Fearless/ Valiant/ Powerful
  190. Abhishek – Method of worship/ Purification/ Ritual/ Shower of milk or water over an idol/ Anointing/ An auspicious bath for deity/ To have divine bath/ Blessing/ Special/ Devoted/ The coronation of the king
  191. Mohan – Charming/ Fascinating/ Lord Krishna/ Attractive/ Delightful/ Lovable/ Wonderful/ God of kindness/ Bewitching/ Beauteous/ Lord Murugan/ Infatuating/ Another name for Shiva and Krishna/ Handsome
  192. Balgopal – Baby Krishna/ Infant Krishna
  193. Balgovind – Baby Krishna/ Infant Krishna/ Lord Krishna
  194. Anil – The Hindu god of the wind/ Air/ To be mentioned/ To be remembered/ Another name for Vishnu and Shiva/ Purest
  195. Anniruddha – The grandson of Krishna/ Unrestrained/ Without obstacles/ Unstoppable/ Boundless/ Victorious/ Unopposed/ Uncontrolled/ An incarnation of Buddha and Vishnu/ The irresistible/ Which can’t be restricted/ Courageous/ Lord Vishnu/ One that can’t be restricted
  196. Kul bahadur – Family/ Pedigree/ Relative
  197. Achyut/Achyuta – Another name of Lord Vishnu/ Immovable/ Firm/ Unchangeable/ Imperishable/ Indestructible/ Lord Krishna/
  198. Adesh – Order/ Command/ Message/ Counsel/ To make a statement
  199. Akash / Akaash /Aakaash – Open space/ Sky
  200. Akhilesh – Indestructible/ Immortal/ Lord of the universe/ Lord of all/ Lord and master/ King of all
  201. Amrit – Immortal/ Ectar/ Nectar/ Spiritual holy water
  202. Anand/Aanand  – Happiness/ Joy/ Bliss/ Delight
  203. Ananta/Anant – Infinite/ Without end/ An epithet of the Hindu god Vishnu/ Eternal/ Name of a serpent
  204. Baikuntha – The kingdom of Hindu religion god Indra’s/ Heaven/ Paradise
  205. Pradip – Truth Light/ Lantern/ Lamp/ Shine
  206. Tsering –
  207. Prashant – Patience/ Calm/ Quiet/ Tranquil/ Cool/ The Peaceful One/ Calm and composed/ The Super-Quiet One
  208. Pasang – Born on a Friday
  209. Keshav – Lord Vishnu/ Having curly hair/ One whose hair is long, uncut and beautiful/ Name of Lord Krishna/ Lord Venkateswara/ Long Haired/ Slayer of Keshi demon/ Son of God
  210. Rohan – A river in heaven/ Ascending/ Climbing/ Increasing/ Blossom/ Another name for Vishnu/ Finest Indian steel/ Rising/ Red haired/ Developing bud/ Little red one
  211. Anuj/Anoj – Younger brother/ Later born/ Born after/ Younger/ Little brother
  212. Anup – Watery/ Situated near the water/ Bank of a river/ Pond/ Incomparable/ Unequalled/ Unique/ Without comparison/ The best/ Talent/ Glory/ Extreme Large/ Hard Working/ Honest/  Love Person/ Anytime Happy
  213. Anurag/Anuraag – Attachment/ Devotion/ Passion/ Eternal love/ Affection
  214. Arun – The dawn/ Reddish glow in the morning sky/ The Sun/ Future leader/ Redness of the rising sun/ Life giving power/ The red color/ Fire/ The red glow of the rising Sun/ Mythical charioteer of the Solar deity/ Passionate
  215. Ashutosh – Someone who can be easily gratified/ Someone who fulfils wishes instantly/ One of the name of Hindu God Shiva/ One who becomes happy easily/ One who fulfils wishes instantly/ Content/ Happy/ Another name for Lord Shiva/ Himalaya king
  216. Balmohan – One who is Attractive/ One of the name of the Lord Krishna
  217. Shyam – Dark complexioned lord/ Dark Black/ Dark Blue/ One of the name of Lord Krishna
  218. Krishna Prasad – Music/ Friendly/ Dynamic/ Gift / Blessing of the God Krishna
  219. Bahadur – Brave/ Bold/ Fierce/ Strong/ Hero/ Warrior
  220. Shamsher –The sword of respects/The pioneer lion of the group/Brave like a lion
  221. Kailash – One who bestows peace/ Adobe of lord Shiva/ Name of a Himalayan peak/ Paradise of Hindu God Shiva/ God of destruction/ Precious jewel of snows/
  222. Binod – Happiness/ Full of Joy/  Humour/ Laughter/ Spiritual happiness/ State of mind
  223. Balram – Lord of Krishna’s brother
  224. Balwant – Of immense strength/ Lord Hanuman/ Full of might/ One who is fierce/ Strong/ Powerful/ Intense
  225. Bharadwaj – One who has strength or vigor/ One of the great sages/ A lucky bird/ A mythical bird/ Strong and fast/ Skylark
  226. Bharat –Descended from Bharat/Universal ruler/Clever/Race/A demigod and sibling of Lord Ram/ Fire/One who satisfies all wants/Founder of India/Fierce pioneer/Being kept up/The Hindu divine force of fire/Mother India
  227. Adhiraj – King/ Crowned head/ Ruler
  228. Adinath –The first lord/ Lord Vishnu/ Lord Shiva
  229. Agni – Fire/ Fire god of Hinduism/ One of the five inert impermanent elements
  230. Bikesh/Vikesh – The Moon
  231. Bikram/Vikram–Bravery/King of Prowess/Valor/Power/Mettle/Best/Intensity/One of the name of the Hindu God Vishnu
  232. Bimal/Vimal – Clean/ Purity/ White/ Bright/
  233. Binaya/Binay/Vinay – Leading/ Guidance/ Politeness/ Humility/ Modesty/ Blessing
  234. Binit/Vineet – Unassuming/ Well behaved/ Knowledgeable/ Modest/ Venus/ Requester/ Decent/ Domesticated
  235. Bipin/Vipin – Forest/ Glorious
  236. Biplav – Floating/ Revolution/ Drifting about
  237. Ajay/Ajaya – Unconquered/ Unsurpassed/ Invincible/ Victorious/ Diety/ An epithet of the gods Shiva and Vishnu/ Unconvincing/ Success
  238. Ajendra – King of mountains/ Lord of mountains/ Himalaya peak
  239. Ajit/Ajeet – Invincible/ Irresistible/ Unsurpassed/ Unconquered/ Victorious/ Another name of the Hindu gods Shiva and Vishnu/ Unbeatable/ Calm/ Understanding/ The one who cannot be defeated/ One who doesn’t fails
  240. Bhaskar – Brilliant/ Illuminated/ Creator/ The Sun/ Fire/ The gold/ Lord Surya/ Gift of God/ Rising Sun
  241. Bhavesh – Existence/ Lord Shiva/ Ruler/ Lord of sentiment/ Lord of existence/ Lord of the universe/ Lord of the world
  242. Bhim – Powerful/ Positive Thinker/ Self Confidence/ Positive/ Frank/ Fearful/ Mighty/ Huge/ Gigantic/ One of Pandavas/ An Indian king in ancient times
  243. Bhupendra – Emperor/ King of Kings/ A King who rules all over Earth/
  244. Bhuwaneshwar – Lord of the world/ God of the earth/ Abode of God
  245. Bibek – Conscience/ Knowledge/ Wisdom/ Judgment/ Discernment/ Reason
  246. Bibhaakar – The Moon
  247. Bidur – Wise/ A companion of Lord Krishna
  248. Bijendra/ Bijanyendra – Victorious/ Brave/ Triumphant/
  249. Biraj – Jolly/ To have a Presence/ To Know One’s Self/ Born of Moon
  250. Birbal – Brave Heart/ A powerful warrior
  251. Bishwa – Earth/ Universe/ Whole World/ World
  252. Bishwambhar – The supreme spirit
  253. Bishwas/ Biswas – Faith/ Belief/ Trust
  254. Bishweshwar – Worldly
  255. Biswa/Bishwa – Earth/ Universe/ Whole World/ World
  256. Biswajit – Conqueror of the universe/ Winner of the world
  257. Bodhan – Kindling
  258. Chakrapani – Name of Lord Vishnu/ Discus holder
  259. Chanakya – Renowned Mauryan writer and government official/Author of the Arthashastra/Name of Kautilya/The extraordinary researcher/Bright/The Wise One
  260. Chandan – Sandalwood/ The holy sandalwood tree/ Auspicious/ Perfumed
  261. Chandra – Moon/ Dignified/ Shining/ Great Goddess
  262. Chandra shekhar –  An epithet of the Hindu God Shiva/ Moon crest/ Moon crown/ Lord Shiva – the one who holds the moon on his head/
  263. Chetan – Spirit Full/ Full of Consciousness/ Perceptive/ Visible/ Soul/ Excellent Intelligence/ Perception/ Vigor/ Life
  264. Brajesh – An epithet of the Hindu god Krishna/ King of Braj/ God of the land of Braj
  265. Bramha – The creator of the four Vedas/ One of the god of Trimurti/
  266. Brijesh – An epithet of the Hindu god Krishna/ King of Braj/ God of the land of Braj
  267. Brijmohan – Lord Krishna/ Universally attractive
  268. Buddha – Enlightened one
  269. Byas/Vyas – Name of a poet/ Sage who wrote Mahabharata/ Name of the compiler of the Puranas/ Separation/ Diffuse/ Extension/ Arranger/ Division/ Severing/ Diameter
  270. Chakra – Wheel/ Circle
  271. Chintamani – Philosopher’s stone/ A jewel/ Wishing stone/ A gem/ One of the Mani Jewel images found in Buddhist scripture
  272. Chintan – Thought/ Meditation/ Deep thinking/ Contemplation/ Mind
  273. Chirag – A lamp/ Prakash/ Lantern/ Light
  274. Badal –  Cloud/ Rain
  275. Badri – Another names for the Hindu god Vishnu/ Lord Shiva/ Lord of Mt Badri
  276. Badrinath – Lord of Mt.Badri/ Lord Vishnu/ The Indian Jujube tree
  277. Balkrishan – Lord Krishna/ Beautiful/ Delightful
  278. Chiranjeev/ Chiranjibi – Immortal person/ Without death/ Eternal being/ Long lived/ Lord Vishnu
  279. Chittaranjan – One who pleases the mind/ Joy of the inner mind/ Happiness from the heart/ One who has a joyful heart
  280. Chudamani – Crest jewel/ A jewel worn out on head/ The best or most excellent/ Jewel adorned by the gods/ Name of a saint
  281. Damodar – Rope around the belly/ Rope belt/ Another name of the Hindu god Krishna/ Rope tied around Lord Krishna
  282. Barun/ Varun – Lord of the waters/ Lord of the sea/ Neptune/ All enveloping sky/ A Vedic God regarded as the supreme deity/ Name of the Vedic God/ Controller of the entire humanity.
  283. Basant/ Vasant – Spring/ One of the season/ One who bestows wishes/ One who smiles often
  284. Basistha /Vasishtha – A Sage/ A well known Rishi/ Best/ Most prosperous/ Distinguished/ Dearest/ Master of all creation and desire/  Someone uncommon
  285. Basudev/ Vasudev – Fire/ Father of Lord Krishna/ God of wealth
  286. Danbir/ Danvir – One who donate things to other people/ Contribution
  287. Dasharath – The Father of Lord Rama/ Ten Chariots
  288. Bajra/ Vajra – Very solid/Hard/Powerful/Another name of Goddess Durga
  289. Balaraj – King/ Mighty/ Strong/ Fierce/ Powerful
  290. Balbir – Happy/ Mighty and brave/ Strong/ Full of strength/ Valiant hero
  291. Indra – Possessing drops of rain/ name of the ancient Hindu warrior god of the sky and rain/ chief god in the Rigveda/ King of the gods/ God of the sky/ Soul/ Generous/ God of the atmosphere
  292. Indrajeet/Indrajit – Vanquisher of Indra/ One who got triumph over Lord Indra
  293. Jagat – The World/ The universe/ Entire world/ The earth
  294. Janardan – Another name of Lord Krishna/One who helps individuals/Liberator from the cycle of birth and passing/Another name of Lord Vishnu
  295. Jaswant – Victorious/ Worthy of praise/ Famous
  296. Jaya – Victory/ An epithet of the Hindu goddess Durga/ Salutation
  297. Dayanand – Compassionate joy/ A Compassionate person/ One who likes being merciful/ A king
  298. Deenabandhu – Friend of the poor
  299. Deepiti – A bright flame that blinds the eye/ The last ray of hope when all hope is lost/ A person who spreads light to people around/ Full of Light/ Ray of Light/ Glow/ Shine/ Brilliant/ Lustre/
  300. Baldev/ Balraj / Balwant – Strong/ God like in power/ Strong god
  301. Dharma – The Cosmic law and order/ Right way of living/ Truth/ Path of righteousness/ Path of Awakening/ Ultimate law of all things/ Decree/ Custom/ Path of life
  302. Bandhu – Friend/ Helper/ Companion
  303. Deepak/ Dipak – Source of light/ Flame of the lamp/ Lord of light/ One who gives light on his own behalf/ Lamp/ Kindle/ Lustrous/ Lifeline
  304. Bhagwan – An epithet for deity/ God
  305. Bhairab/ Bhairav – Lord Shiva/ Supreme Reality/ One with frightening voice/ Fearful/ One who destroys fear/ One who is beyond fear/ Supreme creator/ Formidable/ One who vanquishes fear/ Lord of terror
  306. Bhakti – Devotion to God/ Prayer/ Spirituality
  307. Bhanu – The sun/ Brilliant/ Beautiful/ Ruler
  308. Gaurav – Pride/ Honor/ Respect/ Glory/ Dignity/ Prestige
  309. Gautam – The enlightened one/ Bright light/ One who dispels darkness by his brilliance and Knowledge/ Lord Buddha/ Remover of darkness/ Full of life/ One of the seven Rishis/ Wisest/
  310. Ghanashyam – Another name of Lord Krishna/Solid dim/Of the shade of the darkest cloud that will before the long downpour
  311. Dilip / Dileep – Protector/ Every lighting in our face/ King of the solar race/ Defender/ Protector/ Big-hearted/ A generous king/ An ancestor of Lord Rama
  312. Dinakar – The Sun
  313. Atul / Atulya – Name of Lord Vishnu/ The Incomparable/ Matchless/ Unique/ Without a match/ Unequalled/ Unrivalled/ Immeasurable
  314. Avaneesh – Lord of the whole world/ Lord Ganesh/ Ruler/ God of the earth
  315. Avanish – Lord of the whole world/ Lord Ganesh/ Ruler/ God of the earth
  316. Ayush – Long life/ Duration of life/ A divine personification presiding over life
  317. Gangadhar – Holding the Ganga/ Lord Shiva
  318. Gopi – Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna/  A Cowherd/ Protector of cows
  319. Gouri shankar – White/ Shining/ Brilliant/ An epithet of the goddess Parvati/ Mt. Everest/ Peak of the Himalayas
  320. Ishwar – The Supreme God/ Powerful/ The Supreme Being/ Another Name for Lord Shiva
  321. Jagadeep – Light of the universe/ Good
  322. Devdas – Servant of God/ Servant of Temple/ Servant of Lord
  323. Devendra/Debendra – Chief of the gods/ An epithet of the Vedic god Indra/ King of Gods/ Lord Indra/ Sky God/
  324. Dhana/Dhan – Money/ Wealth/
  325. Dhananjay – One who wins wealth
  326. Giridhar – Lord Krishna/ One who holds a mountain
  327. Girija –  Born of a mountain/ One of the name of the Hindu Goddess Parvati/ Daughter of Himalaya
  328. Giriraj – Lord of mountain/ Himalaya
  329. Gokul – The place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood/ The place in India where Lord Krishna was brought up
  330. Daya – Day/ Compassion/ Sympathy/ Kindness/ Goddes/ Favour/ The mercy/ Love/ Resembling a Bird of prey/ Grace/ Pity
  331. Dharanidhar – The cosmic serpent/ Shesh
  332. Gurudutt – Gift of the Guru/ Given by the Guru
  333. Gyan – Filled with knowledge/ Wisdom/ God is gracious/ Enlightenment
  334. Gyaneshwar – Filled with knowledge/ Name of a place
  335. Hemachandra – Golden Moon
  336. Hemant – One of the six-season/ Early winter/ Winter/ Cold/ Most beautiful season of the year/ Gold
  337. Himanshu – Part of ice/ Lord Chandra/ The Moon/ One radiating cool light
  338. Hitesh – Lord of goodness/ Lord Venkateswara/ One who thinks well of everyone/ Lord of goodness/ Well-wisher/ God of Help
  339. Jagadish/Jagdish –  The Ruler of the world/ Lord of the universe/ God/ God of the world/ Lord of the world/ King of the world
  340. Jagajeet – Winner of the World/ Conqueror of the World/ One who Conquers the World of the Mind
  341. Jagannath – Lord of the World/ An avatar of Lord Vishnu/ Lord of the Universe
  342. Govinda – Cowherd/ Protector of Cows/ Another name of the Hindu god Krishna/ One who has knowledge of sense/ illuminator of senses
  343. Gunaratna – Jewel of virtue
  344. Hridaya – Heart/ Joy of heart
  345. Hridayesh – King of heart/ Lord of hearts
  346. Iman – Faith/ Belief/ Name of a raga/ Faithful
  347. Jayadev – Divine victory/ God victory
  348. Jayant/Jayanta –Victorious/Star/Eventual victor/Triumphant/The Moon/One of the name of the Lord Mahavishnu and Shiva
  349. Jeevan – Bringer of life/ Soul/ Life-giving
  350. Jiwan/Jivan – Bringer of life/ Soul/ Life-giving
  351. Kabir – The great/ The elderly/ Saint/
  352. Dinesh – Lord of the day/ The sun/ God of the day/ An epithet of the Sun
  353. Kapil – Reddish-brown/ Name of a Sage/ Another name of Lord Vishnu/ An incarnation of Vishnu/ Fair complexioned
  354. Karna –A great warrior/ Horn of an animal/ The Firstborn of Kunti/ Gentlemen/ A Warrior/ Instrument
  355. Harigopal – Lord Krishna
  356. Harihar – Lord Vishnu/ Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva Together
  357. Harinarayan – Lord Vishnu
  358. Harish – Lord Shiva/ Lord Krishna/ King of Monkeys/ A color/ Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu together
  359. Hasan – Handsome/ To be Good/ Benefactor
  360. Hem – The golden son/ Snow
  361. Kashyap – A well-known sage/Lily/One who drinks water/Wise/Son of Kashyap
  362. Kishor/Kishore – My life/ One of the name of the Hindu God Krishna/ A Young Boy / Youth/ Teenager/ The Sun
  363. Dharmendra – King of religion/ God of religion
  364. Dheerendra/Dhirendra – Lord of the brave/ God of courage/ Master of forbearance/ Brave
  365. Kripal – Merciful/ Kind/ Generous/ Compassionate
  366. Kuber – Lord of Money/ God of Wealth/ God of riches/ A protector of the world
  367. Kuldeep – Light of the house/ Light that brightens all corners of the world/ Lamp that lightens whole family/ Heir to the family/ Entire region of the family
  368. Dipendra –Lord of lights/ Source of light/ Lord of lamp
  369. Dipesh – Lord of light/ Light
  370. Diwakar/Divakar – Sun of Akash/ The Sun/ Lord of Light
  371. Durgesh – Protector of forts/ Lord of forts
  372. Ekalavya – Student who Learned Bow by Watching/ The character from epic Mahabharat
  373. Ekaraj – Emperor/ A King/ Ruler
  374. Fanindra/ Phanindra – The Cosmic Serpent Shesh/ Snake/ King of gods
  375. Fanishwar/ Phanishwar –
  376. Gajendra – White Elephant/ Power of Elephant/The  king of elephant/ Ruler of the elephants
  377. Ganapati – Lord Ganesh
  378. Kailash – One who bestows peace/ Adobe of Lord Shiva/ Name of a Himalayan peak/ A Himalaya peak/ God of destruction/ Precious jewel of snows
  379. Kalyan – Welfare/ Worth/ Fortune/ Noble/ Auspicious/ Wealthy/ Joyful/ Good/ Well/  Being
  380. Kamadev – The God of human desire/ The God of human love/ Lord of love/
  381. Kumar – A Prince/ A Son/ A Boy/ Chaste/  The middle name/ An epithet of the god Karthikeya/ A Hindu title/ Youthful
  382. Mandeep – Light of goodness in mind/ Lamp of mind/ Sharp minded/ Enlightened soul/ Light of the mind/ Light of the sages/ Light of the heart
  383. Dhir/Dheer – Wise/ Gentle/ Calm/ Clever/ Resolute/ Firm/ Patient
  384. Dhiren – One that is Strong / Powerful/ Fierce/ Honest/ Brave
  385. Dhruba – The polar star/ Firm/ Unshakable/ Certain/ Eternal
  386. Dhyaneshwar – Name of a saint
  387. Digambar – Unencumbered/ Sky-clad/ Naked/Another name of Lord Shiva
  388. Lalit – Of great beauty/ Beautiful/ Desirable/ Voluptuous/ Gentle/ Graceful/ Charming/ Sporting gentle/ Caress/ Attractive/ Lovely/ FIne/ Attractive/ Elegant
  389. Niranjan – Name of Lord Krishna/ The one without blemishes/ The one who is spotless and pure/ Pure to the Extreme/ Spotless/ Pure/ Supreme being/ Devoid of all objectification/ Without any bad quality/ Name of a River/ The Night of the Full Moon/ Flawless
  390. Nirbhaya –  The fearless one
  391. Nirmal – Clean/ Pure/ Brilliant/ Peaceful
  392. Nishant/Nishanta – Dawn/ End of night/ Unbreakable/ Destroyer of Darkness/ Ender of night and starts day/ The Moon/ Peace/ Pleasant early morning/ Daybreak/ The end of the night
  393. Om – A sacred syllable/ The Sacred/ Mantra sound
  394. Kaushik – The sentiment of love and affection/ Another name for Lord Indra and Lord Shiva/ With knowledge of hidden treasure/ King of Gods/ Sentiment of love/ A wise sage/ Teacher of Lord Rama
  395. Kavi/Kabi –  A Poet/ A wise man/ A Sage
  396. Lokesh – King of the world/ Lord Brahma/ Lord Indra/ King of the universe/ Lord of the whole world
  397. Loknath – Lord of the world/ Lord Vishnu
  398. Madhav – God of spring/ God of the earth/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ All-attractive/ Sweet like honey/ Of springtime
  399. Mahant – Great/ Having a Great soul/ Ahead of a monastery / A chief priest of a temple/
  400. Mahavir – Most courageous among men/ Founder of Jain Religion/ Great hero/ The super courageous one
  401. Maheshwar – Lord Shiva/ God Shankar
  402. Kesar – Lion/ Saffron/ Pollen/ Mane of a horse or Lion
  403. Keshab/Keshav – One whose hair is long, uncut and beautiful/ Name of Lord Krishna/ Lord Venkateswara/ Slayer of Keshi demon/ Lord Vishnu/ One with curly hairs
  404. Khagendra – Lord of the Birds/ King of Birds/ Eagle-like Bird – Garud/ Lord Vishnu
  405. Khem – Welfare
  406. Kiran – Ray Of Light/ Dark-haired/ Beam of light/ Sun rays
  407. Mithilesh – The king of Mithila city/ Janak/The Father of Goddess Sita/ Lord of Mithila
  408. Mithun – Couple/ Union/ The one with a strong determination/ The one that is a friend to all/ Zodiac sign Gemini/ A pair
  409. Mohan –Another name of Lord Krishna/ Another name for Lord Shiva/ Charming/ Fascinating/ Delightful/ Bewitching/ God of kindness/ Beauteous/ Attractive/ Lord Murugan/Infatuating/ Handsome/ Lovable/ Wonderful
  410. Mohit – Intoxicated/ Charming/ Happiness/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ Attractive God/ Ensnarled by beauty/ Infatuated/ Bewildered
  411. Mrigendra – Lion/ Brave/ Lion of deer
  412. Madhukar – Honey-maker/ Sweet/ Honey bee/ Lover/ The mango tree
  413. Madhur – Gentle/ Sweet/ Melodious/ Amiable/ A sweet man
  414. Madhusudan – One of the names of Lord Krishna/ One who killed demon Madhu
  415. Mahadev – Another name of Lord Shiva/ The great god/ The supreme beings/ Ruler of all/ The destroyer/ Most Powerful God
  416. Naresh – Lord of man/ Powerful person/ An epithet for divinities/ A King
  417. Mangal – Auspicious/ Welfare/ Joy/ Another name for Agni and Mars
  418. Mangesh – Lord Shiva/ Lord of benediction/ Lord of welfare
  419. Manish – The God of the Mind/ Lord of the Mind/ The one who has controlled one’s mind/ The one who has mastered one’s the mind/ Intellect/ Intelligent/ Joyful temperament/ Soul/ Pride/ Heart/, Deep thinker
  420. Manjeet – Conqueror of the mind/ Conqueror of the knowledge/ Winner of mind/ Victory
  421. Manjul – Handsome/ Sacred/ Sweet
  422. Manmohan – Winner of the heart/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu/ One who wins over the hearts/ Pleasing/ Handsome/ One who attracts the mind
  423. Lakshman – The character of the Ramayana epic/ Prosperous/ Younger Brother of Lord Rama/ The Greatest/ Auspicious
  424. Natwar – Another name for the Hindu god Krishna/ Dancing Lord/
  425. Naveen/Navin – New/ Lord of thunder
  426. Nawal – Gift/ New/ Lovable/ A gift of God
  427. Paramananda – Supreme bliss/ Superlative joy
  428. Parameshwar – Super God/ Almighty Lord/ Supreme Lord
  429. Paras/Paaras – Anything He Touches Turn Gold/  A Touchstone/ A man against whom others are measured
  430. Nikhilesh – Lord of all/ Lord of the universe/ Lord of the world
  431. Omkar – Lord Ganesh/ The sound of the sacred syllable/ One who has the form of Om/ Religious word OM/ Divine/ Sound
  432. Omprakash –Light of Om/ Name of Lord Shiva/ Light of God/ Sacred light/ God’s gift of super-powerful leader and the biggest heart of love
  433. Pankaj – The lotus flower/ Resembling the lotus flower/ Lotus blossom
  434. Manohar – Delightful/Breathtaking/Captivating/Attitude/One who prevails upon the brain/Loveable/Charming/Another name for Lord Krishna
  435. Manoj – Born of mind/ Mental love/ Born of intellect/ Born from Mind/ Cupid/ Originating in the mind
  436. Milan – Beloved/ Pleasant/ Dear/ Kind/ Loving/ One who is Gracious/ Gentle/ Mind/ The city of Italy/ Union/ Joining/ To meet
  437. Kaushal – Clever/ Skilled/ Perfect/ Welfare/ Wealth/Resourceful
  438. Kedar – Strong/ Blackness/ Sorrow/ A Powerful Man/ Fierce/ Mountain Lord/ A Pilgrimage At Himalayas/ A field/ Name of Lord Shiva/ Meadow/ The peak of the Himalayas/ A musical Raag
  439. Parakram –Strength/ Firmness
  440. Pitambar – Yellow clothing/ Lord Vishnu/ One of the name of the Hindu gods Vishnu or Krishna
  441. Prabhakar –The Sun/ Light-maker/ Cause of lustre/ The Moon/ Creating light/ One who influence/ One who creates light
  442. Prabhu – Hindu God/ Lord/ Creator
  443. Prabuddha – Mature/ Understood/ Awakened/ Lord Buddha
  444. Pradeep/Pradip –Light/ Lantern/ Lamp/ Truth light/ Shine/ Brilliant/ Lightning/ Glow
  445. Prahalad – Extreme Joyful/ Excess of joy/ Son of Hiranyakashyap/ Great devotee of the Lord/ Bliss/ Happiness
  446. Mukta – Liberated/ Pearl/ Unconstrained
  447. Parvesh/Parwesh –Lord of Celebration
  448. Phanindra –King Of Gods/ Snake/ Sesh/ The Divine Snake
  449. Neelambar –Blue Sky/ God of Sky
  450. Neeraj/Niraj – Lotus flower/ To illuminate/ Pure/ Free from attachment/ Water born/ Free from dust/ Free from passion
  451. Niketan –House/ Mansion/ Abode/ Don of rulers
  452. Nikhil – Complete/ Universal/ Resilient/ Perfection/Victorious/ Whole/ Entire/ Last one/ One who is free from bondage/ One who is free from the obstacles
  453. Rajyeshwar –
  454. Rakesh – Lord of the night/ Lord of the Full moon day/ Ruler/ Lord Chandra (Moon)/ God of Moons/ The Sun
  455. Ramchandra –Lord Rama/ Moon-like Ram/ One of the Name of Hindu God Ram/ The hero of Ramayana
  456. Rameshwar – Another Name of Lord Shiva
  457. Ramkrishna – Combination of Hindu Gods Lord Rama and Lord Krishna
  458. Nandakishor – One of the names of the Lord Krishna
  459. Nandan – Pleasing/ Son/ One who brings happiness/ Celebrating/ Heartening/ Temple/ Another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu/ Joyful/ Happy/ Friend/ King
  460. Narahari – Another name of Lord Vishnu/ Man-lion/ The fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
  461. Pratik –  Symbol/ The image or symbol of god/ Hadow/ The first word in a sentence
  462. Praval/Prawal/Prabal – Very Strong/ Dominant/ Never giving up/ Coral/ Powerful/ Mighty
  463. Praveen/Pravin/Prabin – Talented/ Skilled/ Expert
  464. Prayag – Confluence of three sacred river Ganga or Yamuna and Sarasvati/ Place of sacrifice/ Confluence/ Meeting place
  465. Rahul – Efficient/ Conqueror of all Miseries/ Name of Gautam Buddha’s Son/ Bond in Affection/  Capable/ Son of Lord Buddha/ The Son of Durga/ Most Mysterious Vastu Grah ‘Rahu’/ Conqueror of all miseries/ Traveler/ Offspring of lightning/ Relation
  466. Raj – King/ Rule/ Kingdom/ Secret/ Mystery/
  467. Raja –King/ Ruler/ One who is filled with hope
  468. Rajan – The King/ Anticipation/ Royal
  469. Rajeev/Rajiv – To be Striped/ Lotus flower/ One whose eyes are like lotus flowers/ Achiever
  470. Rajendra – Lord of kings/ Name of Hindu God Indra/ King of kings/ Emperor/ King of Gods/ Royalty/ Supreme sovereign
  471. Murali – Another name of the Hindu god Krishna/A Flute/ Goodman
  472. Nagendra – Lord of snakes/ Chief of serpents/ King of serpents/ Name of the Hindu god INDRA/ Another name for Vasuki/ Lord of mountains
  473. Nakul – Lord Shiva/ Name of one of the Pandavas/ Twin brother of Sahdev/ Intelligent/ Handsome/ Caring/ Unselfish/ Friendly/ Cool/ Big Hearted/ Perfect Man Helping Perfect Wife/ A musical instrument/ The fourth Pandava prince from the Mahabharata
  474. Rajkumar – Prince
  475. Parvat/Parbat – A mountain/ Himalaya peak
  476. Randhir – Brave in battle field/ Light/ Bright
  477. Ranjan – Delights his parents/ A delightful boy/ Charming/ Pleasing/ Entertaining/ Enjoyment
  478. Ranjit/Ranjeet – Charmed/ Beguiled/ Victor in Wars/ The Delighted One/ Victorious/ One who is Entertained/ The conqueror of the battle/ Colored/ Pleased/ Winner/ Always happy
  479. Rashmi – Light/ A Ray of light arriving from Sun / Sunlight/ Singal digital ray of sun/ Sun rays
  480. Ravi/Rabi – The Sun/ A Hindu god of the sun/ Benevolent/ Delighted/ Hope/ Expectation; Wish; The Sun/ conferring/ Powerful Boy
  481. Ravikiran – Ray of Sun
  482. Narayan – One of the thousand names of the god Vishnu/ Moving water/ Path of man/ Supreme being
  483. Narendra – Lord of men/ Man combined with the name of the Hindu Lord INDRA/ King of men/ King among men/ The leader of all human beings/ King
  484. Prajeet/Prajit – A kind man/ Conquering/ Defeating/ Kind/ Winning/ Victorious/ Concuring/ Kind Hearted
  485. Pramesh – Master of accurate knowledge
  486. Subodh – Sound Advice/ Spiritual Intelligence/ Easily understood/ Good sense/ Good lesson/ Great knowledge/
  487. Sunil – Very dark blue/ Black/ Pure Water/ Abundant goodness/ Sapphire/ Another name of Lord Krishna
  488. Suraj –Born of the gods/ The Sun/ Illuminating/ The good king
  489. Surendra – Lord of gods/ Another name of the Hindu god INDRA/ Chief of Gods
  490. Resham –Silk/ Soft/ Softness/ Having silky skin
  491. Rishabh/rishab – Morality/ Superior/ Excellent/ A musical note/ Worship of god/ An Avatar of Lord Vishnu/ Second Note of Octave/ Second note of the Indian scale of music
  492. Rishi – Saint/ A Sage/ Name of the priest/ A Ray of Light/ Love/ Wise/ Pious/ Light
  493. Rishikesh – One who controls senses/ Another name of Lord Vishnu/ Lord of the senses/ Hair of a saint
  494. Sandeep/ Sundip – A lighted lamp/ Light of sun/ The sun’s lamp/ Brilliant/ Ablaze/ The guru of Lord Krishna/ Glowing/ One who is enlightened
  495. Sanjeev /Sanjiv – Giving life/ Re animating/ Love/ Unconquerable/ Long life/ Living/ Reviving/ A Healer for the society/ Start of life/ One who can bring back  the dead to life
  496. Pritam – Lover/ Darling/ Loved one/ Beloved
  497. Prithvi/ Prithivi – The name of a Devi (goddess) in Hinduism/ The earth/ The World/The Land
  498. Roshan – Bright/ Dawn/ Light/ Born during the daylight/ Illumination/ Shining/ Brilliant
  499. Pramod – Another name of the Hindu god Ganesh/ Joy/ Happiness/ Delight/ Lord of all abodes/ Pleasure
  500. Satyanarayan – Another name of Lord Vishnu/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ Ultimate reality resting in consciousness/ Kind/ Honesty
  501. Satyendra – King of truth/ Lord of truth/ Best among truthful
  502. Saubhagya – Good luck/ Good fortune/ Privilege/ Welfare/ Success/ Lucky
  503. Saurav/ Saurabh – Divine/ Celestial/ Beautiful/ Sweet Smell/ Fragrance/ Melodious
  504. Ravindra/ Rabindra – Lord of the sun/ The name of the Hindu god INDRA/ Another name of Hindu god Surya
  505. Subhas/ Subhash – Shining/ Soft spoken/ Brilliant/ Fragrance/ A person with good vocabulary/ Eloquent/ Good speech/ Well-spoken/ One who speaks good words
  506. Rudra – The roarer/ Mightiest of the mighty/ The most frightening one/ Another name of Lord Shiva/ Fearsome/ The terrible/ God of storms/ Thunder and lightning/ Howls
  507. Rupak – Lord romantic composition/ Sign/ Feature/ Simple/ Drama/ Acting/ Beautiful
  508. Shaan – Pride/ Prestige/ Old/ Famous/ Respected/ Wise One/ Old Wise/ Dignity/ Splendour/ A Peaceful man
  509. Shahid – Witness/ Martyr/ Beloved/ Patriot/ Angel/ Deponent
  510. Shailendra/ Shailen – King of Mountains/ Himalaya
  511. Shailesh – God of the mountain/ Himalaya/ God of Greatest of great mountain/ Stroke of hills
  512. Punit/Puneet – Pure/ Holy/ Clean
  513. Purna/Poorna – Fulfilled/ Complete/ Fullness/ Abundant/ Goddess of grains/ Generous with food
  514. Rohan – A river in paradise/ Ascending/ Blossom/ Another name for Lord Vishnu/ Finest Indian steel/ Rising/ Red-haired/ Developing bud
  515. Rohit – The first red rays of the sun/ The sun’s red light/ Another name of Hindu God Vishnu/ Red/ Horse Rider/ Son of Raja Harishchandra/ The one who rises his family growth and development/ Red flower/ The Sun
  516. Roopak –Lord dramatic composition/ Sign/ Feature/ Beautiful/ Acting
  517. Prasad –Favor/ Grace/ Offering to god during Pooja/ Brightness/ Clearness/ Blessings/ Devotional offering/ Purity
  518. Pratap –Dignity/ Majesty/ Heat/ Splendor/ Glory/Vigor/ Bravery/ A majestic man
  519. Sachin/ Sachindra – One who tell Truth/ Pure/ Chaste/ Another name of Hindu God Shiva/ Essence/ Lord Indra/ Pure existence/ Affectionate/ True/ Real/ Precious
  520. Sagar –Sea/ Ocean/ Wise one/ Surname/ A King
  521. Sahadev – With all the Gods/ The 6th Sensed One/ Prince
  522. Sameer/Samir– Jovial/ Entertaining companion/ Companion in nightly conversation/ Early morning fragrance/ Wind/ Breeze/ Air/ Creator/ Another name for Lord Shiva/ Gust of gentle breeze
  523. Samrat –Emperor/ Universal/ Ruler/ The King
  524. Purushottam –Supreme Being/ Supreme Man/ Foremost Amongst All Men/ One of the names of Lord Vishnu/ Best among men/ Lord Rama/ The supreme soul
  525. Pushkar – A Lake/ Like the blue lotus/ Lord Anjaneya/ The Sun
  526. Sudeep/ Sudip –Bright/ Very bright/ Happiness/ Light/ Simple but different
  527. Sudhakar –Mine of nectar/The Moon/ Lord Chandra
  528. Sudhir/ Sudheer –Symbol of smile/ Resolute/ Brave/ Bright/ Determined/ Thoughtful/ Wise/ Essence/ Great scholar/ Calm/ Considerate/ Very intelligent/ Very firm
  529. Sundar –Beautiful/ Attractive/ Handsome/ Beauty/ Good/ Nice/ Pleasant/ Of good principles/ Prudent
  530. Raghav /Raghab –Lord Rama/ A descendant of Raghu/ A surname of Ramachandra/ Born in Raghu clan
  531. Raghu – Swift/ The name of a heroic king in Hindu epics/ The great-grandfather of Lord Rama/ An ancient king of Avadh
  532. Santosh –Satisfaction/ Happiness/ Contentment/ Gratification
  533. Sarbagya –All-knowing
  534. Satindra/ Satyendra –Lord Vishnu/ The king of truth/ Smooth/
  535. Satish –Ruler of hundreds/ Victorious/ One who speaks truth/ The sunrise/ Lord of Hundreds/ Lord of sati/ God of truth
  536. Satyajit –One who conquers the truth/ Victory of truth/ The truth-winner/ One who Always Tell’s the Truth/ Wedded to truth
  537. Shakti –Power/ Another name of Goddess Parvati/Powerful/ Vigour/ Ability/ The female energy of a God/ Saraswati the feminine energy of a God/ A divine woman
  538. Sohan –Smart/ Good looking/ Handsome/ Charming
  539. Swagat –Welcome
  540. Swarup –Truth/ Lover of beauty/ True nature/ Beautiful face/ Appearance/ Figure
  541. Swayambhu – Self-manifested/Self-existing/ That is created by its own accord/ Manifested image of a deity/ To take birth/ Arising/ Lord Shiva
  542. Tej – Light/ Lustrous/ Power/Brilliance/ Glory/ Security/ Grandeur/ Radiant
  543. Surya – Name of the Hindu god of the sun/ The Sun/ One of the original Vedic triad with Agni and Indra
  544. Tilak – Spot of Vermillion on forehead / Sandalwood paste on forehead/ Auspicious ritualistic mark applied on the forehead/ A flowering tree
  545. Shrikant – Beautiful/ Another name of Lord Shiva/  Of glorious neck/ An epithet of Lord Vishnu/ God of wealth/ Consort of Goddess Lakshmi/ Beautiful/ The one with a noble voice
  546. Shrikrishna – Lord Krishna/ Dark skinned/ An incarnation of the god Vishnu.
  547. Shyamal – Dark blue/ Black/ Dusky/ Another name of Lord Krishna
  548. Tirtha –Holy place/ Sacred water/ Place of pilgrimage/ Ford
  549. Tribhuvan –With Knowledge Of 3 Worlds
  550. Trilochan – One with three eyes/ Another name of the Lord Shiva
  551. Trilok –The three worlds (heaven, earth, hell)
  552. Tushar –Frost/ Of the Snow/ Winter/ Fine drops of water/ Mist/ Winter/ Morning dew/ Coldwater droplets
  553. Udit – Grown/ Awakened/ Shining/ Rising of something
  554. Ujwal –Bright/ Splendorous/ Lit/ Brilliant/ Attractive/ Sunshine/ Clean/ Lustrous/ Splendorous
  555. Subas –Good Speaking/ Nice Smell/ Shining/ Soft-spoken/ Well-spoken /Brilliant/ Eloquent/ Good speech/ A person with good vocabulary/One who speaks good words
  556. Suren –Divine/ Lord of gods/ Rain and thunder deity/ Name of the Lord Indra/ A sage/ A snake
  557. Suresh –The ruler of Gods/ An epithet for the Hindu gods/ Lord Shiva/ Lord Indra/ Lord Surya/ The Sun
  558. Surya –The Sun/ Sun god/ Name of the Hindu god of the sun/ One of the original Vedic triad with Agni and Indra
  559. Sushil –Good character man/ Virtuous/ Intelligent/ Studious/ Well-mannered/ Well behaved/ Good conduct
  560. Umesh – Another name of the Hindu God Lord Shiva/ God of Uma/
  561. Yagya – Ceremonial rites to God/ A sacrificial rites
  562. Shambhu – Another name of the Hindu God Shiva/ Abode of joy/ Benevolent/ Kind/ Source of happiness
  563. Shankar – Beneficent/ Giver of bliss/ Another name of the Hindu God Shiva/ Causing happiness/ Conferring good fortune/ Auspicious/ An epithet of Shiva/ Name of a celebrated teacher of Vedanta philosophy Shankaracharya/ Name of a Raaga/ He who gives happiness
  564. Shashank – Another name for Moon/ The Moon/ Natural satellite of the earth/ Full Moon
  565. Shashi – The Moonlight/ Having a hare/ Lord Chandra (Moon)/ An Apsara or celestial Goddess/ Of the moonbeam
  566. Shekhar – A Crest/ Peak/ Another name of Lord Shiva/ Ultimate/ The chief or head of anything
  567. Siddhartha – One who has accomplished a goal/ Real name of Gautam Buddha/The one who is enlightened/ The one who has achieved nirvana/ The one with knowledge of divinity/ Achieved all wishes/ The blessed one
  568. Yogendra – God of Yoga/ Master of yoga/ Again/ One of the names of Lord Krishna/ Another name of Lord Shiva
  569. Yogesh – God of Yoga/ Lord of Yoga/ Source of Knowledge/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ One of the name of  the Hindu God Shiva/ Ascetic
  570. Shridhar – Possessor of Goddess Lakshmi/ Possessor of good fortune/ An epithet of Lord Vishnu
  571. Shyamsundar – one of the names of Lord Krishna/ Cloud colored and beautiful/ One with the beauty of the evening/ Dark and handsome
  572. Siddhanta – Principle/ Rule
  573. Yuvaraj – A Prince/ Son of a king/ The Heir of the kingdom/ Young
  574. Divaj – Gift of God/ Powerful women/ Through heaven/ Daytime


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11 thoughts on “1000 Unique Nepali Boys’ Names With English Meaning

  1. Greetings,
    I am an author of educational children’s books that carry characters to different and fascinating countries around the globe.
    My next story is based in Nepal (Where the Earth Meets the Sky) and one of the supporting characters is a young Gurung boy. His father was a member of the Gurkhas and retired back to Nepal after his competing his service.
    I endeavor to correctly identify the names of the character and his elder sister and younger brother.
    From my research, I named the the character Dil Bahadur, which I believe translates into ‘brave of heart’.
    Additionally, I am aware that the Gurung people use “nicknames” based on the child’s order of birth. This is where I seek your assistance.
    I have found the meaning of second born male child as either Mainlo or Maila.
    Additionally the character has an older sister. Would it be Jetho or Nani?
    As well as a third child male as Saila?
    It is my goal to correctly reflect your culture and naming of children and my characters. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Ed Moldenhauer
    Author – Spin the Globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

      1. hello…how can i find my boyfriend address named Manish Bhatta? please, ,i really wanted to know bcoz i want to visit him surprising in Nepal.Thank you..

    1. to be correct, sir “mailo’ means the second son born in the family. ‘saila’ means the third son that has been born in the family. nland if u want to give name to the first born daughter u should name her “Jethi”

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