10 Real Reasons How Nepalese Boyfriend Cheats on His Girlfriend

10 Real Ways How Nepalese Boyfriend Cheats on His Girlfriend

Nepalese society is changing day by day. Before decade having a girlfriend or boyfriend was kind of illegal not illegal but the concept of people was so narrow that they even used to case in the court if they find their children with some other guy/girl. Now a day due to the advancement in communication and wide use of gadgets a person not having gadgets or computer with internet connection are rarely found.

boyfriend girlfriend have tea and playing game

Not a great date

Everything has its dark side within it, so does relationship. Some people get their boyfriend/girlfriend as their life partner while for some people relationships are the myth. There are numbers or reasons how and relationships are broken. Cheating is not an “every person thing”. Lots of people are loyal but loyalty does not come in every person’s mind. In the context of Nepal break ups and patch, ups are a rare case.

Many people wonder why they had breakups, what went wrong, because deep inside they know that they weren’t wrong and everything they did was to make their partner happy. In this article, I am going to talk about 10 reasons how Nepalese boyfriend cheats on his girlfriend.

How Nepalese Boyfriend cheats on His Girlfriend

  1. Due to different goals of life

Every person has different goals and they do not allow any disturbance that tries to pull them away from fulfilling their goals. I also have goals to be fulfilled in my life; if someone tries to distract me from fulfilling my goals then I am likely to get rid of that. Same happens in many relationships, the guy cannot give enough time due to his busy schedules and ends with a breakup. Girls think that he is not caring her but the fact is he is just too busy with his goals that he does not see anyone than his destiny.

boyfriend leave girlfriend on date

Not a Great Date

  1. Difference in intention

All people do not have girlfriends to share their life time with them. They just want them for some time and short interval. Their main motto is to get what they want, especially sex. They get too excited in the beginning but as the time pass, they start to show the real part of them. If a girl refuses to fulfill their demands then they start searching for a reason to give break up and find another girl. Sex has made a greater influence in Nepalese society; it is taken not as a fulfillment of desire but as the method of entertainment and relationships has become the main source for a guy for their entertainment.

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image

  1. Not strong enough to resist temptation

As we know that sex is a basic need. Not only boys some girls stalk guys to fulfill their sexual desire. Guys are not like the complex chapter of mathematics and if they didn’t like the character of girl than they leave them with no reason.  The guy may find little uncomfortable if he is not able to fulfill girls desire so rather than discussing this with this girlfriend he leaves.

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image

boyfriend and girlfriend kissing image

  1. Boy got away with it

Some of the guys had made cheating a habit. They cheated once, twice, thrice then it starts becoming their way of life. They find easier and easier to let go than to stay loyal. It does not matter if a girl is beautiful or ugly. They get cheated due to the way of living of a guy.

  1. Family problem

For every person, their family has the most important. Still, in Nepalese society, we can find parents who do not like love marriage. Guys never think of going against their family so they ended with breakups unwillingly.

boyfriend girlfriend bad behaviour

Not a great Relation

  1. Afraid of conflicts

People have a habit of being unhappy when they didn’t get what they want. And a guy might not be courageous enough to say that he is unhappy with his girlfriend. If I was there then I wouldn’t want any conflicts or trouble because I was unhappy. So, guy finds easiest way to get rid of someone is to cheat on them.

boyfriend and girlfriend on conflicts

boyfriend and girlfriend on conflicts

  1. Blind faith of girl

Some of the guys are taken for granted by their girl, which becomes the main reason for breakups. Guys cannot resist someone hotter than his girlfriend and someone who attracts him more than his girlfriends and they tries to date with the hotter girl knowing that his girlfriend would never ever doubt on him. This makes a guy cheat on his girlfriend.

  1. Influence of environment

The main reason for breakups in Nepalese society is the influence of society. Loyalty comes from friends and family. A guy having friends who change their girlfriends once in a month is likely to cheat on girlfriends. Parents also play a vital role in this topic. If a guy belongs to a family where his parents are not so loyal then he is likely to cheat a girl.

girlfriend is sleeping and boyfriend is on mobile

Not a Great Time

  1. He is afraid of getting hurt

News of heart breaks gets viral faster than any other news. Sometimes some guys read such news and start wondering if they face the same situation and starts cheating.  For a normal guy, it is obvious to think that he would get hurt and the feelings of insecurity in relationships lead to breakups.

  1. He is bored

People get bored seeing the same face and saying same stuff for a long time. Thought of having children, living forever in a small world with husband wife and two children do not fascinate them at all. They believe that these sorts of story belong to a fairy tale or love story movie of James Cameron. Girlfriends usually talk about these things and guy finds them boring and start to search a reason to cheat and get rid of that girl and live his life.

Boyfriend is Upset with Girlfriend

Boyfriend is Upset

These reasons don’t show the real picture of all guys. But these can be considered as the main reasons for a guy who is cheating on his girlfriend. It might be harder for a cheater to change the way he lives, but it is not impossible. Hope no one gets cheated, everyone gets their heroes, but if you find your partner cheating on you then I suggest you to leave him and stay without him.’ Relationships are like broken glasses more you try to fix more you get hurt’ so it is wise enough to let go him and find another one.

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