Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With M with English Meaning

Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With L with Meaning in English



Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With M with Meaning in English

1201MimiमिमिmimiI am; Pet Name for Marilyn or Miriam; Helmet; Protection; Sea of Bitterness; Strong Opponent; Rebellious; Wished-for Child; Star of the Sea; Unwavering Protector
1202Miralमिरल्miralShining Sea; Independent
1203MishiमिशिmiśiLoved by All
1204Mouliमोउलिmo’uliSacred Thread; Mother
1206MunaमुनmunaWish; Desire; Hope; Overflowing Spring; Lord is with You
1207MalikaमलिकmalikaA Garland; Flower; Industrious; Necklace; Intoxicating Drink; Queen; Owner; The Mogra; The Lovable One; Jasmine Flower
1208Molyमोल्य्molyAn Herb Hermes Gives to Odysseus to Protect Him
1209Malarमलर्malarFlower; Beautiful
1210Mokshitaमोक्षितmokṣitaFree; Moksha; Flowers
1214MriduमृदुmriduGentle; Another Name of Lord Krishna
1215Meenमीन्mīnFish; Horoscope; Raashi
1216MeetaमीतmītaFriend; Good Behaviour
1217Maansiमान्सिmansiThe One who Gives Peace; With a Sound Mind
1218MelaमेलmelaDark; Black; Religious Gathering
1219Mudraमुद्रmudraHealing Hand Movement; Expression
1220MonicaमोनिकmonikaAdviser; Solitary; Alone; Unique; A Wise Counsellor; Saint; Nun; Timekeeper; Noble; Aristocratic
1221ManasiमनसिmanasiA Complete Woman; A Lady; Nobel
1222MonishaमोनिशmoniśaTallent; Sweet; Lord of Mind; Intellectual; Lord of Krishna; Intelligent
1223MitaliमितलिmitaliFriendship; Lovely; Beautiful; Angels Daughter

Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With M with Meaning in English

1226Meganमेगन्meganPearl; Strong and Capable; Strong; Great; Diminutive of Margaret; Margaret
1227Mansiratमंसिरअत्mansira’atSweet; Beautiful Mind
1228Mugdhaमुग्धmugdhaSpellbound; Innocent; Innocent Young; Spell Bound; Peace
1229Mistiमिस्तिmistiDim; Cloudy; Vague; Foggy; Misty
1230MikiमिकिmikiPrincess; Sweet; Beautiful Tree
1231Mandaमन्दmandaName of a River; Battle Maid
1232Maryaमर्यmaryaMark; Limit; Beloved
1233MiniमिनिminiSmall; Tiny
1234Moonमून्mūnSlave; Myth Name; Letters
1236Maghiमाघइmagha’iGiving Gifts
1237Madhaviमाधवइmadhava’iSweet; Honey; A Creeper with Beautiful Flowers; Springtime; Daughter of Yayati; Creeper with Beautiful Flowers; Spring Time; Wife of Lord Krishna
1238ManuमनुmanuOf the Mind; Desirable
1239Maltiमल्तिmaltiSmall Fragrant Flower; Moonlight; A Jasmine Flower
1240Mahuaमहुअmahu’aAn Intoxicating Flower
1241ManishaमनिशmaniśaGoddess of Wish; Goddess of Mind; Desire; Soul; Diamond; Intellect
1243ModaमोदmodaAn Apsara’s Name
1244Manatमनत्manatA Prayer; Sweet Wish; Intelligent
1245Mayuriमेउरिme’uriPeahen; With Sweet Voice; Pigeon
1246MahasriमहसृmahasriGoddess Laxmi
1247MadhiमधिmadhiMoon; Brilliant
1248ManaliमनलिmanaliCute; Preety; A Bird; Beautiful Hills
1249MithiमिथिmithiTruthful; Sweet
1250Manaviमानवइmanava’iHumanity; Daughter of Man

Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With M with Meaning in English

1251MariमरिmariSea of Bitterness; Wished of Chld; Calf; Bitter; Truth and Reason; Of Death; Of Love; A Form of Durga as the Goddess of the Death; Pearl; Beloved; Rain; Goddess Giving Rain
1252MohanaमोहनmohanaAttractive; Charming
1253Mayilमेइल्me’ilFull of Grace; Like a Peacock
1254Mahinमहिन्mahinGreatest; Related to the Moon
1255Mounaमोउनmo’unaSilent; Quiet
1256Maanviमान्विmanviKind Hearted
1258MaliमलिmaliWealth; Riches; Industrious; Striving; Work; Welsh Form of Molly; Bitter; Beloved; Flower; Blessed; Fair; White
1259ManasaमनसmanasaRiver in Himalaya; Name of a Lake in Himalaya; Goddess Lakshmi; Conceived in the Mind; A River
1260Muskanमुस्कन्muskanSmile; Laughter; Sweet Smile
1261Mynaम्ञmñaA Bird
1262MihikaमिहिकmihikaMist; Fog; Dew Drop; Goddess Name; Smile
1263MinuमिनुminuA Gem; Precious Stone; Heaven; Paradise
1264MadriमदृmadriWife of Pandu
1265Mishtiमिश्तिmiśtiSweet; Sweet Person
1267ManoमनोmanoGod be with us
1268Malakमलक्malakAngel; Messenger
1269Muktiमुक्तिmuktiFreedom from Life and Death; Liberation; Valuable
1270MaluमलुmaluFlower; Forgiven; Bud; Peacefulness
1271MikaमिकmikaLike God; Gift from God; Beautiful Increase; New Moon; Three Trees Together; Quick; Nimble; Lord; Intelligent Raccoon; God’s Child; Little Raccoon
1272Monalमोनल्monalBird; Amazing
1273MainaमैनmainaA Bird
1275MaisaमैसmaisaWalking with Proud Swinging Gait

In this page we have just uploaded 75 names of of baby girl out of 1750 names starting with M alphabet. Have a good day. Nepali girl name start with L.


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