Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With H with Meaning in English


Get the Nepali name baby girl starting with H Alphabet with English meaning. We have here posted more than 1850 popular Hindu Nepali girl name which are useful for all Nepalese parents to select the best of the best names for newborn cute baby girl. Therefore we are going to solve you with famous Nepali baby girl name starting with H. Get popular Nepali name dictionary for girls. Get the Nepali name dictionary with perfect meaning in English language. Nepali name ko arth haru in English language.

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Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With H with English Meaning



Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With H

Here are total 100 Nepali baby girl name starting with G out of 1850 names. You can see 100 Nepali baby girl name in one page. Thank you.

S.N.Nepali Baby Girl Name in English ScriptNepali baby girl name in nepali language and fontNepali baby girl name in nepali prounouciationNepali baby girl name with English meaning
1HarहरharGod Like; Goddess Laxmi; Goddess Durga
4Hetहेतho taLove
5HirहिरhirRanjha’s Lover
6HalaहालाhaalaHalo Around the Moon; Plough; Girlfriend; Great; Dazzling; Glorious; Lunar Halo; Glory; Golden; Female Friend; Sweetness; Outline of Brightness Surrounding a Full Moon
8HanaहानाhaanaHappiness; Flower; Blossom; Graceful; Merciful; Grace of God; Unexpected Fortune; Love; Favourite; A Type of Flower; Felicity; Form of Johanna
9HaniहनिhanuDroplet; Pleasant; Delighted; Content
10HanuहनुhanuHappy and New; Lord Hanuman
11Hapyहप्यhapyFull of Laughter
12HaraहाराhaaraPrincess; Seizer
13HariहरिhariA Colour; Joy; Happiness
17HawaहावाhaavaAir; Longing; Desire; Eve; Women; Beautiful
18HayaहायाhaayaModesty; Decency; Shyness; Shame; Life; Quick; Light
19HayiहयिhayiAlive; Living; Existence; Wish; Desire
20HebaहेबाhebaThe Gift of God
21Hedyहेद्य्hedySweet or Pleasent; Battle Maiden
22HeerहीरheerGenerous and Understanding; Diamond
23HeetहीतheetWell Wisher
25HeliहेलिheliSun; Light; Torch; Moon Elope; Glowing; Moon; Continuous Rain; Term of Address for Female Friend

Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With H with Meaning in English

27HemaहेमाhemaGold; Golden
29HenaहेनाhenaOn who is Polite; A Flower; Troubling; Gracious; Merciful
31HeraहेराheraQueen of Gods; Protector
32HetaहेताhetaLove; Battle
33HetiहेतिhetiSun Ray; Bright
36HibaहिबाhibaGift; Present; Gift from God; Present Light
37HidaहिदाhidaPresent; Gift; Warrior; Friendly
38HilaहिलाhilaName of a Bird; Sparrow-hawk
40HimaहिमाhimaIce; Snow
41HinaहिनाhinaHenna; A Shrub; Fragrance; Sword of the Finest Steel; Liver; Used for Denoting Closeness of Individual to Oneself
42Hindहिन्दhindProper Name; India; Land of Hindus
43HiraहिराhiraDiamond; Another Name for Lakshmi; Warm; Name of a Cave; Sacred Cave
44HitaहिताhitaLovable; Good Manners; Beautiful
46HituहितुhituWell Wisher
47HiyaहियाhiyaHeart or Mind; Inside of the Human Body
49HomaहोमाhomaHappy; Joyous; Bird
50HoorहूरhoorA Celestical; Virgin of Paradise; Nymph; A Virgin Maiden of Paradise for Its Dwellers

Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With H with Meaning in English

51HudaहुँदाhundaRight Guidance; Another Name for Quran
52HumaहुमाhumaBird of Paradise; Daughter of King Bahman and Mother of Darab; Gold; An Imaginary Bird
53HunaहुनाhunaGolden Necklace
55Hymaह्य्माhymaGoddess Parvathi
56HaalaहालाhaalaAureole; Lunar Halo; Glory
59HaifaहैफाhaiphaSlender; Of Beautiful Body; Slim; Well-shaped; Delicate
60HaimaहैमाhaimaGoddess Parvati; Snow; Singer
61HaimiहैमिhaimiGolden; Goddess Parvati; Snow; The Seeker
62HaithहैथhaithWho Wants Good for Every One
66HaleyहलेयhaleyHay Clearing; Hay Meadow; Field of Hay; Usually a Surname; Ingenious; Scientific; Ingenious or Scientific
67Hamnaहम्नाhamnaGood Grapes; Blessed Sparrow of Heaven
68Hamsaहम्साhamsaBird; Swan Hamsavahini
70HananहननhananMercy; Love; Warm-hearted
71HaniaहनिhaniGrace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Grain; Spirit Warrior
72HanitहनितhanitHoney; Happiness; Beautiful Diamond
73Hankaहन्काhankaGrace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Grain
75Hansyहन्स्यhansyGift of God; Beauty

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