Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With G with Meaning in English


Get the Nepali name baby girl starting with G Alphabet with English meaning. We have here posted more than 1350 popular Hindu Nepali girl name which are useful for all Nepalese parents to select the best of the best names for newborn cute baby girl. Therefore we are going to solve you with famous Nepali baby girl name starting with G. Get popular Nepali name dictionary for girls. Get the Nepali name dictionary with perfect meaning in English language. Nepali name ko arth haru in English language.

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Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With G with English Meaning



Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With G

Here are total 100 Nepali baby girl name starting with G out of 350 names. You can see 100 Nepali baby girl name in one page. Thank you.

S.N.Nepali Baby Girl Name in English ScriptNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali Language and FontNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali pronouciationNepali Baby Girl Name with Meaning in English Language
1GiaजियाjiyaLife; God is Gracious; God Gifted
2GaगाgaLove; Goddess; Sing
4Gargiगार्गिgaargeeAn Ancient Scholar Like One of Lord Buddha; Name of a Learned Woman; Goddess Durga; Scholar
5GulगुलgulFlower; Rose; Bouquet
6GarimaगरिमाgarimaWarmth; Proud; Dignity; Prowess; Strength; Honour; Plants; Beautiful
8GitikaगितिकाgeetikaSmall Song
9GauriगौरिgauriA Fair Woman; Goddess Parvati
10Gamyaगम्याgamyaBeautiful; A Destiny
11Gayatriगाइत्रीgaitreeSinger; Mantra; The Chant of Salvation; Good Friend; Mother of Gods; Veda Mata – the Mother of All Vedas; Goddess Durga Saraswathi; Goddess of Wood; Inspired Name; Female Form of the Sun God
12GinaगिनाginaWell Born; Race of Women; Powerful Woman; White Wave; Queen; Virgin; Silvery; Pure
13Gunjanगुन्जनgunjanHumming; Buzzing of a Bee
14GopiगोपिgopiWoman who Loves Cows; Cow-herd Woman; Milkmaid Friends of Lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of Cows
15GitaगिताgitaHindu Holy Text; Song; The Holy Book of Soul
16GeetaगीताgeetaHoly Book of the Hindus
17GayaगयाgayaA Holy City of India
18GeetikaगीतिकाgeetikaA Little Song; Music
19GowriगोवृgovrGoddess Parvati; Bright
20GopikaगोपिकाgopikaGirls who Loves Lord Krishna
21GangaगङाganaSacred River of India
22GanaगानाgaanaGarden; Troop; Going to do Something
23GrishaगृशाgrshaWatchful; Goddess Parvati
24GirijaगिरिजाgirijaGoddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shankar; Born of a Mountain
25GirishaगिरिशाgirishaGoddess Parvati

baby girl name in Nepali language

26Gunjगुन्जgunjThe Sound; The Echo
27GathaगाथाgaathaSublime Songs; Any Poem Used for Meditation; Book Written by Sant Tukaram; Verse to be Sung; Praise
29Ginniगिन्निginniPrecious Gold Coin
30Gavyaगव्याgavyaGarden of God
31GeenaगीनाgeenaSilvery; Farm Worker
33Grecyग्रेक्यgrekyLoves God; Graceful; Goodwill; Brightness; Beautiful
34GunaगुनgunGood Character
35GaganaगगनgaganThe Sky
37GautamiगौतमिgautamiWife a Sage Gautam; River Godavari
38Gurleenगुर्लीनgurleenOne who is Absorbed in the Guru
39GuneetगुनीतguneetFull of Confidence; Full of Talent
40GauharगौहरgauharA Pearl
41Gurnoorगुर्नूरgurnoorLight of God
42GauraviगौरविgauraviHonour; Pride; Goddess Durga
44Garviगर्विgarviPride; Love
46Girjaगिर्जाgirjaGoddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva
48GrivaगृवाgrvaGirls who has Beautiful Singing Neck
49GeetiगीतिgeetiA Song; Melody
50GitaliगितलिgitaliLover of Song

baby girl name in Nepali language

51GeethaगीथाgeethaHoly Book of the Hindus
53Graceग्रकेgrakeMercy; God’s Favor; Grace; Grace of God; Kindness; Thanks; Love; Favour; Blessing; Charm; Good will
55GauraगौराgauraA Fair Woman; Goddess Parvati; Very Beautiful
56GayathriगयथृgayathrGood Character; An Precious Angel; The Chant of Salvation; Goddess Durga; Phased; Verse; Angle the Chant of Salvation
57GailगैलgailLively; My Father is Joy; God is Joy; Father in Rejoicing; Abigail
58GayanaगयनाgayanaSingingg; Singing; Knowledge
59GoolगूलgoolA Flower
60GulabगुलाबgulaabRose; Beloved’s Tears
61GeetuगीतुgeetuA Smile; Beautiful; Very Special
62GangiगङिganiGoddess Durga
63Gargeeगार्गीgaargeeInspires to Think
64Gnapikaग्नपिकाgnapikaIntelligent; One who Reminds
65GiaanगिआनgiaanOne Having Exalted Divine Knowledge
67GanaviगनविganaviSinger; Singing Song; Melody
69Gudduगुद्दुgudduSmall Baby
70GopगोपgopGoddess Lakshmi
71GitiगितिgitiGrape Presser; World; Song; Universe
72Gomtiगोम्तिgomtiA River
73Gitanjaliगितान्जलिgitaanjaliAn Offering of Songs
75Gyanज्ञानgyaanOne Having Exalted Divine Knowledge

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