Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With E

Get the name list of Nepali baby girl starting with E Alphabet. We have here published more than 500 Nepali girl name which are useful for all Nepali Parents for choose the best of the best names for newborn cute baby. That is why we are going to solve you with Nepali baby girl name starting with E. Get Nepali name dictionary for girls.

These name list of Nepali Hindu baby girl name are some rare, some popular, some unique, some are famous, some are hindu, some are muslim, some are buddhism, some are jain, some are maithili, some are bhojpuri, some are indian, some are awadhi bhashi people, some are newari, some are gurung, some are rai, some are limbu, some are tamang, some are sanskrit, some are mongolian name in Nepali language and font with perfect and right English meaning. Get Nepali naam ko artha in English language. Find here Nepali name dictionary. Nepali name meaning dictionary starts with alphabet E. E bat suru hune Nepali nam haru. Nepali dictionary for names.

Nepali Baby Names » Girl Names » Start With E

Nepali Baby Names » Girl Names » Start With E



Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With E

Here are total 75 Nepali baby girl name starting with E out of 350 names. You can see 100 Nepali baby girl name in one page. Thank you.

S.N.Nepali NameNepali NameNepali NameMeaning of Nepali Name
1EshaइशाeeshaPleasure; Desire; Goddess Parvati; Purity
2EvaइवाivaLife; To Live; To Breath; Good News; Form of Eve; Beloved; Living One; Breath of Life; Life-giving; Beauty; Alive; Living
3EeshaइशाeeshaGoddess Saraswati; Purity; Goddess Parvati; Goddess Creativity
4ElaइलाilaGod is My Oath; Stone; All; Completely; God is Perfection; God is Wow; Order; Beauty; Harmony; Hazel; Cardamom Tree; Earth
5EshitaइशिताishitaBlessed; One who Desires
6ElinaइलिनाilinaWoman with Intelligence; Pure; Intelligent; Light; Torch; Moon; Moon Elope; Soft; Good Student
7EshaniइशनिshaniGoddess Parvathi; Close to God
8Ektaइक्ताiktaOne; Unity
9Eshalइशल्ishalThe Name of Flower in the Heaven
10EkaइकाkaMatchless; Alone; First Child
11Emmaइम्माimmaIndustrious; All-containing; Universal; Embracing Everything; Whole; Entire; All
12EdaइदाidaWealthy Guardian; Wealthy; Happy; Fight; Warrior; Strife for Wealth; Well-mannered; Rich Battle
13Elsaइल्साilsaSnow and Ice; God’s Promise; God is My Oath; Noble; Nobility; Variant of Elizabeth; Pledged to God; God is Perfection; My God is a Vow
14ElizaइलिजाilijaGod is My Oath; Consecrated to God; Form of Elizabeth; Pledged to God; The Chosen; Unique; Precious
15Emilyइमिल्य्imilyIndustrious; To Strive; Excel; Rival; Eager; Laborious; Emulating; God is My Oath; God is in Me
16EshikaइशिकाishikaAn Arrow; Dart
17Eveleenइवेलीन्iveleenBringer of Light; Lively; Unselfish
18ElisaइलिसाilisaGod is My Oath; God’s Promise; Consecrated to God Abbreviation of Elisabeth; Spanish Form of Elizabeth Consecrated to God; Dedicated to God
19EshanaइशनाishanaPleasure; Search; Life
20Eswariइस्वरिisvariHindu Goddess Name; Goddess Parvati; Wife of God Siva
21EsitaइसिताisitaDesired; One who Desires
22EilaइलाilaThe Earth
23ElenaइलेनाilenaLight; Sun Ray; Shining; Form of Eleanor; Variant of Helen; Feminine of Alexander; Defender of Mankind; Sun; The Bright One
24ErinaइरिनाirinaBeautiful Lady; From Ireland; Poetic Name for Ireland

Nepali Baby Girl Name List Start with E

26Elmaइल्माilmaWill; Desire; Helmet; God’s Protection; Will-helmet; Apple; Protection
27Ersheenइर्शीन्irsheenGods Beauty
28EashaइशाishaGoddess Parvati; Desire
30Eshniइश्निishniName of Goddess Durga
31Ezhilइज्हिल्ijhilBeautiful; Azhagu
32EnaइनाinaThe Zodiac Sign of Capricorn; Kernel
33EeshaniइइशनिiishaniGoddess Parvati
34Eknoorइक्नूर्iknoorOne Light; Light of God
37Ezzahइज्जह्ijjahA Person who Gives the Honour; Respect
38Ekantikaएकान्तिकाekaantikaOne Aim; Singly Focused
39EraइराiraLong Period of Time; Wind; Air
40EkaaइकाikaGoddess Durga
41EehaइहाihaDesired; Wish
45Ecchaइक्चाikchaGoddess Parvati
47Ekroopइक्रूप्ikroopOne Beauteous Form
48EashitaइशिताishitaOne who Desires
50Ekjotइक्जोत्ikjotGod is One

Nepali Baby Girl Name List Start with E

51Erleenइर्लीन्irleenNoble Woman
52EkiइकिikiA Single String Necklace
54Eiliyahइलियह्iliyahThe Beautiful One to Grow in Peace and Love with God
56EashaniइअशनिiashaniGoddess Parvathi
59EnayaइनयाinayaForgiveness; Beautiful
60Eshnaइश्नishnWish or Strong Desire
61EonaइओनionFemale Version of Ian
62Ekaparnikaइकपर्निकikaparnikGoddess Durga
63EkajaइकजाikajaThe Only Child
64Elhamइल्हम्ilhamInspiration; Revelation
67Elakshiइलक्षिilakshiA Woman with Bright Eyes; Beautiful
68Ellieइल्लिइilliiLight; Nobility; All; Completely; Exalted; Sun Ray; Shining Light; Foreign; Famous Warrior
69Eenakshiइइनक्षिiinakshiWhose Eyes Look Like Deer
70EtiइतिitiArrival; Star
71EshanikaइशनिकाishanikaFulfilling Desire
72EsaइसाisaGod is Salvation; Wish Desire
73EkishaइकिशाikishaOne Goddess
74Estherइस्थेर्istherStar; Myrtle Leaf; Like a Star; Stampedding Horses

This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources, many of these are submitted by visitors therefore we can not be held responsible for their authenticity.

In this page we have just uploaded 100 names of of baby girl out of 350 names starting with E alphabet. Have a good day. Nepali girl name start with E.


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