Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With D


Find the name list of Nepali baby girl starting with D Alphabet which are just for you all Nepali Parents for choose the best names for your newborn cute baby. We know that your most important task in our Nepali and Hindu culture and tradition is giving the best name to our newborn baby. That is why we are here with Nepali baby girl name starting with D.

Currently we have thousands of Girl Names Beginning with letter D in our Nepali collection in Nepali name dictionary. These name list of Nepali Hindu baby girl name are rare, popular, unique, famous, hindu, muslim, buddhism, jain, maithili, bhojpuri, indian, awadhi, newari, gurung, rai, limbu, tamang, sanskrit, mongolian name in Nepali language and font with perfect English meaning. Get Nepali naam ko artha in English language. Find here Nepali name dictionary. Nepali name meaning dictionary starts with alphabet D. D bat suru hune nepali nam haru.

Nepali Baby Names » Girl Names » Start With D

Nepali Baby Names » Girl Names » Start With D



Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With D

Here are total 100 Nepali baby girl name starting with D out of 1450 names. You can see 100 Nepali baby girl name in one page. Thank you.

S.N.Nepali Baby girl Name in English ScriptNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali Language and FontNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali ProunouciationMeaning of Nepali Baby Girl Name in English Language
1DiyaदियाdiyaLamp; Light; Dazzling Personality
2DaदाdaPowerful Brain; Shadow
3DeaदेआdeGoddess; Valley
4Divyaदिव्याdivyaPure; Divine; Settlement; Heavenly; Divine Luster; Pure Light; Source of Wisdom
5DiaदिआdiaDivine; Day; Daughter of Eineus; Candle; Light
6DeदेdeGod; Nature; Enjoy
7Desदेस्desIndian; Country
8DaaदाdaGod; Morning Star
9DishaदिशाdishaDirection; Princess of the Family
10DayaदयाdayaKindness; Mercy; Pity
11DeviदेविdeviGoddess; Kindness; Bright; Beautiful; Luck; Rich; Goddess Laxmi / Parvati / Durga Peaceful
12Dakshaदक्षाdakshaThe Earth; The Skilled One; Sati – Wife of Lord Shiva; Earth
13DharaढराdharaI; Constant Flow; The Earth; Constant Flow of Liquid
14DitiदितिditiWife of the Sage Kashyap; Arohi; Earth Goddess: Idea
15Dhanviढन्विdhanviMoney and Wealth; Name of Goddess Laxmi
16DhiyaढियाdhiyaLamp; Give a Light; Light
17DeepaदीपाdeepaLamp; Dedication; A Pledge; A Lamp; Light; Radiant; Goddess Laxmi
18DivaदिवाdivaGoddess Singer
19Diptiदिप्तिdiptiBrightness; Light; Ray of Light
20DhaniढनिdhaniRich; Wealthy
21Dhrtiढ्र्तिdhrtiEarth; Will; Resolution; Courage; Morale; Patience
22Dhanyaढन्याdhanyaGreat; Grateful; Blessed
24Druviद्रुविdruviFirm; The Polar Star; Constant; Faithful
25Deekshaदीक्षाdeekshaInitiation; To Teach Learner; To Teach Students; Good Thoughts of Hindu Religions to Students (who Wants to Meet God and Wants to Became Social Worker)

Nepali Girls Names Starting With D Alphabet with Meaning in English Language

26DhritiढृतिdhrtiCourage; Morale; Patience
27Dhanढन्dhanGoddess Laxmi
28Drutiद्रुतिdrutiMotion; Softened
29Deeptiदीप्तिdeeptiFlame; Lustre; Glow; Shine; Luster; Nice
30Dikshaदिक्षाdikshaGift by the God; Holy Teaching; Initiation; Point of Direction; Term
31DuaदुअाduaaPrayer; A Wish
32Devyaदेव्याdevyaGod Gift; Divine Power
33Dyutiद्युतिdyutiLight Beautiful; Kind Hearted; Goddess Laksmi; Spark of Light
34Dhunढुन्dhunMusic; Tune
35DahiदहिdahiCurd; Beautiful
36DritiदृतिdrtiCourage and Morale
37Dityaदित्याdityaGoddess Durga / Lakshmi; Answer of Prayers
38DeepikaदीपिकाdeepikaA Little Light; Beautiful; Lamp; Light; A Raagini Used in Music; Wife of God; Bright; Dedicated
39Deshnaदेश्नाdeshnaPresent; God Gift
40Dipदिप्dipSmall Light Like Candle; Small Lamp
41DaliदलिdaliA Flower
42Daksaदक्साdaksaTalented; Perfect
43DevikaदेविकाdevikaLike an Angel; Little Goddess; Mother of Krishna; Minor Deity; Goddess
46DitviदिटिभीइditibheeiDivine Good
47Deetyaदीत्याdeetyaAnswer of Prayers; Goddess Lakshmi
48DanaदनाdanaGod is My Judge; A Dane; Judge; Arbiter; Mother of the Gods in Myths; From Denmark; Old English
49DiviदिविdiviDivine; The Heaven
50Devnaदेव्नाdevnaGodly; Divine

Nepali name

51DinaदिनाdinaLove; God has Judged; Dinah; Spear Ruler; Decoration; Justified; Valley; Judge; Form of Hebrew Dinah; Judged and Vindicated; In the Bible Dinah was Jacob’s Only Daughter
52DaeviदेविdeviGoddess; The Diety
53DanuदनुdanuSweetest; Noisy; High Pitched; Swift Flowing; A Star
55Durgaदुर्गाdurgaGoddess Parvati; Wife of Lord Shiva as Gauri; The Inaccessible
56Dhruviढ्रुविdhruviCenter Point of Globe Earth; Firm
58Diksaदिक्साdiksaConsecration; Initiation
59Durvaदुर्वाdurvaSacred Grass
60DoraदोराdoraKind; A Gift; Given by God; Gift of God
61DhatriढतृdhatrEarth; Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Parvati; God of Earth
62DutiदुतिdutiIdea; Goddess Lakshmi
63Devkiदेव्किाdevkiaLord Krishna’s Mother; Belongs to God
64DamaदमाdamaControl of the Senses; Self-control; River; Ocean; One who Suppresses
65DhutiढुतिdhutiSplendour; Light
66Deepदीप्deepThe Lamp of Light
67DhanuढनुdhanuA Bow; The Zodiacal Sign Sagittarius
68DeetaदीताdeetaA Name for Goddess Lakshmi
69Dakshitaदक्षिताdakshitaBeautiful; Fully Skill Person
70DhanaढनाdhanaHealthy; Wealthy
72DeenaदीनाdeenaDivine; God Like; Jacob’s Daughter; Judgement; Valley; Dinah; Spear Ruler; Silk
73Dakshiदक्षिdakshiThe Glorious
74Dexaदेक्साdeksaTo Teach

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