Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With Q with English Meaning

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Get the all our Nepali name baby girl starting with Q Alphabet with perfect and right English meaning. Get popular Nepali name dictionary for baby girls. We have here posted more than 150 popular and most rare Hindu Nepali girl name which are important and helpful for all parents inside Nepal and out of Nepal to select the top names for your sweetest newborn cute baby girl.

Therefore we are going to publish more than thousands of girl names starting with Q Alphabet. Get the Nepali name dictionary with right meaning in English language and font. Nepali name ko arth haru in English language and script.


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Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With Q with English Meaning



Here are total 40 Nepali baby girl name starting with Q out of 150 names. You can see 40 Nepali baby girl name in one page. Thank you.

S.N.Nepali Baby Girl Name in English ScriptNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali Language and FontNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali PronunciationMeaning in English Language of this Nepali Baby Girl Name
1QuineseकुइनेसेkuineseJwellry; Ornament
3Quinellaकुइनेल्लाkuinellaForm of Quintana
4QueenrinaकुएएनृनाkueenrnaPrincess; Queen
5Quenbyकुएन्ब्यkuenbyWomanly; Queen’s Castle
8Quinleeकुइन्लीkuinleeRespected as Queen
9QuiritaकुइरिताkuiritaCitizen; Kind One
12Quisillaकुइसिल्लाkuisillaLovely; Pretty
13Quartillaकुअर्तिल्लाkuartillaVery Pure
14QutubकुतुबkutubTall; Pivot; Pole; Axis
16QishenकिशेनkishenDeity Krishna

Nepali Baby Girl Name Starting With Q in English Language

21QuanikaकुअनिकाkuanikaForm of Nika
22QuetaकुएताkuetaFortress; Tall
23Quityकुइत्यkuityA Beautiful Girl
26QuaneishaकुअनेइशाkuaneishaA Combination of the Prefix Qu and Neisha
27Quarrtulainकुअर्‍तुलाईनाkuar‍tulaeenaGod’s Mercy
29QiaकिअाkiaaSinger; Love; To Flow; Earth; River; Happy; In Bengal is for Fragrance of a Flower; Drop of Water
30QumudiniकुमुदिनिkumudiniA River
32Quikyकुइक्यkuikyVery Fast
34QiyaraकियराkiyaraVery Preetty
35Quentinकुएन्तीनkuenteenFrom the Queen’s Land
38QueenकुएएनkueenHighest Lady; Wife of a King
39Quincyकुइन्क्याkuinkyaLike a Queen

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In this page we have just uploaded 40 names of of baby girl starts with Q alphabet out of 150 names starting with Q alphabet. Have a good day. Nepali girl name start with Q.

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