Nepali Baby Boy Names Starting With Z and Meanings in English Language


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Nepali Baby Boy Names starting with Z with meaning in English Language

79ZaakirजाकिरjaakirBright Lights; Remembering; Grateful
80ZeevजीवjeevWolf; A Prince
81ZaahidजाहिदjaahidAscetic; Abstemious; Devotee
85ZolaजोलjolMoon; Lump of Earth
88ZeshanजेशनjeshanA High Standard; Power
90ZiyadजियदjiyadHe Shall Add; Enlarging; Superabundance
91ZubairजुबैरjubairThe Tree of the Heaven; Strong; Inquisitive; Pure; Brave
92ZubinजुबिनjubinSmart; Toothy; Spear
93ZameerजमीरjameerConscience; Integrity
95ZafarजफरjapharBrave; Victory; Triumph; Companion of Prophet Muhammad; Extraordinary; The One who Never Give Up; The Best
96ZulजुलjulLeader of Battles
97ZakirजकिरjakirOne who Remembers; Another Name for God; Remembering; Grateful
98ZahirजहिरjahirProtector; Poet; Obvious; Shining; Sparkling; Brilliant; Another Name for God; Associate; Helper; Supporter; Expression
99ZayyanजययनjayayanThe Graceful; Wild Jasmine; Honey
100ZohaibजोहैबjohaibKing; Leader; Famous; Always Victorious; Prosperous; Most Liked; Humble

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101ZevजेवjevDeer; Sky; Wolf
102ZiyaजियjiySplendour; Plendour; Light; Glow
103ZayedजएदjaedDelight; To Increase
104ZamirजमिरjamirBrave; Handsome; Song
105ZionजिओनjionSign; Sunny; Parched Place; Homeland; Heaven
106ZehaanजेहानjehaanSuper Abundance
107ZeeshanजीशनjeeshaanStrength; God S Almighty; High Standard; The Most Popular
108ZaydजयदjayadSuperabundance; To Increase; Growth
109ZaidenजैदेनjaidStrength; Fiery; Sower of Seeds; Lion; Beautiful; Brave
110ZakiजकिjakeeVirtuous; Bright and Pure; Chaste; Pure
111ZahinजहिनjaahinGreat; Intelligent; Clever
112ZiaजिअjiaFirst Ray of Sunlight; Smooth and Cheerful; Pleasant; Light; Enlightened; Grain; Splendour
113ZaidजैदjaidHonest; Great; Increase; Growth; Great Abundance; Prosperity
114ZidanजिदनjidanEndless Growth; Increasing Power; Lion; Light
115ZaynजञjanBeautiful; Worshipper of God; Beauty; Grace
116ZainजैनjainSwords; Excellent; Happy; Beautiful; Good Looking; Variant of Zane or John; The Lord is Gracious; Good Light

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