Nepali Babies Name With English Meaning With Sounds


Here are Nepali babies’ names from 401 to 500

Sudeep/ Sudip – Bright/ Very bright/ Simple but different/ Light/ Happiness

Sudhakar – Lord Chandra (Moon)/ Mine of nectar/ The moon

Sudhanshu – Lord Chandra / Moon/ Camphor

Sudhir/ Sudheer – Essence/ Great scholar/ Calm/ Resolute/ Brave / Wise/ Symbol of smile/ Bright/ Determined/ Thoughtful/ Considerate/ Very intelligent/ Very firm

Surendra/ Suren – Lord Indra/ Divine/ Lord of Gods/ Rain/ Thunder deity/ A sage/ Sun/ Idol/ Snake

Suresh – Ruler of Gods/ Epithet for the Hindu gods/ God of Suras/ Loving/ Lord Indra/ Sun/ Lord of the Gods

Anmol – Priceless/ Valuable/ Precious/ Goddess Durga

Arjun – White/ Clear/ Bright/ Shining/ A central character of epic Mahabharata/ Peacock/ Milk colored/ Confidence and Power/ Son of Lord Indra/ One of the Pandav Brothers/ Pandav/ Fair/ Open minded/ Pure

Arpan – Offering/ Devotion/ Auspicious

Ravi/Rabi – Sun/ The Hindu God/ Delighted/ Satisfied/  Hope/ Expectation/ Wish/ Benevolent

Resham – Silk/ Softness

Riddhi – Fortunate/ Good fortune/ Rich/ A prosperous woman/ Wealthy/ Prosperity/ Success/ Superiority/ Supernatural power

Rishabh/ Rishab – Superior/ Morality/ A musical note/ Excellent/ Bull/ King/ Romantic Morality

Arul – God’s blessing/ God’s grace/ The lords grace/ Shinning as the sun/ Brilliant

Arun – Dawn/ Morning/ Reddish glow in the morning sky/ Charioteer of Solar deity/ Sun/ Future leader/ Brilliant/ Radiant of the rising sun/ Life giving power/ The red color/

Praval/ Prawal/ Prabal – Fierce/ Strong/ Coral

Prayag – Confluence of three sacred river Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati/ Goddess Sarasvati/

Pritam – Beloved/ Darling/ Dear/ Loved one/ Lover

Shyam – Dark blue/ Black/ Lord Krishna/ Mythical name/ Dark complexioned lord

Punit/ Puneet – Holy/ Pure/ Clean/ Untouched/ Good

Purushottam- Best among men/ Lord Vishnu/ Greatest men/ The supreme soul/ Lord Rama/ Highest of beings

Pushkar – Lotus/ A Lake/ Sky/ Heaven/ Sun/ Name of God/ Like the blue lotus

Raghav/ Raghab – Lord Rama/ The Hindu God/ A descendant of Raghu; A surname of Ramachandra

Rahul – Conqueror of all miseries/ Traveler/Offspring of lightning/ Relation/ Capable/ God Gift/ Efficient/Able/ Name of Gautam Buddha’s Son/ Bond in Affection/ Son of Lord Buddha/ The Son of Durga/ Most Mysterious Vastu Grah ‘Rahu’

Raj – King/ Rule/ Ruler/ Prince/ Kingdom/ Secret

Rajan -The King/ Anticipation/ Royal

Rajeev/ Rajiv – Lotus flower/ To be stripped/ A blue Lotus/ Elephant/ Striped/ Achiever

Rakesh – Lord of the night/ Moon/ Full moon/ Lord/Ruler/ Beauty/ Sun

Poojan – Idol/ Worship/ Prayer

Prabal – Coral/ Strong/ Never give up/ Powerful/ Mighty/ Very strong

Prakriti – Nature/ Beautiful/ Original/ Weather

Pramit – Enlightened One/ Consciousness/ Definite/ Moderate/ Sensible/ Good

Pranav – A sacred sound and symbol/ The scared syllable Om/ Prayer/ Primordial/ Lord Ganesha/ Lord Vishnu/ Kind of musical instrument/ An epithet of Vishnu/ Son of night/ Grandson of Anantara and brother of Shatrajit/ Fresh or young/ Epithet of Shiva

Pranay – Love/ Affection/  Friendship/ Romance/ Leader/ Guidance

Prasanna – Cheerful/ Pleased/ Happy/ Lord Venkateswara/ Joyful/ Bright/ Tranquil/ Happiness/Presence of god

Raksha – The moon/ Protection/ Mother wolf

Ramesh – Beautiful/ Preserver/ One who saves from Danger/ Happiness/ Name of Lord Vishnu/ The preserver/ Lord of the lord Rama/ Always happy/ Cheerfulness/ Lord of Lakshmi

Randhir – Brave/ Powerful/ Light/ Bright/ Courageous/ Fearless/ Valorous

Ranjan – Enjoyment/ Pleasing/ Delighting/ Coloration or decoration/ Entertainment/ Pleasant/ Charming/ Rejoicing/ Coloring/ Befriending

Raunak – Pride/ Glory/ Bright/ Happiness/ Light/ Radiance/ Embellishment/ Celebration

Sachin/ Sachindra – The essence/ Pure/ Another name of Lord Shiva/ Lord Indra/ Precious/ Chaste/ Pure Existence/ Essence/ Affectionate

Safal – Success/ Succeed

Sagun – One with divine qualities/ Omen/ Luck/ Fortunate/ Auspicious moment/ Quality of nature

Sahaj – Easy/ Natural/ Soft/ Rhythmic/ Beautiful/ Original

Moti – Fat/ Pearl

Mridul – Soft/ Calm/ Tender/ Delicate/ Gentle/ Water

Mrityunjay – Lord Shiva/ One who has conquered/ Death/ Conqueror of death/ One who Wins Death/ Winner

Mukut – Crown/ Disadem

Murali – Flute/ Another name of Lord Krishna/ Musical instrument

Kanchan – Gold/ Pure as gold

Kamana – Desire/ Wish/ Legions

Sandesh – Message

Prashanta / Prashant – Patience/ Calm/ Quiet/ Tranquil/ Cool/ Peaceful/ Calm and composed/ Peace

Ajar – The God/ One who is not old

Amar – One who never dies

Sankalpa – Will/ Determination/ Resolve/ Conviction/ Vow/ Intention

Sanket – Signal/ Gesture/ Goal

Santosh – Satisfied/ Satisfaction/ Very calm/ Happiness

Sanyog / Sanjog – Coincidence/ Destiny/ Accompaniment

Anshu –Ray of light/ The sun/ Sunbeam/ Lord Surya/ Splendour/ Speed

Anubhav – Experience/ Feeling/ Insight

Anugya –Authority/ Permission/ Disciplined/ Obedient/ charge/Control

Anuj/ Anoj- Younger brother/ Later born

Anup – Watery/ Bank of a river/ Pond/ Incomparable/ Unequalled/ Unique/ Without comparison/ The best/ Talent/ Glory/ Extreme Large/ Hard Working/ Honest/ Love Person/ Anytime Happy/ Matchless Beauty

Anupam- Incomparable/ Excellent/ Without comparison/ Matchless/ Beyond compare/ Precious/ Unique

Anurag/ Anuraag – Attachment/ Devotion/ Passion/ Eternal love/ Affection/ Predilection/ Admirer

Sarba – Lord Krishna/ Lord Shiva/ Perfect/ Complete/ Belief

Sarbagya – All knowing

Sarbajit- Universal Winner/ Winner of everything/ All-victorious/ One who has conquered everything

Sarish – Morning/ Equal

Saubhagya -Good luck/ Good fortune/ Classification of a temple/ Felicity

Shailendra/ Shailen- King of the Mountain/ an epithet of the Hindu god Shiva/ Sire of the mountains/ God of the mountain/ Himalaya

Shardul – The Best/ Resembling a tiger/ Lion

Shashank – Moon/ Hindu god Shiva/ The crescent/ Full Moon/ Natural satellite of the earth/ Lord Chandra

Shashi- The Moon/ Moonlight/ Of the moonbeam/ Night/ Lord Chandra

Shashwat – Everlasting/ Continuous/ Permanent/ One who never dies/ Eternal

Shatrughna/ Shatrughan – youngest brother of Lord Rama/ Victorious/ Successful

Shekhar – Crest/ Peak/ Lord Shiva/ Ultimate/ Mountain peak/ Diadem/ The chief or head of anything/ Lord Shiva

Shikha – Flame/ Flame burning brightly/ A fierce man/ Gentle deer/ Hill Top/ Powerful/ Always at top/ Light on top of a Diya/ Leaf/ Peak/ Light/ Crest

Shikhar – Mountain/ Top of the mountain/ Mountain peak/ Ultimate/ Peak/ Top

Shirish/Sirish – Glue

Kanti / Kantee – Sings/ Another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi

Karna – Son of the God Surya/ Ear/ Horn of an Animal/ The first born Kunti/ Gentlemen/ A Warrior/ Instrument

Karuna – Compassion/ Merciful/ Pity/ Gentleness

Kishor/ Kishore – Lord Krishna/ Teenager/ Younger/ Youth

Kripa – Compassion/ Mercy/ Divine grace/ Kindness/ Gentleness/ The martial arts

Shravan – A Hindu month/ The devoted Son/ Dedicated/ Name of a star/ A character in Ramayana/ Listening or hearing/ Monsoon

Shreshta –Noble/ Great/ Newar caste/ The best/ Ultimate/ One of the name of the Lord Vishnu/ Foremost/ First/ Perfection/ best of all

Shridhar – Possessor of good fortune/ Possessor of Lakshmi

Tej /Teja – Light/ Lustrous/ Power/ Brilliance/ Glory/ Security/Grandeur

Tika / Teeka – Shine/ Angel of death/ Spicy/ Ascendants of the King Called Tika and Simile/ Notes of Hindi Language also Based on Tika

Saroj / Saroja – Lotus/ Everything Is Possible/ Born in lakes

Sarthak – Having its own importance/ Well done/ Intelligent/ Right/ Meaningful/ A goal or success/ Heart/ One who is fulfilled

Sarup/ Swaroop- Lover of beauty/ Truth

Tirtha – Place of Pilgrimage/ Sacred Place/ Holy Place/ Ford/ Sacred water/ Goddess

Tribhuvan / Tribhuwan – The tree worlds/ One with knowledge of three worlds

Trilochan – One with Three Eyed/ Lord Shiva

Sarvesh/ Sarwesh/ Sarbesh – Emperor/ Lord Shiva/ Master of all/ Emperor

Satindra/ Satyendra – King of truth/ Lord of truth

Satish – God of Truth/ Lord Shiva/ Ruler of hundreds/ Victorious/ Successful/ Lord of Sati/ One who speaks truth/ Sunrise/ Happiness


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