Nepali Babies Name With English Meaning With Sounds


Nepali babies names are unique and typical. Babies’ names used in Nepal are not commonly used in other country. Here are listed more than 500 Nepali babies’ names. Let’s check it Nepali baby name list.

Kanak – Gold/ Sandalwood/ Golden

Kanhaiya – Lord Krishna/ Adolescent

Kuber – God of wealth/ Lord of money/ Slow/ God of riches

Kumud – A lotus/ Joy of the earth/ Water Lily/ Another name of  Goddess Lakshmi/ Earth’s delighter

Lav/ Lava – Hope/ Molten rock from volcanos/ Son of Ram and Sita

Lochan – Eye/ Bright eye/ Charming eye/ One who is lively/ Sight/ A small lake

Lokesh – King of the world/ Lord Brahma/ Lord Indra/ Lord of Whole World

Madan – Cupid/God of adoration/Man loaded up with magnificence /Intoxicating/ Pleasing/Another name for the Love/God Kaama/Spring/Passion/Delightful/Healer

Sukriti – Beautiful creation/ Wise/ Good deed/ Good creation/ Good work/ A good conduct/ Benevolence/ Auspiciousness

Sulabh – Easy/ Simple/ Easy to get/ Natural

Milan – Dear/ Beloved/ Union/ To meet/ Fusion/ Gracious

Milap – Union/ To meet

Mithila – Kingdom of Janak/ Good/ Kingdom of Mithi/ Goddess Sita/

Sulochan / Sulochana- One with Beautiful Eyes/ An Apsara

Sumangal – Very Auspicious/ Promising

Sumeet / Sumit – A Good friend/ Well measured/ Concise

Sundar – Beautiful/ Delightful/ Charming

Hira/ Heera – Diamond

Hridaya – Heart/ Spiritual heart

Iman – Faith/ Belief

Indubhushan – Having the Moon as an Ornament

Isha – Lord/ One who protects/ The protector / A lively woman/ Woman.

Ishan –  Lord Shiva/ Sun/ North-East/ Pure/Lord of wealth

Janak – Father/Generator/ Parent

Sunil – Dark/ Very black/epithet of Krishna/ Dark Blue/ Red lotus/ Pomegranate tree/ Lord Krishna/ Pure water/ Abundant goodness/

Madhur – Sweet/ Melodic/ Smooth/ Orphic

Mahant – Monk/ Prior/ Abbot/Head of religious order/ Religious superior/Priest

Maitreya – Future Buddha/ Bodhisattva

Manjeet – Conqueror of knowledge/ A conqueror of mind/ Having great knowledge/ Winner

Manjul –Gentle/ Soft/ Pleasing/ Sacred

Manoranjan – Entertainment/ Amusement/ Fun/ Recreational

Paramjeet/ Paramjit –Heroic/Gift of God/Highest achievement/Supremely successful/ The ideal victor/Ultimate champ

Paras/ Paaras – A touchstone/ A woman against whom others are measured/ The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold/ Healthy/ Iron

Parijat – A celestial flower/ Divine tree/ The night-blooming Jasmine

Parikshit – Name of the ancient King/ Fragnance/ The examiner/ Tested one/ Proven or Son of Abhimanyu/

Siddhartha – one who has accomplished a goal/ The blessed one/ Buddha/ White mustard/ Achieved all wishes

Siddhi/Siddha – Perfected one/ One who is accomplished/ One who has attained a paranormal capabilities/ Name of Lord Shiva

Sohan – Charming/Handsome/ Smart/ Good-looking

Sohil – Star/ Beautiful/ Handsome

Som – Breath

Manu – Born second/ Father of human beings/ Founder/ Ruler/Original man/ Strategy/ wise man/ Emperor of human beings/ Second in a line of sons/ Thinking wise/ Thought

Mathura – Birthplace of Gautam Buddha/ An ancient religious city

Maulik – Old

Mayur – Peacock

Meet – Friend

Nakul – Lord Shiva/ Name of one of the pandavas/ Intelligent/ Handsome/ Caring/ Unselfish/ Friendly/ Cool/  Big Hearted/  Perfect Man/ Twin brother of Sahadev

Nanak – Grandma/ Guru of the Sikhs

Shyamal – Black/ Dark blue/ Dusky/ Lord Krishna/ Dark and handsome/ One with the beauty of an evening

Shyamsundar – Dark and handsome/ Lord Krishna/ One with the beauty of an evening

Siddhanta – Principle/ Rule

Pallav – A newborn leaf/ Sprouts/ Young shoots and leaves/ A budding leaf/ Shoot

Parakram – Strength/ Bravery/ Heroism/ Valour

Paramananda – Beyond/ Supreme Bliss/ Superlative Joy

Sourabh – Fragnance/ Good smell/ Sun/ A light of success/ Gentle smell

Nanda – Full of Joy/ Great achiever/ Triumph/ Joyful/ Happiness/ Goddess Durga/ Great achiever/ Son of Lord Shiva/ Celestial nymph

Nandan – Companion/ King/ One who brings happiness/ Lord Krishna/ One who is pleasing/ Son/ Celebrating/ Heartening/ Temple/ Another name for Shiva and Vishnu/ Joyful/ Triumph

Narasimha – An avatar of Lord Vishnu/ Half lion and Half human being/ Head of lion with body of human/ Lion among men

Naresh – Powerful/ Epithet for divinities/ A King/ Lord of man

Narottam – Lord Vishnu/ Best amongst men/ Best of men

Navanit/ Navaneet – Fresh butter/ One who is never new/ Gentle/ Soft/ Always new/ Who takes pleasure in new happiness/ New

Navrang – Beautiful/ Colorful

Nawal – New/ Gift/ Wonder/ Wish

Nayan – Eye/ Gentle

Neel – Blue/ Cloud/ Champion/ Passionate/ Lord Shiva/ Sapphire blue/ Treasure/ A mountain/ Indigo

Nirupam – Without comparison/ Incomparable/ Unique/ Fearless/ Incomparable/ Unequaled/ Matchless

Nishad – Seventh note of octave/ Seventh note on Indian musical scale/ Swar/ Beautiful/ Cheerful/ Awesome/ Happiness

Nishant/ Nishanta – End of night/ Lord Shiva/ Lord Ganesh/ Lord Chandra/ Lord Surya/ Lord Maahakaali / Dawn/ Peaceful/ Early morning/ Unbreakable/ Destroyer of darkness/ Peace/ Day break/ The Moon

Nishita – Alert / Sharp/ Light/ Very dedicated/ Determined/ Fast

Nitesh/ Niteesh – Heartbeat of the earth/ Master of the right path/ Follower of the correct way/ God of law/ Great warrior/ Mightiest Lord / Follower of the correct way

Nripa – King/ Feet of the king

Om- The sacred syllable/ Sound of mantras/ Creation/ The Essence of Life/The Sacred/ Lord Shiva/ Name of Three Lords (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh)

Omprakash – Light of God/ Light of Om/ Sacred light/ Name of Lord Shiva

Padam/ Padma – Twofold/ Name of an enormous snake/ Lotus/ Flower

Palash – Name of a tree/ A flowering tree/ A tree/ Garden-lover’s son/ Greenery/ Horse

Parimal – Fragnance/ Perfume

Partha – Arjun/ Son of the Earth/ King

Parvat/ Parbat – Montain peak

Manas – Mind/ Power/ Intelligence/ Soul/ Spiritual thought/ Heart intellect/ Human being

Manav – Human/ Individual/ Person/ Man/ Human being/ Youth/ Human kind/ Humanity

Mandeep – Lamp of the mind/ Light of the mind/ Sharp minded/ Enlightened soul/ Mind/ Intellect/ Sharp/ Light of sages/ Light of the heart

Mangal – Auspicious/ Name of the planet

Mani – Gem/ jewel/ From the mountain/A Painter Who Later Claimed To Be A Prophet/ Lord Shiva/ Father Of Ketil

Neeraj/ Niraj – Lotus/ To illuminate/ Pure/ Free from attachment/ Born out of water/ Inevitable/ Pearl

Nidhi – Treasure/ Wealth/ Brilliant/ Bestow/ Wealth/ Principle/ Money/ Valuable possessions

Nirmal – Clean/ Pure/ Brilliant

Manish – The God of the Mind/ Intellectual/ One who has controlled one’s mind/ Master of the mind/ Controller/ Lord of the mind/ Intelligent/ Joyful temperament/ Soul/ Pride/ Heart/ Deep thinker/ Sagacity/ Lord of gems

Pathik – A traveler/ A tourer / A voyager

Pavitra/ Pabitra – Clean/ Pure/ Holy/ Spiritual

Piyush – Milk/ Amrit/ Elixir/ Drink that makes one immortal/ Nectar/ Sweet water/ Drink of God/ Holy water

Shrikrishna- Lord Krishna/ Krishna/ Black/ Dark skinned/ Eighth avatar of the god Vishnu/ Supreme God

Shrish – Lord of wealth/ Lord Vishnu/ Name of the tree

Shubha- Auspicious/ Lucky for everyone/ Fortunate/ Beautiful/ Delightful/ Goddess Laxmi/ Beauty

Shukla – Goddess Sarasvati/ Lord Vishnu/ Lord Shiva/ Bright/ White/ Bright moonlight during the waxing phase

Shulabh- Easy to get/ Natural

Sridhar – Possessor of Goddess Lakshmi/ Possessor of good fortune/ A rich man/ Good Luck/ Lord Vishnu/ Wealthy people/ Possessing Sri

Subal – A friend of Lord Krishna/ Lord Shiva/ Powerful/ Good / Divine

Prashant/ Prashanta – Patience/ Calm/ Quiet/ Tranquil/ Cool/ Composed/ One who is peaceful/ The super quiet one

Pratik – Hadow/ Symbol/ The symbol of God/ First word in a sentence

Subodh – Sound Advice/ Spiritual Intelligence/ Easily understood/ Good sense/ Good lesson/  Good boy Intelligent

Sudarshan/ Sudarsan – Beautiful/ Good-looking/ Attractive/ Handsome/ A weapon of Lord Vishnu/ Lion/ Lovely in Appearance/ Nice Looking/ The Devoted Person/ The Chakra of Lord Vishnu


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