Nepali Babies Name With English Meaning With Sounds


Here are Nepali babies’ names from 201 to 300

Abhiraj – Fearless king/ Regal/ Bright

Abinash/Avinash- Indestructible/ Immortal / Unconquerable

Bhagya – Lucky

Bhanu – Sun/ Fame/ Light/ Appearance / Ruler

Bhavesh- Lord of sentiment/ Lord of existence/ Lord of the universe/ Lord of the world/ Lord Shiva/ Lord/ Ruler

Bhavya – Grand/ Big/ Splendid/ Goddess Parvati/ Virtuous/ Composed/

Bhushan – Ornament/ Decoration/ Lord Vishnu/ Adornment

Chanchal – Goddess Lakshmi/ Active/ restless/ Awake

Chandan – Sandalwood

Chandra – Moon/ Shining/ Great Goddess/ Dignified/ Moon like, Of the moon, Hindu Goddess OF Moon and Stars

Chetan – Full of spirit/ Full of consciousness/ Living creature/ Perceptive/ Visible

Chetana – Perceptive/ Consciousness/ Intelligence/ Power of intellect/ Power of alert

Bikas/Bikash- Prosper/ Development/ Grow

Bimal/Vimal – Pure/ Purity/Clean/ Bright

Sapan- Dream/ Dreamer

Saral – Honest/ Straight/ Easy

Sarang- Musical instrument/ Sun god/ Name of raga/ Moon/ Sun/ Lord Krishna/Spotted deer/ Name of a God/ Type of bird/ Brilliance/ Jewel/ Light

Saras – Charming/ A bird/ Lake/ Simple/ Pond/ Full of love/ Moon/ Swan

Sarasvat – Learned

Sarat/Sarad- Born in autumn/ Name of the season

Binaya/Binay/Vinay- Politeness/ Modesty/ Gentle/ Leading/ Guidance/ Good manners/ Humility/ Civility/ Courtesy

Bishal- Great/ Immense/ Huge/ Big/Broad/Eminent/ Substantial/ Grandeur/ Prominence

Bishwa- World/ The Whole World/ The Whole Universe/ Planet

Bishwas Biswas – Faith/ Believe/ Trust

Shankar- Lord Shiva/ Benevolent/ Giver of bliss/ Lord Shiva/ Auspicious/ Name of raaga

Shanta – Pacified/ Calm/ Peace/ Durga/ Daughter of King Dasratha

Shantanu- Wholesome/ A king from Mahabharat/ Father of Bhisma/ Auspicious form

Sharad/Sarat- Autumn/ Sage

Buddha – Enlightened

Chaitanya – Consciousness/ Sensation/ Knowledge/ Cognizance/ Intellect/ Sage

Chakshu- Eye

Chirag- Light/ Lamp/Flame

Chiranjeev/Chiranjibi – Immortal/ Eternal/ Long lived/ Lord Vishnu/ Person blessed with long life/ Infinite

Bal/Bala – Power/ Girl/ Young/ Powerful/ Child/ Vibrant/ Young Strength/ Young Girl

Balaji – Lord Vishnu/ Strong

Balaraj- King/ Mighty/ Strong

Chirayu – Immortal/ Long lived/ Long life

Daman- Controller/ Variant of Demon/ Gentle/ Tame

Darpan- Mirror

Darshan- Paying Respect/ Religious word/ A Hindu God/ Perceive

Deep- Light/ Lamp/ Beautiful/ Brilliance

Deepak/ Dipak – Lamp/ Candle/ Light/ Source of light

Bidwan – Wisdom/ Knowledge

Bihaan/ Bihan – Morning/ Dawn

Gulab – Flower/ Rose

Guna – Good character/ Virtues/ Bestowed with qualities

Gunjan – Humming/ Buzzing of a bee/ Blossoms

Bijaya/ Vijaya/ Vijay – Victory/ Victorious

Deepesh/ Dipesh – God of light/ Love/ Light

Dev/ Deb – Divine/ God/ Abbreviation of name starting with Dev/Poet/ King/ Heavenly

Dibya/ Divya – Divine/ Divine brilliance/ Saintly/ Divine radiance/ Outstanding/Extraordinary/Heavenly/ Brilliant

Dinkar – Sun

Ekanath – Poet/ Saint

Ekansh – Whole/ Complete/ One/ Part of God/ Entire/ Full

Ekaraj – Emperor/ Ruler/Dictator

Ekavir – Queen fish/ Brave/ Bravest of the brave/ King

Eknath – Poet/Saint

Falguni /Phalguni – People born in Falgun/ Beautiful/ A Hindu month/ Day of the full moon

Gambhir – Serious/ Deep/ Earnest/ Profound/ Tolerant

Gandhi –

Gaurav – Honour/ Pride/ Respect/ Prestige/ Glory/ Dignity/ Privilege

Gautam – Enlightened/ Bright Light/ Wisdom/ Knowledge/ One of the seven Rishis/ Removal of darkness/ Lord Buddha/ Wisest/

Geet – Song/Melody/ Tune/ Excellent

Girish – God of the mountain/ Name of Lord Shiva/ Lord of the mountains

Jaya – Victory/ Salutation/ Durga/ Goddess Parvati

Sambuddha – Wise/ Enlightened/ Intelligent

Sameer/ Samir – Jovial/Loyal/Charming/ Entertaining/ Pleasant companion/ A friend to talk in with at dawn time

Samrat – King/ Emperor/ Ruler

Sanchit – Collection/ Accumulated/ Assembled/ Gathered/ Merit or demerit of the past life

Ajay/ Ajaya – Unconquered/Unsurpassed/ Invincible/ Victorious/ Undefeated

Alok – Brightness/ Cry of Triumph/ Light/ A man with beautiful hair/ Brilliance/ Vision/Enlightenment

Jayant/ Jayanta – Victorious/ Another name of Lord Vishnu/ The Winner/ Pleasure of Victory

Jeevan – Life/ Bringer of life/ Soul

Kabir – A famous saint/ Saint/ The great/ The prominent

Kailash – Name of mountain/ Crystal/ Home of Lord Shiva/ Himalayan peak/ Abode of Lord Shiva/ One who bestows peace

Kalyan – Good/ Well-being/ Welfare/ Happiness/ Auspicious/ Fortune/ Noble/ Blessing

Govinda – Name of Lord Vishnu/ Protector of cows/ Cow finder/ Lord Krishna

Grishma – Summer/ Name of a season/ Warmth

Guru – Teacher/ Guide/ Expert/ Master/ Priest/ Religious leader

Hans – Gift of God/ Faithful

Hardik – Heart/ From the heart/ Full of love/ One who has heart/ Armest/ Heartfelt/ From bottom of the heart/  Affectionate/ Cordial

Harihar – Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu together/ Lord Vishnu

Harish – Lord Shiva/ King of monkeys/ Vishnu/ Lord Krishna/ A color/ God of Hindu’s

Harsha – Happiness/ Pleasure/ Delight/ Joy/ Triumph/ Smile/ Excitement/ contentedness

Hasan – Beautiful/ Handsome/ Gentle/ Good mannered/ Virtuous/ Good/ Bone factor/ Radiant/ Pious/ Devoted to God

Diwakar/ Divakar – Sun of Aakash/ Lord of light/ Name of God Sun/ Judgement of God/ The Sun

Durgesh – Lord of Fort/ Protector of Forts/ Goddess Durga

Dwarika – God/ Capital of Lord Krishna Kingdom

Ekachakra – Name of Village/ Son of Kashyapa

Ekagrah – Attentive/ Focused

Ekalavya – Student who learned Bow by watching/ Renowned for his Devotion to his Guru/

Kashyap – Name of a sage/ A sage and friend of Pandavas/ Lily/ One who drinks water

Kaushal – Clever/ Skilled/ One who is skilled/ Perfect/ Wealth/ Happiness/ Skillful

Kavi/ Kabi – Poet

Keshab/ Keshav – A person with curly hair/ Lord Krishna/ Lord Vishnu/ Lord venkateswara, A person with long hair/ God/ Slayer of Keshi demon/ Son of God

Kiran – Ray of light/ Sunbeam/ Thread/ Sunrays/ Dust/ Dark haired/ Beam of light

Ekambar – Sky

Hemant – Early winter/ Name of season/ One of the six seasons/ Cold/ Wintry/ Most beautiful season of the year

Himachal – Name of the place

Himanshu – The moon/ One radiating cool light/ Radiance/ Part of Ice/ Lord Chandra/ Cool rayed

Here are Nepali babies’ names from 301 to 400


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