Nepali Babies Name With English Meaning With Sounds


Here are Nepali babies’ names from 101 to 200

Aadarsh- Ideal/Perfection/ One with principles

Aadesh- Command/ To make a statement/ Instruction/ Message

Aaditya- Sun God/ The first/ Son of the sun

Aakanksha – Wish/ Desire

Alaap- Raga/ Conversation/ Musical notes

Aalok/ Alok – Cry of win/ Light/ Flame/ Invisible/ Lovely hair

Aastik – One who believe in God

Achal – Steady/Mountainous/ Constant/ Shelter

Acharya/Aacharya- Spiritual teacher/ Instructor of religious matters/ Founder/ Highly Intellectual/ One who teaches right conduct

Achyut/Achyuta – Lord Vishnu/ Firm/ Imperishable/ Still/ Indestructible/ Immovable

Agrim – Ahead/ First/ Leader/ Advance

Sushobhan- Very Beautiful

Suvrat/Suvrata- Saint/ Ruling well/ Strict in religious vows

Suyash – Triumph/ Great result/ Illustrious/ Holy success

Suyog – Great timing/ Concentration/ Good opportunity

Adarsh- Perfect/Ideal/ One with Principle/ Belief/ Other name of the Sun

Adhikar – Rights/ Power/ Authority/ Grasp/ Control

Adhipa – Protector/ King/ Ruler/ Master/ Lord

Saumya – Calm/ Still/ Born of Soma/ Balanced/ Vivid/ Dignified/ Unruffled/ Mild/ Soft natured/ Gentle

Saunak – Boy/ Sage

Saurav/ Saurabh – Divine/ Celestial/ Melodious

Sevak/ Sewak- Servant/ Attendants/ Servant of God

Shaan – Pride/Prestige/ Wise/ Splendor/ Dignity/ Respected

Shahid – Witness/ Patriot/ Martyr

Adikavi – First poet

Agastya- Patron saint/ A saint in Hindu mythology/ Mountain thrower

Agni- Fire/ God of fire

Swagat – Welcome

Swapan- Dream/ Vision

Saajan – Beloved/ Companion/ Dearest/ Adored/Loved

Samar – Reward/ Fruit of Paradise/ Evening conversation/ Night conversation

Samarjit- Lord Vishnu, Triumph in war, Winner of the battle, One who has conquered lust

Sambhav – Possible/ Manifested/ Born

Amalesh- Pure one/ Clean/

Amar- Immortal/ Forever/ One who doesn’t die

Ambar/Amber- Sky/ Jewel

Anand/ Aanand- Happiness/ Bliss/ Peace/ Joy/ Triumph

Ananta/ Anant- Infinite/ Endless/ An epiththet Of Lord Vishnu/ An epithet of Goddess Parvati

Devanand- Triumph of God/ Triumph from Gods

Dhairya – Patience/ Patient / Courage/ Adherence/ Formness/ Fortitude/ Tolerance/ Forbearness

Dharma- Custom/ Law/ The universal law of order

Dhatri- Son of Vishnu and Lakshmi, Earth, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati

Dhiraj – Emperor/ Patience/ Tolerance/ Consolation

Ajendra – King of mountains

Ajit/Ajeet- Invincible/ Irrestible/ Unsurpassed/ Unconquered

Akash, Akaash, Aakaash- Sky/ Open space

Sugandha- Fragnance, Yellow Juhi

Suhas/Suhaas- Happy/ Full of laughter/ Good smile/ Always happy

Sujan – Honest/ Sincere/ Thoughtful/ Good person

Sujay- Victory/ Great success/ Triumph

Sukanta – Handsome

Suraj – Sun/ Born of the Gods

Akhil – Complete/ Whole/ World/ All enclosed/ Whole Universe

Akhilesh – King of all/ God of Universe/ Indestructible/ Immortal

Akshar – Immortal/ Imperishable/ Letter/ Eternal/ God of Gods

Akshay/Akshaya – Forever/ Eternal/ Immortal/ Indestructible

Dhwani – Melody/ Music/ Sound/ Tune/ Thunder

Dhyan – Reflection/ Meditation/ Contemplation/ Concentrate

Animesh – Bright/ Open eyed/ One with big beautiful eyes/ Divine/ Omnipresent

Binayak – Exceptional hero/ Lord Ganesh/ Leader

Bindu- Point/ Drop/ Dot

Binit/Vineet – Unassuming/Modest/ Knowledgeable/ Self-effacing/ Mild

Biplav – Drifting/ Revolution/ Floating

Biraj/Viraj – Ascendancy/ Excellence/ Magnificent/ Beauty/ Brilliant/ Resplendent

Birat – Large

Ankit – Symbol/ Signet/ Conquered/ Interesting/ Talented

Ankur – Small tree/ Sprout/ Sapling/ Shoot/ Flower/ Blossom/ Glow/ New life

Ankush – Instrument used for guiding elephants/Check/ Control/ Stop/ Restrictions

Arvind/Arbind/Aravinda – Lotus/ White Lotus

Aarya – Goddess of God/ Of noble birth

Bhuvan/Bhuwan – Palace, One of the three worlds, Home

Bibek- Wisdom/ Knowledge/ Conscience

Bibhu/Vibhu- All-pervading/ Sun/ Omnipresent/ Multiform/ Eminent/ Supreme/ Mighty

Ashis, Ashish- Blessing

Ashok/Ashoka- One without misery/ Without sorrow/ Without distress

Asim/Aseem/Asheem- Infinite/ Endless/ Limitless/ Eternal

Atal- Hero/ Leader/ Guide/ Immovable/ Unshakeable

Atmanand- Blissful soul

Avaneesh – God of the Earth/ Lord of the earth/ Ruler/ Lord of the whole world

Avanish – God of the Earth/ Lord of the earth/ Ruler/ Lord of the whole world

Avatar- Incarnation/ Appearance/ Transformation/ Manifestation

Ayush- Duration of life/ Long lived/ Divine personification presiding over life/ Long life

Badal – Cloud/ Rain/ Substitute

Badri – Lord Shiva/ Lord Vishnu/ Moonlight/ Moon

Badrinath- Lord Vishnu/ Lord of Mount Badri/ Jujube tree

Baikuntha – Kingdom of God Indra/ Heaven

Bajra/Vajra – Millet/ Thunderbolt

Barun/Varun – Infinite/ Withholder/ Lord of the sea/ God of the water/ Neptune/Rain/ The Savior/ Wind/ Air

Basanta/Basant- Season/ Spring

Bhagat – Devotee/ Votary/ Saint

Shailesh – God of Montain/ Lord of the mountain/ Himalaya/ Lord Shiva

Shakti – Power/ Goddess Parvati/ Divine woman/ Goddess Durga/ Powerful

Shambhu- Lord Shiva/ Source of Happiness

Shamindra- Quiet/ Gentle

Shamit – Calmed/ Peacemaker/ Disciplined/ Peaceful/ Prepared/ Intelligent/ Gentle

Sharadchandra- Autumn moon/ Name of a season

Sharan – Shelter/ Surrender to God

Bhagwan – God/ Divine/ Lord/ Illustrious

Abhijit/ Abhijeet – Victorious/ Conquerer/ Lord Krishna

Abhimanyu – Arjun’s son/ Heroic/ Passionate/ Proud


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