Here are Nepali babies’ names from 501 to 600

Satruijt/ Shatrujit – A Son of Vatsa / Victorious over enemies/ King

Satyajit / Satyajeet – Victory of Truth/ One who conquers the truth/ Everlasting/ Continuous/ Permanent

Tilak – Spot of Vermillion/ Sandal wood paste on forehead/ Auspicious

Trilok – The three worlds (heaven, earth, hell)

Ranjit/ Ranjeet – The delighted one/ Victorious/ One who is entertained/ Winner/ Always happy/ Coloured/ Pleased/ Delighted/The conqueror of the battle

Prabhakar – One who creates light/ Of the Sun/ Light maker/ Cause of lustre/ The Sun/ One who influence


Nigam – Treasure/ Vedic text/ Teaching/ Town/ Victory

Nihar – Mist/ Fog/ Dew/ To admire/ Covered with mornings dew/ Dawn/ Morning

Sandeep – A lighted lamp/ Light of sun/ The sun’s lamp/ Light/ Shine/ Beatiful/ Glowing/ Rishi (Sega of Gods)

Kunal – Lotus/ Golden/ Of Gold/ Son of Emperor Ashok/Lotus Eyes One who sees beauty in everything/ God of the Universe

Kundan – Gold/ Pure/ Purified gold

Kush/ Kusha – Son of Lord Rama/ Sacrified grass/ A rope/ Fasten/ One of the seven great islands/ Divisions of universe

Kusum – A Flower/ Blossom-like

Lagan- Appropriate time/ Dedication/ Determination/ Love/ The rising of the sun or planets/ Attaclunent

Lakshan- Mark/ Sign/ lucky mark/ One with auspicious signs/ Propitious/ Distinguished/ Attribute

Lakshya – Target/ Aim/ Goal/ Destination

Sandip – Glowing/ A lighted lamp/ Lighted lamp/ To lighten up/ One who is enlightened

Sanjit – Victorious/ One who is always victorious/ Perfectly successful/ Invincible

Sanjog – Coincidence/ Fate/ Chance

Nikhil – Complete/ Universal/ Resilient/Victorious/ Whole/ Entire/ Perfect

Nipun – Expert/ Proficient/ Skillful/ Clever/ Benevolent/ Talented /Perfect/ Specialist

Niranjan – Spotless/ Pure/ Supreme being/ Devoid of all objectifications/ Without any bad quality (attributes)/ Active/ Truthful/ Great/ Lord Krishna/ Name of a river/ Night of the full moon/ Simple

Nirbhaya – Fearless

Prabhas – Lustrous/ Splendour/ Beauty/ Brilliance/ Darling

Prabhat – Morning/ Dawn/ Shining/ Forth

Prabuddha – Enlightened/ Awakened/ Lord Buddha/ Expanded/ Roused/ Opened/ Blown/ Hero/ Brave one

Pradeep/ Pradip – Light/ Lantern/ Lamp/ Shine/ Glow

Prahalad – Extreme Joyful/ Excess of joy/ Son of Hiranyakashyap/ Great devotee of the Lord/ Bliss

Rashmi – Single ray of light/ Sun light/ Sun rays/ The first ray of sun/ Rope/ Light

Rasik- Smart/ Beautiful/ Connoisseur/ Graceful/ Elegant/ Passionate/ Entertaining/ Discerning/ Handsome

Trishanku – A king of the Surya dynasty

Tulasi/Tulsi – The sacred basil/ A sacred plant/ A Devi/ A sacred leaf thought to be the incarnation of Mahalakshmi/ Victory

Tushar – Frost/ Snow/ Winter/ Fine drops of water/ Mist/ Dew/ Ice/ Cold/ Water droplets

Utsav – A festival/ Celebration/ Joyous occasion/ Delight/ Merriment/ Pleasure

Uttam – Best

Vallabh/ Ballabh/ Ballav- Beloved/ Dear

Yadab/ Yadav – Clique of Krishna/ Descendant of Yadu

Yagya – Sacrifice

Yash – Success/ Splendor/ Majesty/ Luxury/ Rich/ Eminence/ Fame/ Famous/ Good will/ Glory/ Victory

Yatish – Lord of devotees/ A leader of the devoted/ Master of the devoted

Yogi – One who performs yoga/ Name of Krishna/ of the yoga practice/ Devotee/ Ascetic/ Meditative/ Religious/A Buddha/ Another name for Vishnu and Shiva

Rishi – A Sage/ Name of the priest/ Ray of light/ Pleasure/ Wise/ Pious/ light

Rochan – Red Lotus/ Bright/ One of the name of the Goddess Parvati/ Light/ Brilliant/ Attractive/ Blossom

Rohan – A river in paradise/ Ascending/ Blossom/ Another name for Vishnu/ Finest Indian steel/ Red haired

Rohit – The first rays of the sun/ Names of the Hindu God Vishnu/ Red sun/ Red flower/ Horse Rider/ Son of Raja Harish Chandra

Roopak – Dramatic composition/ Lord romantic composition/ Sign/ Feature

Roshan – Bright/ Dawn/ Light/Shining/ Born during the day light/ Illumination/ Splendid

Rupak- Dramatic composition/ Lord romantic composition/ Sign/ Feature

Sabal – With Strength/ Black

Sachetan – Consciousness/ Joyful

Udit – Ascended/ Grown/ Awakened/ Shining/ Rising of something/ Arisen

Ujwal,Ujjala- Bright/ Splendorous/ Lit/ Brilliant/ Attractive/ Sunshine/ Clear/ Clean/Lustrous

Umanga – Hope/ Joy/ Happiness/Triumph/ Enthusiasm

Utkarsh- Prosperity/ Awakening/ High quality/ Advancement/ To rise/ One who is eminent and glorious

Utsarg- Dedicating/ Surprise

There are more Nepali babies’ names besides the above mentioned which are rarely used.

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