April Fools SMS, Shayari, Text Messages, Jokes in Nepali


Get here 25 April Fool SMS in Nepali Language and script. We have posted here best and top 25 sms, messages, quotes, shayari, text msg, wishes, greetings, pranks, in Nepali language.

Everybody is aware of upcoming 1st April, the day of making fool. Many of you are searching Nepali April Fools message, Nepali April Fools jokes / trick, practical jokes ideas for April Fools day in Nepali.

Here in this post we have a great collection of sms, shayari, messages, msg, wishes, jokes, tricks suitable for April Fools day in

So please enjoy sharing these April Fools sms jokes / text messages in Nepali with your friends, family and loved ones.

Nepali April Fools SMS, Shayari, Text Messages, Jokes

No. 1 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Language for Facebook friends

Tada Bhai hal,
Yo SmS 5 Second
Ko pachhi Padkine chha!
Nakali (fake) ??
Yo pani China ko Maal niskiyo

No. 2 : April Fool Day MESSAGES in Nepali Font for girlfriend

Chhati ma dil,
Mutu ma dard,
Dard ma yakin,
Yakin ma khyaal,
Khayal ma kalpana,
Kalpana ma tasbir
Tasbir ma matra tapai!
Yati Bhayanak kalpana?
Ammaa Ammma

No. 3 : April Fool Day SHAYARI in Nepali Language for students




Yes Sir


Yes Sir


Yes Sir



Button thichna band gar,
timro paalo chha ,
attendence lagai hal

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Happy April Fools Day Images
No. 4 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Language for Facebook friends

Amir Khan le aafno Film
K Second part ko lagi
tapai lai rojeko chha
Jas ma tapai ko
Dherai ramro Role chha
Film ko Name ho

sale chor fataha yo dharti ma

No. 5 : April Fool Day MESSAGES in Nepali Font for Facebook friends

Tamam bewakuf haru
lai suchit gardai chhu…
Tapai ta yasto padi rahanu bhayeko chha
jasto yo suchana tapai ko lagi chha:p

No. 6 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Language for Facebook friends

You are a GHONCHU..

G- Great
O-One in million

Dherai khush na hou, akhir chhau ta timi ghonchu nai…

No. 7 : April Fool Day SHAYARI in Nepali Language for girlfriend

Oth le jasle chhoi hale, Anubhaw Aahile samma ko chha ,
Aankha bhijeko chha , ra sans ma aago aahile samma chha ¢â‚¬Â¦
Aru kin na ho¢â‚¬Â¦ Khayo pani ta ¢â‚¬Å“Hariyo khursani¢â‚¬Â¦¢â‚¬Â-chha

No. 8 : April Fool Day SHAYARI in Nepali Font for lovers

Yi sundari haru dekhi maya prem
or mutu lagaunu sarasar bhool ho ¢â‚¬Â¦
Jun din yo sweekar garne chhan prem ko,
Samajhi linu tyo din APRIL FOOL ho ¢â‚¬Â¦!

No. 9 : April Fool Day MESSAGES in Nepali Language for boyfriends




!__! !__!

Harek Pal

l D )
L___ Bahaau Mutu dekhi nai

No. 10 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Language for friends

( c ‘o
( c ‘==o
( c ‘===o
( c ‘=======o
Naak yasto bhai halun yadi msg garna chhodyau bhane.:-)

April Fool Day Messages in English

Hello, I contemplated the greatest day to propose a young lady. It’s essentially April 1. On the off chance that she acknowledges, you’re fortunate, and if it’s a different way, April Foooool!

We’ve known each other for quite a while, wouldn’t you say we can be something beyond companions? Since I truly cherish you, I need you to remain close by. Will you be my accomplice in a burglary? Cheerful April Fools Day.

Glad April Fools Day! Umm, only a tip: check your latrine, sink, icebox, dishes, phone, all that you can contact, don’t go out, simply rest on your bed, enclosed by your cover and sit tight for the best …

The first of April resembles some other spring morning, you get up, do what you need to do, yet then recollect … It’s April dolts’ day, and that day there are two sorts of individuals, some cheat the others to giggle, influence jokes and just to have a fabulous time, others close their entryways, windows, turn off their telephones and trust that the day will end.

The day for the expert pranksters is at long last here, you know, it resembles a second birthday celebration for them, they can do what they like and they can’t be made a decision for that, that is the reason I cherish the day of the blameless! What’s more, obviously, remember the dolts!

April Fool Day Messages in English

Do you believe you’re really amazing at kidding huh? Do you want to swindle individuals so effectively without being gotten back to? All things considered, I need to state … You’re totally right, since individuals nowadays are quitters, keep doing awesome!

April Fool’s Day is entertainment day of awfulness for individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea how to make jokes or trick anyone, since when they attempt, they become counterproductive and end up being fools, proficient exhortation: go to google and peruse something valuable about The dolts of April, trust me that it makes a difference!

It’s that time again … April Fools’ Day! At the point when individuals end up in the emergency clinic with heart assaults when they hear the words “I’m pregnant and it’s yours” or “It’s finished!” And it’s truly finishing when the other individual believes it’s a joke … Ahhh, the greatest day of all. !


April Fool Day Messages in English

The simpletons of April, the day nobody confides in anybody since no one can really tell what may occur, possibly you’ll finish up with water expand, a cake all over, or only a joke since individuals nowadays It has points of interest in this!

A few people know April as a wonderful spring month, others call it mid-spring, however just a couple recall an uncommon day … First of April! As such, the day of honest people! I trust you don’t give yourself a chance to be tricked!

No. 11 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Font for friends

,”*”,( ‘;’ ),”*”,
,”*”,(,,)(,,) Subha Ko,,”*”

,”*”,Sweet, Jasto,”*”,, ,”*”,Salam,”*”,

,”*”,April fool MORNING,”*”,

No. 12 : April Fool Day SHAYARI in Nepali Language for husband wife

Husband:rat ma maile 1 horror movie heren,
1 bokashi kahile mero aghi
kahile pachhi ra kahile sath hidi raheki thiyin,
Wife:Kun chahi movie thiyo?
Husband:Aafno bibah ko

No. 13 : April Fool Day MESSAGES in Nepali Language for girlfriends

Yadi raat ma kohi Tapaiko kotha ma Aayo,
Timro sarir lai chumyo,
Gala lai kiss garchhan,
taba Romantic na bannu,

No. 14 : April Fool Day Prank in Nepali Language for girlfriend

Kaash mutu ko ichchha pura bhai hale,
Tapai lai miss call or u receive bhai hale,

Sub boler garaula ma ghanton kura haru,
Hoosh taba ayun jaba tapaiko balance khatam bhai halne chhan 😉

No. 1 5 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Font for friends

2 pyaj,
3 lasun,
5 gm jeera,
3 kalo khursani,
2 spoon nun,
4 spoon oil,
1 cup water

No. 16 : April Fool Day MESSAGES in Nepali Language for friends

ra alikati chahi hariyo dhaniya.
Thaha chha ma ke banai raheko chhu?
Timilai ullu!

No. 17 : April Fool Day SHAYARI in Nepali Language for students

Exams ko 4 din pahile syllabus here taba yaad AAYO,
Kehi ta bhayeko chha kehi Bhayeko chha ,
Exams ko din paper dekher yaad AAYO,
Sab chij kehi na kehi farak chha sabai chij Naya chha ?

No. 18 : April Fool Day WISHES in Nepali Language for friends

Yati sundarta le kasari muskurai halne ho.Yati hatyari kasari sharmai halchhau.
Katti sajilai le jyan liyi halchhau.Kasai le sikayeko chha ya balyakal dekhi nai kamina ho ?

No. 19 : April Fool Day WISHES in Nepali Font for friends

Aisa DOSTANA mero,
Ma Nau timi KINARA,
Ma HOT timi COOL,
Ha Ha Ha…..

No. 20 : April Fool Day MESSAGES in Nepali Language for girls

Ik keti thiyo deewani jasti
Mobile liyer hidne garthi
Najar haru jukher, sharmeyer
Mobile ma thaha chhain ke herne garthi
Jahile pani bhetda ma sanga
Ma sanga sodhi rahanthi
ON kasari hune garchha?
ON kasari hune garchha?

No. 21 : TEXT MSG in Nepali April Fool SMS for lovers

Sun ta
Mahasus gar
Badal ko garjai
Bijuli ko chamakai
Barish ko ek ek thopa
Chichyai chichyai bhani raheko chha

No. 22 : April Fool Day TEXT MSG in Nepali April Fool SMS

Mutu le bhane lau SMS gar
soche “MUTU Ta PAGAL ho ”
ani khayal AAYO kehi kura chhaina, Kaslai garnu chha
Yo kun chahi “Normal” chha.

No. 23 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Script for Facebook friends

Gardai gar
Gardai gar
Gardai gar
besharmi ko tarika le
SMS receive gardai jau
tar Kahile reply na garnu…!!

No. 24 : Nepali April Fool SMS Script for girlfriend boyfriend

Baseko thiye timro yaad ma bhawana ek shanjh,
Liye ek kagaj ra lekheko timro naam,
Tasbir banai timro ra lekheko yo sandesh,
Jiudo paauney wala lai 50,000 ko inaam :p

No. 25 : April Fool Day SMS in Nepali Language for friends

Timi kukur ho kukur nai hau
timro aaune bala sara bansa haru
kukur ko jasto mrityu paayos
timi aafai pani kukur ko mrityu marnechhau!
Biralo le yo kukur sanga bhaner gai hal

April Fool Day Status in English

I need you to unwind and don’t stress, you can’t get pregnant upon the arrival of the guiltless …!

Wishing to settle your regulatory expenses today, Because it is lawful to undermine the day of idiots!

I can’t live without you! It doesn’t make a difference, I was discussing … Oxygen! Day of the Innocents!!!

Look (name) today you’re not tanked! Day of the Innocents!

Hears! Try not to get distraught at individuals today, I wish you a glad day of the insane!

Trick’s day 2019, congrats messages and expressions with jokes.

How might I trick an exceptional companion like you? Press F13 in the event that you concur with this message!

A debt of gratitude is in order for perusing this message. Congrats! $ 50 will be credited to the sender’s record! Have an extraordinary day in April!

Try not to fear being bamboozled today! It is still not a entertainment day of tricks, it is March 32!

I simply needed to bid a fond farewell, I chose to leave for some time, Please, don’t pursue my way, My ticket is held for … Entertainment day of simpletons.

I couldn’t think about any new wise joke for the day of the insane, so I sent an image to your companions where you were smashed …

Today everybody discusses how savvy and shrewd you are. How could you cheat?

On the off chance that you lay down with me today, I won’t stress over somebody trusting this!

Cheerful April Fool’s Day 2019! Did they name it in your respect?

It is smarter to keep your mouth shut and let individuals think you are a trick than to open it and take out all questions.

A dear trick, you will dependably be a trick. Cheerful April Fool’s Day.

My companion supposes he is the most intelligent and that just an onion can make him cry. At that point, I tossed a stone in his face and influenced him to understand that I wasn’t right.

You are an excellent, amazing, astute, capable, understanding and getting individual. Grinning? All things considered, the upbeat day of the honest people!

Cheerful April Fool’s Day, companion. This day is devoted only to you!

Hello amigo! Individuals like you influence me to understand that I am still a lot more astute than many. Much obliged to you.

Today is the day you were conceived. Glad Birthday.

Somebody misses you consistently and needs to meet you as quickly as time permits. Think about who? Your chimpanzee companion at the zoo.


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