20 Nepali Actress Before and After Makeup With Socking Pictures


20 Nepali Actress Before and After Makeup With Socking Pictures

Kollywood Nepali Actress Before and After Makeup: – Makeup has many different aspect and meaning. In one way make up means the part or ingredients of something are put together to get finished look is makeup. Similarly, in another way, makeup means using the cosmetics like lipstick mascara cream powder eyeshadow and other product used on our face and body to be beautiful is known as makeup. Well, it’s not that we do makeup only in our face. Makeup is done in different part of the body like leg hand face neck and so on. In the same way, we have a concept that we do makeup to look beautiful and white only, but these days it’s not true. People sometimes do makeup in order to look different and some time for the change too. Women and makeup have a big connection since the ancient time. Especially women always wanted to look pretty and beautiful.

For that, they can do anything and everything.  These days it is the world of glamorous and good looking. Everyone wants to look beautiful and pretty. For that, they can do anything and spent any amount of money. There are many cosmetic companies that produce makeup items like eyeliner mascara cream foundation and so on.  The amount of makeup we wear depends on our skin quality. The better our skin the less makeup we wear and we need to use less makeup.  In the same way, we need to keep our skin well hydrated and exfoliated and you may be able to get away with little more than under eye concealer, mascara and lip balm every day. These days makeup is very popular in the glamorous world and also in the female group. Not only female but also male people do make up these days. Especially we wear makeup in the special function, parties and in the festivals too.  Makeup very important in the today’s world. Here we are going to discuss the Nepali actress before and after makeup.

20 Nepali Actress Before and After Makeup With Socking Pictures

  1. Priyanka Karki:

The leading actress in the Nepali movie industry is Priyanka Karki. She has learned the acting from the USA. she started her modeling career when she becomes miss teen 2005. The stared her in the glamorous worlds as RJ and did the acting in the tv show gharbeti ba in the Kantipur. Since then she became very popular and started her acting career on the big screen. Well sign up for the movie mero best friend but the first released was 3 lovers as the release date of mero best friend was postponed.

Priyanka Karki Before & After Makeup
Priyanka Karki Before & After Makeup

Since that movie, she has done many movies most of them are hits too. Priyanka Karki is a multitalented actress who is not doing only acting. She is also a singer-dancer and a performer too. According to the survey in 2016, Priyanka is considered as one of the best attractive women in the Nepali movie industry.   This actress is very attractive talented and hardworking too. Well, makeup helps one to look good and so did to Priyanka. Without make, she is not so good looking and it does not show her skin good. For the celebrities, it is important to wear makeup and maintain themselves. Priyanka looks very different without makeup. She is much better with makeup. Her face is not so clean and we see some spots on her face and some scares too which make her look say king of not good. Well, she applies lots of cosmetic product on her face and hides everything that is not good and then becomes beautiful and good looking. She is very good looking with makeup.

  1. Samragee Rajya Laxmi Shah

The actress of the second generation is Samragee Rajya Laxmi Shah. She is originally from Birgunj. It is also believed that she belongs to the king’s family too. She has done her schooling from India. She was a model earlier and has never thought of doing acting. But she debuted from the movie dream with the co-star Anmol kc the son of Bhuwan kc.

Samragee Rajya Laxmi Shah With & Without makeup
Samragee Rajya Laxmi Shah With & Without Makeup

This movie was box office hit and she managed to get the huge amount of fan following from the movie. She is very cute and charming actress who can take the industry to the next level. She is very cute and good looking in the makeup. Her skin looks fresh and charming too. Well, she is not good without makeup. Here are few scares on her face due to chicken pox she had on her childhood. She looks very attractive with eyeliner whereas even she does full makeup without eyeliner she does not look perfect. So in makeup eyeliner is most important to her. looks amazing. Samragee without making She is a classic beauty. Although the light eyes and flawless complexion run in the family, she’s got her own charisma that shines through. 

  1. Namrata Shrestha

namrata-shrestha-with & without makeup
Namrata-Shrestha-with & without makeup

The prettiest actress in the movie industry who is very popular for the movie like Mero Euta Sathi Cha, classic, November rain has her own charm. Namrata Shrestha is from Dharan. She debuted from the movie Mero Euta Sathi cha. Apart from acting, she is also a businesswoman who has a restaurant in Tangal, which she runs in partnership. Other than her acting, Namrata Shrestha is known for her sparkling, faultless appearance. She needs almost no cosmetics to look astonishing. Her lively persona just adds to her magnificence.


  1. Deepa Shree Niraula

The other leading actress in the Kollywood industry is Deepa Shree Niraula. She is from Biratnagar and started her career from the program in the radio Dhaniya ki Duniya’, which was very popular. Still, people remember her by the same title too. The comedian-actress Deepa is very popular with the tv program Tito Satya with Dipak raj Giri.

deepa-shree-niraula-before & after makeup
Deepa-Shree-Niraula-before & after makeup

This actress has done many Nepali movies and tv serial. Shen is not only the actress but also a producer and director too. The first movie that was directed by her was chhaka panja which was all-time hit and did very good at the box office. This actress is bubbly and charming. She doesn’t need more makeup. Either with makeup or without she is pretty much same. The stunning comedian actress Deepa is good looking.  It appears like the glamorous deepa shree can figure out how to remain true even without the assistance of her makeup pack. The on-screen character, who shot to popularity through the radio program starer was caught by the cameras at an open place, donning a quirky look, which is extremely not the same as her on-screen appearances up until now.

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  1. Nisha Adhikari

One of the successful actress and a model who has done many movies in the Kollywood movie is not other than Nisha Adhikari. The started her acting career from the tv show gharbeti ba in Kantipur television. After that, she has appeared in many videos and movies. This stunning actress has won the title of Miss personality as well as the main title of Miss International Nepal 2005.

nisha-adhikari-after & before makeup
nisha-Adhikari-after & before makeup

Adhikari’s debut movie is Mission Paisa in opposite with Nikhil Upreti. This is one of the successful movies of it’s released year in Nepal. Nisha is a superstar mainly because of her persona. This beautiful actress of the Nepali movie industry is the first lady to climb the mount, Everest. She conquered Everest  on 21st may 2013 at about 8 am NST. she has also raised the Nepali flag on the top of Africa’s Highest Kilimanajro peak after successfully climbing the 5756 m peak in Tanzania. It seems she is also interested in mountaineering too.She looks like she was just born to be pretty and she does a rather great job at it. Well, Nisha is very pretty with or without makeup she’s always rocking!

  1. Neeta Dhungana

neeta-dhungana-with & without makeup
Neeta-Dhungana-with & without makeup

The actress of the Nepali movie who is popularly known as the Gala Ratai is an actress who has started her acting a teenager girl. She played the elder sister in Ajambari Nata which was released in 2008. She is popular in the industry for her acting and dance. This beautiful actress has established herself in the movie industry with her acting and dancing. she is gorgeous even without makeup. Well, seeing Neeta Dhungana we realize that even celebrities have their flaws. She has this inborn star quality and the most captivating eyes ever!She is stunning with or without makeup.

  1. Sushma Karki

Sushma-karki-before & after makeup pic
Sushma-Karki-before & after makeup pic

The actress is known as the ‘Udreko choli’ from the item Nepali song Udreko choli from the movie loot is known as Sushma Karki. She is super dynamic on Facebook live when she’s quite recently unwinding at home in the night robe and no cosmetics – a major thumbs up to her for being agreeable in her own particular skin. Take a gander at how dazzling she looks with her honest doll confront. This popular face has started her acting career and has done well in the industry. This gorgeous lady does not focus on make up a lot. She is more comfortable with her original skin.

  1. Reecha Sharma

Richa Sharma Before & After Makeup
Richa Sharma Before & After Makeup

The other actress in the Nepali movie industry is Reecha Sharma. She is not only an actress but also a successful model and vj too.Reecha Sharma has made significant commitments to Kollywood with her work. Her shadowy composition and her excellent hazel eyes have made her indispensable – she has her own special enchantment. Without cosmetics, she resembles any standard lady – yet that is not a terrible thing, is it? The gloomy Reecha Sharma is skilled with extraordinary highlights. She looks remarkable with no cosmetics on. In any case, when she does glitz up, she doesn’t neglect to inspire!

  1. Rekha Thapa

We’ve seen Rekha Thapa in such a large number of symbols and she generally looks like herself – lovely! We’ve considered her to be a hotshot in “Himmatwali” and as the normal lady in “Hero” (for which she truly just wore kajal) and she has never neglected to flabbergast us with her acting aptitudes. The extremely capable Rekha has never been enthusiastic about cosmetics or glamorizing herself. She’s so centered around making an astounding showing with regards to with acting that she generally just spruces up for occasions and her roles.Rekha Thapa is one of those performing artists who has endeavored to accomplish her wellness objectives and we are so upbeat for her. She posts great selfies on Instagram where she has no cosmetics on, and they’re all beautiful.

Nepali-actress-rekha-thapa-with and without makeup pic
Nepali-actress-Rekha-Thapa-with and without makeup pic

The extremely intense hot and provocative performer of Nepali motion picture industry is Rekha Thapa. The performing artist is in the motion picture industry for 17 years now. Rekha Thapa began her motion picture profession from the film Hero in which she has done side part inverse Rajesh Hamal. The performer got hitched to the chief of the same movie.Rekha Thapa is as yet ruling the film business with her appeal and magnificence. The on-screen character has the solid sex offer and because of hot picture and part, she is well known in the industry.in the good ‘old days Rekha has battled a considerable measure for finding the opportunity, however, end up plainly fruitful after the film legend.

  1. Reema Bishwokarma

The new young lady in K-town, Reema Bishwokarma is amazing even without cosmetics. She looks so straightforward and unassuming in her everything common selfies. She has progressed significantly and is currently one among the most prominent youthful performing artists in Kollywood.’

Reema Bishwokarma before and after makeup pic
Reema Bishwokarma before and after makeup pic

Reema appeared in media outlet by displaying in a music video titled ‘Jindagima Saath..’ So far she has been highlighted in around 300 music recordings. In extra large screen motion pictures, Rema appeared in “Swor” and had worked in films like Visa Girl (watch Visa Girl here), Ritu, Bhale Fight, Six Feet Life, and Scape. At present Reema is planning for her part in ‘Bato Muni Ko Phool 2.The bubbly Reema has step by step cleared her directly onto the best in Kollywood. She’s never been hesitant to go cosmetics free via web-based networking media, and we cherish her certainty!


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