Nepali Singers, Actor and Actress and Their Luxurious Cars

  1. Sunil Thapa

   Sunil Thapa was born on 19 May 1957 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Before entering to a movie he was engaged in sports and was a professional football player for ICL Club Bombay and okay’s sports club. After that, he started modeling career in 1974 in Bombay. After that, he entered into the film industry and did acting in the film industry. Sunil Thapa is a leading actor in Nepali movies. He had also acted in many Bollywood films. At first, he completed his study and went to India for further studies.

sunil thapa
sunil Thapa

He did his study and acted in Bollywood movies. He started acting Bollywood film film “Ek Duje Ke Liye”. He has done a number of films in Nepali film industry. Nowadays he traveling here and there on his own. He bought a New sx4 s-cross. This car has a various feature in its engine such as With capable and effective Booster Jet motors, ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive innovation, propelled well-being highlights and more space than any time in recent memory, the new Suzuki hybrid is the ideal cooperative energy of solace and SUV ability. Wherever your creative ability takes you, make the most of the trip with the new SX4 S-Cross. The cost of this car is about 60 lakhs.And he also has Mercedes CLA coupe. This car also has the various feature like Underneath the twin power arches of the CLA 250 hood pulsates an intense heart. A 208-hp turbo inline-4 transforms less fuel into more torque with cutting-edge Direct Injection and quick multi-spark start. ECO Start/Stop consequently delays the motor at red lights to spare fuel.

  1. Deepa Shree Niroula

Deepa Shree Niroula was born on 23 August 1975 in Biratnagar, Nepal. She started her acting career at tharu cinema. She did the leading role in “Haiti Kuhira”. After that she made she is also known as Nepalese actress, director, comedian and best radio personality for her role in Nepali television serial “Tito Satya”. She did many episodes of Tito Satya and started to direct in Nepali movies the first film she directed was “Chakka Panja”. Her first car was Sentro whose price is 15.75 lakhs. Before directing the first film  “Chakka Panja” she uses to drive sentro. But after directing Nepali movies name “Chakka Panja”.In this movies, Deepa is a lady director.

Deepa Shree Niroula in her car
Deepa Shree Niroula in her car

The movies are a super hit movie in the Nepali film industry. After directing Nepali movie Chakka Panja breaks the record of dreams who earned the high profit in the Nepali film industry. Now a day Deepa is directing second part of” Chakka panja 2”. There is rummer among the people that the film will be able to earn more money than “chakka panja”. Deepa uses to ride Sentro at first but after making “chakka panja” the film made the high profit that she is able to manage to ride  Hyundai I20 ACTIVE. The car gives various feature like the 1.2L Kappa oil motor is to a great degree vigorous and conveys 83 is at 6,000 rpm while crest torque measures 11.7 kg.m at 4,000 rpm. The 5 Speed oil transmission in oil i20 Active offers exceedingly responsive speeding up to influence you to drive a smooth encounter. It also has feature of back camera stopping rules are directing edge touchy and bend according to the controlling position to correctly manage the vehicle amid complex congested parking spot. So the price of her car is about 37 lakhs. So nowadays she is using 120 active.

  1. Jiwan Luitel

Jiwan Luitel was born on 10 September 1981 on Karjuna, [ Koshi Haraicha municipality], Morang Nepal.He participated in Mr.Nepal 2002. He won the title of Mr.Nepal 2002. He is a Kollywood actor. Jiwan Luitel started his film career from Nepali movie name as “Tirkha”. He worked more than 65 Nepali films until today. He was awarded by KTV best debutant actor for the film Nasib Aafno in 2010 and also awarded for best actor with national films awards for his militia ko Bhatti in 2013.

Jiwan Luitel & his car
Jiwan Luitel & his car

He is the only one Nepali actor to receive 5 film awards in a single year, along with various other awards in the history of Nepali cinema. Before he uses to drive an Italian Audi car but nowadays he uses to drive Perodua. He bought this car 1 years ago. His car has various features like Anti-bolt Braking System (ABS) as their offering point, yet with the new Bezza, the present era of the customer’s still, small voice and interest for more secure autos have been met with Perodua’s consistent expect to better their autos. It also has more feature like Hill-begin Assist (HSA) which keeps the auto from moving in reverse on soak surfaces once the brake is discharged, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) which keeps up the vehicles solidness and keeping it from swerving and sliding when it’s driven on dangerous streets. The cost of his car is about 29 lakhs.

  1. Manisha Koirala

Manisha Koirala was born on 16 August 1970 in Kathmandu, Nepal. she did her study in Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya till class 10. After doing her SLC exam she wants to be a doctor so she went to Delhi, India. She started to study in army public school of Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi campus. After studying she had an interview and in that interview she said that she should be strong and independent on her own.And in Delhi  She started to take few modeling assignment, after doing modeling she shifted towards acting. She did many Nepali acting and her first Nepali movie was “Pheri Bhetaula” in 1989. She decided to make her career in acting so that she went to Mumbai for the film role.


After going to Mumbai for the film role she did her first Hindi movies as “Subhash Ghai’s Saudagar in 1992” In 2004, she went to new york for her future study in diploma in filmmaking which she did from New York University. While she was studying in New work she became a member of independent documentary filmmaker’s society. After doing her diploma she came back to Bollywood movies and Kollywood movies. She did more than 200 films in both Nepali and Hindi film industry. Nowadays she is leaving in India as she has her house in Nepal as well.Nowadays she is using a private vehicle like a car.She has a car collection in her house in India. She hobbies to travel from one place to another and she uses her own private vehicle. She has this type of luxury cars Mercedes which price is about 1 crore 12 lakhs. She also used Porsche Cayenne car whose price about 2.5 crores and she also uses her third car as Bentley Continental GT.

  1. Pradeep Khadka

Pradeep Khadka was conceived on 10 March 1992 in Kusunti, Lalitpur. He did his higher study at Prasadi Academy. After doing higher study from Prasadi Academy he joined Lord Buddha Education Foundation, a Kathmandu which is affiliated with Sikkim Manipal University India for his MBA program in Marketing. After doing graduation in Marketing he always wants to make a film. But he was not a filmy background so he decided to make his own production house. In 2011 he made his own media house named as Pradeep media

pradeep khadka was gifted a Hundai car by Mr. Sen
Pradeep Khadka was gifted a Hyundai car by Mr. Sen

Pradeep Khadka also wants to act in a movie and he produces his first film from his own production house film name as “Escape” featuring himself as the main actor in a film. The movie made by him flopped and Pradeep lost about Rs.3.5 million. He did not think of loss and make another film as”Thulo Manche” but he did not act in this film but he was happy to put himself behind the camera. But this time also the fruit was not fruitful. This time this movie also failed to get back his investment. After failing both as actor and producer his dream to make himself as a known actor in Nepali film industry once again become the dream. After his both film flopped he was frustrated and was planning to go Australia for a better life. But the devastating earthquake of April 2015 Pradeep was forced to postpone his that time the production team of new Nepali film Prem Geet was looking for a new face. Like all, another face he took part in an audition and been selected for that film. He thinks that it was his last chance to do something nice in cine world. He did his best and make this film. The film becomes a blockbuster and got 7th position on the list of highest grossing Nepali film. After that, he thought a while and bought a new car named as Range Rover.

  1. Nischal Basnet

     Nischal Basnet was born on 17 January 1981 in Kathmandu Nepal. He is from Charpane, Jhapa. Nischal Basnet is a multi-capable individual, best known for director and actor in Nepali film industry. He contemplated his Bachelor in Arts film considers in Oscar International College. He was unsatisfied with the status of the film business in those days. The industry was brimming with profanity in those days. He cherished watching old Nepali movies, for example, Kagbeni. So, he went to learn film ponders. Nischal went to Sydney, Australia to seek after his higher examinations.

Nischal basnet photo shoot with a tata car
Nischal Basnet photo shoot with a tata car

There he worked in Meriton Serviced Apartments. After doing the job in Meriton serviced apartment he came back to Nepal and joined the film industry. After blockbuster makes a big appearance heading of “Loot”, the ubiquity of Nischal Basnet soar. After doing the blockbuster movie he at that point coordinated Oscar selected film “Talakjung VS Tulke “. The film did not do well in the film industry but rather was widely praised. He got the positive audit for his acting. Then, He was additionally observed its spin-off, Kabbadi which was likewise colossal blockbuster !!! Nischal is good to go to assume the lead part of the new film “2 Rupaiya “. He is set in his life so nowadays we can see him traveling by his own car. He bought a new Tata Safari Storme. Seven months down the line there is yet another motor change and this less than ideal change is being improved the situation a justifiable reason and it’s known as the Hexa. To knock up the power and torque figures of the 2179cc motor, Tata engineers needed to fortify the barrel square, head, cylinders, primary direction and adjust the injectors and the turbocharger. Accordingly, the 2.2-liter turbo-diesel motor now creates 153.8bhp and 400Nm of torque.the price of tata safari storm is about 30 lakhs.

Nepali Singers, Actor and Actress and Their Luxurious Cars


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