Nepali Singers, Actor and Actress and Their Luxurious Cars

Nepali Singers, Actor and Actress and Their Luxurious Cars

An auto (or car) is a wheeled engine vehicle utilized for transportation. Most meanings of auto are said as they run basically on streets, situate one to eight individuals, have four tires, and chiefly transport individuals as opposed to merchandise. Cars came into worldwide use amid the twentieth century, and created economies rely upon them. The year 1886 is viewed as the birth year of the present day auto when German innovator Karl Benz manufactured his Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Autos have been around for over a hundred years. The main general auto in America was made by Henry Ford in 1908. This auto was known as the model ‘T’ otherwise called the Tin Lizzy. After the principal auto was presented, the development of autos had changed in size, shape, and cost. The most radical change has been in cost.

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Today, makers make autos that offer an assortment of motors. For instance a customer can have the choice of picking an auto with a 1.0 to 24 drive motor. These sorts of motors are great passenger autos in light of the fact that despite the fact that they are exceptionally economical, their motors are thought to be extremely dependable. Cars did not turn out to be broadly accessible until the mid-twentieth century. One of the primary autos that was open to the majority was the 1908 Model T, an American auto fabricated by the Ford Motor Company. Cars were quickly embraced in the US, where they supplanted creature drawn carriages and trucks, yet took any longer to be acknowledged in Western Europe and different parts of the world.

The expenses of car use, which may incorporate the cost of: procuring the vehicle, repairs and automobile support, fuel, devaluation, driving time, stopping charges, duties, and protection, are weighed against the cost of the choices, and the estimation of the advantages – saw and genuine – of vehicle use. The advantages may incorporate on-request transportation, portability, freedom and accommodation. To decrease time consumption and to do more work many people buy car. To do more work and decrease time in travelling many actor and actress also buy cars. Some of Actor and Actress who has their own car are given below:

Nepali Singers, Actor and Actress and Their Luxurious Cars

  1. Priyanka Karki

Priyanka Karki was born on 27 February 1987. She is a Nepal actress, model, VJ, singer, and dancer. She was also a former Miss Teen Nepal. She is considered as the most professional and most dedicated actress in Nepali film industry. She purchased a new car. There is gossip in among the people and in online news that she purchased a vehicle by the funds of an earthquake victim. But she says that she purchased a vehicle by her own showbiz income.

priyanka karki smiling near a car
priyanka Karki smiling near a car

According to her, she bought a car before an earthquake. She says that the money for earthquake victim collected from the UK is yet to arrive.She also says that she promised that she will show every single money to the public. According to news, she is from the rich family that she should not take any money from earthquake fund to buy something. There is no doubt that she has earned by being very busy and has been the well-known actress who acted in various movies. According to Nagariknews paper, the paper says that Priyanka Karki bought a Mercedes. But according to Priyanka Karki statement on Twitter, the news was false. She again tells that she had purchased a Hyundai Tucson model car. The price of Hyundai Tucson is about 48 lakhs now.Earlier she was riding a scooter but now is she driving a Hyundai Tucson car.

  1. Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa was born on Salakpur on Morang the eastern part of Nepal. After graduation from school, she came to Kathmandu for her higher investigations. She wants to be an on-screen character she began to take an interest in different sorts of a fabulous project. Later on, she took part in Miss Nepal pageant in 1999. She started her filmy career with many Nepali heroes in the Nepali film industry. she started to drive a car for 14 years. She had used 5 cars till now. Nowadays she is known as both actress and producer in the Nepali film industry. Rekha Thapa bought a new car recently. Before that, she used to use her old blue Hyundai Getz for a bright red Daihatsu Terios.

Rekha Thapa & Shyam Bhattarai talking beside Rekhas new-car
Rekha Thapa & Shyam Bhattarai talking beside Rekhas new-car

After a success of her latest film name as ‘kali’, she bought new red Daihatsu Terios. Under the hood prowls a fresh out of the plastic new 1 495 cm3 four-barrel motor with twofold overhead camshafts, DVVT variable valve control, and fuel infusion.This produces 78 kW at 6 000 r/min and 150 Nm of torque at 4 500 r/min.  The engine sustains control by methods for either a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-speed programmed transmission. The 4×4 has the changeless four-wheel drive with a middle differential secure for better grasp rough terrain driving and she can use it in her shooting place at high where other cannot go. She also claimed that her latest movie ‘kali’ has earned over Rs 1.4 crore. According to her statement that she will get a good amount of profit after theater deduction than the cost of production. Rekha Thapa claimed that the price of her new car is Rs.43 lakhs. After she bought her new car she gifted her old car to her ex-husband Chabi Raj Ojha.

  1. Bhuwan kc

Bhuvan kc
Bhuvan kc

Bhuwan kc was conceived on 23 August 1957 is a Nepali actor, producer, and director. He began his profession as a vocalist for radio Nepal with melodies, for example, “garage Saara raat” after that he picked up acknowledgment in the Nepalese movie industry. His first film was in1983 was sadhana and was a successful film he acted in the role of Bhuwan kc was ‘juni’ acting but it was not commercially successful. After that, she started his film career. After he started working in Nepali cinema with popular Nepali actors Rajesh Hamal and Udit Narayan and many others. It helped him to establish his strong base and directed his own film dreams, with the help of his own son Anmol k.c. in the leading role. He also knows as a superstar of Nepali film industry. Nowadays Bhuwan kc is riding Kia sports car price of his car is about 55.5 lakhs. He also says that he doesn’t keep a car more than two years.

  1. Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh hamal in a tata car
Rajesh Hamal in a Tata car

       Rajesh Hamal was born on 4 June 1964 at Palpa, Tansen, Nepal. Rajesh Hamal did his schooling at Bhanu Bhakta memories higher secondary school up to 8.After that, he went to Moscow, Russia with his father who was Nepalese ambassador to Russia he finished his M.A in English Literature from Delhi University. He first modeled for fashion net, in an Indian magazine and he started ramp walk in Kathmandu and in New Delhi in 1986. He started his film career from film ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’. The film was made by his maternal uncle in 1988. He received National film award for best actor and debut  1989 for this film in 1991 and 1997 Nepalese magazine was rated in among 50 most handsome people in Nepal. He also was known as Nepali film star. It is heard that Rajesh Hamal is riding his tata car.

  1. Udit Narayan Jha

Udit Narayan Jha was born on December 1955 in the small village of Nepal. He completed his education from Nepal. After completing his education and decided to move Mumbai for his further education. He got a chance to do a degree in music under scholarship. After doing degree he decided to sing a song and came back to Nepal. He started his career at a Nepal radio station and struggled a lot. After singing in Nepal radio he even tries to act in various Nepali movies but it was not his passion so he leaves acting and sang the various song in Nepali and went to Mumbai. In Mumbai, he started singing in regional language, but he got his big break when Rajesh Roshan approved him to sing his song.

udit narayan jha
udit Narayan Jha

After singing that song he reached the height of success. The first song of Udit Narayan Jha in Bollywood was ’ Papa Kehte Hain’. After that song, he won Padma Shri in 2009 along with various awards. After getting Padma Shri award he bought a Mercedes Benz and Audi q5. The price of his Mercedes Benz is about 1.4 crore the car has very much feature like the number of standard luxury features on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and the number of even more luxury options available allow you to own the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. The price of Audi is about 70 lakhs 40 thousand Nepali. This can also consist of various feature like the fuel economy of this car is 27. This car also has a capacity of 18.5-liter fuel. There is no much information about his cars collection this news was also flashed in the news after he beat his driver over the messy interior of this luxurious vehicle.

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