9 Nepali Actresses Who Has Worked in the Bhojpuri Films


9 Nepali Actress Who Has Worked in Bhojpuri Films

One of the most charming fields of work is said to be the glamorous world. No matter either it is Hollywood Bollywood Kollywood or any other like Tamil south or Bhojpuri. The craze of name and fame lies in this industry.

So the actor and actress are always trying to do better and something new in the field and for that, they are looking for the opportunities in the different world of glamorous from Kollywood to Bollywood and Tamil to Bhojpuri.

They are always trying to explore themselves in the industry. Well, the actor-actress are always looking for the better opportunities to lift up their career. Here is some actress who explore themselves from Kollywood to Bhojpuri movies and are doing better on both side of the industry.

1. Jenisha KC:

The glamorous actress and model of the Nepali movie industry are known as Jenisha kc. She is always doing the role of glamorous and bold role in the Nepali movies. The actress has done many movies and now 3 movies are going to be released on the go. It seems Jenisha is busy these days in lifting up her career.

The movies like Ek pal, Soldier, and action are going to be released between Baisakh and Shravan but all three movies are a flop. But still got the hope from the movie kale. In the movie kale, she is featured in bold and beautiful appearance.

Jenisha KC
Jenisha KC

Well, the actress debuted form the movie grifter in the Nepali movie industry. The actress is also linked up with many co-stars, director, and producer, but she always denied and says that she is seeing a guy from Russia.

The actress as she was not doing good in the Kollywood industry has now planning to go in the Bhojpuri movies. She has recently disclosed that she is doing a movie of Priyanka Chopra under the purple pebble banner, under the ownership of the mother of Priyanka Chopra Madhu Chopra.


Here in this movie jenisha will be romancing the superstar of Bhojpuri movie Ravi Kishan. Well, she has confirmed her role in the movie as she has already met Priyanka and her mother. Recently she is living in Mumbai and the shooting started from may 2017.

The starting location of the movie is rachi and then they will shift to Goa too. We wish jenisha movie career in the bhojpuri movie to go up even though she ‘do better in the nepali movie industry.

2. Paru Gautam:

The other Nepali glamorous actress is none other than paru Gautam. The actress paru Gautam has started her filmy career from Nepali film industry but couldn’t do much better as per her exception. She has also done many item songs in the Nepali movies.

Some of the movie of paru Gautam in Kollywood are chank Sanka panka, meri aama, mero best friend etc.  The actress has the image of bold which many of the viewers of Nepali film couldn’t digest, due to this she couldn’t do better. Later on, she started her career in the Bhojpuri film.

As she was very glamorous looking she did lots of bold character.  Due to her bold scene, her demand in Bhojpuri movie has increased a lot. She has done more than 10 movies this year only.

Some of the movies of paru Gautam in Bhojpuri movies are Hum Deewane Ho Gayel, Tohar Fatal Jins Dekhi Singer etc are Bhojpuri movies which superhit of Paru Gautam.The very glamorous actress of Bhojpuri has been busy in shooting in a different location of India and birgunj these days. She says she is quite happy in Bhojpuri film as the area is wider and the paying is much better than that of Nepali movie industry.

Her fan following has also increased as the industry cover certain part of Nepal and much more part of India, which has helped her to increase her name and fame in the glamorous world. According to this glamorous actress one has to be bold to be popular and it is acceptable too. As she is very busy in the Bhojpuri movies these days she has not been able to do Nepali movie this day.

3. Rekha Thapa:

The very bold and glamorous actress of Nepali movie industry is Rekha Thapa. The actress is in the movie industry for 17 years now. Rekha Thapa started her movie career from the movie Hero in which she has done side role opposite Rajesh Hamal.

The actress got married to the director of the same movie.Rekha Thapa is still dominating the movie industry with her charm and beauty. The actress has the strong sex appeal and due to glamorous picture and role, she is famous in the industry.


In the early days, Rekha has struggled a lot with getting the chance but become successful after the movie hero. Even today this actress is leading the industry. Actually, she is not only leading the kollywood but also has done many movies in the Bhojpuri movies.

Some of the movies of Rekha Thapa is khalnayak, jwalamukhi, mard Rikshawala etc. she been doing the Bhojpuri movies with biraj Bhatta Rajesh Hamal and so on. She also has done many superhit films of Bhojpuri. Rekha Thapa is very active in both Nepali movie industry and Bhojpuri movies too.

There are many actor and actress who has done the movie from Nepali to Bhojpuri. It is a career matter that they always try to lift their career so always try to be better in the different industry like Kollywood Bhojpuri and Bollywood movies etc. this actress is very active and has also turned into a producer and planning to become a director too. Let’s hope this actress can lead both Bhojpuri and Nepali movie as long as she could.

4. Shovita Simkhada:

The other actress who has stepped in Nepali and Bhojpuri movie is Shovita Simkhada. This actress is vegetarian so is not much excited by the festival Dashain.


The actress is also planning to join the meditation for 10 days  on that time in tapoban where most of her family member and relative can be seen. This actress has shaped up her role of glamorous character.

She debuted from the movie called the last kiss and many other movies she has done are Afnai Manlai Sodhi Hera,Timi binako Jiwan, champa Chameli etc. She did well in her Nepali movie career. She also stepped into Bhojpuri movie. She has done an item song in the Bhojpuri movie and elaborated her career in the industry. Well, recently she is living in Qatar with her husband. Even though she is in Qatar she is busy in modeling and social event.

5. Namrata Sapkota:

The another  actress of the new generation is Namrata Sapkota. The young actress Namrata Sapkota has started her acting career when she was in grade 11. The beautiful actress has done her first movie antaral in 2013.

The movie was good and was hit at the box office too. After that movies, the actress has worked in chhaka Panja which was a comedy movie directed by the lady director Deepa Shree Niraula.

Namrata Sapkota Yello Dress
Namrata Sapkota Yello Dress

The was blockbuster commercially as well as critically. It was considered as of the big hit of all time. The actress was played opposite jitu Nepal in the movie with another co-star Dipak Raj Giri Priyanka Karki, Shiva Hari Poudel Barsha Rawat, and so on.  


The young and energetic actress is also planning to join the Bhojpuri movie industry too. Well, the bhojpuri movie industry is also the part of Nepali as it refers to the southern part of Nepal and few part of India too. Bhojpuri film industry is wider than that of Nepali movie industry and also has a great scope.

The paying is definitely high and also got big opportunity to get into other big industry like Bollywood and so on. Well, namrata sapkota has also done the bhojpuri movie and is planning to continue the film career as long as it helps to take her to the high. The actress has done the dozen of music video and entered the movie. She belongs to the high-class family of sapkota.


6. Sushma Adhikari:

The Nepali film actress is known as Sushma Adhikari. The actress has started her career in the acting of the nepali movie industry in may of 2014. She debuted from the movie Pipal. Before starting her acting career she was a successful model.

Nepali Actress Sushma Adhikari
Nepali Actress Sushma Adhikari

She has done modeling in many songs. When she debuted her movie the movie was not a big hit. It was a box office failure. After the release of Pipal, the other movie of Sushma Adhikari was  Anautho Premkatha which was also a flop. Even in this movie, she couldn’t do better.

When both of her movies are proven to be a failure it shows she was not lucky as an actress. Even though she couldn’t be successful in the Nepali movie industry she started her acting in the bhojpuri movie. Sushma Adhikari opened up in Bhojpuri movies but the fate repeated in the Bhojpuri film too.

She couldn’t do better even in the Bhojpuri film. Her Bhojpuri film was Deewana 2 and Jaya madesh. The actress whose luck didn’t support in the acting career in Nepali as well as the bhojpuri film but is successful in modeling. She is also popular in many music videos and lok geet video too.

7. Subhechha Thapa:

The other glamorous Nepali actress is Subhechha Thapa. She is one of the actresses who is always in the controversy. Whenever her movies are at the time of release she creates a controversy and tries to get the publicity for the movie and do the publicity stunt. But even though she creates a controversy her movies does not do well at the box office.

It seems like the actress Subhechha Thapa likes controversy. She also loves taking off the clothes. The actress is a mother of a child. She gave birth to a baby at her teen. The actress always tries to create controversy for the movies she produces and does acting.

Subhechha Thapa Touching Her Hair
Subhechha Thapa Touching Her Hair

She tries to be nude to promote her movies by taking off her clothes and looking glamorous. Well for her movie bindass 3 she not only took off her clothes but also covers her private part with khada which looks like a mini skirt. The actress was also a miss Nepal once.

She does lots of publicity stunt sometime by covering her upper body with fish and sometimes using khada too. Whatever she does her movie is not doing well at the box office. This actress who has built her image as a glamorous actress in the Kollywood has also done many movies in Bhojpuri movies. Bhojpuri movies have the wide range of audiences like inner terai of nepal and India too.

Maybe due to this reason many Nepali actor and actress are trying to enter in the Bhojpuri movie. Similarly shuvechchha Thapa another actress has trying to build her image in the bhojpuri movie so has done many Bhojpuri movies too.some of the shuvechchha Thapa Bhojpuri movie are with Rekha Thapa and biraj bhatta the actor and actress of the nepali movie industry. This actress has built the same image even in the Bhojpuri movies. Her movies are Dilwale, kabza, love ke janjeer etc.

8. Mithila Sharma:

Mithila Sharma is the legendary actress and dancer of the nepali movie industry. She has done more than 100 movies in the Nepali film industry. Sharma has graduated in home science and dance.

She is one of the best dancer and an actress too. She has done many movies tv serials,  several musical dramas and several stages show too. Mithila Sharma has started her career at the age of 9 years performing in front of late King Birendra on his birthday.


She debuted from the movie Biswas which was directed by Chetan Karki as the role of dance teacher which widen her path in the film industry. Her role in the Mask of Desire as Gita took her to the international film industry. The actress has done many movies in the industry.

She always gives preference to the character role than to the commercial lead role in her film career. As we know she was the great dancer she has also worked as a judge in the Nepalese reality show called cham cham. The actress was not only bound to Nepali movie industry but she has also moved to Bhojpuri movie and did few movies in the Bhojpuri.

Even in the Bhojpuri movies, she preferred to do character role rather than commercial and did well. The actress has served the industry for more than 4 decades and recently got married to Ex-IGP of Nepal Moti Lal Bohara 3 years earlier. The actress has worked in the Bhojpuri movies like Sabse Bada Rupaiya in 2016 with Nikhil Upreti and Shweta Tiwari. Similarly, she has also worked in other many movies and become successful too.

9. Saujanya Subba:

The actress who is famous for her acting. She belongs to the family who is already in the glamorous world. Her father is a producer. The actress started her career from the tv serial purush, where she plays the character of the 42 years old lady. She did tv serial for more than 8 years.

She jumped from tv serial to big screen. She has done many movies in the Kollywood industry. She also has done other movies like Bhojpuri, Tibetan etc. the talented actress has been in many relationships. She is married to one of her friend but the relationship couldn’t continue and they ended up with divorce.

The actress is in a relationship with ex-prime minister son bhupen Chand. Mr. Bhupen Chand was already married to Amrit Singh and also had a daughter. She divorce for money. After divorce bhupen and Saujanya Subba are in a relationship and got married to him. She was also in the relationship with Rose Rana an actor and producer.


But when the relationship turned sour he also threatened to publicize sex video. But after meeting bhupen chand both of them decided to settle down and got married too. The very talented actress Saujanya Subba has done many Bhojpuri movies. She has also done Tibetan Nepali and other language movies too.

The stories chosen are to such an extent that they are intended to speak to the young who need enterprise, battles and love scenes. A considerable lot of the movies which manage love and gathering moves are regular in practically every Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and another dialect film.

Battles, love scenes, and gathering moves add to the artistic appeal, makers say. Performing artists are made a request to act in the most alluring postures and the scenes which demonstrate the sexual thirst of man and lady normally ruin the young.

Movies have turned out to be exceptional business and the makers are keen on acquiring cash, however much cash as could be expected, through their movies. This is the primary explanation behind the low standard of our movies for the most part. The pattern of focusing on viciousness and sex should change.

The film, the TV, and the radio are as a matter of first importance educative media however they ought to likewise focus on stimulation. The instructive estimation of a film isn’t given significance at all these days.

The glamorous world is the very charming field. Here we see lots of competition between the actor and actress. The actor and actress always try to be the number one in the industry. Similarly, they also try to move from one to another in the search for opportunity.

Here actress and actor try to move from Kollywood to Bollywood and Bhojpuri so they earn fame in the wider audience too. The other actor and actress like biraj Bhatta Nikhil upreti are widening their career in the Bhojpuri movie whereas shristi Shrestha Sunil Thapa jharana bajracharya Manisha Koirala Usha poudel has elaborated their career in the Bollywood too. Well, it shows that if they get the opportunity they will definitely move from one place to another and also can do better too.

9 Nepali Actress Who Has Worked in Bhojpuri Films


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