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31. Jal shah with her mom:

Jal shah's mom
Jal shah’s mom

The who was very popular during the late 1990’s is jal shah. She is from birgunj and was born in 1982, December 13. She started her career from 1994 and debuted from avatar with co-star Rajesh Hamal and Gauri Malla which was directed by Prakash Sayami. After that movie she has done more than 50 movies.  She is the daughter of prema shah who is herself a writer. Recently she is living in USA with her husband and a daughter. It seems that she has left the movie industry and will not return to this industry. Well the talented actress is happy as a housewife in USA.

32. Ishwori Pradhan Shrestha with her mother:

Ishwori Pradhan Shrestha with her family
Ishwori Pradhan Shrestha with her family

The daughter of the actress Nutan pradhan is very beautiful and talent. She debuted as a child artist from the movie swarg. After that she did in saraswoti ,She did the character of a daughter of Nir shah in the movie. After that she acted in the movie Sohrab barse joban in opposite to Ramesh Upreti which was produced by her mother lutan pradhan and directed by her dad Shambhu Pradhan. As the movie couldn’t do better business and her career did go up as an actress. These days she is living in the USA with her daughter and a husband. For now she ha left the industry and is living a happy life. This actress once was very popular as a child artist but did do as a young actress. She mostly share her family picture on the facebook. It seems that she is very close to her family. Here she has shared her memory with her mom n dad  on the facebook.

33. Aditi Budhathoki and her mother

Aditi Budhathoki with her Mother and Father
Aditi Budhathoki with her Mother and Father

Model Aditi Budhathoki has been chosen to be included opposite to Anmol KC in his up and coming motion picture ‘Kri’. Anmol had marked in the motion picture for the biggest add up-to-date of Rs. 2 million. Aditi Budhathoki was chosen in a tryout held to pick the most likely performing artist for the motion picture. Aditi was chosen from the pool of 30 candidates. apart from this she is very successful model and is already featured in the Punjabi music video too. this stunning model is very close to her parents. she share her mother pic on the social sites like Instagram and facebook too.

34. Asthma DC with her mother:

Ashma DC with her mother
Ashma DC with her mother

The on-screen character in the film as of now in theater, ‘Aavash’, Ashma DC is the new face of the Nepali film industry. Ashma began as a TV Filmy video move since the begin of the TV slot in mid 2010s. In the begin, she used to state that she is fulfilled as a journalist. Be that as it may, when she got an offer to act in “Aavash” she consented to act in the film. After the arrival of the film on January 9, Ashma is being applauded for her acting expertise. this beautiful actress share her mother’s picture on the social networking site in the special moment.

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 34 Nepali actors and Actress and their mother

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