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26. Saranga Shrestha with her mother

Saranga Shrestha's Mom
Saranga Shrestha’s Mom

The amazing dancer of the kollywood and a amazing actress is known as saranga shrestha. She debuted from the movie aago. Since that movie she has done many movies with different actor like shree krishna shrestha shiva shrestha and so on. She was also known as one of the hottest actress of her time in the movie industry. These days she is living with her husband ramesh kari and her daughter in usa. According to her to have a successful married life one has to fall in love many times with the same person. Well she got married on 2013 and is settle down in USA. saranga has also share her mother photo in internet on the occasion of mother’s day.

27. Saugat Malla:

One of the talented and a  versatile actor of Nepali movie industry is Saugat Malla.he started his acting career in 2008 from the movie Kagbeni which was directed Bhushan Dahal. After this movie, he waited for 4 years for the other movie loot of Nischal Basnet, which was a blockbuster movie and brought him into the limelight as a role of hakku kale. Since that movie, he is very popular as Haku kale in the Nepali audience. He has also done many other movies like kabaddi sungava loot 2 chhadke etc. one of the versatile actors was born on 10th August 1979 in Nawalparasi. He was the son of Punya mata Malla. Currently, he is living in Badakhal Kathmandu Nepal. He is very interested in acting since his childhood and learn acting from Aarohan Gurukul and has done many theatre dramas. He is one such actor who can lead the industry to the new level. He has the potential to take the industry in new height by doing a various new character in the movies.

Saugat Malla
Saugat Malla

He has never got support from his family to become successful in the acting career. His parents always wanted him to choose an alternative career in his life. His role model was Amitabh Bachchan and Naseeruddin Shah from Bollywood.  Such a talented actor is very choosy and he never wanted to use facebook.

28. Namrata Shrestha with her mother

Namrata Shrestha with her mother
Namrata Shrestha with her mother

The beauty queen and very talented actress of Kollywood is not other than Namrata Shrestha. Even though is has some worse scandal in the past she is one of the best actress of Nepali movie industry.  With acting and modeling she is also a businesswomen and has her own restaurant in tangal called Attic Bar. She debuted in the year 2008 from the movie Sano Sansar as reetu. After that in 2009 she did mero euta sathi cha November rain and so on. She got lots of name and fame from those movies too.  This actress is from Dharan and is 32 years old. She has been always supporting her family in her filmy career. She also share her picture with her family and mother. She has shared her mother pic on the internet on mother’s birthday. Namrata is considered as one of the very good actress in the Kollywood. Even though she was involved in the negative scandal it was fake and she managed to recover from it soon and is doing better in her personal and professional life too.

29. Sanchita luitel with her mother:

Sanchita Luitel
Sanchita Luitel

A very talented and the most beautiful actress in the Kollywood is known other than sanchita luitel. She is highly educated and has completed her master’s degree in arts.  This beautiful actress was born on may 1 1983. She entered in the movie industry at the very young age from the movie apsara in 2058 BS. since then she has done many movies. The daughter of Madhav Luitel and shraddha luitel is very close to her family.  Well now sanchita is married to the superstar Nikhil Upreti and had 2 kids. She is back to the movie industry and is doing good in it. This beautiful actress is very close to her family and sister. She shares her family pic on the social networking site like in Instagram, facebook etc.

30. Suraj Singh Thakuri:

Suraj Singh Thakuri
Suraj Singh Thakuri

The other tv presenter and the actor are Suraj Singh thakuri. He started his career in the entertainment industry from the tv show called call Kantipur in Kantipur tv. Later on, he started acting and modeling too. Now he is very busy with his acting in the movie. This dashing actor has debuted from the movie Karkash. Since then he has done many other movies to like khud kilo, Nai Navannu la 2, Nai Navannu la 3. And judge. He has also done modeling in many music videos too. This actor is very smart dashing and good looking too. The actor is very educated and has done master degree in environmental science. These days he is living in basehor. This actor is very close to his family and especially with his mother.

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