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21. Salon Basnet:

Salon Basnet Dad & Mom
Salon Basnet Dad & Mom

The other actor who is humorous and can make the audience laugh at any situation is called salon basnet. He belongs to the basnet family. His father is a producer and the director Shovit basnet and ….. He used to live in a joint family and is very close to his grandfather. He has started his acting career at the age of 8 years. He used to learn dance in his dad dance institute and has performed in many stages with his dad. The salon was born in the family who was already in the glamorous world so it was not much difficult for him to enter the industry. He has been supported by his family member especially his dad, Shovit basnet. His dad has taught him the acting and has supported him a lot. He has done a debut as a child artist from the movie Nepali babu and as an adult, he debuted from the movie Hostel. Since then he has done many hit movies in the few years. Salon basnet was very lucky to have a very supportive family which has helped him to do better in his career.

22. Arunima lamsal with her mother and daughter.

Arunima lamsal with her mother and daughter
Arunima lamsal with her mother and daughter

Arunima lamsal was born on 20th August in Biratnagar. She is the daughter of another actress Radha Lamsal, who is herself a film and a tv actress. Well coming from the entertainment background it become easier for arunima to join the industry. She has done many tele serial and then jumped to the big screen too. She debuted from the movie Yestai Rahecha Jindagi. After that she did many movie and were hit too. Well Arunima got married to Amit Aryal and has a daughter too. She is considered as one of the luckiest actress in the industry as her mom was already in the industry it become easier for her. Well even though she didn’t had to struggle for the break. Even after marriage and a baby she managed to get back in the movie industry from the movie Urvashi. Arunima and her mom share their pic on the social media too.

23. Richa sharma with her mother

Richa sharma with her mother
Richa sharma with her mother

A 30 years old a very talented actress Reecha Sharma was born in Dhangadhi on 1985 16th july. This actress is from the middle class family. well , she started her modeling career in 2005 from a music video of Alok Nembang. Well this actress has keen interest in glamorous world since her childhood. Due to this she brought herself in the industry. She debuted and entered in the acting on 2010 from the movie first love which was one of the box office hit movie and she also received many award for the same movie. Well reecha is very  choosy about the role she do in the  movie and describe herself a very practical and down to earth lady. Her next movie was ko afno where she did the character of mother of 20 year old daughter which was much talked in the industry. Well it shows that she is very diverted toward her work and has done a lot struggle to get into the industry. Reecha has also taken her study with her acting and completed her bachelor degree from commerce. She has aso take the acting course from france for three month. Well we must say that her parent being from the middle class family supported to their daughter in this entertainment world. Reecha has shared her mom photo in the internet on mother’s day.

24. Aashirman Desraj Joshi

The new face in the Nepali film industry as a male actor is Aashirman Desraj Joshi. He was born in 1998 31st August in Lalitpur. He is the youngest actor in the Nepali movie industry till date. He is only 19 years old. Well until today he is considered as the tallest actor in the industry i.e he is 6 feet and 3 inches whereas Rajesh hamal is 6 feet 2 inch and his brother ayushman Joshi is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He is very talent even in the study. He studied in the modern Indian school and completed his cbse exam with distinction. The model and actor Aashirman desraj Joshi was supposed to debut in the movie sayad 2 but due to his incomplete study he canceled it and now he has debuted from the movie gangster blues opposite anna Sharma. The mother of the very talented actor is Raveena DS Joshi the CEO of Mega Bank Limited. His mom is very supportive of her son career and always support in their choice.


Well, Aashirman Desraj Joshi was inspired to join the industry by his mom Raveena DS Joshi who is also the Deputy General Manager of Mega Bank Nepal Limited. She is been very supportive at his work. He was considered one of the brightest students while studying in the school and won Mr. Modern Indian School pageant award. Nepali movie industry is really thankful to have such a dashing talented and good looking guy as an actor. Let’s hope that he take this industry to the next level.

25. Barsha Raut with her mother:

Barsha Raut with her mother
Barsha Raut with her mother

The  hot cake of the modeling industry is known as Barsha raut. She is from sindhuli  born on 14th December. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inch. She belong to one of the very strict family. No one in her family supported her in modeling in the earlier days. They used to take modeling as a negative field for making the career. Well before debuting in the acting or in the big screen she has done 100 of superhit music video so considered as one of the hot cake in the industry. She debuted from the movie Nai nabhannu la  4 opposite pal shah, which was blockbuster in the Nepali movie industry. After that she did Chaka panja which was the biggest hit till date in the Kollywood. Similarly her other movie was jatra which a big hit in the industry. Well looking at her record she has gain both name and fame in very short period of time.  Barsha was in relationship with the actor Sanjog Malla since 5 years and he also has supported her in her earlier days while she was struggling in modeling.In the earlier days she never told her family about her modeling career but introduced later so they accepted her.  These days she share her and her family pic on the social networking site and on the internet too.

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