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11. Binita Baral and Her Mother

Binita Baral and Her Mother
Binita Baral and Her Mother

Binita Baral who debuted in Kollywood from one of the superhit movie Chapali Height, once started organic farming leaving the Kollywood career behind. But at the moment, she is in United States of America for her higher studies. She too share her mother’s photos on social networking sites.

12. Pradeep Khadka:


One of the most handsome and highly educated actors of the movie industry is known as Pradeep khadka. He was born in 1992 10th march in kusunti Lalitpur. His parents were Tek Bahadur Khadka and Sharada khadka. He has done his schooling and higher level education from a private sector and received an MBA from lord buddha foundation affiliated as Sikkim Manipal university India. He was very passionate about acting and filmmaking so started a movie career in 2011 and started his own pardip media Pvt. He produced a movie called escape but the movie was a commercial failure. So he decided to shift to abroad in2015 but due to the earthquake, he has to postpone his plan. Since then he gave audition for prem geet and did the lead role in the movie opposite pooja Sharma. The movie was a huge success. Pradip was being sensational since that movie. He was very hardworking and his family is also supportive of him.

13. Nisha Adhikari and Her Mother

Nisha Adhikari with Her Mother & Father
Nisha Adhikari with Her Mother & Father

On October 14, 2015, Nisha Adhikari shared this image captured with her mom and dad at airport in her facebook profile. Nisha Adhikari is the beauty queen of the Kollywood industry. She was born on 4th October 1986 in palpa. She is well known by the nickname motu or Nishu. Nisha Adhikari has entered in the industry from the tv show gharbeti ba from the Kantipur. She is also a well known model and VJ in the Nepali entertainment industry. She comes from an educated family background, where her mother was a lecturer for the nursing campus and her dad had worked for  united mission to Nepal. She was very interested in the glamorous industry since her childhood. Nisha got her first movie opposite Nikhil pretty known as mission paisa on 2009.she has also graduated from business and social science. This very talented actress had taken the training of filmmaking from USA. she has a elder brother too. She loves her family very much. She also shares her family pic and specially her mother picture in the media.

14. Smita Thapaliya and Her Mother

Smita Thapaliya and Her Mother
Smita Thapaliya and Her Mother

Smita thapaliya is from jhapa. She came to Kathmandu from jhapa after SLC to become an actress. She is staff nurse by practise and is working in  norvic hospital. Smita is considered as one of the hot actress in the Nepali movie industry. She is featured in the movies like Romance the last kiss and love is life. She was featured in the movies of bb phuyal where she has done very hot bed scene and she is promoting her movies saying that she has done hot bed scene. It seems she is very happy to show and do hot character in the movies. Well Smita never show greed in showing the skin and do the hot scene but it is not the main thing in the movie so the last two movie of her are flop. Well Smita is very close to her family and share her mother and sister photograph in the media.

15. Rajesh Hamal:

Rajesh Hamal's Mother & Father
Rajesh Hamal’s Mother & Father

The king of the Nepali movie industry is known as the Rajesh Hamal. He was born in palpa in the hamal’s family. He has 3 sisters. His father was an ambassador to Russia so hamal went to Russian in his childhood. He has received a degree from Punjab University. He was one of the highly educated actors of the movie industry of Nepal. Before becoming an actor he was a well-known model. He started his modeling while he was studying in India. He debuted in the Nepali movie from the movie called yug dekhi yug samma which was directed by Deepak Rayamajhi in 1988. Since then he has done more than 200 movies and also received many awards. He was the son of the Dr. Chuda Bahadur hamal and mother Renu KC hamal. He never was supported by his family to become an actor. His dad wants him to become a doctor as his 3 sister are all doctors, but due to his keen interest in acting he became an actor and become very successful in his life. Rajesh Hamal has always had long hair and he always wears black thread around his neck. He is given a nickname of maha Nayak.

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