Why Nepalese People In India Are Called Bahadur? 10 Reasons *Some Are Funny & Some Are Interesting

Reasons Why Nepalese People In India Are Called Bahadur: – India has been the prominent country for the Nepalese youths to go for employment. The vital reason for the youths to got India is it is a nearest neighboring country which doesn’t require any Visa and work permit for the Nepalese. The income is good in comparison to Nepal.

Usually, Nepalese people get the job of security guard, lifting the weights and the domestic works. It has been often heard the Indians calling Nepalese”Bahadur”. Even in Hindi cinema they portray the role of Nepalese as a guard only and call them Bahadur. There are a number of reasons for them calling our Nepalese brothers Bahadur. Some of them are listed below:

10 Reasons Why Nepalese People In India Are Called Bahadur

  1. Bahadur:

The term Bahadur is a Nepali word meaning brave and courageous. Nepalese people from the very beginning has been considered brave who is not afraid of anything and anyone. Who is able to deal with any situation with an utmost courage. Usually, the Nepalese people who are employed in India works as a security guard or doorkeepers.

The place of employment varies from bank to jewelry shop. These type of places are much vulnerable to crimes. They are often get robbed by pretty thieves to specialized robbers. Who can deal with these criminals and protect the place which has given them employment?TheBahadur Nepali is the answer. Nepalese people are known for their courage all over the world. They have a long history of heroism. So not only in India but anywhere in world place which requires protection and security hire Nepalese whether they be army or the common people.

Modi & Koirala Meets
Modi & Koirala Meets

So they engage Nepalese in the places requiring utmost protection. Nepalese can not only defend against the criminals and the crime. They can even give their lives while doing the job. Thus the Nepalese are honored with the term Bahadur.

  1. Common Name:

The Gurkha’s and people residing in the hilly areas of Nepal have name Bahadur used as the middle name. Like Hari Bahadur, Ram Bahadur etc. The word Bahadur is the most common middle name parents give their children in the hilly and pahadi areas of Nepal.

Most commonly they are the ones who go to India in search of jobs. The Indians obviously find the common name is Bahadur so they started calling each Nepalese they hire or see or met as Bahadur. Though they don’t know the real meaning of the word Bahadur.

  1. Chhetri Community:

The history of Nepal has shown that the Chhetri Community of Nepal who has a traceable military and what background often used the word Bahadur to name their children. The practice is declining in the recent times. But in some degree, it still exists. Most commonly the Chhetri Community and the Mongolians like Gurungs are the ones to join the military and army in India. Since 70-80% of Nepalese men had the middle name Bahadur. So the Indians started calling Bahadur.

  1. Umbrella Term:

Bahadur is the umbrella term to describe Nepali Security Guards. The Nepalese security guards who are officially hired in India’s most important places and to the most important VIPs are organized by the official and formal organization. The Nepalese who are hired must have the military and army background. Usually, the Nepalese join in the army were Mongolians and Chhetris having the middle name Bahadur. Thus the term Bahadur became the umbrella term to define all the Nepalese security guards.

  1. Honest and trustworthy:

The major quality of what an employer looks for in his employee is the quality of honesty and trustworthy. Who better can be the perfect candidate than the Nepalese people? The image, the name, and fame of Nepal spread all over the world as the most honest and the most trustworthy people. Bahadurs have been the perfect showcase of honesty and trustworthiness. The term Bahadur has become synonymous with honesty. Thus whenever they see the Nepalese people they call then Bahadur to respect them for these are qualities that people lack.

  1. Slang:

Bahadur has become the common word used by the common people of India in their informal talks and daily usage. Whenever they see any Nepali they say Bahadur Bhaiya or BahadurBhaiSaab or Bahadurs ji. The word has stayed in their tongues. The youngsters seeing and learning from the elders use these word to call any Nepali without understanding the real meaning. They don’t use it as an insult but they use it as the words they used for their fellow people. Like most women in India are called Benji. Most men in India are called bhaiyaji. Similarly most Nepalese in India are called Bahadur Ji or Bahadur bhaiya. And Nepalese also don’t seem to hate them. They rather get pleased in hearing this. So Bahadur became the common name.

  1. Insult or Racism:

This reason I would say is not that common but there are are some minor group of people who have the lowest mentality and cheap thoughts. Especially those who don’t want a relation between Nepal and India to grow with mutual respect and with humbleness. There are some Indians who try to sabotage the peace and harmony. Because Nepal is a small landlocked country. Every good necessary comes through the Indian border. Since Nepal is developing and poor. People go to India to look for jobs. These set of Indians think they own Nepal and Nepali. They can call them whatever they want. So they call the Nepalese Bahadur to insult them and to demoralize them. I would not say all Indians have the same mentality but some of them have.

  1. Historical origin:

The term Bahadur actually originated from the Mongolian word Baghatur. The word was common among Mongols and became especially widespread as an honorific title in Genghis Khans’s Mongol Empire in the 13th century.  The ruler had ruled over certain parts of India but not all over the nation. The word may have thus spread and became Bahadur from Baghatur to describe people of Mongol origins like Gurungs and pahadi people of Nepal.

  1. Humor:

We Nepalese like to call Indians as Dhoti. We don’t call them to insult them. It’s just a friendly term to say and to joke around. Similarly, the Indians used Bahadur to joke around Nepalese. Just a healthy sense of humor.

  1. Life motto:

We Nepalese whether be men or women have the one common most important motto in life. Better to do than to live like a Coward. We have been proving to live on this motto since the Nalapani battle to the recent blockade in the border by India. Thus we are Bahadurs.

So, my friends, I share my ideas with you. If you know another some reasons, you can share with us. Thank you.

Author: Ankur Pradhan

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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