List of Nepalese Movies That are Censored Banned

5. Badhsala (2013)

Nepal Army has asked for the Ministry of Defense to (MoD) boycott the Nepali film ‘Badhshala’. As indicated by MoD authorities, the producer had not looked for authorization from the armed force to utilize armed force uniform in the film. The movie portrays torment perpetrated by armed force workforce.

The MoD has effectively kept in touch with the Ministry of Information and Communications educating it to boycott the screening of the movie. The executive of the movie, Manoj Pandit educated the media that the issue of armed force uniform was a reason to stop the screening of the film. Pandit has blamed government authorities for attempting to forestall the flexibility of articulation.

He intends to go to court if his movie is prohibited by the government. Badhshala portrays stories of contention time torment supposedly did by the then Royal Nepal Army’s Bhairavnath Battalion from 2003-2005. The Nepal Army communicated genuine worries about the film’s ‘misrepresentation of plot’ which implied its unique discharge date (March 8) was put off by over a month.

badhshala nepali movie

The Ministry of Information and Communications restricted the film’s screening saying it “abused” the Nepal Army uniform. The film had just been screened outside the nation and not been subjected to any such disputes.

A couple of ‘minor amendments’ were later made by the Nepal Censor Board and the film, featuring Anup Baral, Dayahang Rai, Sarita Giri, Saugat. This is yet another case of previous enemies the Nepali Army and the Maoists-meeting up to cover their messy insider facts. They both tormented and executed individuals amid struggle frequently cruelly.

Presently, when endeavors are being made to consider those culprits responsible, the two sides have united to contradict any endeavors to address exemption. The movie is referred to purportedly depicts Maoists extremists imprisoned in an Army garrison huts. So the movie, it has been stated, tries to reveal insight into torments delivered upon the prisoners by the fighters.


In any case, the Maoists, who are presently administering the nation, have no mettle to stand firm and let this film be screened in light of the fact that on the off chance that they did, they know, there will be other people who will follow a significant number of their appalling wrongdoings like the grim murder (covering alive) of columnist Dekendra Thapa in Dailekh locale.

6. Barbad

The censor board has rejected the movie ‘Barbad’ for being too much vulgar and unsuitable for release. The movie planned to discharge will most presumably be postponed due to the tussle with the censor board. Narayan Sanjel of Censor Board has informed that more than 80 percent of the motion picture is disgusting.

He included, the movie can have a negative effect on the general public, so the Board can’t endorse the motion picture to discharge in the present form Barbad’ highlights on-screen character Jiya KC and the maker GK Sharma in lead parts. Jiya has known for revolting discoursed and scenes in her past motion picture ‘ATM’. The film was prohibited by the Censor Board for neglecting to expel a portion of the shocking scenes.

In meetings already, Jiya had informed that “Barbad” highlights more blazing scenes when contrasted with ‘ATM’. “Barbad” is made under the pennant of Redline Films and created by GK Sharma. GK Sharma has additionally composed the story and is the lead performing artist in the motion picture. The motion picture is coordinated by Rim Bishowkarma.

7. The Last Kiss

The new director of the Nepali movie industry is B.B Phuyal. He has debuted as a director from the movie the last kiss. Well, the movie is based on the revenge story. Here the actress is planning to take the revenge of her husband killers in the movie. Well, the director has used the success mantra of the movie that is an intimate scene and vulgar dialogue.

‘The Last Kiss’ has gotten a grown-up authentication because of disgusting discoursed and few close scenes. The Last Kiss is recounted to be an account of a young lady who lost her better half and renders retribution to her significant other’s executioners. The motion picture should be a tension spine chiller sort with a lot of revolting scenes and exchanges.

It appears the appeal of ‘A’ certificate by the censor board has lost its underlying appeal. ‘The Last Kiss’ hasn’t yet made that much buzz in the media. That may be a direct result of the dominant part of the performing artists being new or the absence of good music and promo video. The reaction from film watchers is likewise normal.

The principal promo of the motion picture highlights kiss scenes and vulgar dialogue. In the movie, it is trying to show only the intimate scene and the movie revolve around it. it doesn’t contain a proper storyline too.


8. Chapeli Height:

Chapali Height is a 2012 Nepali spine chiller film including Amir Gautam, Raj Ghimire, and Binita Baral. It was shot in the Chapali Height range in Kathmandu. The motion picture, coordinated by Dipendra K Khanal and financed by Arjun Kumar, was shot in 25 days. 

Chapali Height motion picture spins around the account of three characters of which two folks (Amit and Raj) are closest companions while third one (Binita) is a young lady living in an inn at Pokhara. Raj lives alone in his bungalow at Chapali Height, Kathmandu while Amit and Binita are in a relationship.

One night, a telephone ring from Amit wakes Raj looking for offer assistance. Amit is wanting to flee with Binita. Thus, Amit inquires as to whether both can remain in his bungalow for some time. Raj concurs. Both touch base in his place.

The movie was banned to release earlier due to its seductive and romance scene. In this movie, there are vulgar scene and the language too. Well in the movie the trailer was of adult based and can be only watched by the age group of above 16.  

Due to the photoshoots which were nude and seeing that the accident occurs in the highway. Well due to the various factors found in the movie which is not suitable for the all age group the censor banned the movie from getting the certificate earlier. Later on, after deleting some of the scenes and muting the sound of some scene, the movie got an adult certificate to released.

9. Romance:

The lead performer of the motion picture, Smita Thapaliya had appeared in the Nepali film industry in this hot motion picture. She had removed her garments and had postured in hot stances. Be that as it may, none of her motion pictures could succeed. Nowadays she is occupied in her nursing calling. Different craftsmen in the motion picture are not that notable.

This movie was produced by the production of B.B phuyal the new director of the Nepali movie industry. He is one of the directors has introduced the English name for the movies in the Nepali movie industry. This is his second movie which is based on the revenge story. Well, his first movie was the last kiss which was not so commercial one.

Similarly, this romance was also fully based on the vulgar language and the bold scene. The director of the movie makes the movie even though the storyline is not interesting and audience appealing. The director has the simple formulae of less investment by giving the chance to the newcomers in the industry.

romance nepali movie

The movie romance was a censor banned movie as there are many bold and romance scenes in the movie. When he releases the first trailer of the movie in the youtube people can sense the romantic of the movie. Due to the content of the movie the sensor has denied to give a certificate of A grade.


After deleting a few scenes and the words from the movie the sensor has provided the adult certificate to the movie romance. After so many struggles the movie finally got the adult certificate to release the movie. Well due to the age banned the audience was limited to the movie.

Due to the various factors, the movie couldn’t do well at the box office and as well as according to the business. Well, the director thinks that the movie needs only bold scene and few $ecs scene to be successful but his both the movie are box office failure.

10. ‘Zhigrana:

The other Nepali movie that has been objected by the sensor before it is released is Zhigrana. This movie also contains some of the very bold scenes which are not appropriate for the all age viewers so the sensor has banned from even releasing its trailer on the web. 

We had properly anticipated that the scene would be protected by the Board. The board has requested that the producers erase the scene, in any case, neglected to prevent them from circulating it on the web. Presently, as it is accessible all the more generally on the web, anyone can see the romance moment the Censor Board had discovered shocking.

The dismal truth is, even in the wake of erasing the simulated intercourse, the motion picture is given ‘An’ endorsement, saying it is reasonable for a grown-up group of onlookers.

Zhigrana nepali movie

The film creation group obviously isn’t glad by the choice of the Board and has chosen to discharge the scene in YouTube to demonstrate that it isn’t what grown-ups are acclimated to watch. With the video, ‘Zhigrana’ group have likewise composed the meaning of ‘A’ testament and requested that the watchers tell in the event that it was reasonable.

Due to this very particular reason the movie was censor banned. Well, most of the Nepali movies are banned by the sensor due to the boldness and the hotness in the movies. As all the Nepali filmmaker think that the only way of making the movie hit and famous is by using some of the rough word and the bold scene.

I know this is the Internet and the quick response to such an inquiry as I posture in the feature seems to be, “Damnation no! Oversight sucks! Down with the man!” But this isn’t somewhat of a discussion.

I’m with you 100%. I loathe control, however, there is a remark said for the innovativeness oversight saturates into craftsmen of all artworks. Control in motion pictures has developed throughout the years, from the circumstances when films should have been endorsed by a representing board before they could be shown, to today where they get a particular rating for their substance.

While the previous implied a movie producer may need to slice their film to get the endorsement, is the last essentially better? The inquiry I ask in the feature clearly doesn’t generally make a difference, in light of the fact that there is no possibility we ever backpedal to the days where movie producers will be compelled to take a stab at imagination to get around restriction and other like obstructions.

Control will basically advance to the point practically anything goes and it will be up to the producers to blue pencil themselves or think of different approaches to get over their movies’ fundamental messages as opposed to beating the gathering of people over the head with them.

Well, there is an increasing trend of using the hot and bold scene in the film industry these days. It is due to the copying of western culture and another influencing factor. It seems the $ecs appealing movies are popular in the industry and the targeted audience is the teenager.

So these days the sensor has started to ban the movie that is inappropriate for all the audience. There are many other movies that are been banned by the sensor and the main factor of not giving the permission of the, releasing the movies are due to the vulgar scene in the movie and the scene and the language that is not required and not suitable for all type of viewers.

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