Why Do Nepalese Join The Indian Army? You Can’t Ignore These 10 Reasons

Reasons Why Do Nepalese Join The Indian Army?

Why do Nepalese join  the Indian army?

Nepalese Army in Indian Army

Why do Nepalese join the Indian army have confidential truth may be it is the bitter or better after making it disclosure. There is much youth who saw their will and eager to join the Indian army, may be various reasons. The  Nepalese are not in the way of making the battalion large but India is making their battalion group large as it is the one of the largest country and powerful in the weapon to missiles. Moreover, much Nepalese youth are interested in joining it after the announcement of vacancy for India army. India is our neighbor country having the brotherhood relationship, help in every up and down situated due to the existences as the neighbor. Making the relationship more bolster and stronger, it is also the tools to make the coordination and cooperative bridge to explore the love and relationship.

As, India is investing huge budget to implore and explore the army and cultivate them by providing various kinds training, and needed materials to matter. India is not landlocked country and army works in every field from land to air and water. In accordance to Nepal, the only terrestrial army is visible and we see running on the road with traditional equipment and weapon, but n Indian armies are installing and getting the new technology and newly innovated with function able weapon to make them more powerful and stronger to fight and sustain with the enemy. Furthermore, talking about the topic, why do Nepalese join Indian army, it also exposes the following cause to make the sentence and sense more clear:

Reasons Why Do Nepalese Join The Indian Army?

1. To get better salary:

In Nepal, Nepalese army is getting only the basic salary which even becomes difficult to fulfill the needs of a family member having five or more members. Govt. of Nepal do not differentiate the huge and tasty budget for the betterment and development of Nepalese army. They are kept as the lion kept in a cage due to the calm situation of the country and having the not any conflict with another country, situating silently between two huge stones. Compare to the Indian army, they get better salary and can maintain the standard by the salary of Indian government Providence to the army with curative facilities also states why do Nepalese join Indian reason grasping the reason.

2. Due to unemployment:

This another cause why Nepalese join Indian army as the increment of youth having no works in hands and no available of works in the country make obliged to move foreign land for having money to survive the life and family members. The announcement of Indian army vacancy makes make inclined youth to join it thinking the empty hand is better than having something in hand. Many youths are shaking their hand and shaking their body in open sky and feeling difficult to get work. So they get the option to move there.

3. To make life standard:

Due to the Providence of better salary and lucrative facilities by the Indian government to Indian army makes more standard and become easy to maintain the standard and lever for surviving the life of self and family members. Indian govt. invest huge budget for modification and making stronger and stronger to Indian army and motivate them through all needs fulfillment.


4. Nepal and India brotherhood:

It is also the knowing things and major reason why do Nepalese join Indian army. Due to brotherhood relation going on from ancient times, also speaks about the formation and relationship bonds making the bond more stronger and credible. Nepalese youth join Indian army to promote the Nepal and Indian brotherhood relation.

5. To learn adventures:

It is also the one cause among several because Indian army is more expert and more champion to process the new and latest technology which is like the gift to Indian people. To make the connection and learn to operate the new weapon and gun and make them more adventurers, also makes their mentality change toward the Indian army in a positive signal, and come to join it.


6. To get bravery tag:

Due to a peaceful country, Nepal is recognized for and not involved in any assaulting or any war that has made the Nepalese army little beat stale. Indian army is always ready for war and they are prepared and manufactured like that. Evaluation is done in war and Indian army is treated as the brave and attacker by making the opponent defeat from their will and power and get the medal of brave and real patriotic by the  Indian govt. with huge salami. Therefore, Nepalese youth also want to expose their bravery by joining Indian army.

7. To  prove them fearless:

The world knows about the Nepalese army are not weak and afraid. And to prove and keep the attitude and mentality constant same, Nepalese saw they’re eager to join the Indian army for proving their fearlessness.  Nepalese youth are fearless and can run to any difficulty and strange situation if instructed and will not return back from the battle field. The concept and attitude of Nepalese youth are very hard and very moody which is suitable in Indian army makes them more strongly to join it.

8. Personify their capability:

Nepalese youth are not less than other country and they are more powerful, courageous and more talent than Indian youth. To saw and prove such intention, they forward their step toward the Indian army doors. Many youths have the extreme capacity and have constructed the body as solid can impress anyone, they are quickly selected in Indian army without any argument and more investment. It also forecasts the one reason why do Nepalese join Indian army holding the reason with description.

9. Staying closer to home:

Due to not any border prescription and query for Nepalese and Indian people, have reduces many complexities to treat and travel through it. after joining the Indian army, there is not any fulfilling of the process to come return to home. It is easy to come home and spend time with family without a long gap of depart.

10. The Army is more respected in India:

It is the better facts that army are highly respected in India and treated as the super man. India government have also given the huge respect and seniority and privilege to Indian army without compromising in any services regarding quality. therefore, to get respect and earn fame, also Nepalese join Indian army. Therefore, it also rectifies why do Nepalese join Indian army.

These are the reasons that Nepalese join  the Indian army