Nepalese History : Major Parva Massacres in Nepal

Get the information and facts about some of the major Parva in Nepal. We are here with some 3 major Massacre in Nepal. Have a look. There are 4 major massacres in Nepal history i.e. Kot Parva, Bhandarkhal Parva, alou Parva and shahi hatyakaand (royal family massacre).

Nepalese History : Major Parva Massacre in Nepal

1. Kot Massacre in Nepal:

In the pretext of finding out the assassins of Gagan Singh, all courtiers gathered at the Hanumandhoka Kot, where most of them including the Prime Minister, Fhatejung Shah and Commander-in- Chief Abhimansingh Rana were killed by Jungabahadur and his supporters making way to Jungbahadur Rana. The next day, Queen Rajya Laxmi appointed Jungbahadur Kunwar as the Commander-in-Chief (Mukhtiyar). This event is known as Kot Parva.

Kot Massacre Parva in Nepal History


2. Bhandarkhal Massacre (The Basnyat Parva) in Nepal:

Queen Rajya Laxmi had full trust on Jungbahadur that he would help her in making her son, Rajendra, the Crown Prince instead of legitimate heir apparent Surendra. But, when she learned that he wasn’t, she wanted to remove him from her way. Then, with the help of her trusted Basnyat courtiers, she made a plan to poison Jungbahadur. She organized a feast at the Bhandarkhal garden on 16th Kartik 1903 BS. Jungbahadur was also invited, but knowing the plan, he went there fully prepared and killed all his opponents present there. Jungbahadur found the Queen guilty of conspiracy and sent her into exile in Banaras. King Rajendra accompanied the queen after appointing Jungbahadur as the Prime Minister of Nepal. This event turned the history of Nepal upside down.

3. Alau Parva in Nepal:

As King Surendra went to Banaras accompanying his wife, Jungbahadur declared Crown Prince Surendra as the King of Nepal. This made King Rajendra furious. He wanted to regain his position. So, he organized about 2000 men soldiers and left Banaras for Kathmandu to fight Jungbahadur and arrived at Alau near Birgung. Knowing it, Jungbahadur dispatched his troops to attack them. On 13th Shrawan 1904 BS, King’s Rajendra’s troops were attacked and defeated. King Rajendra was arrested, brought to Kathmandu and imprisoned in the Bhaktapur palace for life. After this event (Parva), Jungbahadur took away all the powers of King Surendra and started ruling the country as a dictator.

Royal Seal of 24th Shrawan 1913 BS: King Surendra conferred the title of Shree 3 Maharaj of Lamjung and Kaski to Jungbahadur on 24th Shrawan 1913 BS. He also delegated all his power to Jungbahadur. This made him the De-facto ruler of Nepal.

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