Everybody wants a visa (except Indian nationals), but luckily it is an easy process. Here is the latest information on obtaining a different visa and how it operates. 

How can you get a Nepal Visa?

  1. A Your Visa-On-Arrival

You can find electronic kiosks in the arrivals hall which read your passport, snap your photo and print out a completed form. You should take your completed form to the payment counter to pay for your visa and then go to the “Visa on Arrival” immigration line.

Please ensure the following things are handy: 

I) Cash payment of the visa fee (preferably USD, primarily at land crossings, but you can also pay with EUR, CHF, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD, and JPY); 

II) A visa that is valid for a total of six months. 

III) Note that the accompanying nationalities, for example, AFG, IRQ, CMR, GHA, SOM, SWZ, PSE, ZWE, NGA, ETH, and LBR, cannot receive a visa-on-arrival.

Expert tips


Fill up your boarding pass on the plane, and after which you can travel rapidly through the queue in the lounge for arrivals. Additionally, filling out the visa form online before arrival ought to likewise save some time, as there are a small number of electronic kiosks available.

  1. Applying Your Visa Online

As of 2014, you can apply for an online tourist visa within 15 days of your Nepal arrival date. You will need your hotel’s address and a recent digital version of a passport-sized photo, which you can upload to the application.

After the application has been submitted, print out the confirmation receipt and present it to the Immigration Officer on arrival along with your passport and the correct amount to pay for the visa. 

This is the official website of Nepal government to apply for your visa online. To apply online, Department of Immigration, Nepal. There are many other websites which are dedicated to give you the services for applying online visa to Nepal.

You can also apply online with a visa service website like Byevisa. They facilitate your application, so that you can get on with planning your journey.

  1. Getting Your Visa at a Nepali Embassy

You may apply for a Nepali visa at the nearest Nepali Embassy or submit your application to them well in advance before leaving your home country.

  1. Getting Your Visa at a Land Border Crossing

There are likewise immigration offices that are available to foreigners at all land-border crossings. You will have the option to apply for and get a visa at these border crossings. 

Note: If you are eligible for a Nepal Visa On Arrival, you can get it from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) or one of the following land border crossings:

Applying for the Visa

I) After printing your Nepal visa application form and paying the visa fee, you will then apply your visa to the Immigration Desk.

Applying from a Diplomatic Mission for a Nepal Visa 

I) If you are not eligible for a Nepal Visa On Arrival, or you want to avoid queues at the airport, you can obtain a Nepal visa from one of Nepal’s international diplomatic missions. 

II) You should Contact the nearest Nepal Embassy or Consulate to get an appointment, as well as any relevant requirements for submitting visa applications. 

How to Get Tourist Visa for Nepal from USA Nepal Visa
Tourist Visa for Nepal

III) In a few cases, to submit, you would have to appear in person at the Embassy or Consulate while other diplomatic mission offices allow postal submissions. 

IV) When you obtain a diplomatic visa from Nepal, you’ll have six months to enter the country.

What are the Types of Nepal Visas?

The most common types of visas granted to foreign nationals by the Nepal Government are: 

• Nepal Tourist Visa is given to all foreigners coming to Nepal for tourism or leisure activities.

• Nepal business visa, given for business or investment purposes to foreigners coming to the country


• Nepal Transit Visa is granted to transiting foreigners in Nepal for a 24-hour duration. Upon arrival, they can get a transit visa.

• Nepal Work Visa given by the Nepal Department of Immigration after the visitor has just entered the nation with a Tourist Visa and has submitted the required documentation.

• Nepal Relationship Visa given to foreign-born family members of Nepalese citizens by the Nepal Department of Immigration 

• Nepal Student Visa is given to international students wishing to pursue their studies or do research in Nepal or teach in Nepal. International students need a recommendation from Nepal’s Ministry of Education and teachers need a suggestion from Nepal’s relevant government agency.

1) Nepal Tourist Visa

Visas acquired at the Entry and Exit points on arrival are ‘Tourist Visas.’ They bear several facilities for Re-entry. On Arrival tourist, the visa is Nepal’s only entry visa.

You can still get a ‘Tourist Visa’ to get into the country on the off chance you are visiting Nepal for other than tourism (sightseeing, hiking, cycling, mountaineering, trekking, visiting friends and families).

Nevertheless, by producing the required documents, you should adjust the visa category according to your intent and stay in Nepal from the Department of Immigration.

Nationals of the following countries must obtain visas before they arrive from the Government of Nepal’s nearby Diplomatic missions (Embassies / Consulates).

  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Swaziland
  5. Cameroon
  6. Somalia
  7. Liberia
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Iraq
  10. Palestine
  11. Afghanistan
  12. Syria
  13. Refugees with the travel document

Which is the difference between a tourist visa in Nepal and on Arrival visa in Nepal? 

A Nepal Tourist Visa is the kind of visa that all tourists arriving in Nepal receive. A Nepal Visa on Arrival is one way you can apply for a Nepal Tourist Visa-and the Visa on Arrival is a Tourist Visa as a matter of course. In any case, the difference is that one of the Nepalese diplomatic missions abroad can likewise obtain a Nepal Tourist Visa, not just upon arrival.

Below are some guidelines for completing a tourist visa application online.

Keep your valid passport at hand; you may need to use it during your online application, and have a recent photograph of the digital passport-style (size: 1.5 “x 1.5”) to add on your online application. Much of the application is self-explanatory, but a couple of areas require further clarification to guarantee you are placing in the correct subtleties.

I) Passport validity-This is your passport expiry date.

II) Permanent Address – Your home address and the ‘Pin Number’ alludes to your postcode.

III) Address in Nepal – For example, ‘House No.’ is 59, ‘Street Name’ is Gopi Krishna Marg, ‘Ward No’ is 3, and ‘VDC/Municipality’ is Mangkhal and’ Bagmati District.’

IV) Incorporate the international dialing code when entering the telephone numbers.

V) Placed your arrival/departure dates under ‘VisaVisa requested from’… In total, there are 4 x boxes to enter dates, and if you put the same arrival/departure dates in, then it appears to work (there should possibly be different dates entered on the off chance that you are applying for an extension of your visa via).

VI) You will generally pick a tourist visa under ‘Visa Type.’

VII) Select other, under Nepal address and place it in Nepal Guest House under ‘Place name.’

The ‘Ward No.’ is 3, Mangkhal is ‘VDC/Municipality’ and Bagmati is ‘District’

VIII) Choose the Immigration Department under ‘Office’

The application submitted stays in the system for 15 days. After 15 days, the application will be automatically deleted. When the application is successfully submitted, a receipt will be sent to your email immediately; the receipt will be printed and kept with you when you visit the Nepalese Embassy, as you need to produce.

For your convenience, the receipt will specify the deadline for contacting the Immigration Authority. The receipt likewise applies to the documents to be submitted before the Immigration Authority (receipt and proper documentation, and the required fee).

In the event you are planning on getting your tourist visa on arrival in Nepal, then you will need to know the following;

I) A Passport photo is no longer needed as new machines are taking a picture of you. Still, it is best to take a few passport photographs with you to Nepal as you need them for Medical Electives hospital registration, trekking permits, climbing permits, etc.

II) A single/multiple entry visa of 15 days is $25, a single/multiple entry visa of 30 days is $40, and a single/multiple entry visa of 90 days is $100.

III) You can also pay a visa in Euro or Sterling (costs in Euro or Sterling depend on the US Dollar exchange rate; it is recommended that you have the correct US Dollar money)

IV) You cannot pay by credit card or debit card for a visa (cash only).

V) Use ‘Adventure Alternative Nepal, Guest House & Office, 59 Gopikrishna Marg, Mangkhal, Bagmati on the visa application for Nepal’s address.

VI) Passports ought to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival

VII) Visa application forms can be picked up at entry points (some airlines hand them over on flights to Kathmandu), or a printable version of the Visa form can be downloaded from your local Nepalese Embassy web site.

VIII) Bring a pen in your hand luggage; you will be unable to discover one in Nepal when you arrive.

IX) You will have to join two queues-first, submit your documents, passport photo, and collect receipts. There are now ATM-like passport scanning machines at Tribhuvan airport in Kathmandu. You scan your passport and enter your address in Nepal, the duration of your stay and get your picture taken before receiving it from the machine. However, you must show patience and persistence in dealing with them!). After that, you should join a second queue to submit payment and your receipts, photo, and forms. (Remember that different queues are depending on the length of your stay… Don’t join the wrong one).

NB: Go to the Immigration Department in Kathmandu or Pokhara Immigration Office to extend a tourist visa in Nepal, where an additional 30 days may be added to a tourist visa. In any case, a tourist cannot stay in Nepal for more than 150 days over a visa year (January-December).

What are the Simple procedures for Tourist Visa on Arrival at the airport (TIA)?

If you haven’t acquired a visa before getting onto the plane, please follow these clear procedures for Tourist Visa on Arrival at the airport (TIA).

I) 1st Step 

II) 2nd Step  

While you can utilize various payment methods (at visa fees collection counter), you must carry some cash on the safe side.

III) 3rd Step  

Price & Duration

There are three options for the length of a tourist visa (for nationals of SAARC countries, the first 30 days is free):

  Tourist Visa Fee Details

Tourist Visa Fee DetailsPrice
15 days$30 USD
30 days$50 USD
90 days$125 USD
Multiple-entry$25 USD (Useful for going back-and-forth between Tibet & India)
Visa Extension (Within Period of Valid Visa)$3USD  per day
Visa Extension (With Multiple Entry)Additional USD 25
Visa Extension (After Expiration of visa)Late fee $5 USD  per day

After you enter Nepal with a Tourist Visa

All foreigners entering Nepal can get a Tourist Visa. At that point, if your intention of travel is anything other than tourism or recreation (for example, working, investing, or studying), you can apply to change your visa category from the Immigration Department in Nepal, which also changes the duration of your visa. 

To support your application, you need to have several documents.

2. Nepal Study Visa

A study visa is given to students from outside Nepal seeking after academic/nonacademic degree and research. The Immigration Department provides it at the request of the line agency (Ministry of Education).

This is also provided to teachers/professors engaged in academic work (teaching) in Nepal upon the Nepal Government agencies’ concerns. This is given for a maximum of one year according to the recommendation or length of study.

I) Study visas shall be issued to foreigners and their families who come to study, teach, or conduct research at any educational institution in Nepal, acquiring the Government of Nepal’s approval.

II) Except for foreigners who visit Nepal under the scholarship of the Government of Nepal or the approved program of the Government of Nepal or students and researchers under the understanding between the two universities or students of the SAARC Member States or students concentrating up to the secondary level, the study visa shall be issued to foreigners who wish to study and carry out work on their own and account of a foreigner, to make expenses of at least three thousand American Dollars, grossly or on a monthly installment basis per annum during their stay in Nepal.

The study visa shall be granted for one year at a time. In cases where the visa is to be issued for a period beyond that time, the visa term can be extended, taking into account the study and research progress report of such person, his or her activities, and other matters required. 

However, proven that in the case of a researcher or student, such extension of the term shall be only for up to the research period or that of educational degree understudy.

Necessary Documents

When applying for a Nepal Study Visa at the Nepal Department of Immigration, the documents you need are the following: 

I) Nepal study visa application form in printed form (online completed) 

II) A recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education 

III) The original letter of admission to Nepal’s educational institution (University / College Admission Receipt) 

IV) Proof of adequate financial means: bank statement (latest one week) with sufficient funds. 

V) Passport copies and most recent Nepali Visa 

VI) If you and your dependents both apply: marriage certificates and birth certificates as applicable 

VII) When you use for a Study Visa Renewal: The Progress Report Card 

VIII) For Researcher applying for a student visa, the following additional documents should also be produced;

Study Visa Fee Structure

Single Re-entry facility: 20 USD extra plus monthly Visa Fee

Multiple Re-entry facility: 60 USD additional plus monthly Visa Fee

Study Visa Fee DetailsPrice
New Visa or Visa Extension for students and their dependants (Degree Program)USD 30 per Month
New Visa or Visa Extension for students and their dependants (Non-Degree Program)USD 75 per Month
Bhutanese students and their dependantsUSD 15 per Month
Dependants of the students receiving waiver on visa fee between Universities as per MoUUSD 15 per Month
Foreigners and their dependants for teaching and research purposeUSD 50 per Month
students of Bangladesh and their dependantsUSD 15 per Month
students of Maldives and their dependantsUSD 25 per Month
students of Pakistans and SriLanka and their dependantsGratis

3. Nepal Business Visa

They provide a business visa in Nepal for investors and businessmen/women who invest and undertaking business. DOI shall issue a visa upon receipt from the applicant of the following documents.

Upon the recommendation of the department concerned, the business visa shall be issued to the following foreigners and their families:

I) Foreigners having obtained a license to invest in any business or industrial 

undertaking within Nepal or authorized representatives of such undertaking or industrial undertakings. 

II) Foreigners having obtained the license to invest in carrying on export trade from Nepal.

III) Foreigners visiting Nepal from a third country export goods manufactured in Nepal through purchase or place a purchase order for export.

If you are traveling to Nepal for business-related purposes such as investment, the documents you need are:

I) Online Application (The printed Nepal Business Visa Application Form)

II) A Recommendation letter from the Department of Industry or concerned line agency of Government

III) Bio-Data ( for first time applicants)

IV) Acceptance letter of Foreign Investment from the Department of Industry

V) A Copy of Company Registration Certificate

VI) A Copy of PAN/VAT certificate

VII) A Copy of the Share certificate

VIII) A Copy of Industry Registration Certificate

IX) A Copy of Passport and latest Visa

X) Latest tax clearance (regular visa)

XI) Industry Monitoring and Supervision report

XII) Company’s or Industry’s Progress report (for renewal)

A business visa is issued for at least a month up to 1 year / for whole five years at a time, unlike other Non-Tourist Visa.

Business Visa Fee

Business visa Processing fees vary with how much investment is made.

I) Investor investing under 10 million dollars (NRS) – USD 35 per month, USD 400 per year, USD 1000 for five years.

II) Investor Investing more than 10 million (NRS) – USD 20 per month, USD 200 per year, USD 500 for five years.

III) Investor Investing Over 100 million (NRS) – No fees

If the applicant for Business Visa has invested more than 10 million (NRS), ‘Share Details’ is compulsory and other necessary documentation for processing the visa.

A business visa requires numerous re-entering facilities irrespective of the period.

Business Visa Fee DetailsPrice
Foreigners and their dependants who have more than 100 million NRs of investment (Multiple Entry Visa for less than a year)  USD 20 per Month
Foreigners and their dependants who have an investment in excess of NRs 100 million (1 year multiple entry visa)  USD 200 per Year
Foreigners and their dependants who have an investment in excess of NRs 100 million (five-year multiple entry visas)  USD 500
Foreigners and their dependants with an investment of 100 million NRs or less (Multiple Entry Visa for less than one year)  USD 35 per Month
Foreigners and their dependents with an investment equal to or below NRs 100 million (1 year multiple entry visa)  USD 400 per Year

4. Nepal Residential Visa

This visa is for people who have added to Nepal in a manner that is recognized by the government (for example, having won an honorary medal from the Government of Nepal for some exceptional deeds), who are of retirement age (even though we are not entirely sure what that age is) and who at that point acquire US$ 20,000 per year and spend it in Nepal (supposedly for living expenses, provide receipts) or on the off chance that you are of ‘international reputation,’ which we assume implies you are famous! 

A visa is substantial for a year, renewable every year.

1. Residential Visa is given to the following foreigners and their families who wish to spend their life in Nepal:

I) People of international integrity,

II) People able to make an excellent contribution to Nepal’s economic, social and cultural growth

III) Person who has contributed at least one hundred thousand US dollars or convertible foreign currency equivalent in Nepal’s industrial enterprise at once.

IV) Any foreigner who plans to spend his or her life in Nepal without continuing any business.

2. The mission recommending residential visas to the foreigner as referred to in other clauses except for the foreigner, as referred to in clause (d) of sub-rule (1), shall forward the recommendation to the department through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the application filled in by such foreigner.

3. Any foreigner who intends to acquire a residential visa under clause (e) of sub-rule (1) needs to submit a verified source of income document of 20 thousand US Dollars or convertible foreign currency to be spent in Nepal, and any foreigner who intends to renew must submit a certificate showing that he or she will spend or has spent at least the same amount at one time or at several times in Nepal

4. Any foreigner who intends to acquire a residential visa must submit an application in the format set out in Appendix 4 to the department or the mission concerned.

Nepalese Residential Visa Requirements

if you need to live in Nepal without having to engage in paid work:

• Nepal Printed Resident Visa Application Form (filled out online)

• Bank statements showing USD 20,000 or more

• Evidence of a regular income of at least USD 20,000 per annum

• A Certificate of No Objection from your country’s embassy

• A Character Certificate

• A health certificate issued by TU Teaching Hospital

• Proof of retirement

• Photocopies of your passport (including copies of your most recent visa page)

• Photocopy of your Nepal visa

• Visa payment made: USD 700 per annum

If you have invested at least USD 100,000 in an Industrial Sector in Nepal (or its equivalent in another currency),

• Nepal Printed Resident Visa Application Form (filled out online)

• A letter of recommendation from the department of industry or Commerce of Nepal

• A copy of a company’s Registration Certificate

• A Copy of the VAT / PAN certificate

• A copy of Certificate of Shares

• Photocopies of your passport (including copies of your most recent visa page)

• Photocopy of your Visa to Nepal

• Visa processing fee: USD 500 per annum

Residential Visa Fee DetailsPrice
New Visa with Multiple Entry facilityUSD 500
Renewal of Visa with Multiple Entry facilityUSD 200 per Year

5. Non-residential Nepali Visa (NRN)

NRN cardholders receive an Airport Tourist Visa (Gratis) on arrival. The Department of Immigration provides this for a given number of days as pre-determined. 

Contact the Immigration Department (Non Tourist Visa Section) with the following documents for extending the NRN visa. This shall be extended to a period of one year. NRN visa is provided for free at both the airport and DOI until the NRN card remains valid. The holders of NRN cards are not permitted to stay in Nepal without obtaining NRN Visa.

Necessary Documents for Visa Application

  1. Online Application 
  2. NRN Card issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its missions based abroad (Original and Photocopy)
  3. Valid Passport
  4. Photocopy of Passport and latest Nepalese visa

Gratis Visa is given free of cost in case of the following categories of Visa applicants:

I) Children under 10 years, except for residents of the United States.

II) On the first visit in one year (January to December), only South Asian nationals such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka (except Afghanistan) are given free visas on 30 days. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, visa may be extended out from the Department of Immigration on payment of visa fees.

Note: Only on the Immigration Department’s recommendation are Afghan citizens eligible for Free Visa on Arrival. On the off chance that you are an Afghan resident, you may ask the institution concerned to invite you to Nepal to get you Gratis Visa ‘On Arrival’ for the Immigration Department’s required paperwork.

6. Diplomatic Visa

1. Except where the Government of Nepal has issued a particular order, a diplomatic visa shall be given to a person holding a diplomatic passport issued from any country and recommended for a diplomatic visa by the international diplomatic mission concerned, to a person deemed fit for diplomatic privileges by the Government of Nepal and to the family members of that person holding a diplomatic passport. 

2. The diplomatic Visa shall be issued based on reciprocity; its duration may be extended for the period of the assignment in Nepal at any time or from time to time.

7. Official Visa

A person who visits Nepal on an official visit is qualified for a visa. The person’s family members (spouse and children) are also eligible for the visa. It is issued and may be extended at one time or multiple times until the official visit to Nepal.

8. Transit Visa

Foreign nationals with transit in Nepal can obtain Transit Visa to enter the country for a night (24 hours) by producing a transit proof (Air Ticket). Likewise, suppose they choose to leave the airport and visit the country. In that case, foreign nationals arriving in Nepal due to unfavorable circumstances such as emergency or forced landing may obtain a tourist visa. 

Transit Visa applicants will fill out a Visa application online, pay the required Visa fee (USD 5) on the bank counter, and proceed to the Transit Visa desk after arriving at the Visa acquisition airport. On his/her approval, Immigration Officer issues a Transit Visa.

On the off chance that you are transiting to an airport in Nepal, you can obtain a Nepal Transit Visa for as long as 24 hours upon arrival by submitting the following documents to the immigration officers: 

• The printed Nepal Transit Visa Application Form 

• Photocopies of your passport (counting a copy of the latest visa page) 

• Onward travel proof (flight ticket within the next 24 hours) 

• Transit visa fee payment: USD 5;

9. Non-tourist Visa

  1. Press Visa

A Press visa shall be issued at a time for a maximum of 4 months. Columnists and representatives of the press may acquire ‘Press Visa’ upon submitting the following documents.

• Nepal Printed Press Visa Application Form (filled out online)

• A Recommendation Letter from Nepal Information Department

• An Identity Card is given by the Nepal Press Council

• Your Passport photocopies

• Photocopy of your Visa to Nepal

• Payment of the Nepal Press Visa fee: 15 USD 

  per month

Single re-entry facility: 20 USD extra plus monthly Visa Fee

Multiple re-entry facilities: 60 USD extra plus monthly Visa fee

  1. Relationship Visa

Kins of Nepalese people can apply for Relation Visa by submitting the documents below. 

• Certificate of relationship issued by local bodies establishing relationships with Nepali kin (original and photocopy) alongside supporting documents to verify their relationship.

• Kin Certificate of Citizenship (Original and Photocopy). 

• The concerned kin ought not to be a foreign passport holder and ought to be present for verification formalities in person at the DOI. He/she ought to be related by blood to the applicant. 

• Passport and most recent (photocopy) visa. 

• On-line Form (Visa Relation)

Note: Your family member needs to be present with you when you apply for your visa.

Relation visa holders are not allowed to work without the Department of Labor obtaining a ‘Work Permit.’ The work permit process starts, however, from the Department of Immigration. For detailed information, please contact the Immigration Department, Non Tourist Visa Section.

Relationship Visa Fee Structure

Visa Fee: 10 USD/per month

Single Re-entry facility: 20 USD extra plus monthly Visa fee

Multiple Re-entry facility: 60 USD extra plus monthly Visa fee

  1. Marriage Visa

Foreign nationals married to a Nepalese spouse (Citizen of Nepal) may apply for a marriage visa by submitting the following documents: 

Certificate of Marriage Registration: 

• Where a marriage has been registered in Nepal: issued by the District Administration or District Court

• Where marriage is registered abroad: a marriage registration certificate and a letter of verification from the embassy concerned (in original and copy) 

• Nepali Spouse Citizenship Certificate (Original and Photocopy) 

• Nepali Spouse’s Physical Presence 

• Latest Nepalese Visa, Passport photocopy 

• Online Form (Marriage Visa)

Note: When you apply for a visa in the Immigration Department, your spouse must be present with you.

For the first time, a marriage visa is issued for a maximum duration of six months. This can then be extended to a maximum of one year. 

Visit the Department of Immigration’s Non-Tourist Visa Section during (Visa Application Hour) with the required marriage visa paper.

Marriage Visa Fee Structure

Visa Fee: 15 USD/per month

Single Re-entry facility: 20 USD extra plus monthly Visa fee

Multiple Re-entry facility: 60 USD extra plus monthly Visa fee

  1. Working Visa and Volunteering

Only foreign nationals holding work visas are permitted to take up jobs and work in Nepal. Working Visa is given by the Immigration Department (Non Tourist Visa Section) only on the recommendation of the Line Agency (the Ministry of Government of Nepal concerned), the Labor Permit from the Department of Labor and Work Agreement (excluding a few exceptions). Applicants will go through various departments of government and eventually apply for Visa at the Immigration Office.

Foreign nationals undergoing paperwork and legal work visa formalities with relevant Nepal government institutions (Ministry/Department) can stay under ‘Tourist Visas’ in Nepal.

His/her visa category switches from ‘Tourists’ to ”Non-Tourist after completing all the required paperwork and applying for a ‘Working Visa’ at the DOI. If the Visa category changes, the tourist visa is automatically canceled. The duration of Working Visa is determined by the time during which the Labor Department has issued a work / labour-permit.

The following are to which working visa is provided:

I) Foreigners engaged in social and economic development works approved by the Government of Nepal at the expense of foreign-friendly government institutions;

II) Foreign nationals who have received recommendations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work in institutions run by foreign missions in Nepal;

III) Recommendations from the Ministry of Information and Communications to operate in international newspapers and news media,

IV) Foreigners who have obtained a recommendation from the ministry concerned to act as aides to foreigners who have obtained diplomatic or official visas;

V) Foreigners who have obtained endorsement from the Government of Nepal to work on a remuneration basis in any business, corporation, organization, industry, or venture in Nepal;

VI) Foreigners who have received recommendations from the concerned ministry to work in any foreign airline organization based in Nepal;

VII) Foreign importers entering Nepal from third countries on the advice of a foreign government agency or the Federation of Industries and Commerce or the International Chamber of Commerce;

VIII) Foreigners having a marital relationship with Nepalese citizens and issuing certificates of marriage registration;

IX) Foreigners of Nepalese descent or those children of a Nepalese father or mother who came to Nepal to visit their relatives or father, mother, brother, or sister of a foreigner married to a Nepalese citizen with a letter of recommendation from the concerned embassy which came to Nepal to visit him/her.

X) Foreigners who come to Nepal to work on the ministry’s recommendation concerned according to a governmental or non-governmental agreement or arrangement.

XI) Foreigners who have obtained a recommendation from the ministry concerned to conduct industry or enterprise feasibility study for no more than 6 months. According to this section, however, the foreigner must apply the document on the source of the investment, investor qualification, and details of the experience and the application form for a visa.

XII) Application by the group leader of foreigners, followed by a recommendation of the Ministry of Affected persons for group tourism in Nepal. 

XIII) Foreigners who have received a certification from the ministry concerned and will come to work in a Non-Governmental Agency in compliance with an agreement established with the Social Welfare Council or Ministry concerned.

Visa Requirements

I) Letter of recommendation from the concerned Government line department

II) Work Permit from Department of Labor

III) Work Agreement from the Ministry of Home Affairs

IV) Appointment/contract letter

V) Tax clearance of hiring organisation/ institution/agency

VI) Applicant’s tax clearance (for renewal) where the taxes were paid individually

VII) General Agreement with Council for Social Welfare (NGOs / INGOs)

VIII) Passport Photocopy and Visa Photocopy

IX) Online form (Working) 

Working Visa Fee Structure

Visa Fee: 75 USD/ month

Single Re-Entry Facility: Additional 20 USD

Multiple Re-entry Facility: Additional 60 USD


I) It is illegal to volunteer in Nepal on a tourist visa.

II) It is illegal to undertake voluntourism placements.

Many organizations, such as VSO, Peace Corps, etc., have the Nepalese government’s legal permission to recruit volunteers. Do not include orphanages, schools, guesthouses, bars, and trekking companies.

Non-Tourist Visa Fee DetailsPrice
Foreigners with Nepalese OriginUSD 10 per Month
Journalists and their dependentsUSD 15 per Month
Foreigners working in offices or project and are directly affiliated with GoN and their dependentsUSD 30 per Month
Foreigner married to a Nepali CitizenUSD 15 per Month
Relatives of foreigners having marital relations with Nepali CitizensUSD 25 per Month
Foreigners and their dependents working in organizations having contract between donor country and the Nepal Government and funded by the donor countryUSD 50 per Month
Other foreigners who are working in NepalUSD 75 per Month

 How can you extend a Nepal Visa?

At the headquarters of the Immigration Department in Kathmandu, you can extend your Nepal Visa. The Kathmandu office is the only Immigration Department office that opens visas to tourists and non-tourists alike. 

Pokhara Immigration Office is only allowed to extend visas for tourists. You will apply to get your Nepal visa extended until it expires. On the off chance that you use later, you may have overstayed your visa, and you could be fined or charged or even detained. A tourist visa can be extended for 15 days at a charge of USD 45. You have to pay a USD 3 additional for every day after that.

 Additional Expert Tips

I) It is a good idea to take 4-5 passport photos from home as they come in handy for official documents or to buy sim cards; 

II) Kathmandu airport has bank counters where currencies can be exchanged; 

III) It is always handy to have a few photocopies of your passport while traveling; 

IV) Although various payment methods are now available at the airport along with the visa application kiosks, malfunctions may occur, and we strongly recommend that you carry the correct money (US$ is suggested) and also need a passport photo with you just in case.

 Nepal Visa for Indian Nationals

To enter Nepal, Indian nationals do not require a visa. Indian citizens traveling by air to Nepal must possess any of the following documents: Nepalese Immigration. 

1. Passport 

2. Election Commission Card with a photograph

3. Registration certificate issued by the Indian embassy to the Indian citizen residing in Nepal

4. Ad hoc/temporary identity card issued by the Indian embassy to the Indian citizen in the event of an emergency

 Nepal Visa for Chinese Nationals

According to the official circular of the Embassy of Nepal in Beijing, China, as of 5 January 2016, Chinese nationals applying for a tourist visa to Nepal will receive a “gratis tourist visa” from following missions to Nepal in the People’s Republic of China:

  1. Embassy of Nepal, Beijing
  2. Consulate General of Nepal, Lhasa
  3. Consulate General of Nepal, Hong Kong
  4. Honorary Consulate of Nepal, Shanghai

Other Information on Visas 

The Individuals from different countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan will be expected to obtain a visa from the Nepalese embassies or diplomatic missions in their respective countries, as they do not receive a visa upon arrival at Nepal’s immigration points.

10 Quick Tips for Nepal tourist visa

Nepal is one of our favourite countries in the world. It is beautiful and has plenty of touristic areas to visit. There is the tallest mountain of the world where people from different parts of the country come to visit.

Thus, there is so much things to love about this country. Well now we are going to tell you about the ways to get visa for Nepalese tourists. They are given below :

  1. You can apply online for a tourist visa if you are trying to visit Nepal. This has come into law since 2014. You need to apply for a tourist visa within 15 days of your date of arrival in Nepal. You will have to provide information such as the hotel where you will be staying and a recent digital version of a passport sized photo that you will need to upload in the application form.
  2. You will need to fill the Nepal immigration arrival card as well after arriving at the Kathmandu international airport and on the land border crossings.
  3. When you will fill up the online form, you will need to travel Nepal within six months of visa being approved by the Nepal government.
  4. Make sure you are applying in the official Nepal government site while filling up the form because there are a lot of scam sites that will charge you more to complete the very same form that you do.
  5. As per filling the forms and whatsoever, you will need a passport sized photo with you so make ensure that you don’t forget.
  6. The visa fees were updated last year on 2019 and they are given below in dollars :
  1. It is a bit crowded in the months like September, October, November and December because it is winter and a lot of people come here for peak climbing and these months are known nas peak season as well.
  2. While you have arrived at the Kathmandu international airport, make sure to pay in the counter and get the receipt after paying because the receipt is very important. You can pay with your bank card but cash is the best.
  3. If you feel like staying in Nepal for a few more days, you can extend your visa time through filling the form in the visa extension form on the Nepal immigration site.
  4. The money in Nepal is called NPR (nepali rupee) and the exchange rate is roughly 1 USD = 113 NPR. There are ATMs everywhere for you to exchange or take out money which will make you easy to use the money.

Thus, Nepal is very affordable. You don’t have to worry about the things here. They are really affordable and cheap. The budget is really good and you can get the luxury stays.

One thing you will need to focus while leaving Nepal is that you will have to exchange the money back to your own money that is from NPR to USD. Hence, Nepal is a beautiful country and it will surely make you wanting to come back every now and then. Enjoy the time till then, Stay safe!!!


Thus, Nepal’s visa policy is relatively liberal, allowing citizens of almost all nations to obtain a tourist visa on arrival. Citizens of all countries except India require a visa to enter Nepal by the law.

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