Nepal Time Difference From Other City of the World

Nepal Time Difference From Other City of the World

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The Difference of World Time Zone from Nepal Time Zone (Kathmandu, Nepal)



Abidjan-5:45 hoursDar es Salaam-2:45 hours
Abu Dhabi-1:45 hoursDarwin+3:45 hours
Abuja-4:45 hoursDelhi-0:15 hours
Acapulco-10:45 hoursDenpasar+2:15 hours
Accra-5:45 hoursDenver-11:45 hours
Adak-14:45 hoursDes Moines-10:45 hours
Adamstown-13:45 hoursDetroit-9:45 hours
Addis Ababa-2:45 hoursDhaka+0:15 hours
Adelaide+3:45 hoursDiego Garcia+0:15 hours
Aden-2:45 hoursDili+3:15 hours
Agra-0:15 hoursDjibouti-2:45 hours
Aguascalientes-10:45 hoursDodoma-2:45 hours
Albuquerque-11:45 hoursDoha-2:45 hours
Alert-10:45 hoursDouglas-4:45 hours
Algiers-4:45 hoursDover-9:45 hours
Alice Springs+3:45 hoursDubai-1:45 hours
Almaty+0:15 hoursDublin-4:45 hours
Alofi-16:45 hoursDushanbe-0:45 hours
Amman-2:45 hoursEaster Island-10:45 hours
Amsterdam-3:45 hoursEdinburgh-4:45 hours
Amsterdam Island-0:45 hoursEdmonton-11:45 hours
Anadyr+6:15 hoursEl Aaiún-4:45 hours
Anchorage-13:45 hoursEucla+3 hours
Andorra La Vella-3:45 hoursFairbanks-13:45 hours
Ankara-2:45 hoursFakaofo+7:15 hours
Antananarivo-2:45 hoursFort-de-France-9:45 hours
Apia+8:15 hoursFortaleza-8:45 hours
Aqtobe-0:45 hoursFrankfurt-3:45 hours
Ashgabat-0:45 hoursFreetown-5:45 hours
Asmara-2:45 hoursFunafuti+6:15 hours
Astana+0:15 hoursGaborone-3:45 hours
Asuncion-9:45 hoursGalapagos Islands-11:45 hours
Athens-2:45 hoursGeneva-3:45 hours
Atlanta-9:45 hoursGeorgetown-9:45 hours
Auckland+7:15 hoursGibraltar-3:45 hours
Augusta-9:45 hoursGlasgow-4:45 hours
Austin-10:45 hoursGuadalajara-10:45 hours
Baghdad-2:45 hoursGuam (Hagåtña)+4:15 hours
Baker Island-17:45 hoursGuatemala-11:45 hours
Baker Lake-10:45 hoursGuayaquil-10:45 hours
Baku-0:45 hoursHalifax-8:45 hours
Balikpapan+2:15 hoursHamilton-8:45 hours
Baltimore-9:45 hoursHammerfest-3:45 hours
Bamako-5:45 hoursHanoi+1:15 hours
Bandar Seri Begawan+2:15 hoursHappy Valley-Goose Bay-8:45 hours
Bandung+1:15 hoursHarare-3:45 hours
Bangalore-0:15 hoursHartford-9:45 hours
Bangkok+1:15 hoursHavana-9:45 hours
Bangui-4:45 hoursHelsinki-2:45 hours
Banjul-5:45 hoursHermosillo-12:45 hours
Barcelona-3:45 hoursHo Chi Minh+1:15 hours
Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe)-9:45 hoursHobart+4:15 hours
Basseterre (St. Kitts)-9:45 hoursHong Kong+2:15 hours
Beijing+2:15 hoursHoniara+5:15 hours
Beirut-2:45 hoursHonolulu-15:45 hours
Belém-8:45 hoursHouston-10:45 hours
Belfast-4:45 hoursHovd+1:15 hours
Belgrade-3:45 hoursIndianapolis-9:45 hours
Belmopan-11:45 hoursIndore-0:15 hours
Belushya Guba-1:45 hoursInuvik-11:45 hours
Berlin-3:45 hoursIrkutsk+3:15 hours
Bern-3:45 hoursIslamabad-0:45 hours
Bhubaneshwar-0:15 hoursIstanbul-2:45 hours
Billings-11:45 hoursIttoqqortoormiit-5:45 hours
Bishkek+0:15 hoursJackson-10:45 hours
Bismarck-10:45 hoursJakarta+1:15 hours
Bissau-5:45 hoursJamestown-5:45 hours
Blanc-Sablon-9:45 hoursJayapura+3:15 hours
Bogota-10:45 hoursJerusalem-2:45 hours
Boise-11:45 hoursJohannesburg-3:45 hours
Boston-9:45 hoursJuba-2:45 hours
Brasilia-8:45 hoursKabul-1:15 hours
Bratislava-3:45 hoursKaliningrad-2:45 hours
Brazzaville-4:45 hoursKampala-2:45 hours
Bridgetown-9:45 hoursKansas City-10:45 hours
Brisbane+4:15 hoursKarachi-0:45 hours
Brussels-3:45 hoursKathmandusame time
Bucharest-2:45 hoursKazan-1:45 hours
Budapest-3:45 hoursKhartoum-2:45 hours
Buenos Aires-8:45 hoursKigali-3:45 hours
Bujumbura-3:45 hoursKing Edward Point-7:45 hours
Cairns+4:15 hoursKingston-10:45 hours
Cairo-3:45 hoursKingstown-9:45 hours
Calgary-11:45 hoursKinshasa-4:45 hours
Canberra+4:15 hoursKiritimati+8:15 hours
Cape Town-3:45 hoursKobe+3:15 hours
Caracas-10:15 hoursKolkata-0:15 hours
Cardiff-4:45 hoursKomsomolsk-on-Amur+5:15 hours
Casablanca-4:45 hoursKrasnoyarsk+2:15 hours
Castries-9:45 hoursKuala Lumpur+2:15 hours
Cayenne-8:45 hoursKuwait City-2:45 hours
Charleston-9:45 hoursKyiv-2:45 hours
Chatham Islands+8 hoursKyoto+3:15 hours
Chelyabinsk+0:15 hoursLa Paz-9:45 hours
Chennai-0:15 hoursLagos-4:45 hours
Cheyenne-11:45 hoursLahore-0:45 hours
Chibougamau-9:45 hoursLas Vegas-12:45 hours
Chicago-10:45 hoursLhasa+2:15 hours
Chisinau-2:45 hoursLibreville-4:45 hours
Chongqing+2:15 hoursLilongwe-3:45 hours
Colombo-0:15 hoursLima-10:45 hours
Columbia-9:45 hoursLincoln-10:45 hours
Columbus-9:45 hoursLisbon-4:45 hours
Conakry-5:45 hoursLittle Rock-10:45 hours
Concord-9:45 hoursLjubljana-3:45 hours
Copenhagen-3:45 hoursLome-5:45 hours
Córdoba-8:45 hoursLondon-4:45 hours
Dakar-5:45 hoursLongyearbyen-3:45 hours
Dallas-10:45 hoursLos Angeles-12:45 hours
Damascus-2:45 hoursLouisville-9:45 hours
Danmarkshavn-5:45 hoursLuanda-4:45 hours
Lubumbashi-3:45 hoursRabat-4:45 hours
Ludhiana-0:15 hoursRaleigh-9:45 hours
Lusaka-3:45 hoursRapid City-11:45 hours
Luxembourg-3:45 hoursRarotonga-15:45 hours
Madison-10:45 hoursRecife-8:45 hours
Madrid-3:45 hoursRegina-11:45 hours
Madurai-0:15 hoursResolute Bay-10:45 hours
Magadan+6:15 hoursReykjavik-5:45 hours
Majuro+6:15 hoursRichmond-9:45 hours
Makassar+2:15 hoursRiga-2:45 hours
Makkah-2:45 hoursRio de Janeiro-8:45 hours
Malabo-4:45 hoursRiyadh-2:45 hours
Male-0:45 hoursRome-3:45 hours
Manado+2:15 hoursRoseau-9:45 hours
Managua-11:45 hoursRovaniemi-2:45 hours
Manama-2:45 hoursSacramento-12:45 hours
Manaus-9:45 hoursSaint-Denis-1:45 hours
Manila+2:15 hoursSaint George’s-9:45 hours
Manokwari+3:15 hoursSaint John (CA – NB)-8:45 hours
Maputo-3:45 hoursSaint John’s (Antigua)-9:45 hours
Marion Island (Prince Edward Islands)-2:45 hoursSaint-Petersburg-1:45 hours
Maseru-3:45 hoursSalem-12:45 hours
Mazatlan-11:45 hoursSalt Lake City-11:45 hours
Mbabane-3:45 hoursSalvador-8:45 hours
Medina-2:45 hoursSamara-1:45 hours
Melbourne+4:15 hoursSan Diego-12:45 hours
Melekeok+3:15 hoursSan Francisco-12:45 hours
Mexicali-12:45 hoursSan Jose (CR)-11:45 hours
Mexico City-10:45 hoursSan Jose (USA)-12:45 hours
Miami-9:45 hoursSan Juan-9:45 hours
Midland-10:45 hoursSan Marino-3:45 hours
Midway-16:45 hoursSan Salvador-11:45 hours
Milan-3:45 hoursSana-2:45 hours
Milwaukee-10:45 hoursSantiago-8:45 hours
Minneapolis-10:45 hoursSanto Domingo-9:45 hours
Minsk-2:45 hoursSão Paulo-8:45 hours
Mogadishu-2:45 hoursSão Tomé-5:45 hours
Monaco-3:45 hoursSapporo+3:15 hours
Monrovia-5:45 hoursSarajevo-3:45 hours
Montevideo-8:45 hoursSeattle-12:45 hours
Montgomery-10:45 hoursSeoul+3:15 hours
Montpelier-9:45 hoursShanghai+2:15 hours
Montreal-9:45 hoursShenzhen+2:15 hours
Moroni-2:45 hoursSingapore+2:15 hours
Moscow-1:45 hoursSioux Falls-10:45 hours
Mumbai-0:15 hoursSkopje-3:45 hours
Murmansk-1:45 hoursSofia-2:45 hours
Muscat-1:45 hoursSri Jayawardenapura Kotte-0:15 hours
Nagoya+3:15 hoursSt. John’s (CA – NF)-8:15 hours
Nairobi-2:45 hoursSt. Louis-10:45 hours
Nashville-10:45 hoursSt. Paul-10:45 hours
Nassau-9:45 hoursStanley-8:45 hours
Naypyidaw+0:45 hoursStockholm-3:45 hours
Ndjamena-4:45 hoursSucre-9:45 hours
New Delhi-0:15 hoursSurabaya+1:15 hours
New Orleans-10:45 hoursSurat-0:15 hours
New York-9:45 hoursSuva+6:15 hours
Newark-9:45 hoursSuzhou+2:15 hours
Niamey-4:45 hoursSydney+4:15 hours
Nicosia-2:45 hoursTaipei+2:15 hours
Norilsk+2:15 hoursTallinn-2:45 hours
Nouakchott-5:45 hoursTarawa+6:15 hours
Novgorod-1:45 hoursTashkent-0:45 hours
Novosibirsk+1:15 hoursTbilisi-1:45 hours
Nukualofa+7:15 hoursTegucigalpa-11:45 hours
Nuuk-7:45 hoursTehran-2:15 hours
Odesa-2:45 hoursTel Aviv-2:45 hours
Oklahoma City-10:45 hoursThimphu+0:15 hours
Omsk+1:15 hoursThiruvananthapuram-0:15 hours
Oral-0:45 hoursTijuana-12:45 hours
Orlando-9:45 hoursTirana-3:45 hours
Osaka+3:15 hoursTokyo+3:15 hours
Oslo-3:45 hoursTopeka-10:45 hours
Ottawa-9:45 hoursToronto-9:45 hours
Ouagadougou-5:45 hoursTórshavn-4:45 hours
Palikir+5:15 hoursTripoli-3:45 hours
Palma-3:45 hoursTunis-4:45 hours
Panama-10:45 hoursUfa+0:15 hours
Papeete-15:45 hoursUlaanbaatar+2:15 hours
Paramaribo-8:45 hoursUnalaska-13:45 hours
Paris-3:45 hoursÜrümqi+2:15 hours
Patna-0:15 hoursVaduz-3:45 hours
Pensacola-10:45 hoursValletta-3:45 hours
Perm+0:15 hoursVancouver-12:45 hours
Perth+2:15 hoursVaranasi-0:15 hours
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky+6:15 hoursVatican City-3:45 hours
Philadelphia-9:45 hoursVeracruz-10:45 hours
Phnom Penh+1:15 hoursVictoria-1:45 hours
Phoenix-12:45 hoursVienna-3:45 hours
Podgorica-3:45 hoursVientiane+1:15 hours
Pond Inlet-9:45 hoursVilnius-2:45 hours
Ponta Delgada (Azores)-5:45 hoursVladivostok+5:15 hours
Pontianak+1:15 hoursWake Island+6:15 hours
Port-au-Prince-9:45 hoursWarsaw-3:45 hours
Port-aux-Francais-0:45 hoursWashington DC-9:45 hours
Port Louis-1:45 hoursWellington+7:15 hours
Port Moresby+4:15 hoursWhitehorse-12:45 hours
Port of Spain-9:45 hoursWindhoek-3:45 hours
Port Vila+5:15 hoursWinnipeg-10:45 hours
Portland-12:45 hoursYakutsk+4:15 hours
Porto Novo-4:45 hoursYamoussoukro-5:45 hours
Prague-3:45 hoursYangon+0:45 hours
Praia-6:45 hoursYaoundé-4:45 hours
Pretoria-3:45 hoursYaren+6:15 hours
Providence-9:45 hoursYekaterinburg+0:15 hours
Pune-0:15 hoursYellowknife-11:45 hours
Punta Arenas-8:45 hoursYerevan-1:45 hours
Pyongyang+3:15 hoursYokohama+3:15 hours
Qaanaaq-8:45 hoursYuzhno-Sakhalinsk+5:15 hours
Québec-9:45 hoursZagreb-3:45 hours
Quito-10:45 hoursZürich-3:45 hours

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