20 Things to Do & Visit in Nepal in September with Real Reason Why You Should Visit

  1. Kakani

Kakani may be a hill station close the national capital value. This place is known for trout fish and on a day to day basis, plenty of tourists visit this place. So, it’s a fun place to be any time of the year. But, in September, this place is exceptionally fun as a result of such a large amount of individuals from cities and additionally abroad flock to this place to have a pleasant time. Several hotels during this place give good food, honest celebration venue, and living arrangements yet. Also, you may relish a hike around the hills or trekking.

kakani Kathmandu Nepal
kakani Kathmandu Nepal
  1. Everest Tea Garden, Sindhupalchowk

It’s a slope that’s full of the tea garden. Everest garden is also called little Ilam.You’ll be able to relish a good looking scenery and additionally go trekking or hiking to the close hills. Also, recently opened there’s a paragliding station. For those that would love to drink and eat and simply have a pleasant time, this place has nice eatery close around since it’s a preferred tourer destination. On September, it will be yet more fun since it is the tourist season and a lot of tourists come to enjoy their time away from the city life and in the tranquility of natural lush gardens and beautiful hills.

Everest Tea Garden Sindhupalchauk
Everest Tea Garden Sindhupalchauk
  1. Ghandruk

Ghandruk is a stunning village in Nepal where tourists visit from all over the world. This stunning village is home to some exceptionally warm individuals and is additionally enclosed by the natural beauty you can’t have enough of. You’ll be able to go for short hikes, trekking or simply walk around the village and the hills to know the life of folks that reside thisplace. Once here, you leave with a good looking feeling regarding yourself and can perceive an excellent deal regarding individuals happiness to a unique cultural background.


  1. The Last Resort, Bunjee Jumping, Bhotekoshi

Head on to Bhotekoshi for a day’s fun. Here, you’ll be able to opt for a bungee jump in an exceedingly steep slope bridge facing the roaring Bhotekoshi watercourse underneath the bridge. You may live up the instance and it’ll give you sufficient of an adrenaline rush. It’ll be a memorable experience for you. You’ll be able to additionally participate in canoeing, trekking around the place and comes nightfall, you’ll be able to build a tent in the quiet banks and enjoy the night while partying.

Bunjee Jumping in Bhote Koshi, Nepal
Bunjee Jumping in Bhote Koshi, Nepal
  1. Rafting, Bhotekoshi or Trishuli

Another journey sport for you to undertake to get in the Asian nation is Rafting. foam rafting is way fashionable among locals yet as tourists. you’ll be able to either head on to Trishuli or go all the thanks to Bhotekoshi for attempting out Rafting. it’ll be a tremendous expertise to begin the twelve-month with. you may not regret your call to pay the new year’s eve and therefore the day later underneath the corporate of alternative Rafting buddies whereas partying and having fun at the banks of the watercourse. it’ll be value your whereas. Do try it!

karnali river nepal rafting
  1. Mustang

A slice of heaven in Nepal is Mustang. This out of the planet place may be a stunning place wherein you’ll be able to have a panoramic 360 degrees view of the snow clad mountains all around you. You may feel blessed to be here and be in an area of such beauty. Several tourists visit this place to search out a peaceful and exquisite place where they’ll see Nepali lifestyle and live up the expertise. The nice and cozy individuals, stunning villages, the abode of the King on to your rare journey that you simply will have. Visit Mustang!

luri monastery manang mustang Nepal
luri monastery
  1. Rara Lake, Mugu

Situated far within the hills and among the mountains, Rara Lake is one in all the foremost stunning lakes in not only in Nepal but also Asia. Individuals from all around the world return to the present place to enjoy the unequaled natural beauty and to be one with nature. You may relish the hike and trekking you get to do to enjoy this place and once you reach it, you may be hypnotized by the natural beauty. This place also has various new flora and fauna. You ought to visit Rara lake next time in the month of September because this is the month when tourists travel a lot because of the nice weather and beautiful setting of this place.

Nepal's Biggest Lake, Rara Lake
Rara Lake
  1. Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp or fashionably called ABC is a popular trekking route among locals and tourists in Nepal. It’s a chance whereby you’ll be able to experience the wild trekking routes and may act with the wild nature. It’s not a straightforward route to travel to. However, the experience you may have by the end of this trek is unmatched. It’ll be a tremendous experience for you. You will also feel blessed to be a part of nature. September is the time when it doesn’t snow much and as a result, you can trek easily in this part of the country. There is no risk of high winds too.

Small lake on the way to Annapurna Base Camp
  1. Bandipur

Bandipur may be a stunning place in Nepal where tourists from everywhere wish to visit. The natural beauty of this place is enough to enamor everybody. The sweetness is unmatched and is the main reason everybody likes to visit this place. As a tourer, you’ll be able to hike, opt for trekking or enjoy the agricultural life of Nepali living here. It’ll be an amazing experience. Bandipur isn’t too aloof from the national capital of Nepal. You will be able to experience the rural life but also find all the luxuries that you would need to enjoy your time here.

Places to Visit bandipur hiking Nepal
Bandipur Nepal
  1. Mount Everest Base Camp

When we mention Nepal, the primary thing that comes to mind for locals and other people outside is Mount Everest. It’s the highest peak of the planet and simply a peek to the present peak can cause you to feel extraordinary from within. Though scaling Mt. Everest isn’t underneath everyone’s capability, you’ll be able to experience this mountain by simply trekking to the base camp.

happiness in trekking to mount everest base camp
on the way of mount everest base camp

You may be able to see the Mt. Everest by your own eyes. It’s a unique world altogether. September is the mountaineering season. So, in this time Everest Base Camp is a busy place with citizens from all around the world coming together. Some come to scale this mighty mountain and others to just watch and experience the magnificence of the top of the world.

Here you go, these places are simply twenty of the places that you need to visit in Nepal. Nepal has many stunning places that will really impress you. In each corner and among each hill stations, you may notice natural beauty abundant. Once you get to the Asian nation, you maybe in love by the natural beauty that’s abundant during this small nation. That’s the reason, those that return to the Asian nation once find themselves returning here many times throughout their lives.

September is the time of year when the weather is really good to travel in Nepal. That is why it is the tourist season and lots of tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the great weather and beautiful views of the Himalayas. Also, it is the time when many festivals are observed. So, it becomes a good time to understand the Nepali way of life, Nepali culture, and traditions. In every bend and every corner, Nepal is filled with surprising and beautiful natural places. All you need is an open mind, a zeal to understand the other culture and an enthusiasm to see new places. Experience Nepal through all of these place mentioned below and lots more. You will find that the country is filled with beautiful and warm souls who will make your stay even more amazing.

Author: Asmita Sharma

Author: Jitendra Sahayogee

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