20 Things to Do & Visit in Nepal in September with Real Reason Why You Should Visit

20 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in September

Nepal is an amazing place to go to all the year. There are many places where you can visit and have a good time. These places have cultural and ancient importance including historical importance. April through October is a pleasant weather in Nepal. The temperatures are never too high but are always moderate. So, this time is when all like to travel within the country. Also, those who come from outside Nepal also like to come during this time. Because it is a tourist season in Nepal and various tourism based companies, restaurants, hotels etc organize various programs and events. Tourists can take advantage of such programs and have fun.

Also, Nepal is a country which is popular among tourists for trekking and hiking. For trekking in hard terrain or in the snow clad mountains, tourists need to make sure they arrive at a time when the weather is best. The weather should not be too cold or, too hot or too windy also. So, September happens to be the best time to enjoy every place in Nepal, be it trekking, or mountaineering or hiking. So, there many places of natural beauty which you can visit. But, few of those places are a lot more beautiful in the month of September.

Listed below are few of such places you’ll be able to visit in the month of September. These places are holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world.

20 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in September

1. Pokhara, Lake Side

Pokhara is a stunning destination that lies to the western a part of Nepal. Adorned with stunning lakes, Pokhara is a fun place for tourists to enjoy a peaceful vacation. There are many good restaurant chains and hotels which offer special discounts and special meals for the tourists that come all the year. In addition, different musical programs are organized.


As a traveler you may have plenty of fun attending concerts, enjoying games, and enjoying the vibration of this lake city. September-October is the festival season in Nepal and there are various holidays and special celebrations around this month. Also, the beauty of this beautiful city is unmatched in the clear and beautiful days of September.

  1. Nagarkot, Bhaktapur

Nagarkot is a hill station on the outskirts of the national capital in Nepal. This hill is fashionable among tourists for its natural beauty and calm and serene surroundings. Nagarkot is well known among trekkers, tourists and people who like to travel far from the hustle and bustle of the busy national capital town. Several nice resorts are set around this hill where you’ll be able to participate in varied programs organized to mark the spring season in September. It is a month when tourists love coming to Nepal. Also, this place is known for its grand sunrises.

nagarkot places nepal visit see mountain beautiful nature pictures
  1. Lumbini

Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha. It’s situated within the western part of Nepal. A good looking place to be, Lumbini is a serene and peaceful place to be at any time of the year. However, once it’s September, you may notice it even a lot of fun. There square measure several stupas and monasteries within the outer boundary of Lumbini that may be a heritage site. You’ll be able to take a peaceful time and meditate in any of the gardens, stupas or monasteries within the space. It’ll truly be a really peaceful vacation for you.

lumbini nepal birth place lord buddha
Lumbini Nepal
  1. Thamel, Kathmandu

Thamel is the busiest street in the national capital. This place is popular among tourists. On a day to day basis, tourists and guests from all around the world return to the town to enjoy. This busy street section becomes even a lot of busy and spirited around the time of September since it is the tourist season. Different musical programs are organized throughout the day and the eateries that are in this street organize different musical programs for the enjoyment of all the tourists in this area. The street never sleeps and even in the night, you can stroll around the blocks hopping bars.

Old Freak Street Kathmandu Nepal Thamel Durbar Square

  1. Sauraha, Chitwan

Another place to be in Nepal around the month of September is Sauraha. Sauraha is known for its forests and therefore the various species in plant and animal life. Manu tourists visit Sauraha to relish the banks of rivers and to observe the attractive places. On the month of September which is a tourist season, varied programs are organized that you simply will enjoy. In the calm and peaceful weather, you will have a pleasant time. Also, the wildlife in this area is exquisite, you can go for the Jungle walk, Jungle safari, or to the Elephant breeding place.

Lovers at Sauraha, Nepal
Lovers at Sauraha, Nepal
  1. Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu

Jamsikhel is a posh street stretch in the heart of the city of Kathmandu. This area is a terribly busy street in the national capital where tourists from within the country as well as outside visit to make merry. There are several nice restaurants where varied shows and parties are organized. For tourists in Nepal, September is the month where a lot of foreigners visit. For that reason, the restaurants and hotels located in this place organize a lot of programs for everyone to attend and have fun.

  1. DurbarMarg, Kathmandu

Durbar Marg is an uptown street stretch in the national capital. It is a good place to go out and make merry. You will be able to eat in a number of nice restaurants that are situated in the street. Also, the place is nice for shopping. Varied brands have their outlet there and it’s fun to lunch, go shopping and have a pleasant day. This street stretch is a fun place to be all the year round, and even more so in September since it is the busiest tourist month.

Night Life Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal
Night Life Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal
  1. Dhulikhel, Kavre

Dhulikhel is another hill simply half-hour outside of the national capital. This place is trendy among tourists from within the country as well as outside. It provides a panoramic view of the attractive hills and snow clad mountains all around. Also, the domestic livelihood of the locals around the villages can even be ascertained here. It’s a good place to know nature, village life and therefore the great thing about nature. During the tourist-season of September, you’ll be able to stumble into different parties organized by the hotels that are there in this place and may additionally relish a peaceful time.

pictures of Dhulikhel beautiful places to visit in Nepal as tourist spot destination
Dhulikhel image : naus.com.np/
  1. Boudha, Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa is set in the national capital. It’s one in all the heritage sites and is really a serene and exquisite place to tour around. It’s, even more, fun with the different activities that are organized by the season of tourist visit in and around this stupa. Varied food chains and hotels organize events and activities in Boudhanath, Also, you’ll be able to stumble into any of the parties happening within the place.

Boudhanath Kathmandu Nepal
Boudhanath in Kathmandu Nepal
  1. Chandragiri

Another place to hang out and have a pleasant time is Chandragiri. It’s a pleasant hill prime where you’ll be able to be close to nature and enjoy it. You will be able to go around within the hills, visit the temple on the peak and have lunch being enclosed by amazing hills. You’ll be able to additionally take a peek at the snow clad mountains that surround this Hill. If you go early morning or within the evening, You’ll be able to additionally watch attractive sunrise and sunset.

pictures of changragiri cable car hill station hiking in kathmandu Nepal
Cable Care Views from Changragiri Hill at Kathmandu Nepal

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