8 True Reasons How Nepal is Safe for Solo Female Travellers

is Nepal safe for solo female travellers?

Nepal is not only recognized for the great mountains and Gautam Buddha but also for the natural tourism sector. Nepal is rich in tourism and the cultural world at every step. The lake and the forest with the singing birds are the extensive features which are difficult to find in the world. The world also know many things about the Nepal, the Nepal has several sites and blogs which highlight the tourism places and published the advantage and also create the dreams to visit the Nepal.

According to tourism sites of the U.k. had kept Nepal number one in the list of world tourism places and country of the world. It’s only the trailer that the world listens and heard about the Nepalese tourist places through various media and medium. Nepal has many sources and the outcomes of the tourist places which is increasing the rating and values of the Nepal and Nepalese in the world list. The country economics is mostly depended on the tourism pillar. The country has managed and focusing their ideas and possible development with high treatment is going in transparently speed.

The country is increasing their tourist ratio every year in the rapid climb. There is the tourist included men and women in coming to see and make their memory and life journey pure keeping their feet in the divine land of Nepal. So many of the female tourist have the illusion to traveled in Nepal. The Nepal is the peaceful country where the Priest of the peace Lord Gautam Buddha was born and spread the peaceful message to the world.

A female Traveller in Nepal is watching the beautiufl scene of Nepali Hilly regions

A female Traveller in Nepal

It is safe to say that you are single young lady or lady and intending to travel Nepal as a Solo or individual styles? We have uncommon arrangement to gives idealize open door for ladies voyagers to get free from worries of your day by day life and get together unique individuals from various culture. Solo female go in Nepal is totally sheltered. You can investigate practically wherever in Nepal Himalayas with no dithering. Nepal is extremely sheltered explorers goal so you’ll see numerous female nonnative’s in Nepal voyaging alone and this should not shock anyone.

Since tourism is the primary business of our economy, female people of all pace of life are invited generous. Preceding making a performance going in Nepal, females must secure detail data like travel course, wellbeing measures, local individuals, their everyday lives and societies and so forth.  Be that as it may in the event that you are solo/singular voyagers and wishing to visit a portion of the remote range trekking in Nepal than we prescribe you to have no less than an English talking guide who can likewise convey in Nepali neighborhood dialect. Are guides imperative for assurance, as well as regularly our customers have frequently commented that the fellowships framed with guides along the trails have been among the most significant encounters they’ve work amid the trip to Himalaya.

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Going as a major aspect of a sorted out gathering in faraway spots provides security and significant serenity. An advantage of voyaging independently for female is that these explorers have control for substantially more unconstrained basic leadership. Gokyo Treks and Expedition is devoted to give a great and customized administration to each and every/individual/woman voyager. We design your vacation deliberately together with you and supply you with all the fundamental data for your wellbeing, comfort, and appreciate. We will likely fulfill you extremely.


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Pros in Women’s occasions to Nepal. (Ladies require “A Room for One’s own”) Ghale Treks represent considerable authority in little gathering visits for ladies to Nepal. Whatever your explanation behind voyaging solo as a female, you require never feel desolate or helpless again as an explorer with us.  When you need more from a nation then simply knowing you have been there “No Single Supplement” Ghale Treks – An organization represent considerable authority in ladies occasions to Nepal.

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Is Nepal Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

These are the major reason which will encourage your desire and thought to visit Nepal even you are female and alone:

8 True Reasons How Nepal is Safe for Solo Female Travelers

1. Nepal is the country of the female too:

The male and the female are the two parts of the same coin is said and it’s fully true. if the women do not help then the world will stop their growth. The girl is treated as the figures of the mother which worshiped as greater than God in the Hindu culture. Nepal is the only country which has the many rights mentioned in the constitution for the female. Here the female is also equally behaved and treated.

Girls are wearing Newar cultural dresses of Nepal

Newar cultural dresses

Nepal has established and pursued the constitution by providing and writing the many rights to the women which are not mentioned in any country world’s constitution.  A person is mostly conscious about the values of the girls and the women. They give respect and take respect the female like the daughter and the sister.

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2. Women rights:

As Nepal is the country of peace and female, it also bears the many rights and valuation to the female. Nepal has provided many primary and secondary rights to the female which have made the women powerful.  The government has also done the women empowerment for the growth and education and rights of the female. The country is fulfilled all their responsibility to providence and residence of the woman for their betterment.

Sustainable staying girl

There are many women rights council which raise and fights for the women if anywhere anytime the discrimination activities are auctioned actioned with women. So it’s also the best platform to make your voice bold and stronger to grasp the rights and justices if any dirty behavior and the accident stamps you.

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3. Government security:

The government is always in an alert position to manage and reduce the accidental loss. The government has maintained the security and the policies to reduce the illusion and pins activities which are making the country and the environment pollution with the bad comments.

nepal tourist police

nepal tourist police

There are many policies forces, army forces which are always in the ready position to fight with the problems and also they are pointed in the different suspected places. Government have given the more security to the women and also the more respect to the women.

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4. Equally treatment and equally respect:

boyfriend girlfriend are in dating

In the eyes of the law, girls and the boys or the male and the female are equally watched. If the and nonconstitutional works are approached by the male and female then both get the equal punishment. You can clear know and understand one major thing that the male and female are equally prized for their good works and equally punished for their criminal activities.

5. Ministry of women:

Child marriage pictures in Nepal

Nepal has also variance the ministry of women which only listen to the voices, comments, the pain of the women that they are faced with. This ministry also signifies that the values and the rights of the women should not be grasped and snatched. And always is in upward the female power and raising the and making the female voice more stronger and valuable. The minister is also the mostly positioned the female and rarely the male too. This ministry is always taking the support and doing the help for the growth of the female.

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6. Safe road:


You become obligated to add the staying days in Nepal if you see the transportation facilities in the Nepal to reach the tourist places. But don’t worry and visit  Nepal like a warrior to win the memory and save the possible photo and the moment in the camera. The places and the transportation are also widely managed and services by the government which makes your journey more comfortable and smelled.

7. Natural support:

nagarkot places nepal visit see mountain beautiful nature pictures

The weather and nature is also in the favor with the tourist and support their journey, deed, and need. Tourism sector are also in the motion to saw their features with colorful emotion and feeling to win their heart. The tourist is also in the continuous motion of enjoyment. A person always looks for better achievement and play for the greater cup.

8. Nepal worship girl as the goddess:

Be sure that you will feel any difficulties and have to faced with any kinds of criminal activities. As the country is mostly filled with Hindus people and the society. The Hindu culture and the people worship and respect the girl as the figures of the goddess. Nepal is the country of getting the full respect of women. So never think and heard the bad comment from about the Nepal as it were the false which can be published. The country and the person the Nepal is always in the respecting mood to the women and now you have become fully praised and inspired to visit Nepal and make the journey to Nepal fast.