News of Nepal: Constitution Assembly Has Been Dissolved

News of Nepal: Constitution Assembly Has Been Dissolved

Lastly, Constitution Assembly of Nepal is unable to write a new constitution until the deadline. Jeth 14, 2069 (May 28, 2012) was date of deadline date of Constitution Assembly of Nepal. Nepal Government crossed midnight deadline May 28, 2012.  The Constituent Assembly has been unable to finish the given task.

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We all knew that the Constituent Assembly of Nepal was elected in 2008 after a decade of civil war to write a new national constitution.

Constitution Assembly of Nepal couldn’t solve the crisis. Constitution Assembly of Nepal got steps backwards a political crisis following the failure of its political parties to arrive at a consensus on drafting the new constitution ahead of the Sunday, May 27 deadline.
The Supreme Court of Nepal has ordered the rule that the term of the constituent assembly can’t be extended as in the past. Supreme Court has rejected any further extensions.

The prime minister took the step of another general election on Mangsir 7, 2069. There will be no alternative than to go for another general election for the constituent assembly.

New elections will be held on coming Mangsir 7 2069 (Nov 22). The Constitution assembly of Nepal expired without completing the given task, write a new constitution, long-awaited new constitution. .

The four main parties have been unable to resolve differences over whether the states to be created by the constitution.


Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai made the announcement at midnight of May 28, 2012, Sunday that the assembly’s term is expired automatically.

Nepal’s prime minister says political leaders failed to reach agreement on drafting a new constitution before the expiration of the term of the country’s Constituent Assembly.

The major functions of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal were as follows:

  • To prepare a draft of constitution and ratify it after discussion.
  • To conform the issues to be decided through referendum.
  • To take decision on republic through the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly. (Now, Nepal has been declared as republic country).
  • To decide state’s restructures in accordance with the federal form.
  • To work as legislative-parliament.

News of Nepal: Constitution Assembly Has Been Dissolved

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