443 Frequently Asked Questions about Country Nepal, Nepali & Nepalese People


While listing the question about Nepal we have also found some question related to history of Nepal and Nepali people. So let’s discuss about Nepal history.

History is the systematic compilation and analysis of the important past happenings, human activities, civilization, struggles, achievements etc with facts, figures and dates. It is essential for us to know such important events and achievements of the human civilization. We can learn many lessons and get inspired by studying history.

The evidences or proofs which are there in various forms, state and status to provide authentic information on the historical happenings and events are called sources of history. The happenings or events might have had taken place a long time ago, so there is a great importance of its sources to be that history genuine or authentic. An account of a happening or event without being supported by any proof or evidence cannot be called a true history.

Such sources can be classified into:

Primary Sources and Secondary Sources.

Primary Sources: Those firsthand sources such as witnesses or the people involved, and their account or record told or maintained systematically and impartially along with time, date, fact and figure are known as primary sources.

Secondary Sources: The already recorded or printed or made sources such as newspapers, books, government records, coins, etc are called secondary sources. They can be further divided into; Written, Verbal and Artifacts and Solid Objects.


After the collectiong the some of facts takeing from primary and secondary sources, we can concludes that there is long history of Nepal.


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Questions with best answer about Nepal, Nepali and Nepalese

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