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There are many question about GDP of Nepal or GNP of Nepal or GNI of Nepal etc. Let’s talk about something about gdp, gnp and gni of Nepal.

Nepal comes in the list of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs). Due to geographical, historical, political, social and cultural reasons, they are still lagging behind in development. Life in these countries is comparatively hard. They have slow economic and social change, low life expectancy, and high infant and maternal mortality rate. They have low Gross Domestic Product, low Gross National Product (GNP) and obviously low Per Capita Income (PCI).


GDP: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total market value of all goods and services produced within the boundary of a country in a particular year. It includes all sectors: agriculture, forest, industry,! trade, commerce, health, communication, education, tourism, manufacturing, rent, wages and so on. It is one of the important indicators of economic growth.

GNP/GNI: The sum of GDP and the net income from abroad like trade subsidies, foreign grants and foreign remittance is called the Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross National Income (GNI)i So, it is the total market value of all goods and services of a country produced in a particular year plus foreign income. It is considered as a major base for the measurement of economic growth. The GDP of Nepal is 19.29 billion USD (2013).

Per Capita Income (PCI): It is the per head total income of all the people in a country or in a particular place in a particular year. It is calculated by dividing GDP by the total population of a country or a place./It is normally expressed in US dollar. This is one of the major indicators of economic growth and level of development. Per capita Income of Nepal is 2,260 PPP dollars (2013).

All these indicators are important in their own and for specific purposes. But they can’t reflect true level of human development. There may be high growth of national income, and it may be in the hands of a few people. In this case, per capita income may seem to be very high, but there may be a large number of people still living under poverty line.


Development is an ever going process. It has no limit or end. It requires a lot of means and resources. There is a need of skilled manpower, capital and technology to mobilize the resources.

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101 is nepal in southeast asia yes
102 is nepal in africa no
103 is nepal in tibet no
104 is nepal in east asia no
105 where is jhapa nepal jhapa is one of the districts of Nepal.
106 where is janakpur nepal janakpur nepal is located in souther part of Nepal in the Terai region.
107 where is jumla nepal Jumla is located in mountain region, norther part of Nepal.
108 is kyrat nepal
109 is nepal a kingdom yes
110 who is nepal king No. there is no any king in Nepal.
111 where is nepal kathmandu located Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal and located in center of Nepal.
112 where is kathmandu nepal on a world map visit the reffered page.
113 where is kathmandu nepal on a map visit the reffered page.
114 where is kathmandu nepal located on a map visit the reffered page.
115 where is kantipur nepal visit the reffered page.
116 ke nepal sano cha yes, nepal sano chha.
117 is nepal landlocked yes, it is landlocked country.
118 is nepal located in india no.
119 is nepal ledc
120 is nepal ledc or medc
121 is nepal located in asia yes
122 nepal is located where
123 nepal is located in which country Nepal is a country.
124 nepal is located where on world map visit the reffered page.
125 where is nepal located on a map visit the reffered page.

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal

126 what is nepal like Nepal is a country.
127 is nepal middle east no. it is in south asia.
128 is nepal muslim country No. it is not muslim country but there are many muslim in Nepal.
129 is nepal mbbs degree valid in india Yes. nepal mbbs degree is valid in india
130 is nepal medc or ledc
131 is nepal muslim no.
132 is nepal monarchy no
133 nepal is map visit the reffered page.
134 is nepal near india yes. it is in the border of India.
135 is nepal north or south of the equator
136 is nepal nice yes. it is beautiful country.
137 is nepal near peru no
138 is nepal near myanmar no
139 when is nepal new year New year starts from Baishakh month.
140 what is nepal’s national animal Cow is national animal.
141 what is nepal national anthem sayau thunga phool ka hami eutai mala nepali is the natinal anthem.
142 what is nepal national game
143 earthquake in nepal
144 is nepal on a fault line
145 is nepal overpopulated yes. it is going to be overpopulated.
146 is nepal one of the poorest countries in the world yes. it is one of the poorest countreis in the world.
147 is nepal open for tourism yes. it is open for tourism.
148 is nepal on a plate boundary
149 is nepal out of india yes. it is out of Nepal, but touched with border.
150 is nepal ok to visit Yes. it is ok to visit.

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal


151 where is nepal on a map visit the reffered page.
152 where is nepal on the world map visit the reffered page.
153 is nepal poor
154 is nepal part of asia
155 is nepal part of tibet
156 is nepal part of the un yes, it is a member of UN.
157 is nepal part of the united nations yes, it is a member of United Nations.
158 is nepal prone to earthquakes
159 is nepal part of east asia
160 is nepal politically stable No. nepali is not stable politiclaly.
161 is nepal qualified for t20 world cup yes
162 is nepal rich or poor it is poor country.
163 is nepal rich It is not rich country.
164 is nepal ready for tourists yes. it is ready for tourists.
165 is nepal ruled by any other country No. Nepal is ruled by own, not by any other country.
166 is nepal ruled by british No.
167 is nepal rich in water resources yes, it is rich in water resources.
168 is nepal republic yes, it is republic
169 what is nepal religion Hindu religion.
170 when is nepal republic day 15 Jesth
171 where is nepal rastra bank Nepal rastra bank is in Nepal.
172 is nepal southeast asia yes, it is in south asia.
173 is nepal south asia yes
174 is nepal safe to travel 2016 yes, it is safe to travel in 2016.
175 is nepal socialist it is socialist.

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal

176 is nepal safe now yes, it is safe now.
177 is nepal safe 2016
178 is nepal safe to live yes it is safe to live.
179 is nepal safe for female travellers yes. it is safe for female travellers.
180 is nepal safe to travel 2015 yes…
181 is nepal tropical
182 is nepal third world
183 is nepal the poorest country in the world
184 is nepal the smallest country in the world smallest country in the world.
185 is nepal the poorest country in asia the poorest country in the world.
186 is nepal tibet
187 nepal is the capital of where nepal is a country. kathmandu is the capital of nepal.
188 how is nepal today it’s good.
189 is nepal urban or rural urban.
190 nepal is unity in diversity yes. it is unity in diversity.
191 what is nepal unemployment rate visit the reffered page.
192 where is nepal usa
193 is nepal in the un
194 is nepal visa on arrival you can get visa for nepal from any country in the world.
195 when is nepal vs india
196 is nepal safe to visit safe to visit.
197 is nepal worth visiting yes. it can be worth visiting
198 is nepal worth visiting after earthquake yes. it is worth visiting after earthquake.
199 is nepal wealthy
200 is nepal was part of india

It is the duty of the state to provide basic facilities and services to its citizens. The state should make every possible effort to alleviate poverty, increase literacy rate and employment opportunities. These are important to achieve social and economic development. Such facilities and services are available more in developed countries. Developed countries have better means, resources and infrastructures of development. They also have skilled manpower, dedicated citizens, responsible government and so on. We have to learn from developed countries in order to develop our country.

Question and Answers related to this South Asian country Nepal


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