443 Frequently Asked Questions about Country Nepal, Nepali & Nepalese People

443 Frequently Asked Questions about Country Nepal, Nepali & Nepalese People

Nepal is a small mountainous country. It covers 0.03% of total earth area and 0.3% of Asia. , However, it is a unique country in itself. It is rich in geographical and bio-diversity. The majestic Himalayas in the northern part are the sources of many perennial rivers. These rivers provide us drinking water, irrigation, hydroelectricity, entertainment and many more things. The beautiful mountains and hills are places of attraction for many tourists. There are precious herbs and rare plants and animals. The hills are suitable for growing variety of crops and fruits. There are many kinds of minerals found. Most of the parts of our country receive enough sunlight. There is possibility of huge solar power generation. The fertile plain land of Terai is granary of crops. The geographical diversity has contributed to bio-cultural diversities making Nepal rich both naturally and culturally. Nepal is indeed blessed by the nature.

Nepal is one of the developing countries in the world. But it must be developed. Because Nepal has much more possibilities to be developed country.

As we know that Development is a dynamic process of positive change. It is related with socio-economic aspect. It is the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to meet specific objectives or requirements. Nothing is permanent: everything in our environment keeps changing. We fulfill our needs by using the resources available in our environment. This results in changes. Constructive changes promote our living standard. Hence, development is also synonymously defined as economic development.

nepal map people travel tours visit mount everest

At first, the promotion from lower level to upper level in economy is economic development. But, only economic progress can t be considered as development. It is much more than that. It isn’t only the fulfillment of physical needs but also overall improvement in social, cultural and institutional aspect of the society. According to the UN, ‘Development doesn’t concern only with physical needs of human beings, but also with the improvement in social conditions.’ It is economic growth along with social justice, capacity building, reduction of inequality and poverty.

All the people should be healthy, progressive and prosperous. The country should De aoie to provide social, cultural and economic security to its people. Then the country can be said developed and able to bring positive changes in the lives and attitudes of its people.

There are countries having different levels of development: developed, developing and least developed. Most of the European countries, North American countries, Singapore and Japan are considered developed; they have brought positive changes in their people’s lives. Their living standard is very high. Whereas, there are many countries in Asia, South America and Africa which are still fighting against poverty, illiteracy and diseases. Some of them are developing and some even the least developed ones.


To be enlistred in the developed countries. Nepal has to step some of the right steps at the developing activitiies. Most of the question enlisted below are related to is Nepal a developing or developed country?

Let’s have look in the 443 question about Nepal, Nepali and Nepalese people, politics, map, government etc. We are trying our best to give the best answer of these question searched in search engine like google.com, bing.com and yahoo.com and other search engine.

1is nepal a country Yes
2is nepal in india No
3is nepal safe Yes
4is nepal in china No
5is nepal part of indiaNo
6is nepal a developing countryYes
7is nepal part of chinaNo
8is nepal communistThere are many parties in Nepal.
9is nepal a poor countryYes, Nepal is a poor country.
10is nepal in the middle eastNo, It is in the south Asia.
11is nepal a part of indiaNo.
12is nepal a democracyYes
13is nepal a cityNo, It is a country.
14is nepal an islandNo, It is a landlocked country.
15is nepal a 3rd world countryNo. It is a member of UN.
16is nepal a country or cityIt is not a city. It is a country.
17is nepal a monarchyNo. It is republic country.
18what is a nepalese sherpaNepalese sherpa is Nepalese people who are living in the northern part of Nepal, himalayas of Nepal.
19what is a nepalese gurkhaNepalese gurkha is known Nepalese army, recruited in British and Indian Army.
20what is a nepal earthquake
21what is a nepal sherpa
22what is a nepal gorkha
23what is a nepali sherpa
24what is a nepalese restaurant
25what is a nepal country

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal

26what is a nepali name
27is nepal beautifulYes
28is nepal bigger than englandNo
29is nepal bigger than bangladeshNo
30is nepal better than india
31is nepal bigger than sri lankano
32is nepal belongs to indiaNo
33is nepal bandh tomorrowNo
34is nepal buddhistHere are many buddist people.
35is nepal by india
36is nepal bigNo, it is small country.
37is nepal cheapYes. It is one of the cheaper country in the world.
38is nepal controlled by chinaNo.
39is nepal cheap to visitYes, To visit Nepal, you may feel cheap.
40is nepal communist countryThere are many parties in Nepal including comminist.
41is nepal coldVarieties of climate.
42is nepal considered a third world countryIt is a third pole country.
43is nepal colonizedno
44is nepal considered asianIt is asian country.
45is nepal closed to the equatorNo.
46c nepal
47c nepali
48c nepali sewa
49is nepal dangerousNo way
50is nepal democraticYes,

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal

51is nepal developing countryyes
52is nepal dirtyNo
53is nepal dangerous countryNo
54is nepal developedno, it is developing country.
55is nepal driving license valid in indiaNo, nepal driving license is not valid in India.
56is nepal democracyyes.
57what is nepal date todayvisit the reffered page.
58when is nepal dog festivalTihar…. visit the reffered page.
59is nepal expensiveNo.
60is nepal east asiaIt is in south asia
61is nepal expensive to visitno, it not expensive to visit.
62is nepal expensive to travelNo, it is not expensive to travel.
63is nepal ever part of indiaNo. Nepal is not been ever part of India.
64is nepal earthquake man madeNo.
65is nepal earthquake prone
66is nepal earthquake zoneIt seems like
67is embassy nepal
68where is nepal earthquake
69is nepal famousyes, there many things what Nepal makes famous.
70nepal is from which countryNepal is a country.
71nepal is from which continentNepal is in Asia.
72who is nepal famous leaderThere are many famous leader in Nepal. Like Prachand, Dr. Baburam Bhattrai, Sher Bahadur Deuwa, Madhav Kumar Nepal, KP Oli,
73is nepal safe for travelYes, It is safe for travel.
74how is nepal for honeymoonit is best place for honeymoon.
75what is nepal famous foodDal Bhat Tarkari… visit the reffered page.

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal

76what is nepal flagvisit the reffered page.
77who is nepal famous sports personParas Khadka
78what is nepal fooddal bhat tarkari
79is nepal gay friendlyNo….
80is nepal government corruptYes,
81is nepal good place to visityes. it is good place to visit.
82is nepal going to have another earthquakeWe don’t predict.
83what is nepal governmentNepal government is Republic democratic
84what is nepal gdp per capitaapproximately
85what is nepal’s gdp
86who is nepal godNo. there is not any Fixed God of Nepal But most of the people worship Brahama, Vishnu and Mahesh as Nepal god.
87what is nepal gazette
88is nepal hindu countryyes, it is hindu country.
89is nepal hotvariest of climate. visit the reffered page
90is nepal hot or coldBoth climate you can get.
91is nepal humidsometime
92is nepal hinduYes. 80% of the Nepalese people are hindu.
93is nepal hindu stateNot now but in the past, it was hindu country.
94what is nepal hashish
95what is nepal’s highest mountainMt. Everest. It is the highest mountain in the world.
96what is nepal historyvisit the reffered page.
97is nepal a hill stationMost of the regions are mountains
98is nepal in asiayes.
99is nepal in south asiayes
100is nepal in the himalayasyes

Question and Answers related to this South asian country Nepal

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