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Nepal is amazingly beautiful. The unmatched beauty of the majestic Himalayas fills the visitors with great awe. Not only the natural beauty but the romantic, spiritual and omnipresent spirituality capture tourists and provide Nepal a magical atmosphere that makes it a special and unique travel destination.

In this article we will present some of the essays on Nepal for you and your friends. We’ll mention some of popular facts, informationa and attractive places in the Nepal essay. After reading this article you should have a clear idea about the essay about Nepal. Here are some of the top selected essays on Nepal.

Nepal is amazingly beautiful. The unmatched beauty of the majestic Himalayas fills the visitors with great awe. Not only the natural beauty but the romantic, spiritual and omnipresent spirituality capture tourists and provide Nepal a magical atmosphere that makes it a special and unique travel destination.

In this article we will present some of the essays on Nepal for you and your friends. We’ll mention some of popular facts, informationa and attractive places in the Nepal essay. After reading this article you should have a clear idea about the essay about Nepal. Here are some of the top selected essays on Nepal.

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Essay about Nepal: My Country My Pride [500 words]

My country Nepal is situated between two large countries China and India. According to the census of 2011 A.D., 26,494,504 people living in my country.


The area of Nepal is 147,181 SQ.K.M. the density of population in urban regions is higher than in rural regions. Similarly, valleys and plains are more densely populated than the hilly region.

The national flag of Nepal is unique of them all. It is the only flag in the world which is not rectangular in shape. The flag is in crimson red in color which signifies rhododendron which is the national flower of Nepal. The border is blue in color which signifies peace and harmony.

Until 1962, the flag’s emblems, the sun, and the crescent moon had human faces which signify the unity of the country. The national flower and bird, rhododendron and Danfe respectively, the flag was plumed crown worn by the kings and crossed Kukhris carried by the Gurkhas for their bravery. Nepal followed monarchy system until the people movement in 2063 BS.

Nepal is an agro-based country. About 80 percent of the people depend on agriculture. Some of the educated people are employed in other sectors such as teaching, office work, business, etc.

Although people belonging to various social groups and religions, the real practice of ‘unity in diversity’. Most of the people in Nepal followed Hindu religion but people enjoy a right to other religion too.

People speak a different language and enjoy different modes of cultures and traditions. In Nepal people respect each other’s religion and culture as well.

It is said that ‘Hario ban Nepal ko Dhan’. Nepal seems to be beautiful because of the green forest. In the forest, there are wild animals. Many tourists come to watch them which help to increase the foreign currency.

A Lady Traveller is travelling Nepal himalayas
A Lady Traveller is enjoying while traveling in Nepal Himalayas

Nepal is famous for natural beauties and gifts. Although Nepal is landlocked, people from foreign countries are fond of visiting in Nepal. Nepal is famous for mountains, rivers, lakes, etc.

The highest mountain peak in the world, Mt. Everest, lies in Nepal. Many tourists visit her every year. Through tourism, Nepal is able to earn foreign currency which can be used for development. Nepal is rich in water resources.


Many rivers flow from high mountains twisting and turning around the hills and move through Terai.  Many brooks and streams serve people in many ways. They are advantageous for irrigation, transportation, rafting, running hydro-electricity projects and so on.

The most amazing fact about Nepal is that it does not greet another person with a handshake or a hello, it rather joins their own hand and says Namaste which means I respect you as a person.

Nepal is the neighboring country of India, thus Indians do the same when they meet one another. Another amazing fact about Nepal is related to food. If you ever come to Nepal as a tourist, you must try the famous food called ‘momo’.  It is a delicious dumpling made from flour and water filled with meat filling.

And how can we ever forget the birthplace of Lord Buddha? Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini at 500BC. It is a founder of the religion Buddhism which covers 9% of the total population.

He had four noble truths about pain and sorrows. Also, he had eight right paths about how to live a proper life. He is still regarded as the one who found peace and how the world then has become.

Nepal is developing a country. About 70 percent of the people are literate. The farmers are provided with the facilities of irrigation, modern fertilizers, improved seeds and modern method of farming. The facilities of electricity health care and other facilities are also increasing.

I feel proud to be a citizen of Nepal. We, Nepali people, respect each other. I do feel most of the people love the nation. We feel that mother and motherland are same. I do hope that our country Nepal will be the most famous country in the world.

This Essay on Nepal – My Nation My Pride is written by Susaan Basel

Essay on Nepal – My Nation My Pride [1000 words]

My nation, Nepal, is extremely a heaven. The main imperfection is that it has no ocean get to; it’s a landlocked nation. I adore my nation more than whatever else on the planet.

What has my nation not got? It is one of the most extravagant nations on the planet in bio-assorted variety; in hydropower or water assets; in arrive structure and the amicable idea of individuals and their custom and culture.

My nation, Nepal has numerous activities and numerous things to see. Drifting, boating, mountaineering, paragliding, bouncing, and trekking are regular things to see, as well. Mountains, lakes, national parks, streams and old structures are ladies viewing.

In spite of the fact that an incredible number of the general population are under destitution line and uneducated; they are sufficiently cognizant to safeguard their traditions and societies.

They are politically mindful, as well. My nation’s present need is instructive and financial advancement, and vote based standards and qualities. I cherish my nation.

I was conceived for it and I’ll bite the dust for it. In general, Nepal is such a  land of mine where I can live cheerfully.

It is the guests ‘heaven where nature is alive. It is such s put the reality where its single touch revives everybody.

Nepal lies in the southern piece of Asia amongst China and India. It is a landlocked nation. It has a territory of 1,47,181 square km. The capital city is Kathmandu. Nepal can be partitioned into three natural zones.

The Himalayan districts, the Hilly area, and the Terai locale. The Himalayan locale covers 15% of the land region, the Hilly district has 68% and the Terai district has 17% of the land territory.

Nepal’s standard time is 5 hours and 45 minutes quicker than the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), that is London time. Nepal is for all intents and purposes separated into 5 advancement locales, 14 zones, and 77 districts areas. Nepal has almost 25 million of the populace.

Nepal is wealthy in regular assorted variety. It has numerous types of plant and creatures. Nepal is additionally reached in hydro control. It has numerous great waterways like Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali.

Nepal is a heaven for the vacationers. They can do numerous things like trekking, boating, and mountaineering.

In this way, enterprises in light of tourism ought to be built up here with the goal that each Nepali gets utilized. In addition, Nepal will turn into the goal of the voyagers.

Nepal is honored with one of the most extravagant societies on the planet. The announcement holds especially valid if there should arise an occurrence of Nepal where each part of life, sustenance, dress, and even occupations are socially guided.

The way of life of Nepal incorporates the codes of conduct, dress, dialect, customs, standards of conduct and frameworks of conviction.

The way of life of Nepal is an exceptional blend of custom and curiosity. The conventions are taken after as they were and new traditions are made to keep pace with the evolving times. Culture in Nepal is a gathering of music, design, religion, and writing.

The mountain kingdom of Nepal is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. The land is rich with special social gatherings like Tharu, Yadav, Ahir, Newars, and others.

Nepalese are among the most accommodating hosts. This is the explanation behind which travelers from distant locations abroad appreciate coming to Nepal over and over.

Nearby Nepalese are for the most part country individuals who welcome the visitors to their homes for tea, espresso or dinner. Nepalese are socially warm, cordial and tender hosts who put their heart over their head.

Nepalese model with newari traditional dress


Nepalese model with Newari traditional dress

Party is the equivalent word to the Nepalese Culture. For the Nepalese, celebrations are not just the early scenes, but rather additionally are a living piece of their rich social legacy.

Celebrations viably tie together the Nepalese individuals of various social foundations and convictions into one country. Most Nepalese celebrations are identified with various Hindu and Buddhist divinities. They are commended on days sanctified for them by religion and convention

Nepal is regarded with a standout amongst the most extreme social orders on the planet. The declaration holds particularly substantial if there ought to emerge an event of Nepal where each piece of life, sustenance, dress, and even occupations are socially guided.

The lifestyle of Nepal consolidates the sets of accepted rules, dress, lingo, traditions, norms of direct and structures of conviction.

Better than average to Know that the lifestyle of Nepal is a remarkable mix of custom and interest. The traditions are taken after as they were and new conventions are made to keep pace with the developing circumstances.

The gathering is the proportional word to the Nepalese Culture. For the Nepalese, festivals are not only the yearly scenes but instead moreover are a living bit of their rich social heritage. Festivities suitably integrate the Nepalese people of different social establishments and feelings into one nation.

Most Nepalese festivals are related to different Hindu and Buddhist divinities. They are praised on days blessed for them by religion and tradition.

Tihar: This celebration of lights that falls between October/November is the second greatest celebration after Dashain. This celebration goes on for five days and individuals venerate Laxmi – the Goddess of Wealth.

Dashain Nepal


Putting Tika on Forehead

Every one of the houses is cleaned and beautified with the conviction that Goddess Laxmi will go into the house that is the cleanest and individuals lit candles, oil lights and different lights and the entire place looks enlightening.

Amid the five days, crows, canines, and bovines are revered and regarded with vermilion, wreath and heavenly sustenance for what they have done in the lives of people.

Crows are viewed as the flag-bearer that brought news notwithstanding amid the circumstances when there were no postmen and no postal administrations. Pooches are the most devoted creatures and they protect our home as obvious gatekeepers.

Dairy animals are additionally an image of riches in Hinduism and she is likewise the rational creature of Nepal. Amid Tihar, the Newari people group in Nepal additionally watches Mha puja – a custom of loving one’s own body and life.

On this very day, the Newari New Year which is otherwise called Nepal Sambat starts. The celebration closes with Bhai Tika – siblings’ day when his sisters adore him for his long and sound life to shield the lives of his sisters. This is additionally a betting time in Nepal as betting isn’t unlawful amid this celebration.

This Long Essay on Nepal, My Nation My Pride is written by Abhishek Raj Jha

Essay on Nepal MY COUNTRY MY PRIDE [1500 words]

Mother and country are more prominent than paradise. It is a genuine proclamation. We are born in this nation which is brimming with characteristic delights.

We are exceptionally nationalist. We adore country more than soul. Nation resembles a paradise for me. My nation name in Nepal. It is gotten from two supernatural words ‘Ne’ and ‘Pala’.


The word Nepal implies the nation of peace and love. This is where Master Gautama Buddha ‘light of Asia’ was born. This is a nation of Bir Gorkhalies. The most noteworthy crest on the planet Mt. Everest is situated in a nation which makes a nation in the best.

There are numerous mountains in my nation along these lines it is called a precipitous nation. Numerous waterways spill out of the mountain to the slopes and plain place where there is Terai.

My nation Nepal is isolated into three geological districts and seven advancement areas called provinces. Nation national bloom is rhododendron, national fowl is Daphne, national color is a simrik and national weapon is khukuri.

My nation Nepal which is little on the planet outline, but for me my nation whether it is little or enormous it is a world for me. Numerous national identities are born in nation life: Prithivi Narayan Shah, Bahadur Shah, Rajendra Laxmi, etc. History of nation Nepal is great.

Every one of the pages of history is loaded with the hot and red blood of national legends. My nation Nepal is the Yam between two major stones. I mean it is between the two greatest nation India and China. Nation Nepal is separated into numerous ethnic gathering.

The nation is multi-rank, multi-culture, multi-convention and multi-religious. They are of various position yet they are living in ‘solidarity of assorted variety’ without battling for the sake of culture, religion, rank, and so forth. They are living in a tranquil condition.

People of diverse religion and belief are the dominant features of my country’s society. Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity are the major religions that are practiced in my country.

People have a sense of unity, though living in diversity. Mostly, Brahmins and Chhetris are regarded as Hindu believers and people from the Mongoloid community are taken as Buddhist devotees, but they have good respect to each other in the course of cultural exchange.

A Hindu has a distinct tradition of sacrificing animals to the goddess because they are the symbol of having ferocious power and need the blood of a living being to be satisfied. Lord Shiva is considered to be the supreme God in Hinduism.

The way of life in my country is a collection of music, engineering, religion, and writing. Our mountain kingdom is multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. The land is rich with interesting social gatherings like Tharu, Yadav, Ahir, Newars, and others.

Culture is inserted in the high pinnacles of our country, convention streams with its waterways, workmanship crosses through its valleys and religion lies in the core of its kin. Our country is a place where craftsmanship, culture, and religion are a piece of the life of the occupants. Individuals praise each minute with the smell, adding curiosity to the customs without influencing their quintessence.

Further, the craftsmanship and engineering of my country are profoundly impacted by religion. Exceptional craftsmanship can be found in sanctuaries, engineering, sanctums, wellsprings and the outline of religious articles.

Craftsmanship and religion are so profoundly interlocked that it is difficult to isolate the one from the other. All artistic expressions express both Hindu and Buddhist iconography.

Along the line of culture, we Nepalese have our own unique way of celebrating festivals, It is a blend of multilingual and multicultural measurement.

In excess of 60 ethnic gatherings have been recorded and numerous are as yet investigating, who are prosperous with their own dialect, ensembles, and conventions.

They have their remarkable celebrations of festivity. In my country, individuals praise national celebrations and nearby reasonable for the entire year in various months.

MagheSakranti is praised in the period of January, on the principal day of Magh as indicated by the Nepali timetable. Individuals eat different dishes of heavenly nourishment as ghee, laddoo and Chaku, and sweet potatoes. Hitched little girls go to their folks to join the joy.

Fagupurnima is a beautiful celebration, celebrated amid the long stretch of March on a full moon day. Individuals praise this celebration by tossing hues and waters to each other. It is flawlessly celebrated in the Terai areas of Nepal.

MahaShivratri festivity is devoted to Lord Shiva, celebrated on the no-moon night by the Hindus by and large in the period of March. A major reasonable held in the Pashupatinath territory by a huge number of Hindu aficionados. Sadhus paint their bodies by the fiery debris and love Shiva all through the entire night.

Ghodejatra is otherwise called a pony race festivity, for the most part celebrated toward the finish of March (15 Chaitra). It is a breathtaking festival at Tundikhel by amassing the ponies of police and armed force. Ordinarily, the visitors are the senior government authorities and high personals.

Gai Jatra is held in the August, particularly celebrated inside the Kathmandu Valley. The members are from those families who have lost they’re any of the relatives or closest ones.

It was begun by King Pratap Malla to support his significant other, who was especially stunned by the passing of a child. It demonstrated that it isn’t just an illustrious family who lost their dearest one yet, in addition, numerous families.

The Indra Jatra is praised to pay tribute to the lord of rain Indra, in the August for eight days. It is commended by a mass of individuals pulling the chariot.

Buddha Jayanti is the festival of Lord Buddha’s birthday. Buddhist and Hindu fans walk rally and visit Buddhist Stupas and attempt to spread the message of peace on the planet.

Losar is Tibetan New Year. Individuals commend it for a few days on singing, moving and eating delectable substances. Tibetans accumulate around the Stupa with their own outfits.

Chhath is a festival by venerating the rising and setting sun by sinking their half of the body in the water. For the most part, it is commended in the Terai area by wedded ladies. They remain to fast amid the celebration and sing people melodies.

Teej is a celebration celebrated by Hindu ladies for the three days. It regularly falls in August or early September. This celebration is commended to wish the long existence of the spouse.

Dashain is the longest celebration in Nepal, praised for15 days. It falls amid September-October. The Hindu individuals adore goddess Durga for nine days and put on Tika and Jamara on the tenth day till the fifteenth day alongside the gift of the senior citizens.

Deepawali is known as Tihar celebration celebrated for five days amid harvest time. It is the celebration of lights. On the fifth day, sisters put tika and wreaths to their siblings and sibling offer some sort of presents. It is known as the celebration, making a great connection between siblings and sisters.

Along the line of these festivals, the mood, beats, bob of Nepali conventional people and established music is sufficiently otherworldly to soothe you and sufficiently engaging to cheer you.

Music is related to each occasion in Nepal, at that point be it birth, marriage, celebrations or national occasions. You will be surprised to find a piece of various unique music full of rhythm in every culture that is sufficient enough to blow your mind and demand the music for a long time.

If one move away from our rich culture and diversity within it, if one is able to take one’s eye away of these, one will be surprised with the natural beauty my country possess.

With top eight in top ten 8000 meter high mountains in the world in its lap, my country shines every morning to make people over here smile with it.

Apart from these White Mountains, green mountains are all over the mountain region to make one sparkle within yourself with its astonishing beauty.

Within these green mountains, we have a large landscape of forest where one will be able to find the scenario of 500 various types of butterflies and 600 types of the indigenous plant family.

My country, Nepal is an overall package of beauty, diversity, history and on top of that unity among people. I am certainly proud to be a part of this beautiful creation.

This Short Essay on Nepal, My Nation My Pride is well written by  Hari Adhikari.

Essay on Nepal – Our country, our pride [200 words] 

There is a widely famous statement that “Mother and motherland are greater than the heaven.” This quote is so true without any doubt. We are born in the country which is filled with natural beauties.

The feeling of patriotism flows in the blood of every Nepalese citizen. We love nation more than our own soul. Our country is like a heaven for us. Our country name is Nepal.

The word Nepal signifies the country of peace and love. Nepal is a country where Lord Gautam Buddha also known as ‘light of Asia’ was born. Nepal is a country of Bir Gorkhali soldiers. The highest peak in the world i.e. Mt. Everest is located in our country Nepal.

There are various mountains in our country therefore Nepal is also globally known as mountainous country. Our country Nepal is divided into three geographical regions and five development regions.

The national flower of Nepal is rhododendron, national bird is Daphne, national color is simrik and national weapon is khukuri. Our country Nepal which is very small in the world map but for us, whether it is small or big it is world for us.

Nepalese have got ability to see the whole world in their homeland. Many national personalities are born in our country. For instance Prithvi Narayan Shah, Bahadur Shah, Rajendra Laxmi and so on.

History of country Nepal is very powerful. All the pages of the past are crammed with hot as well as pure dark red blood of our national heroes. Our country Nepal is the Yam between two big stones.

This means Nepal lies in the middle of two leading countries i.e. India and China. Country Nepal is divided into many ethnic groups. Country is multi-caste, multi-culture, multi-tradition and multi-religious.

Nepalese are living in very peaceful environment. Nepal is loved by many tourists numbers of tourists are increasing day by day. Tourists are attracted by country by which country can move ahead in its economic status.

Foreign currency which tourist left in country helps to make country more developed. We Nepalese people do not need the big building, expensive things etc. We are happy by the smell of rhododendron.

We are happy by the natural beauties which are located in country. We all are well known with the saying, “Hario ban Nepal ko dhan”. It is true as every green forest in Nepal is wealth for our country.

More than 80% of total population of the whole country is depends upon agriculture therefore country can be said as agricultural country also. Many rivers, green forest, mountains, lake, etc. makes country in top.

Our country Nepal is heaven for us. Our country which is full of natural beauties is everything for me what I want. We all Nepalese are ready to sacrifice soul to our country Nepal. We really feel very proud to be Nepali. Thus, we say that our country is pride for us. We really feel proud to say that we are Nepali.

By Saugat Thapa

Essay on Nepal – My Country My Pride (Essay in 300 words)

Nepal is known for natural beauty in the world. There is no sea linked with this country but yet people like to see mountains, hills, forests, rivers, lakes and so many other things. Everyone knows Nepal as the country of the highest mountain in the world.

This is the only country where people have found innumerable kinds of birds which live in high mountains as well as in low Terai. Most of the people have enjoyed mountain climbing, trekking, rafting in the rivers and lakes, and having the wonderful view of wild animals.

Mountains speak their own beauty, golden view in the morning having, the sun playing in those regions. Bright red-light can be observed in the west on the horizon at the sunset. Probably the sun looks playing with young people of the lands.

Rivers flow from the high mountains twisting and turning around the hills and through the Terai and reach to the other’s land. The murmuring brooks (rivers) refresh the human heart and mind. Sals, pines and other trees where rhododendrons smile in full bloom. Leaves and branches move in the gentle breeze.

Lophophorus sing beautiful songs in higher flights. Lovely flowers bloom and. smile in rainbow colors. Cuckoo is seen sitting on branches and calling the spring with rapturous songs. Mechi, Koshi, and Karnali run far in distance carrying calls from Nepalese people for foreigners.

Mechi is in the east. Kali in the west making borders of the country. Mountains in the north and Terai in the south join with neighboring countries. Southern plain lands speak own words. Green crops and harvest produce own delights. During the plow, planting and harvesting one can enjoy the songs sung by the farmers.

Temples and pagodas ring the bells and gongs (large bells) to invite the foreigners. Wild animals living in the dense forest make a beautiful show for the people. Who will miss the beauties of Nepal? Who’ll not have the desire to see once the real beauty of Nature?

This very short Essay on Nepal My Nation My Pride is emailed by By Prasun Singh

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